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  1. I bet it was. I have thrown the last of mine out because they keep failing too quickly and rumor has it that parts are going away. Crane/MEI apparently discontinued the 7512 within the last few months too.
  2. Good thing is that this isn't the movies. Oh well, I already had $100 in pledged dollars and I'm sure I could have gotten more for you but oh well. I guess i'll just stand with my original statement that I will believe it when I see it, even though your stick figure diagram was mighty convincing!! That kind of "proof" would make you a great politician. Come to think of it, I am convinced that you don't have much real vending experience. Then again, we have made it pretty clear that I spend too much time thinking about facts than i spend using my imagination to see how people do imaginary vending so maybe I'm wrong. Oh well.
  3. Those are too high for me (particularly white collar) but it depends on your market. I have a 10-man shop that does $60/week. I also have a courthouse with maybe 40 employees that does $25/week. Everything I relevant but I'd say $1-$2/week per person in white collar and 2-5/week for blue collar.
  4. Btw, how can you possibly compare this to flat earthers? The truth is... flat earthers are the types to use poor drawings with stick figures to make their point. Just saying.
  5. It's probably a 276e since he has an MDB mech. By stalled motor, he's probably talking about a vend motor. If your machine has 6 columns, it's a 276 (not 276e). If it has 7 columns all the same width, it's a 276e. Most older 276's (non E models) were single price. Most 276e's are multiprice. It matters when you need to diagnose machines.
  6. I'm not opposed to chipping in with others to see it. Has to be a stock 79" machine, full size, (approx 37" x 33x) with a continuous unedited video. I'll chip in $50. Anyone else?
  7. Check if it is. It could also be a 6010 mdb mech (don't remember full model)
  8. Looks like a 6512. I think those are junk nowadays
  9. I'll take your word for it. I'm only using 720's for bottles because they seem pretty flawless at it.
  10. Here's a VERY simple number you can use. $100/worker per year. That's a reasonable simple (not very accurate but good enough) number. Does a 10 employee account deserve a bevmax media? No. Regular bevmax? No. New stack vendor? No. Refurbished? No. Is there anything you might justify? Sure, a cheap $500 can machine,but only if those 10 employees are all in a warehouse/factory setting. If it's an office, you just walk away because they are idiots if they think they somehow should get one of the most expensive high-volume machines on the market.
  11. I had my doubts about this, but once I saw this excellent image of a man clearly installing a 79" machine into a minivan, you've almost won me over. Now if you can just add a unicorn and maybe draw some Bob Ross birds in there, you'll have me sold.
  12. It's everything. The whole thing here is saying it's pretty easy, but there's nothing easy about moving a vending machine, ESPECIALLY a 79" tall one. But it's not that bad with the right equipment, but a minivan and elbow grease is NOT the right equipment. Again, anyone can say it's easy. It's a petty argument really and I'm at fault for that, but the problem I have is that someone will get led to believe that moving a 79" machine with a minivan is "easy" and they might get hurt as a result. As I said multiple times, I'll believe it when I see it!
  13. You're right in that it isn't a vending machine. It's also not 79" tall. And it's probably half the weight.
  14. This was regarding a single person loading a 79" machine into a minivan. Again, I'll believe it (that it's easy) when i see it.
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