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  1. Notifications sure if you've already made the huge mistake and purchased from Healthy You but I've heard too many horror stories about these expensive machines and poor customer service from Healthy You which is the same as 1-800 Vending. The machines are nice but just way too expensive when you can buy a nice refurbished oned for half or a third of the price.
  2. Selling the right product to your customers is one of the most important aspects of running a good, profitable vending business. I get calls all the time from new vendors who are excited to stock their new vending machine but don’t know what items to stock it with. This blog-post will focus on the most popular and profitable vending items. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, there is not one solution that will work with every location and much testing and modifying should take place to get the right fit for each location. What I have seen work well is to provide the business with a checklist of snacks and drinks that you are willing to sell and have all the employees check the items in which they are most interested in seeing in their machine. I would not give them a blank sheet as you may get some suggestions that just aren’t available or aren’t popular enough to consider. Many times I have had customers ask me to stock something odd like black licorice or raisins and I had to refuse them as I knew that they just wouldn’t sell to the masses. Listed below is my list of most popular items to be sold in the different vending machine categories: [b]1. Snacks[/b] This is my list of the most popular items found in snack vending machines, not in any particular order: Snickers, Peanut M&M’s, Twix, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfinger, Milk Duds, Milky Way, Baby Ruth, Gum, Doritos, Cheetos, Lays Potato Chips, Oreos, Grandma’s Cookies, Rice Crispy Treats, Peanuts, Corn Nuts, Trail Mix, Honey Buns, Strawberry Pop Tarts, Cheez-its, Granola Bars, Beef Jerky, & Pretzels. [b]2. Soda Pop & Drinks[/b] The following drinks are my most popular ones: Water, Mountain Dew, Energy Drinks, Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Gatorade. [b]3. Bulk Candy[/b] The most popular Bulk Candy, in order of popularity, would be Peanut M&M’s, Mike & Ikes, Skittles, Gumballs, Hot Tomales, Plain M&M’s, Runts, and Boston Baked Beans. I have tried various kinds of nuts but I prefer not to stock them with my bulk candy machines since they go bad so fast and make a mess. Most people use vending machines to sell food and drinks, but they can also be used to sell a multitude of items. The other day I had someone who owned a Laundromat call me to discuss the possibility of selling laundry detergent packets from a vending machine. I have had other people call me who were interested in selling school supplies in the vending machine at school. Motels use vending machines all the time for not just snacks and sodas but also to sell items that travelers often forget, such as toothbrushes, tooth paste, aspirin, deodorant, feminine pads, chap stick, cough drops, or condoms. Vending machines can sell almost anything and the list keeps growing everyday. Most machines are adjustable so they can accommodate a variety of items with differing shapes and sizes; However, knowing if the item will sell or not is another crucial step to making your vending business a success. Be sure and check out the huge selection of [url="http://thediscountvendingstore.com/new-machines/"]New [/url]and [url="http://thediscountvendingstore.com/pre-owned-machines/"]Pre-owned[/url] vending machines at [url="http://thediscountvendingstore.com"]The Discount Vending Store[/url]
  3. There’s nothing worse than loosing a prized vending account. The only thing that compares to it is finding out that the account has allowed in your competition which undercuts your profits. So how do you prevent your competitors from sneaking in? Listed below are my top 10 ways to keep your customers happy and loyal to you:[list=1] [*]Be friendly. More than anything else, you, or your employee that services that account must be likeable; you must greet the secretaries, workers, etc, talk to them and ask them how everything is working. [*]Offer freebies. Give product away as a token of your appreciation. Whether it’s to one of the workers or a kid that’s hanging around the vending machine, showing your appreciation by giving away free candy and soda goes a long way. [*]Be clean. Keeping your machines free of dust and dirt will not necessarily invite new customers but if you machines are dirty, you will certainly lose the customers you already have. [*]Keep fresh product stocked. If your product is out-dated, you may lose your customers and never gain their trust again. [*]Don’t allow your product to be sold out. You need to service your account as often as required so it doesn’t run out of product. Some of your popular items may need to be stocked in multiple slots so they don’t run out. This is better than offering a larger selection of different items that are never being purchased. [*]Ask for product suggestions. When you first obtain an account as well as periodically when you service your account, you should ask your customers what they would like to see in the vending machine. Be as accommodating as possible. [*]Keep your prices competitive. As with everything in the world, people are looking for value. You don’t have to be the cheapest in the marketplace, but you do need to be average as least. [*]Keep your machines functioning properly. Nothing will lose an account faster than having a broken machine. It’s normal for the machine to break down occasionally but if it happens to often, your customer will kick you to the curb. [*]Provide the right equipment. Be sure that you are providing your account with all their vending needs. Some businesses will need not only beverages, but snacks, lunch items, healthy foods, and bulk candy too. Also be sure to offer credit card readers, dollar bill changers, and nutritional value information if the demand is there. [*]Look and act professional. Your vending operation will be judged by the way you and your employees look and act when servicing the account, so be sure to act the part. The Vending Operator doesn’t need to wear a suit and tie but he/she should look professional and clean and act professional as well. [/list] I have found that when I follow these 10 steps, my customers are happy and I can hold onto my accounts for a long time. What else have you found to ensure a long lasting relationship with your vending account?
