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  1. AngryChris

    Vistar Distribution

    I have said this to other vendors before... the industry is making changes and becoming more efficient. In doing so, it is making it difficult (if not impossible) for smaller vendors (50k/year gross sales or less) to be able to meet minimum orders for deliveries OR go through enough product to sell the minimum orders before the product expires. If you can drive to a Sam's Club, Costco, Merchant's Mart, or any other place and get exactly what you need, then you are fine... but so many places have been tightening their belts by closing doors... I would say it's good news for the vendors that can survive without them but bad news for the small vendors as they'll start dropping out of the rat race. I have also seen medium-sized companies having issues with getting enough product or getting it on time due to various local distributors having management issues. It would be a totally nightmare for a large company (20+ routes) that relies on on-time deliveries to find out that their deliveries are being delayed. I would imagine companies like LACanteen's would go crazy if a single regular order was delayed by 2 days. Companies like that monitor their stock and they pretty much know exactly how much is going out and about how much they need to come in.
  2. AngryChris

    Credit card reader compatible

    The dicie machined depend entirely on what's in it (single price, sii, siid, mpc) as well as what you want to do. The royal 650 can handle mdb but i think the oldest boards cannot handle card reader data (i could be wrong. I do know, however, that older royal 650's need the boards replaced if you want to get cash sales reported.
  3. AngryChris

    wittern 3189 epprom?

    That's what everyone thought, but USI has confirmed with me that not all boards transmit the same data through MDB, and the MBC12 board (or whatever it is) cannot transmit the data necessary.
  4. AngryChris

    wittern 3189 epprom?

    It won't work. Period. No upgrade will make it work.
  5. AngryChris

    Help me value the business

    10,000/week is definitely possible but that's with high end locations. 6,000/week is more realistic for one person if you ask me.
  6. AngryChris

    Royal 500-40 pos

    I would say this is a good reason to avoid the bottler, but the reasons I avoid them are because it can take a while to get parts when a machine is down (unless you are willing to perform the repair twice, once with your parts and once with theirs) and because you have to order x amount of product every year at their price.
  7. AngryChris

    Royal 660 not making change

    34v, 24v, and pretty much anything around that range are all compatible. However, if you disconnected them while they were still powered on, then yes, you definitely could have burnt something up. I'm not too familiar with the 660 but I would assume it has a fuse on the door somewhere that you can take out to kill the power while you change parts.
  8. AngryChris

    Pop Machine not getting cold.

    What he said. If you hear a compressor click like it's trying to turn on for a few seconds and then stop, then that means the compressor isn't drawing enough power to start (usually because of a compressor that's going bad). However, a 3-in-1 starter can give it enough extra juice to keep it going for a while. As for being able to recharge it yourself.. the most simple rule of thumb with refrigeration is... if you have to ask if you can do it yourself, DO NOT attempt to try. Refrigeration is dealing with chemicals under pressure.
  9. AngryChris

    vmax 720??

    Assuming you are trying to vend cans 3-deep, your cam has 4 notches in the bottom picture meaning it's set up for 4-deep.. so having 3 cans will cause a dry-vend every 4th cycle. It will be vend, vend, vend, dry-vend, etc.. You need to gently lift the cam off of the little round tab and move it to the proper setting IF that is your problem.. make it have only 3 notches like the top picture. It's difficult to know what you are asking.
  10. AngryChris

    Bevmax Issue

    If you can get a good local vending technician, this is a good job to pay them to fix it.
  11. AngryChris

    Dixie Narco DNCB 522 conversion to bottle

    Yeah, you are probably thinking of a different model. An older 276 and a 276E are very different. Same with a 501T and 501E, 600 (can version) and 600E, etc.... a 522E is a 501E cabinet with 6 wide columns. The question is, is yours an E model or something else.
  12. AngryChris

    Dixie Narco DNCB 522 conversion to bottle

    All E models are 2-deep on standard length bottles.
  13. AngryChris

    Dixie Narco DNCB 522 conversion to bottle

    If it is a 522E, 2-deep. If it is not an E model (i don't know if there are any), 1 deep.
  14. AngryChris

    Dixie Narco DNCB 522 conversion to bottle

    If it is a 522E, 2-deep. If it is not an E model (i don't know if there are any), 1 deep.
  15. AngryChris

    Wittern 3184

    It's an HR 32 with an SM6 board. If it's in good shape and cheap, get it. It can be upgraded.