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  1. AngryChris

    Live display machines

    They do, but we are talking about soda that has been in there for a couple years or more. All you have to do is change them out and now everything looks fresh.
  2. AngryChris

    Random thoughts

    The big vendors pay thousands of dollars for cantaloupe when you can buy it at the store for a couple bucks, so should we really be surprised by wine?
  3. AngryChris


    Generally, no. Just rake the bulb out.
  4. AngryChris

    20oz Gatorade in 501e

    I have also found that a weak motor will cause problems as well. Once you load it down, the motor won't turn. That's not quite a "jammed" motor but more of a weak motor.
  5. AngryChris


    You HAVE to have a telemeter on the machine to get wireless data. You don't need the swipe part though. It's like asking if you can make cell phone calls without a cell phone. You can check the historical data (hd) on the machine but you need to physically be there to do that. You get the total sales, write it down, then compare it to the next service cycle.
  6. AngryChris

    20oz Gatorade in 501e

    Bottle shims are what you need. I'm not sure which hole is 5 but it should have 2 notches in the narrow column and have nothing to do with jamming. Make sure the backspacer isn't too tight.
  7. AngryChris


    That is if your machine is capable of reporting cash sales.
  8. Sounds like a bad coin mech. TRC 6000's are plentiful and you can probably get a refurbished one for $75 or less.
  9. AngryChris


    6512 is mdb so you probably have a special harness hooked up to the coinco which is 6 pin MDB on one end and daisy chained to the board and coin mech. If so, you should be able to swap validators.
  10. AngryChris


    Well, the short answer is.. it depends. If the coincos are hooked up via MDB, then your other validators should work. If it's not MDB, then i'm not sure if the LCM runs 110v. What coin mech is in it? Maybe a 9302-gx?
  11. If it's a switch, you're in luck although i have always had a hard time taking the switches out (if someone knows a trick, fill me in). If it's a coin mech, you are talking maybe $75, but it sounds like it could possibly be the main board or monetary board if the switch isn't the problem. The boards can cost anywhere from $50 to a few hundred. If this is solely for where you work and not for a vending business, then fixing the machine is the best thing to do. If you were a vendor, then it depends on whether it's just a switch or something more.
  12. Oh man... so many things. Do you have a good reason to not invest in a better machine? The solution may be simple but this machine could use a new validator at a minimum.
  13. AngryChris

    Machine Lighting

    In well lit areas, replacing lights in soda machines can be non-important, but snacks can draw attention.