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  1. AngryChris

    Frozen food in chilled machine

    I don't have the same level of food experience as other vendors, but i can tell you that it depends on what the specific item is. Many "frozen" items can be sold frozen or thawed, but some can only be sold frozen OR thawed. Most items have a "sell by thaw date" which dictates how long the manufacturer thinks they should last. An important factor is handling. If they were put in the machine completely frozen, then they should last to the use by thaw date. If they were allowed to get too warm for too long, then they won't last as long. There's also the possibility that they weren't handled properly between the manufacturer and the vendor. Of course, the product might only be designed to be sold frozen.
  2. If you found a few $5's in it, then you are likely going to see better sales by accepting $5's. Going purely cashless has the obvious drawback of missing cash sales, but it's very possible that the potentially reduced rate in vandalism would offset the loss in sales.
  3. AngryChris

    USI 2099

    I am unaware that it can be upgraded.
  4. AngryChris

    Polyvend 453 configuration problem

    From what i gathered, it's a shallow, 4-wide snack based off of a GPL 159 (national 157 ?) and 230v, so i assume you are not in the US. It also appears that the 453 was not a stock refrigerated machine (based off of described shipping weight) but the refrigeration may have been an optional add-on and should show up on the bottom of the cabinet near the hinge. Aside from what AZ said, your only luck may be to try to convert it to a National machine by possibly changing the entire keypad assembly. However, i don't know if that works if this is a 230v machine. I literally have no idea if the machine is running 110v inside or 230v or if a national conversion is possible at all. If you did convert it though, you would be good to go.
  5. AngryChris

    Gum and mint tray

    You can unplug it but i don't know if you can remove it without leaving a gap between the delivery bin and the lower shelf.
  6. I recommend you take the cooling deck out if you want to move it with a minivan and reinstall it on site. I damaged a compressor by having one on its side. The 276 can be single price or multiprice depending on what kind of 276 it is. If it is a 276E, which mean it SHOULD have an SIID board, then it's good. Just ask whoever is selling it what kind of board it has or if it's single price.
  7. AngryChris

    Vending Topo Chico in Royal 660

    If it is too wide for the rotor then you are about out of luck. Is the bottle round and smooth or does it have a lot of ridges like a gatorade bottle? For thinner items, you can use shims (not necessary on that royal unless it's really thin) but for really wide items, you would need a bigger rotor of such a thing exists.
  8. AngryChris

    Anderson vending dolly

    When dealing with full line, using full-size machines, moving them "in a minivan" is pretty much not practical if even possible. A trailer is totally doable but minivan alone is not.
  9. If the "cb5000" is a usi 3189, it will not work with a card reader as it almost surely has the mcb12 board. You can physically connect the reader but it won't do anything.
  10. Maybe to report cash sales?
  11. AngryChris

    National 145 validator upgrade

    You really need to buy the kit that comes with a harness (either board to validator or conversion harness from maka to mars), a metal validator plate, a lower mounting piece,a plastic validator plate, and a plastic "adapter" piece for the opening on the machine. It doesn't matter at all if it's a 2501 or 2511 (but definitely not 24 volt models) because you won't use the validator mask anyway, but you need the other pieces because the mars validator can't be mounted without them. The kits come with everything.
  12. AngryChris

    Dixie Narco 600cc homing error

    That sounds like a very odd model. 600 implies a 79" machine, sii means SII board, but the 7 would lead me to believe it only has 7 selections instead of 8, so i wonder if two selections are setup for sts (space-to-sales) such as columns 1 and 2. Just brainstorming. I recently had a lot of trouble out of an SII machine and the problem was with a motor that kept trying to home but didn't work right. I still haven't changed the motor but it might be your problem.
  13. AngryChris

    Vend Purchase Group?

    I noticed too, but i have been "that guy" pointing people out more than once.
  14. AngryChris

    Can anyone tell me which bevmax this is?

    To my knowledge, It can costs upwards of a grand to upgrade to a bevmax 4 depending on what cup is in it in addition to a few other things. It isn't necessary to upgrade to a bevmax 4 for functionality but it may be worth it simply for tech support. I am not 100% sure on that though. I personally think $2900 is fair if it cools and the cabinet is in great shape. If I got a bevmax, though, I think I would either buy one VERY cheap (under $2k) or I would buy one new. There are too many parts, especially if it's not cooling, that can cost you a very pretty penny.
  15. AngryChris

    Pre kit usa tech

    Yeah, I didn't go deep enough into it to figure out which options to choose for columns, totals, etc... Thanks for sharing!