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  1. To me.. for $100 + moving expenses.. and then invest about $500 - $1,000 in parts (including the tray kit that orsd mentioned), you'll have a very good machine that could go on for a long time. It's just that when you start pushing into the $1k mark, you consider investing into a much newer machine instead. I haven't used a tray kit yet but what someone warned me was that I guess the motor harnesses and/or tray harnesses (not sure if either or both) are unavailable. This might not be a problem for a long time and it wouldn't be a problem if you had multiple 147s like I do but just keep in mind that parts are starting to dwindle on the 147/148. For $100, if it works as-is, you can start making money right away but it just won't be able to take cards yet and you'll have to learn the issues with the 147/148 such as trays unlatched and the occasional faulty door switches.
  2. All my instructions always said to remove the starter. The only thing to question is whether or not you need to bipass the ballast.
  3. Nothing harmful with filling it out that I know of. They probably require all contractors to do it because 99% of the time, there will be billings.
  4. Do i need a CCW fan 810045 with the CW motor 839033 ? Manual is confusing because it has CW and CCW fans
  5. In the last 2 months or so, there had been a limit on poptarts for several weeks at Sam's. The catch is that it didn't appear as though the poptarts were selling any faster than before and they were definitely not in short supply. Rather, it just made it difficult for me to get enough poptarts in one transaction. That's totally different to this because they DO run out of a lot of soda flavors. The only thing I can think of is that people are buying more canned drinks because fountain drink demand is way down and cans are generally the cheapest single serve way to go. And since cans are in such high demand and they are selling out so quickly, people are the bottled packs instead because it's the next best thing. I'm still getting all of my 20 oz bottles from a distributor so I'm good there but this can thing is going to hurt. What a hassle.
  6. You guys don't pay to have your locations shipped? 🤔
  7. What kind of card reader? I have an LCM with a 2502, 9302-gx, and USA tech g9.
  8. The issue (for me) was that the entire machine was out of order. You can't even use cards when it happens. It's not an exact change situation but, rather, everything gets disabled until you clear the error. Even if the mech has a jammed quarter tube but the other 4 tubes are fine, every monetary device is still disabled.
  9. I told one distributor about it and he said he knew about some funny issue but not that one. I told a different distributor and he flat out said he'd never heard of that. So now I feel awkward bringing it up lol
  10. I have had this happen also except it also happened with a 9302-gx. The solution was a good 7512 like you said.
  11. You're right about that but a crane tech should have enough experience to know about the LCM in my opinion. Plus, his machine not only has the MDB plug on his board but it looks like he's all-mdb already! Then again, I am under the impression that the tech was trying to say that the validator isn't working right because the board can't handle card readers. I could have misunderstood that part.
  12. I've only done it once. Definitely unplug the machine first but I don't want to try to give advice on that. The card reader works fine on it though so that tech is useless if they don't know that. It just won't report cash sales.
  13. I recently saw an ams in person. It looked very similar to a 721 but I believe a 721 is superior. It seemed as though a721 can be converted from cans to bottles faster than the AMS from what I saw
  14. Aside from the "P" series that I have never used (and only heard bad things about), the older dixies were great.. unless they are referring to the bevmax 2. I'm holding onto all of my 501E's that I have out there. I'm scared just like anyone else because you'd only invest in a glassfront for a GOOD location... and a bad machine can ruin a good location not to mention be a huge dent in your pocket book if it doesn't work out.
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