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  1. Anyone have a good source to buy BevMax 4s or BevMax 6 Medias? Cannot be bottler equipment or graphics.... And preferably not from Crane. The price I got from them for one of these things is ridiculous. Thanks
  2. Anyone knows who sells these? I need probably about 30-40 sets. I checked Graphics That Pop as that was where I got them before but they said they don't have brackets for sale anymore - even though it's still on their site!
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know of what there is out there to reinforce a Merchant Media machine door? We've had quite a few breakins on these flimsy machines for the past couple weeks and I'm getting fed up with it. Crane says they have nothing, VE says they have nothing. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Turn the dip switches all off and use the programming coupon found in the paper manual or printed from the web to program it. Probably most convenient option. You can select the accepted denominations by bubbling in the circles. "Accepts new $10 bills" probably means it was updated for the last batch of $10s. The one thing I know about Canada is that the bills change all the time. So who knows. You'll likely need to purchase a validator update through a local distributor.
  5. SuzoHapp purchased Coinco - the line of changes/validators/cashless devices. The old "Coinco" tradename belongs to SuzoHapp. Coin Acceptors, Inc. - the company - is still separate, and functions as a repair/service center for Coinco devices. Royal Vendors I'm pretty sure was not part of the acquisition.
  6. Wouldn't be surprised. Bleeding edge technology that's untested. That's the problem with using the newest stuff Crane releases.
  7. I dont know if others are having some issues with tray and motor harnessing on these machines. We have a few that upon making a selection multiple motors will turn or not all motors are detected. Is this an issue with AP113s?
  8. I'm pretty sure you will have to ask the CPI service centre to update the firmware on these (if it is even possible for such an old product). There should be an authorised distributor in the area. Jason
  9. Does anyone know where to get parts or a new front for the Fastcorp Z400's? I have one with a completely scratched up front and need a new one. Thanks Jason
  10. Hey guys, I know most people are probably not using MEI or the Coinco cashless systems in their operations. Does anyone have any experience with these units? I inherited a bunch of MEI Easitrax Advance 5000 telemeters and their swipe/tap bezels, but their reliability is terrible. They lock up more frequently than my USAT devices and stop sending DEX seemingly at random. The Coinco one is interesting as they fit nicely on top of the validators too but seem to work better. Anyone who has worked with these and can share some experience with them would be great....
  11. I've never tried order 16.9oz products before - do the bottlers sell that directly in most flavors? The only ones I've seen are in a 6-pack configuration at the grocery store, which gets pretty annoying to break apart all the time.
  12. Hi guys, Does anyone here use the MEI Easitrax A5K telemeters in their operation? I'm getting really frustrated with them as I always have a bunch that randomly stop DEXing for days and sometimes they come back and sometimes they don't. I've had much higher reliability with other providers. Just wondering whether or not it's just me with these issues or if these MEIs are flakey across the board. Thanks.
  13. The Pepsi bottler in your area sells Coke in their vending as well? Interesting...
  14. Simple. Cantaloupe gets an authorization after the selection is made. With Cantaloupe, you swipe, make your choice, and THEN it sends the authorization to the gateway. I believe Nayax works like this as well. USAT preauthorizes immediately right after the swipe, hence the hold period. Same way as how gas stations do it. - Jason
  15. Just trying to get some external input on our choices of VMS. We're at 100% telemetry, and paying a fortune to Cantaloupe right now. My opinion is the Seed product is great for remote monitoring but the VMS backend features (reporting, financial integration, etc.) are weak in comparison to other packages from Vendsys and Streamware. I've looked around and find other VMSes out there not really well developed and mature enough for me to risk migrating to.... My thoughts are either Vendsys, Streamware, or stick with Cantaloupe and use the SeedSync product with Streamware. I really like the ability of dynamic scheduling, etc. and don't really want to lose too much of those features. Anyone with experience with one of these solutions can advise? Any thoughts or comments on this welcome... Thanks.
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