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  1. That's kind of a messed up thing to ask
  2. I'd invest in that machine at $90/week.
  3. It's definitely worth the extra $165'ish to get an inone or VE UCB if applicable. Those conversion kits are a bit primitive. They work,but I'd only use one of I had something like a single price can machine where I needed a card reader and I wasn't willing to swap machines.
  4. One of my local machine distributors has been all anti-vendo for as long as i have known them (10 years) and yet, in the end, it's royal that is up in the air. I think I am going to stick with vendos. Even if they were to discontinue the v21, I think I would be okay if I had enough of them out there.
  5. I use a VMS that does that. All I have to do is use the column map for the selection (ie. 0001=A1) and then I put the necessary data in the VMS and viola! Now I know I need 5 cheetos on the next delivery.
  6. Short answer: you cannot replace the validator to accept anything above $5 bills without purchasing at least one other part. For about $475, you could get an inone board and a vn 2702 but you could run out of change fast without a 5 tube coin mech (extra $150). There is no cheap way to do this.
  7. I think it varies from club to club. I have seen a lot of changes over the last few years.
  8. There isn't really such a thing as a vendo "700" because that's not a series. There is the vmax series such as the 720 and I think 540, and there is the v21 series such as the 721, 621, 821, etc.. The v21 is superior to the vmax in just about every way in my opinion, so don't assume all "700's" are the same. Having said that, since you operate 660's, switching to 650's should be really familiar to you. In the end, the 501e, royal 650, and vendo 721 are all excellent choices. The royals may need boards replaced if you want cash telemetry but it depends on the board and what eprom is in it. 501e's usually need nothing more than a new eprom. The same goes for the 721. For 16.9 oz, I'd feel like the 721 is the superior machine of the 3 but I think they are all good choices. I also think the 721 would give you the best overall capacity but the royal has the benefit of having 12 columns to work with. It's really a question of preference in my opinion.
  9. I probably wouldn't have graduated
  10. It's probably just running 24v on the validator but not MDB. It would need a conversion kit for that. Any coinco that has "32SA" or "52SA" will work. A BA32SA or a Mag32SA will work fine. If it has been converted to MDB, then you can use any MDB validator as southeast treats mentioned. I can't tell if yours is running regular 24v or if it's hooked up via MDB because I can't see the harness. There should be 2 plugs at the bottom of the rectangular box that's connected to the validator. One should be a small white plug and the other is a larger plug. The small plug is what hooks up to an MDB harness and the larger plug is for non-MDB harnesses. If yours is hooked up to the larger plug, then it's not running MDB. If it's not MDB, then you either need another 32SA validator (mag32sa or ba32sa) OR you have to buy a separate harness for a mars. Those harnesses can be expensive though ($100) unless you can find them cheaper elsewhere but you probably won't know what you're looking for so just stick with a Mag32SA if you can find one or a BA32SA if you cannot find a mag. They shouldn't be any higher than $125 for the Mag and $80 for the BA. Anything more is a ripoff in my opinion.
  11. Seems to be a trend in the vending industry.
  12. I didn't realize I needed a secretary until just now.
  13. I'm guessing that, with time, no amount of price increases will be able to keep up with inflation rates in CA. I know quite a few people that are leaving the state ASAP, and they know a lot of people that are also leaving ASAP.
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