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  1. I like the 501e for the cost but, if you have money to burn, get a vendo 721. The 720 is absolutely not the same thing btw.
  2. The bevmax is the most reliable glass front, but definitely not the most reliable soda machine. I have had one for years and a single sensor, motor, or a number of other things can render the machine useless until it's fixed. Some repairs are very difficult even for people that have lots of experience on other machines. It's not that bad but I want you to understand that glass fronts are not usually as reliable as stack vendors.
  3. What's your source that says glass fronts are the most profitable? They do, usually, give you higher sales than a traditional stack vendor which will yield higher profits in that sense, but they can be much harder to repair and they cost way more. Unless you are jumping in and going into the big accounts right away, you want to buy refurbished stack vendors.
  4. I wouldn't even consider it unless I had well over 400 machines. That's my opinion.
  5. Absolutely none at all! What could possibly go wrong with a machine that works with raw oranges?
  6. Anything can fail but wait until someone else says something. It may be under warranty
  7. I think that's a bad compressor but I'm not sure. I have only seen it like that once where the entire line is frozen over and I got rid of the machine.
  8. I'd replace the coin mech first and see what happens
  9. Let it thaw and check it the water drains completely. If the water doesn't drain, and you have a pool of water, the that's your problem.
  10. It could be a few things. It could be a bad thermostat but your soda should be frozen too. It could be an air leak from a bad seal, stuck/missing delivery door, or you didn't close it properly last time. The evaporator fan could be bad, missing blades, or you could have a clogged drain. Lastly, your compressor could be bad.
  11. I have also never heard of this. I'm sorry that we couldn't help you but maybe that's a EU version that we've just never seen before. And I know that AZVendor and orsd have seen a LOT of DN machines. I have a few dozen myself.
  12. you absolutely can have 4 bad switches. They often start wearing out at the same time and many operators will just empty the non-working selections and eventually get rid of the machine. That doesn't mean that's what is happening, but it is possible.
  13. You can price everything at 0.00 and test it all. It only takes a couple minutes to price an ap 6/7000. Alternatively, you should have at least $15 on hand so you can test multiple selections before having to get your dollars out again.
  14. I believe it's better to leave them plugged in but that's my opinion.
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