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  1. I don't know what the difference is between the 540, 576, and others, but check for a vmax manual
  2. It's normal for some board versions to change by cent increments. You need to just hold the button longer and it will eventually go in larger increments.
  3. This doesn't make sense like you said. It sounds like something is mechanically wrong, like something is missing.
  4. I think it's an issue of the "old" GVC1 boards vs the "new" GVC1 boards. I know the SM6 predates the GVC1 but I don't know if the F80 predates SM6 or not. Regardless, I don't think GVC1 was foolproof. The F80 is a great board but limited with no dex support. The SM6 seems like a good board but "may or may not" work with card readers. The GVC1 appears to always work with card readers, but "may or may not" report cash sales. The GVC2 is where they finally got it all together as far as I know. Basically, you never know if it will work properly or not with a USI machine unless you try it ou
  5. Okay... this is a different issue. If you have multiple columns double vending, then you have a board issue or drop sensor issue, assuming it's not a mechanical issue. Are you absolutely certain there are no plates attached to the bottom of the columns? The way the 650 is supposed to work is... one can is allowed to fall while the rear can is "stuck." There should be NO plate down there. If there are plates attached, then that is certainly your problem because the plates effectively create a wall that won't allow the front can to fall until the entire rotor is rotated far enough to drop b
  6. It could be your lock. I have locks that don't like certain machines. The nipple just doesn't fit right in the t-handle and they'll pop open, particularly if you move the door a bit like shaking the machine. So try another core first and then a completely different lock later. I had an AP 6600 that I scrapped a while back. Machine had seen better days but the locking bar was wore out so you could unlock it by simply pushing up on the door slightly. So try playing with the door too to see if you can make the handle pop open.
  7. My gut tells me you need to empty the column and try to twist the motor by hand to see if it's stripped. A slow board should affect all columns and you could test it by changing another column and see what happens. Column 1 should hit the chute hard enough to trip the sensor. Riddle me this... Does it drop both simultaneously or are they a second apart or so? If they drop simultaneously, then you have to have a plate down there preventing the first one from dropping sooner. I'm just leaning on a broken motor at this point and it physically can't stop rotating after a certain poin
  8. The 650-10 only goes 2 deep per column as it has front and rear columns
  9. Only thing i can think of is that your board is too slow, something weird with your drop sensor, or faulty/stripped motor.
  10. Check if there is a plate attached under the column
  11. On the sdep, the programing might be by column, so you may have set the wrong column to 2. Try going by column if you haven't.
  12. You know what? I am totally stumped as to what that is. I don't know if I have seen a machine like that but if I have, it was probably well over 12 years ago. It sort of looks like a Royal but I am going to go way out on a limb here and say it might be a cavalier machine. In any case, it looks like something of little-to-no value and I am saying this because I am under the impression that there will be no parts available for it.
  13. Most of us on the forum sell 355 ml cans. I only asked because I thought you were selling all red bull and you'd need avery very special location to make that worthwhile. But maybe you have a special circumstance or you're not in the US. I don't want people to waste money on things that aren't going to return their investment.
  14. You want to convert entire machines just to sell redbull!??!?
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