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  1. It depends on your cut-out/target temperature. If I recall, there is cut-out temperature that determines when the compressor kicks on, and it goes about 5 degrees cooler from there. So if the cut-out is 43, then it would be 38-43 (if I got it right). At 43, it would cool to 38, then no cooling until the temp sensor reads 43. If you are at 42 and the compressor is constantly running, then there's something wrong. If it's not running at all at 43 but it turns on at say.. 48, then your cut-out/target temp is too high and needs to be lowered.
  2. Mike, this is a serious question. Can I buy a new deck for a 576/540? I actually need one
  3. That's not a fair comparison mike. An oil change is a necessary preventative maintenance procedure to potentially avoid thousands of dollars in damage. Recharging a system is a repair as there is already "damage." The question is.. should you pay maybe $100 for a cheap repair, almost $300 for a "proper" repair, or 400-500+ for a brand new system? With the shortage in labor, a proper repair might cost even more than a new unit. Evaporators may not even be obtainable at times. Even new units are hate to get. Then what?
  4. The first thing I recommend is to use punctuation. It makes it so difficult to understand people sometimes when they don't use any punctuation. The second thing I would recommend is to breathe a bit. You're very young. The good news is, you have plenty of time to make all kinds of mistakes. Assuming you have no children, you could fail fantastically and still make it out okay in the long run. The bad news is that, without any kind of support from your parents, you are in a really tough spot financially since it's likely that you don't make much from a part-time job. I don't do amusement or bulk vending, but business is still business. I don't know if it's a good opportunity or not as it really depends on the amount of customers this restaurant brings in. On one hand, if the restaurant is packed regularly with families with lots of kids, then this may be a really good opportunity. If the restaurant is more older people who may rarely use the arcade portion of the restaurant, or if it just doesn't have that much foot traffic, then you may be in over your head with the investment of it all. In that case, the restaurant owner/operator may just want amusement in there NOT because he cares if you make money but because he wants to use that to bring people in. Since I have no experience with amusement, I am going to go out on a whim here and say that you need a solid contract that guarantees you make a minimum amount of sales before you give any commission. After that minimum, you have a set percentage that goes to the restaurant. If you can get this without commission, great, but my understanding is that there's almost always commission involved with amusement. You want a contract should prevent the restaurant owner/operator from just kicking you out at a moment's notice with no good reason. I also wonder why this restaurant wants all of these machines right now. Did they have amusement vending before and the other company left? Is it a new restaurant? In either event, I don't know how the amusement works with restaurants. I just think it's important to make sure you aren't making a terrible decision. But even if you did, as I stated earlier, you have a lot of time to make a lot of mistakes in life and you are better off learning early. Just don't get totally screwed over.
  5. Depending on the model, you might not even be able to purchase a stock drop sensor! I found that if I really want a drop sensor on an older machine, I need to just drop an InOne kit in there with the drop sensor. It will cost about $500 but you'll have everything you need.
  6. The condenser doesn't ice up. The evaporator is what you gave to check for ice. It can be difficult to see on a bevmax depending on the version. On mine, the evaporator is on the right side near the 4th tray. I think it's all enclosed on the bottom in newer models.
  7. Yeah, they have shortages too but I've noticed distributors usually have things more often, even if it's in small quantity
  8. Yeah, and more purchase limits too. I'm probably just going to eat the extra costs and order more from distributors now. It's too volatile at sam's. Keep in mind that the competitors should be having problems too. I have a bunch of equipment ready to refurbish if I have the will and the money to do so. Picking off locations should be easy right now.
  9. I agree with azvendor here, especially now. Refrigeration work has gotten so expensive, it might only cost $100 difference between a repair and brand new deck. If you can get someone to add a valve and recharge it cheap (less than $150 initially, $100 for recharge), then it's probably worth it to recharge and run it as long as possible. If the compressor fails, replace it with a new deck or a working used one. I don't know if azvendor agrees with my rationale but things are different right now
  10. If it's not frozen over the evaporator coil then it's probably low on refrigerant
  11. I had the exact same problem. I took them to the scrap yard and I have never had a problem with those machines since! In reality, my #1 concern was that you got the location a working machine ASAP, and it sounds like you did that.
  12. I still stand by my statement that you should replace the machine. Even the good old 501E is starting to get low on available parts. If that doesn't tell you anything, nothing else will. I'll be happy to buy a Royal Merlin 4 cheap, or a 501E cheap, but the only stack vendor I am excited to buy at this point is the Vendo 721
  13. Could also be low voltage at the outlet
  14. If you're going to offer a commission, you need to mark up your prices accordingly. That can really hurt your sales. In bulk vending, it's normal to offer a commission with locations. That's because the margins in bulk are much higher.
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