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  1. Expect more theft over the holidays. People "forget" to pay the box.
  2. I have heard of it happening where people try to jam their card into the bill path but I don't think it's actually possible for that to really happen but maybe it can get stuck in there if they try hard enough. They do get confused at first but once they figure it out, it's not an issue. The people that swipe their card know to use the swipe and the people that use cash know where to put the cash. If you get worried about it, just put a sign up for a week or two letting them know the side is for the swipe and the bottom is for bills. The only time it can really be a pain is at locations with constant outside traffic. They might all be first-timers.
  3. We've got relatively low pricing in my region but I have been getting my prices as close to even prices as I can without giving them price shock. I can't get too crazy because there are some unknown local vendors with low-ball pricing that will swoop in but I am trying to maintain $1.10-$1.25 candy/pastry, $1.00 LSS, and $0.65-0.75 small chips (ideally push them out completely). I haven't gotten much of a push back with my price increases this year but I hit the smaller accounts the hardest. Basically, if you want me to provide my service, you gotta pay my price!!
  4. I don't talk to management anymore because I have found they get a little defensive and, frankly, don't want to hear about it. It's better for me to just post a paper.
  5. Something along the lines of "due to rising costs of goods, we have to increase prices on the following items:"
  6. I don't know I it's the same thing but d&s had something like that for an inone conversion.
  7. Did you check the back of the machine? Most critters get in that way if there's no plug. If so, you can try using steel wool but you need to set it up so they can't just pull it out.
  8. Women: Well that's just adorable. Man: 😥
  9. Go ahead and buy some and let us know how it goes
  10. My understanding is that plexiglass IS acrylic but plexiglass is a proprietary name for it, just like "cellephane" is just a brand of plastic wrap. As for fixing it up, I have never heard of a way to remove scratches. I'm sure there are ways but I am clueless on that. I'd rather just replace it and make it look like new again.
  11. I've tried this before and the plastic shattered lol.
  12. Thanks scott. They are doing a lot of remodeling inside and I am going to offer them an agreement where I offer to fork out a little money in exchange for a contract. The contract is worth more to me than the money I am willing to invest and I really REALLY don't want to mess with shallow/narrow machines.
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