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  1. Hi guys, Does anyone here use the MEI Easitrax A5K telemeters in their operation? I'm getting really frustrated with them as I always have a bunch that randomly stop DEXing for days and sometimes they come back and sometimes they don't. I've had much higher reliability with other providers. Just wondering whether or not it's just me with these issues or if these MEIs are flakey across the board. Thanks.
  2. jasonkw

    New location questions

    The Pepsi bottler in your area sells Coke in their vending as well? Interesting...
  3. jasonkw

    Two Tier Pricing

    Simple. Cantaloupe gets an authorization after the selection is made. With Cantaloupe, you swipe, make your choice, and THEN it sends the authorization to the gateway. I believe Nayax works like this as well. USAT preauthorizes immediately right after the swipe, hence the hold period. Same way as how gas stations do it. - Jason
  4. jasonkw

    VMS Decisions

    Just trying to get some external input on our choices of VMS. We're at 100% telemetry, and paying a fortune to Cantaloupe right now. My opinion is the Seed product is great for remote monitoring but the VMS backend features (reporting, financial integration, etc.) are weak in comparison to other packages from Vendsys and Streamware. I've looked around and find other VMSes out there not really well developed and mature enough for me to risk migrating to.... My thoughts are either Vendsys, Streamware, or stick with Cantaloupe and use the SeedSync product with Streamware. I really like the ability of dynamic scheduling, etc. and don't really want to lose too much of those features. Anyone with experience with one of these solutions can advise? Any thoughts or comments on this welcome... Thanks.
  5. jasonkw

    Sensor disabled due to blockage

    Looks like an InOne aftermarket to me. The VE boards have single line blue displays if I'm not mistaken.
  6. jasonkw

    Merchant Media Locks

    Hmm...OK. I'm using these Locking Systems CobraMatic 7 ones on these machines. I'll try them with a different lock...
  7. Crane's stuff is so flimsy. I've deployed 10 Merchant Medias the past week. With a few shakes and bounces the locks pop open and I'm missing money and product. I've had kids bounce the machine a bit and the lock pops open. Time to bolt the thing down I guess. Anyone else have these issues?
  8. Recently our office has had potential customers ask for these things: Paying for their kitchen furniture Buying them coolers for lunches Buying them ice machines Buying them commercial microwaves Are these common requests for some accounts? Every time they've asked we have declined them, but from people asking all over the place I'm wondering if some vendors are actually giving these things to them. I looked up the cost of an ice machine and it's well over $8000. Yikes.
  9. jasonkw

    Seattles Best

    Last time I spoke to Crane these Hot Drink Centers are being discontinued in favor of Stentorfield's Voce. I wouldn't buy them new now.
  10. Anyone know where to get 25+ working MEI 7512i mechs for a reasonable price? I've purchased them refurb from various sources for cheap but sometimes they didn't work properly.
  11. jasonkw

    Identify machine

    I think the one in the pic is motor driven (that half moon thing that holds the cans in place). The chain driven GIIIs have a different mechanism without that I believe. Thanks everyone!
  12. jasonkw

    Identify machine

    Hi guys, What machine is this? I've never dealt much in used equipment and generic machines. My guess is a Royal of some sort? Is this a MDB and DEX capable unit? The seller is letting it go for $500. Worth it? Thanks
  13. Where are you located? Is your area run by an independent Pepsi bottler? For me the pricing seems a bit low. With all the price increases, candy by now should be at least $1. Frito-Lay is increasing their pricing too fairly soon, so keep that in mind. 85 cent candy is long gone for me, and I don't pay commission at the $1 price either. I've looked at other vendors and some are pushing $1.25 chips/$1.50 candy and $2.25 20oz (granted, that's in more touristy places, but even at regular workplaces I think prices should be pretty much at $1 minimum for LSS and candy. Just my thoughts. Your market situation might be different though, although I can't see any vendor getting candy bars cheap enough to make any decent profit at 85 cents. The Sam's near me is at about 61 cents for bars, and Vistar is at 66 cents.
  14. jasonkw

    Horrified at Sams Club

    does anyone know how the mars rebate program works at sams club? supposedly you can get rebates quarterly based on the volume you buy.
  15. jasonkw

    the future of vending

    The truth is service levels and whether or not you do an account are dependent on the profitability. I have accounts that I readily admit the service levels aren't the best. Those are also the ones that are unprofitable for me to service for various reasons and that I will be letting go shortly. We are all in this to make money not run a charity. Whatever I let go I'm sure a smaller guy will pick up.