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  1. Lake Cities Vending

    Deli Express Sandwiches

    Thanks guys. I guess I'll give them a try.
  2. Lake Cities Vending

    Deli Express Sandwiches

    Anybody selling Deli Express sandwiches. I've just been selling burritos, Hot Pockets and Small Pizza's in my cold food machines. Looked at them at a whole seller today and the box said 30 day shelf life refrigerated. That sounds like a long time to me. Anybody have any information on them? Thanks in advance
  3. I would like to see your brochure.  I made one sometime ago and have lost my file and have gotten too lazy to be creative.

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    2. Lake Cities Vending

      Lake Cities Vending

      Send me your email and I can send the flyer. That was a post card.

    3. Poplady1


      Let me take a photo of my last one and let me know what you think.  

    4. Poplady1


      My email is bluemooseloc@yahoo.com




  4. Lake Cities Vending

    Vending brochures

    Send me your email in a message and I will scan some I made through Vista Print and send them to you
  5. Lake Cities Vending

    Vistar Distribution

    I signed up with Vistar here in Dallas, never have used them but mostly use Sam's. Every time I look at Vistar they are higher on prices but they do have more product choices. The bigger I get I'm starting to look into Vistar more. Snack machines are all about snack choices. Everybody has the same Sam's products in their machines. Every time I get a new location the first thing I hear is they want more choices.
  6. Lake Cities Vending

    How to land a large college account

    I had a chance to bid on a large college and turned it down. It was going to require 62 machines. Way to much for me right now. Just to fill coin mech's and product would have required me to get a loan.
  7. Lake Cities Vending

    Removing smell of mice from a snack machine

    I had one that a mouse got into and it smelled bad. I put baking soda in the bottom. The smell finally went away, took a couple of months. Nobody noticed.
  8. Lake Cities Vending

    Anyone need..

    Are any of the locks keyed alike? Tried to send you a message and I guess your box is full, wouldn't let me.
  9. Lake Cities Vending

    Experiences with “Parlevel”?

    I've had the same issue at a couple of location. Changed the reader out to USAT and they worked fine. A high gain antenna might work, haven't tried one.
  10. Lake Cities Vending

    Candy for a Cause candy options

    I use mostly mints but I throw in about 10 laffy taffy or suckers. Some kids don't like the mints. Trying to keep everybody happy. I've tried everything for the last 3 years but mints seem to be the best.
  11. Lake Cities Vending

    Took a little trip to the Bahamas

    We take a cruise one or two times a year. We are at the Diamond level on Carnival, 31 cruises. I have won money on the claw game but not often. I like watching them play the Key Master, not many winners.
  12. Lake Cities Vending

    Investing in USAT

    I have about half USAT and Parlevel readers. I run everything through Parlevel software. Parlevel does have better CS. Somethimes they take care of USAT problems for me in the past, they made the calls to them.
  13. Lake Cities Vending


    We are using Parlevel. It does more than I know how to do with it but learning more everyday.
  14. Lake Cities Vending

    Frozen food

    I just backed down from an account with 62 snack machines. The bottler did the drinks. Was a little scary for me.
  15. Lake Cities Vending

    Candy bar pricing

    $1.00 to $1.25