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  1. You should consider replacing the machine
  2. The reason why you are only supposed to put coke items in a coke asset (actually owned by the bottler) is because that's part of their agreement and they dont' want you pushing anyone else's product out of the machine they are lending you for free. But, as part of the deal, you basically have to buy directly from them. Why? Primarily because they need to track it to your account but also because it cuts out any middle people from the deal so they can maximize their profit from your purchases. For example, let's say a 12 oz can of coke costs them 15 cents (i have no idea what it costs them). If they sell it to you at 32 cents per unit, they make 17 cents per unit from you. If they sell the same can to the grocery store at 18 cents per unit, they only make 3 cents per unit from the grocery store. You might get that can of coke for only 25 cents per unit from the store which saves you a good amount of money but coke makes a significantly LOWER amount of profit since you went through the middle man. Getting bottler assets can be a good deal for some but coke doesn't even offer it around here anymore and your only options are pepsi and 7up for leased machines. I can get coke products of course, but just not leased equipment. But it doesn't matter though because I choose to maximize my unit profit rather than try to get leased equipment. Yeah, it costs more in the short-term but I can put any products I want in my machines and I can shop around for the best deals as well. I have independent distributors deliver a lot of my products and I also get some things at Sam's Club as well. I'm all about maximizing my profits by minimizing my unit cost. I have also gotten my prices up recently and that's helping a ton. The problem that I have the most with bottlers (I never dealt with this though) is that they will push vendors to buy certain flavors. This can get real cumbersome for some people. I simply try to get a solid price on all of my products and then i provide my own equipment so that I never have to worry about pushing certain flavors or getting pressured about pricing tiers or whatever. I do pay more to have my product delivered but I think it pays to get certain things delivered.
  3. I'm sick of candy!! When I get things together, most machines with have only 1 candy shelf anyway. Snickers, PMM, Reese's, take5, and a few others will be all I carry!!! At least that's the dream...
  4. press the service mode again to enter the next menu of options
  5. The cheap duchess ones? I'd go for $1 cause those are cheap but I don't sell many honey buns around here. I'm typically $1.10 or $1.25 on pastries and killing big texas, cup cakes, chocolate donuts, and vanilla zingers.
  6. I think it would do okay in a micro market or a large location with good volume but I never had much luck back when I could sell the sticks for about $1.50. I'd expect even worse sales at higher prices. When people ask for beef jerky it likely means they haven't had it in years and just want you to stock it so they can get their fix with bag or two and never purchase it again. Look at a convenience store and look at all the shelf space for chips, soda, and candy. Then compare that to the shelf space for beef jerky. A lot of people also think anything out of a vending machine should be at a bargain price.
  7. are you sure the compressor is running constantly and not just the evaporator fan? If the compressor runs constantly, and it's working properly, the drinks inside will freeze and burst.
  8. You want a mars 2511 or 2501 if you have the stock board. You also need the mars 110v power harness and a maka-to-mars conversion harness just to be able to connect it all. On top of that, you need a small upgrade kit that includes some parts that will allow the validator to mount to the snacktron. In reality, you would probably be better off trying to find a local vendor who would be willing to sell you a better machine for a cheap price. You might possibly be able to get a used machine for less than $500 from a local vendor and that used machine could easily be well over 10 years younger than what you have now. The snacktron is a tank of a machine but quite old.
  9. They did. I think it was a problem with their internal system and not the readers themselves but it really doesn't matter what the problem is when the readers don't work, right? lol. The thing is... I have had problematic readers before and they took care of them. Other than those, I have almost never had an outage. So yeah, the recent power outage was a bad mark but that's the only time I have ever seen that happen, so not a trend.
  10. George, unfortunately I don't have any experience with nayax. One of the problems I ran into was that I couldn't finance any which may very well be covid19 related. I tried but just couldn't get them financed. Having said that, I didn't ask if I could just rent some as there appeared to be a pretty strong implication that readers were either bought or leased. I had no choice but to call USAT a second time. The only reason I reached out to Nayax the first time was because USAT never picked up or returned my call when I tried to order readers. On the second time, I got through to my sales rep and rented 30 units. So, if cashflow is your primary concern, I'd definitely consider just renting as many as you can and then buy them out later on. My rep said that they will be prorated anyway so I am guessing that they go down to $1 after 60 months. Yeah, it's a huge amount of monthly fees (I think $6.75 per reader just like a lease) but it may be cheaper than paying interest on financed models depending on your financing options. The Nayax readers just seem a little gimmicky to me. Here's the thing. I am pretty active in some facebook group as well as here and the people in the group are almost unanimously pro-nayax and anti-USATech. However, it's also important to note that the group is practically pro-seaga and pro-combo-anything as well. In other words, Nayax is SUPER popular with rookies and part of that reason (in my opinion) is because youtube influencers swear by them and I think a lot of rookies are pretty young and they want to be like their favorite youtube star and believe everything he says anyway. On this forum, as I am sure you are aware, the general consensus is that USAT has the more reliable device but poor customer service whereas nayax has the better customer service and crappier device. If I was in your shoes, and I was already familiar with USAT, I'd much rather deal with knowing that I would only have to deal with crappy service from USAT in the uncommon event that I have a problem with a reader. What difference does it make how good the customer service is when the devices are breaking down regularly? If Southeast treats is even 1/10th your size and replaced all of his readers, I would assume you might eventually too. It's just a bit too scary to risk it. Now, for the technical financial aspect, I did some math when I was ordering readers and it came out like this: I can get a reader for $250/each if I buy a certain quantity (wasn't that many, maybe 6). Assuming it takes me 3 years to completely pay everything off, interest costs come out as follows: 10% APR = approx $37.5 in interest 15% APR = approx $56.20 20% APR = approx $75.00 At 5 years, it comes out as follows 10% APR = $62.50 20% APR = $93.75 20%APR = $130.00 in interest. The reader will cost about $405 (6.75/month if I am not mistaken) if you lease/rent and pay it off after 5 years. So, at $250 per reader, you'll generally save money even if you pay with a credit card instead of leasing/renting, but that will also tie up credit that you might need for something else and that's even if you have that much available credit. Sorry if I went overboard with the calculations but it's for anyone who's interested in seeing the breakdowns. In the end, I think it's wiser to stick with the more reliable hardware. Also, if you didn't hear, I got word that USAT is supposedly doing some kind of program that will allow you to get G10's at a discounted rate if you ship them your G9's. I don't know if you heard different but this was less than 2 weeks ago.
  11. I have never heard of this machine so I'd say it's farrrr beyond obsolete. I hope you didn't pay much for it. I don't know anything about that machine but you should always try looking for a service mode button and then you might have to press buttons until you find something... press service, then try something like 0 and see fi anything changes. If no changes, try another button. If you get something, press the button again and see what happens. It will be a lot of trial and error (more error than anything) if you can't find someone to figure it out. If you paid less than $100 for it, you should consider cutting your losses and trying something else. I'd take a random guess and say "E" or whatever the bottom right button is, is your scrolling button and one of the other bottom buttons is enter/exit.
  12. inone boards only appear to be for snack machines from what i have seen. It will work on the 3159 (snack) but no listing of 3151.
  13. Harness are a dime a dozen too. You get spares when you upgrade the board.
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