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  1. That's an excellent point regarding taking too long to raise prices. When I bought some locations from one vendor years and years ago, the prices were pretty good. At the time, my sales were pretty slow (about 40k/year) and an account doing 2k/year was pretty good to me. I probably went 2 years before I even considered raising prices. Most customers were understandable but I had a few that... when I wanted to raise candy from 90 cents to $1.00, or pastries from 95 cents to $1.00... there were a few that had an issue with it. it took me a few more years to realize it, but people get SO used to the same prices all the time that they get quite upset when the prices go up even 5 cents. But when you raise prices every year, they know it's coming. In regards to January and July being the best months... I think that's about as useful as the statistic that says something like 10am is the best time to make a cold call. Thing is, the conclusion is a little misleading and would be better stated that ANY time after 10am is a good time to call but calling between 7am and 9am is generally a bad time to cold call. I try not to raise prices in November or December but any other month is probably fine. I'm glad this post was made. It reminded me to raise prices at a few locations. Soda needs to be $1.50 minimum now.. and I can see $1.75 coming within the next 2 years around here. It's about time to make everything at least $1.00 in the snack machine as well... and that's without commission.
  2. For clarity, I meant those specific back spacers.
  3. That looks like an MDB connection coming from the coin mech but is there a female MDB connection coming from the board? It's possible that the seller just put that in there even though it wasn't compatible with the machine. It's also possible that the seller took the harness out. From your previous picture showing the control board, it's about impossible to determine if there's an MDB connection coming from the board unless someone knows the board or if someone has a diagram for the board. The rainbow colored one appears to be for the LED display. The connection above it looks like it's labeled as the selection switches. Above that I think says Coinage (for the coin mechanism) but not 100% sure. On the right side of the board it appears to be the power harness on top right, sold-out switches below that, and motor harness on bottom. If that's the case, then it would seem as though your machine would use a logic coin mech (I guess?!??!) and you set prices on the board... and then the bill acceptor (if there is one) connects to the coin mechanism somehow. Coinco made a coin mechanism that had at least 2 cords coming out of it. One connected to the coin mech harness coming from the board and the other one connected directly to a bill acceptor. I'm not sure if any other parts were needed to make that work though as I never had to install one... I purchased a few that were like that and I eventually scrapped most of them. I am leaning heavily toward the idea that the seller just put a random coin mech in there even though it won't connect to that machine. Edit: It looks like that coin mechanism has multiple connections coming out of it so I am guessing it can be used as an MDB mech or non-MDB mech. It's all over my head at this point. The connections on that board look like they came from a pretty old machine though.
  4. I have a CB-700 in my garage and I am doing moves within the next few months. I am just trying to figure out if anyone has any problems with it vending cans as I have only seen it vend bottles mostly and I am aware of many of its issues regarding the heavy door and the far outside columns. I am assuming that the problem with the outside columns is mostly with bottles. Do they do fine with cans? As long as it cools, I feel like I should just put it on a location and ride it out until it's not worth messing with, or maybe I should just try to sell it and move on. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Make sure the inner height is good. I'd say you really want a 7' ceiling as i believe that would be adequate for any machine. The potential downside is that, if you fix shelves in place, you won't have much room for machines. I think you'd be better off hiring a mover or, if you don't like that, rent a box truck with a lift gate. Or... if it's affordable, use a dedicated trailer solely for machines. You should dedicate most of your space to stocking product. It's great to be growing but just think about it. If you really felt it necessary though, give yourself 4' from the back so you can deliver 2 machines and get some e track on the walls so you can strap them on. You'll lose quite a bit of shelving but you'll still have a lot. I think it's a risky idea unless you have a strong helper and a pretty long ramp.
  6. P.S. you are a little late for your 2016 Obamacare.
  7. Almost seems like an AP 110 that was designed to use a 24v mech. An AP 111-113 should work with a 110v or 24v validator as long as you use the right harness. I have actually never heard of a 103.
  8. I have notified management of price increases several times before. Most of the time, they pretty much tell me to do whatever I have to do. A few times though, they more or less acted like they would immediately look for a new vendor if I raised prices... regardless of what it was. One location in question was $1.25 for 20 oz soda maybe 3 years ago and I told them I HAD to go up. The office manager wanted time to think about it or whatever. I got the prices up but I should have either just posted a note or just raised them and not said anything. I feel like either way is better than notifying management. I get stressed with price increases.
  9. That makes sense about the timer, but that's not what it says!! Lol..
  10. Update: I had contacted Coinco back in January and they told me that when the e-prom is between 67100-1 and 67100-4, it CANNOT be upgraded beyond that and it will not report cash sales. I guess anything from 67100-5 and up can be upgraded to the latest version (67100-12). So not all of those boards with the blue button are the same. Just reporting this so others know.
  11. Okay so I figured out the problem. I guess it's my fault for not understanding the manual but here is what I had to do. I had to set the "lights off time" for 4am to 11pm. I guess it may have worked fine if I just enabled every day but the confusing part of the whole thing is that I have 4am to 11pm as LIGHTS OFF time. How does that make any sense? The manual does not say that "lights off time" is the time that lights are ON but it clearly implies that it is off. It was all 00:00 and all NNNNNN (No for every day of the week), which IMPLIED that "lights off time" would be disabled.. which also implies that the lights would be ON, but apparently it means LIGHTS ON time. On top of that, the "LIGHTS OFF" setting can be either "on" or "off." So when you toggle it, it says "Lights off: (on)" or "Lights off: (off)". Again, the manual doesn't specify whether turning the "lights off" OFF means that the "lights off time" is enabled or disabled, so I was further confused. Basically, from what I can tell, Dixie should have referred to it all as LIGHTS ON instead. It would have been WAY clearer that way.. or at least be more specific in the manual. I don't know why the settings got changed in the first place though.
  12. I am not that knowledgeable on older vendo machines but the 511 should use the 5.1 board and only require an MDB harness to run MDB components. If you are asking me if it is running MDB right now, I can't answer that since it should be capable of running MDB or logic/pulse (whichever) components. You'll easily know what it's running simply by checking to see what mech and validator are in it now. if you have MDB plugs coming from them, then it's MDB. If you don't, then it's not. I think you should dish out a few grand and buy a couple refurbished machines that will fit there.
  13. If the deck doesn't sit flush with the bottom of the machine cabinet, it will make all sorts of loud noise when it runs. I have a machine that does that in a tool shop and I have never figured out whether the problem is with the cabinet or the deck. The tool shop is loud itself so I haven't had any reason to figure it out. I am guessing the plate on the deck is what's warped though.
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