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  1. The first thing to note is that the prices you are seeing are specific to the specific locations you go to. Your local costco might be one price whereas a different costco is a different price. Around here, I have 3 local Sam's Clubs (all within 25 miles) and 1 local Costco (about 25 miles away). The prices are fairly similar with cost hovering around $11.00 per 35 or 36-pack. Yes, you can go to walmart and pay $6.00 for a 24-pack and save a lot of money, but what you may not realize is that going to walmart to buy soda is not a realistic option when you go through hundreds of cases every week. For example, I probably go through an average of 12 cases of cans in a day (wild guess). 12 cases would require me to fill an entire shopping cart full at walmart, stand in line for maybe 30 minutes, and STILL have to go somewhere else to buy my snacks. I don't have the time to go back and forth to walmart. Furthermore, if I shopped solely at walmart, I could easily wipe their shelves out periodically and that would take a chain of grocery carts to do so. I don't know if they would do it or not, but I suppose a manager could turn me down if he found out I was selling it. Maybe not but who knows... it's a HUGE hassle to deal with that. Another thing you don't realize is that the price they quoted you is the price whether you pick it up or whether it is delivered to you (I don't think they charge for delivery). Again, when you are large enough to go through hundreds of cases in a week, it is VERY inconvenient to go out and pick it all up at walmart. Going to Sam's or Costco is much easier because they have flatbeds and I could even have them put it on a skid if I wanted. That is generally not an option at walmart. At Vistar (or any other distributor that delivers), I could have that same order delivered to me if I have a place that is zoned for business. That means I can skip the stores altogether and just focus on loading the truck with what I need for the day and move on. Lastly, the cans they send are for resale. Yes, it's the exact same stuff from walmart but Pepsi/Coke charges more when it's sold for resale, which is an issue when you go to walmart. I don't have to pay sales taxes when I go to most places because I have a vendor's license, and messing with that at walmart is a pain, so I end up paying sales tax twice when I go to walmart (once at checkout, and again when I pay sales tax to the state UNLESS I keep perfect record keeping on my receipts). So.. in conclusion.. you are paying for CONVENIENCE. If you are too small to need something like vistar and you can afford the time to go to walmart for just a few cases, then by all means go do that!!! You just aren't at a place where you go through enough volume to find something like vistar to be worth your money. When you have a large route, having your product delivered sounds temping even if the prices are a little higher. If you keep your prices on par with the rest of the market in your area, you don't have to worry about paying a little more.
  2. New Appliance Dolly

    I used a couple different magliners for almost 4 years before I got into business for myself. They were great and very strong, but this convertible dolly I got at Sam's Club for something like $79 or $99 has done just as good of a job as the magliners did in the past. In all fairness, the magliners were much older and took way more abuse regularly, but for the money the cheap stuff works well. Moving machines is a different animal though... I am just interested in a cheap solution that I can take to make moves go faster when I pay the mover to do it, or a solution I can do for small jobs within the same building.
  3. Need Help Installing DN Column Motor

    I vaguely remember having to move the arm and the rotor a certain way but it was one time and several years ago. It was as if the arm had to be moved a certain way. Try turning the motor by applying the brake lever maybe... sorry if it doesn't help.
  4. Need Help Installing DN Column Motor

    Fortunately for me, I have had very few DN motors that needed to be replaced. Unfortunately for you, that means I can't remember if I had this problem. The first and only thing that comes to mind is that I THINK (if I recall properly) that the orientation of the rotor (can carrier as you call it) needs to be right for everything to line up properly. So.. if you haven't already, try turning the rotor upside down or some other orientation that allows it to line up. I also think I had a problem where a plastic piece was missing on my rotor causing an issue somewhat like yours... perhaps you are missing that plastic gasket or whatever it is called. It should look broken, but it's supposed to be that way.
  5. New Appliance Dolly

    On a related note... anyone ever use the piano movers or whatever they are called? It seems like they are very practical but only on smooth surfaces. Not as good as a pallet jack, but reliable and more maneuverable. They are just so damn expensive.
  6. Intro to Bev Max 4's

    I pay someone else to work on refrigeration for certain machines, including the bevmax.
  7. Dixie Narco 360 Price Change and issues

    Either you have something wrong with the condenser fan or the deck doesn't sit flush with the cabinet.
  8. Ap113

    It's doubtful that a loose ground will do that. Is it possible that the coin return lever is pushing down on the coin mech? I doubt that's the problem. Weird.
  9. Vendo Machine questions

    It might be AZVendor rather than myself, but you're welcome.
  10. Vendo Machine questions

    So what was the problem?
  11. Vendo Machine questions

    I don't think that machine has a board.
  12. Has anyone ever expected a CC charge that never hit?

    It has happened to me with vendor's exchange. It took something like over two months to get charged. It was frustrating. This was probably 3 years ago.
  13. Vendo Machine questions

    I am just a vendor. I can't get that technical. I scrap machines that old and focus on newer stuff. Here is just a thought at this point... To my knowledge, 110v is always going to the relay, coin mech, and all other parts. But the vend circuit is like another internal circuit. When the pulse is sent, the vend relay opens, but 110v has always been there. The difference is that the vend circuit is now open. I think the action of the switch engaging during the vend cycle is what sort of shorts out the relay, making it close. There are usually two arms on the single price vend switch. I believe the first arm is in the cam and disengaged so that the vend circuit is closed but available for another vend. The other wider arm is for something else but i can't remember without seeing it. Thing is, your relay could be bad too.

    "Like brand new" lol. The first one is worth $0. As lacanteen said, only the second is worth much.