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  1. Lake Cities Vending

    Poll: Parlevel or Usatech for cashless

    I don't pay anywhere near $13.50. You need to talk to them again.
  2. Lake Cities Vending

    Rv660 “sold out”

    I'd say door switch. Happened to me a couple of times.
  3. Lake Cities Vending

    Micro Markets

    I would like to see it. There are several locations in my area going to micro markets so I would like to learn more. The future in vending is here now.
  4. Lake Cities Vending

    USAT... Wow...

    I've got the contract somewhere, I'll have to look. I did see it the other day.
  5. Lake Cities Vending


    I had one that the surge protector on the cord went out.
  6. Lake Cities Vending

    Cashless sales

    I have 2 machines that are doing 60 to 70% cashless. I have never looked at overall.
  7. Lake Cities Vending

    Frito Lay Expiration Dates

    I go through about 2 case's a week of Cheetos Hot Chips. Looking at sams the other day and they had them with expiration dates of May & June on the box still for sale.
  8. Lake Cities Vending

    Bottlers vs buy your own.

    I guess some bottlers are different. I'm an approved vendor and I'm at the top of the discount schedule. Repairs have never been a problem, I had one the other day I called in and they were there in about 30 minutes, usually the same day. Mine lets me put one non coke product in machine, I usually order the machine with Dr Pepper in one selection. They supply card readers when they have them and I have never been charged for a vandalized machine. Moving a machine is not a problem, done it several times. I buy mostly cans, only about 3 machines are set up for bottles. But from what I have read, its not the same everywhere.
  9. Lake Cities Vending

    Bottlers vs buy your own.

    Don't forget the added cost of owning your machines. Moving machines Dollar and coin mech repair Compressor's, etc Not saying the bottlers are the way to go but there are added expenses of owning your own machines.
  10. Lake Cities Vending

    Best managing software?

    When I asked Vend Sys if they could import Parlevel readers into their software they told me not right now. I have several Parlevel readers.
  11. Lake Cities Vending

    Best managing software?

    I use Parlevel and Vendtrak. Mainly Parlevel but there area a couple of things I like to keep track of in Vendtrak. Vendtrak only cost me $29.95 a month. Call and talk to them at Parlevel, you might be able to get a better price.
  12. Lake Cities Vending

    Need to Rent Snack Combo - LOCALLY - Dallas, TX

    Vending Concepts and STA both rent machines. Kind of expensive, you probably would only break even.
  13. Lake Cities Vending

    Deli Express Sandwiches

    Thanks guys. I guess I'll give them a try.
  14. Lake Cities Vending

    Deli Express Sandwiches

    Anybody selling Deli Express sandwiches. I've just been selling burritos, Hot Pockets and Small Pizza's in my cold food machines. Looked at them at a whole seller today and the box said 30 day shelf life refrigerated. That sounds like a long time to me. Anybody have any information on them? Thanks in advance
  15. I would like to see your brochure.  I made one sometime ago and have lost my file and have gotten too lazy to be creative.

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    2. Lake Cities Vending

      Lake Cities Vending

      Send me your email and I can send the flyer. That was a post card.

    3. Poplady1


      Let me take a photo of my last one and let me know what you think.  

    4. Poplady1


      My email is bluemooseloc@yahoo.com