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  1. That's a good point. Does the selection vend as soon as money is inserting WITHOUT making a selection or do you get to press a selection?
  2. Are you shipping to California or something?
  3. Someone must have fudged with space-to-sales. I've never messed with STS on a dixie.
  4. I'm currently down about 40% but I am guessing it could be closer to 60% by the end of next week depending on who lays who off. I'm remaining optimistic for a quick recovery not to 100% of expected sales figures but at least 75-80% of expected sales by the 2nd week of April. It's hard to deal with this but I'll do whatever I have to do. As long as I can even stay at 80%, I should be able to coast by for some time.
  5. I think it's all a silly topic and not worth much of a discussion to be honest. It's kind of like saying that you feel like a TV show should be canceled because you and some other people you know don't like it... even if the show has millions of viewers outside of your inner-circle. Lays potato chips, for example, are probably one of the best-selling items that frito-lay sells, but you say/imply it's a poor-seller because it doesn't do well for you. Yet you'll find out that there are oddball items out there that vendors sell in their areas that you could never sell in your area. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work elsewhere.
  6. The CB-500 and CB-300 are not legit model numbers. The CB-500 can be a 3189 and 3500 and possibly others as well. The 3500 should work fine but the 3189 won't work with card readers (I don't think payrange would work either in a 3189 but I would love to know if it does). The CB-300, particularly the older ones, probably won't work either because I think they have the same board as the 3189. They are cheap coinco boards that weren't designed in a way that allow them to send the proper data through the MDB signal to/from a card reader. This is what a USI tech told me years ago because my 3189 wouldn't work.
  7. On Friday, based on telemetry data, I estimated I'm down 23%. Now that a stay-at-home order has been put into place, I'm guessing I'll be down closer to 35%. I have so many small ($50-$100/week) accounts out there that are intertwined with essential businesses that I think I'll make it okay over the next 2 weeks. As long as the country doesn't somehow go into a civil war, I'll probably recover quite well by May at the latest if I had to guess. I'm happy with how I seem to be compared to what I'm hearing from everyone else.
  8. I go through 1-2 variety packs of grandma's per week. I could buy them by the case but I think my customers like the variety input in. They don't sell everywhere but some people eat 'em up.
  9. When you originally mentioned the use correct change message and said you used coins to buy something, I had assumed you already tried exact change but now you are saying you didn't even try that. Chances are pretty good that you could buy cans if you put exactly 85 cents in there. Chances are also pretty good that the problem is your coin mechanism is at fault. Since restarting the machine didn't work, that means the sensor on the mech isn't registering coins (probably nickels) so the simple solution is to get another coin mechanism. You'll either have a 110v coin mech or a 24v MDB coin mech and you'll have to match it to that depending on which one it is. Alternatively, you can try doing a tube fill but if your sensor is bad in the coin mech then it will probably eventually do the same thing if not immediately.
  10. The manufacturer keeps making them because people keep buying them. That doesn't mean they sell great everywhere.
  11. I'm guessing cans are 75 cents and water is $1? Does the machine return the money on cans even when exact change is used? Try restarting the machine and see what happens.
  12. Sounds like you are low on change. You need to have plenty of change in the coin mech to avoid the "use correct change" message. Have at least 13 of each coins (dimes, nickels, and quarters). If that doesn't work, it could be that your coin mech has a faulty sensor, particularly in the nickel tube, but it sounds more like you didn't put much change in the coin mech and you're testing it. Is the water set at a different price than the cans?
  13. The heart of my business is full of blue collar locations. On one hand, I won't know the impact for a couple weeks or so. On the other hand, I don't think it will hot me too bad because I don't have all of my eggs in one basket. My gut feeling is that I'll get through this hyped-up drama better than a lot of others. I'm financially pretty safe. I'm more worried about the long term economic impact than anything.
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