  4. Statistics are showing that cashless vending is on the sharp rise and there are some significant profits to be realized when Vendors use Credit/ Debit Card readers on their vending machines. A recent study showed that “cashless (purchases) represents 25% to 27% of total sales in the overall workplace market. That figure has risen sharply from 15% to 16% a few years ago”. See more at: [url="http://www.vendingtimes.com/"]http://www.vendingtimes.com[/url] Not only can sales increase with the use of credit cards but the amount of money people are willing to pay also increases significantly when a credit is available. Have you ever wondered why a 20 oz soda bottle can cost $1.50 or more in a store but in a vending machine it normally cost $1.25. A study by USA Tech, who is the leader in Credit card reader technology, reports that an average vending transaction with cash equals $1.15 verses the average transaction with cashless vending equals $1.49, which represents a 30% increase in your sales. See more at: [url="http://www.vendingtimes.com/"]http://www.vendingtimes.com[/url] So the question that everyone has been asking me is, “How does it work and how much does it cost?” The credit card reader is attached to the vending machine and must be programmed into your machine in order for it to function. If your machine doesn’t have this as an option, it would probably too costly to change the programming to allow for card readers. USA Technologies developed the Eport card reader back in the year 2000 and this was the pioneer technology for cashless vending. There is a sim card built into the card reader and an antenna to transport the information, so as long as your location has cell phone coverage, you should be able to have a wireless cashless vending machine. If the connection is spotty, then you could purchase a High Gain Antenna which would increase your signal. As for service charges to be connected, USA Tech charges the vendor a monthly fee, which is typically $8.99 to have this service, plus a transaction fee of 5.95% or $.05 cents, whichever is greater, for each transaction. This may seem high at first but when considering the increased profit potential by using the credit card reader, your ROI would quickly be realized. edited by mission vending to remove outside links.
  5. I have cleaned quite a few full size soda machines and there's nothing that I've found which works as good as elbow grease with a good steal wool pad. I typically use a pressure washer to start off with on the inside and outside, but if it's a well used machine, it will have a fair amount of hard, carbonized soda inside that will take a good scraping to get off. I use steel wool for the hard to reach corners and also a metal wire brush drill bit with an electric drill to get the metal looking clean again. Good luck.
  6. Yes, Antares and Purco are out of business but Seaga does still sell parts for the Office Deli machine in which you were referring to in the original question. I would have to disagree with AZVendor, though, when it comes to service and support from Seaga and the Office Deli design. I have called Seaga on numerous occassions to get technical support and found them to be very helpful and they were able to provide me with parts needed for my Office Deli machines. I have probably refurbished and sold over 30 Office Deli machines in the past 2 years and they are a great machine when you want a machine that can sell a huge selection of items including larger items like Canned soups, boxed lunch items, as well as snacks and drinks. Plus the machine is credit card capable. We have added USA Tech Eports to many of our machines and the cashless vending works great on them. Kallegerg if you need parts, manuals, or Office Deli machines, give me a call and I'd be happy to help you out.
  7. The Vendstars and any other bulk candy machine ARE WAY OVER PRICED when you buy directly from the manufacturer!!!!! Especially when you can pick them up for a fraction of the price on ebay or Craigslist. I've been refurbishing these and other bulk candy machines. You can also pick them up on Craigslist but they will often times be very dirty and broken up.
  8. These machines are the best looking machines in my opinion. I've sold quite a few of them on my ebay store and website, and am trying to get some more as they are made of sound quality and last long too.
  9. I have purchased U-turns, 1800, Vendstar, Seaga and Ultravend and Vendstar is my favorite when all is said and done. It is one of the cheaper machine by price, but also quality unfortunately, but as long as you don't buy it new from the manufacturer, then it's a really good price. Ebay is a good place to find them, or I also sell some on my store at www.thediscountvendingstore.com. The thing I like about Vendstar the most is the ease of servicing it. I can be in and out of my locations in about 3 minutes. I really like the fact that all 3 canisters can be taken out separately to change out the candy. The Newer Vendstars have also improved the back door that used to stick on the older ones.
  10. I have purchase U-turns, Vendstar, Ultravend, 1800, Seaga and the Double-Headed Globe kind and I really like the U-turn for their durability. These will last longer than any other machine I've seen on the market. Yes, they are expensive, but that is why you should NEVER BUY NEW from the manufacture. I've been selling refurbished machines on my website and on ebay and had lots of happy customers. The other great thing about these machines is their pitched lid which makes it impossible to put the coffee cup on or other things that can spill and make messes on the machines. The last obvious advantage about these machines is their ability to vend 8 different candies. These machines aren't right for every location but they work great in the locations that are able to sell a lot- that way you can extend your time-frame for needing to service the location. If it's not a great selling site, I prefer the Vendstars as they are a cheaper machine and very simple to operate.
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