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  1. Two Tier Pricing

    Any of you using the two tier pricing on card readers? I have never used it but I have 10 more readers going out and I'm thinking about it.
  2. Two Tier Pricing

    Any of you using the two tier pricing on card readers? I have never used it but I have 10 more readers going out and I'm thinking about it.
  3. Universal Control Board

    I had to replace the eprom on one of my Studio 3 board to get the DEX to work, it had the SL board. Easy and cheap to do.
  4. Micro market - best practices

    Looks like I am going to get a location that requires a Micro Market also. Probably going with Parlever because I'm already set up with them but I am open for suggestions. Its a new world to learn.
  5. Prekitting

    Saves time going to locations that are not yet ready for servicing.
  6. Targeting asians customers ?

    I stay away from Asian locations. Never have had any luck with them.
  7. Mike Doyle?

    There are 2 others around Dallas area to stay away from. Dallas seems to attract locating crooks...
  8. Mike Doyle?

    Ask any machinery movers or parts supply in Dallas. Everybody will tell you to run........
  9. Cold Food

    I just got a big account but I have to put a cold food machine in also. What are you guys selling or whats sells good. This is a whole new world for me. Didn't want to do cold food but to get the account I have to. The machine is a USI Single Zone cold food machine that they set up with five rows of 5 of dual spirals and one row of 10 singles. I hope to use part of the machine as a snack, snacks that can stand the 38 degree temp. It was supposed to be a dual zone machine but it isn't. Help...
  10. LED vs florescent

    Where are you guys getting your LED lights from? I could use a couple.
  11. Hacks

    I hope not, I just got 4 of these machines in Friday for locations...
  12. Intermittant "sold out" on Royal RVCC660-9

    Sounds like door switch to me
  13. cardboard v. acrylic - PLEASE HELP qwik!

    There is an Excel Mint Box sheet I uploaded to the download section you might find helpful. Helps to see what your profit is, who is doing good or bad.
  14. cardboard v. acrylic - PLEASE HELP qwik!

    I band mine up and leave in money bag over night, helps to straighten them out. I have taken them to bank right after putting band on them and they gave me a dirty look. I have a coin counter and my bank doesn't want them rolled. I just take them in bag and they drop them in their counter. I did have to change banks a couple of years ago because of the coins.
  15. cardboard v. acrylic - PLEASE HELP qwik!

    When you have 30 or 40 boxes to count it does make a difference.