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  1. Yeah that is my concern... this one isn't a satellite though... but I still wonder if it will all work. Thanks for sharing some feedback though. I guess I should call them and see if I can confirm
  2. I don't know if usa reports anything but your bank probably does
  3. Diet dew for sure, and the rest depends on what sells in your area. Diet dr pepper, diet Pepsi, diet 7up, etc..
  4. I know your stance about the bevmax but do you know about the Inone board working properly on the 3155?
  5. Sorry if I didn't make it clear. The 3155 works currently. I want to add a card reader. If it won't work, I'll install an Inone board, but I'm afraid the soda won't work after I install the Inone board. InOne lists it as a model they support. Thanks for the info though. I'll keep it simple. If it's a 2145 with short gates, it's scrap. If it's a 5591 with tall gates, then I'll keep it until I find a reason to repair it.
  6. The 3155 works and is on location. I can justify the board replacement cost. My concern is that the soda side won't function if I need to replace the board, but I'm thinking it works like an extra shelf and won't make a difference. On the bevmax, the sticker was all scratched up. So should I be looking at the gates/board to determine what it is? Was the 2145 not MDB? And, if it is a 5591 with tall gates, would you invest in it? I have refused to acquire these since I have been in business but I have to take this (free) because the company wants it out (they own it).
  7. I may be getting this for free. It allegedly has a bad compressor (checked by reputable company,was told). Depending on which one it is, is it worth repairing? A new deck is about $900 and I'm guessing the ECC version just needs a 5591 board to make it fully cc capable, is that correct? I do have some gentle locations that would be happy with one. I just want second opinions before I do anything. There's also a USI 3155 combo. InOne makes a board for it but has anyone successfully installed one? Do the bottles vend fine?
  8. Yes but it might not be necessary. If you really want to invest in these machines, the very first thing you should do is figure out what kind of card reader you want, contact the company so you can setup an account, and purchase your first one. From there, you can hook it up (I wouldn't mount it right away) and see if the swipe will work once activated. If it takes the card, lets you purchase, and then it takes a cash transaction after with no issues, then you are probably good to go. If you have problems or the machine won't transmit cash information for pre-kitting purposes, then you wil
  9. Being MDB is not guaranteed to make the card reader work. That's the issue. It will physically connect, but might not communicate OR could cause the board to get confused and do weird things.
  10. If your machine says 3053-MDB, then it should only make sense that it is already MDB and that module kit won't work even if you wanted it to. The module kit is there to convert a non-MDB pulse into an MDB pulse which allows you to add MDB components. Since your machine SHOULD already be MDB, you just need to connect the card reader. The issue is that your control board might not be fully compatible (because the board wasn't desgined for newer technology). You HAVE to have the card reader, so ordering it first is a no-brainer. If the card reader won't work and you can conclude that the mac
  11. I've seen 4,2,3,1,4 and 4,2,3,1 but not your code. Always try 4231 first.
  12. Your image might just include a card reader,which is definitely the cheapest option if it works. My link is for a new board which should guarantee you to have all the capabilities you need if simply adding a card reader doesn't work.
  13. https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-10895-d950u-1-inone-kit-usi-3013-153023-253053305430773084308531553157-593160318431853208-series-machines.aspx
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