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  1. I never had good luck with gold peak. I think it was 15.2 oz. Seems like a special shim is necessary but I didn't sell enough to warrant that.
  2. Selections are probably like this: (. 2. ) (7) (6) (5) (4) (3) (. 1. ,) (. 1. ) That's 3 wide columns and 5 narrow. First two wide columns are probably selection 1 and they alternate. The third wide column (far left) is selection 2, and then the narrow columns are selections 3-7 (from right to left).
  3. I see. I have never used that part of the programming so I didn't know about it. Sounds like a bad board to me or maybe a bad door switch but I'd lean toward a bad board. If so, change it with a be ucb or inone board.
  4. Do you have an aftermarket board? The way you describe the menus sounds odd to me.
  5. It's the same machine but taller. Thing is... They hold a little more and so the motors may have done more work over the years. I don't like them because they are a bit harder to move and don't sit level with snack machines but that wouldn't be a problem for you.
  6. Welcome. If you want to know about a soda machine, you should post this question in the full-line section. As for my opinion, don't bother at all with a bevmax 4. It's a good machine but you are essentially asking if it's worth it to save up for a Ferrari to use as a pizza delivery vehicle. Sure, it will do the job but you'll spend WAY more than you would ever need to. On top of that, repairs are a whole different animal with a bevmax vs. a standard machine known as a "stack" vendor (as most soda machines are). Forget the bevmax and stick with a dixie narco. Finding a good used DN 501E is a good choice but just about any good location-ready dixie narco can be a suitable choice. In addition to what I have said, if your church is an average-to-small sized church, you might never recoup your investment if you place a machine there. I'm just warning you in advance. Also, when you say you are purchasing or donating a "bottle" machine for the church, you need to be aware that 20 oz bottles are usually only purchased through bottlers depending on your region, which can create another complicated matter. Selling cans is 100x better for your application (in my opinion) but if you have to use bottles, stick with 16.9 oz bottles since you can often get those at grocery stores. Pepsi and Coke usually won't come out unless you order a minimum quantity of cases and bottles usually have a short shelf life compared to cans.
  7. I recommend you get the 24v setup.
  8. Aside from the infamous P series stack vendor, every Dixie stack vendor ever made works like that as far as I know.
  9. Probably low on refrigerant
  10. You should order an eprom puller. They help. The only hiccup you may run into is possibly having to perform a ram clear.
  11. Back when I did honor boxes, I found that the best method was to just pick up the box and tell the location I was taking it and why. If it was due to shortages, NOT picking up the box would result in only 3 possibilities. If you are lucky, the manager/contact would either give you money to make up the difference or get someone else to pay up. This almost always lasted one extra cycle as customers would often just take even more without paying. The second possibility was that the the location would ask me to keep the box there and "talk to people" and see what happens. Again, this often resulted in more shortages (funny, right?). And the 3rd option was that they got upset and just told me to take it out. I think the 3rd option was a power thing. Since they didn't want to deal with drama, me letting them know that people aren't paying was just an irritation to them, so getting rid of me was their solution. I was nice about it when I told them but holding the box (because I was clearly taking it with me) made it obvious that I am not kidding about the box being short. Once they saw the box, almost everyone seemed not only surprised but understanding (probably because I was obviously being serious about it). Yes, I severed ties with the location but I think the way I exited meant that I didn't have a bad relationship with anyone. You never know if the contact goes somewhere else and remembers you. When it comes to poor sales (even when the money is perfect) then I take the box and explain why. With honor boxes, I think you really need something bad like less than 4 items per week maybe since you can extend the service cycle to increase your profitability when you service the location. I had la location where I had a lot of items with long dates on them but they usually bought a couple bags of chips every 2 weeks. I increased the service cycle to try to help with profitability but doing so meant the dates would get so much shorter that it was more difficult to rotate. It just wasn't worth the effort after a while. There were exceptions though. I had some kind of an office for doctors that must have been just for billing or something because there was no lobby and no medical procedures were done but they talked about billing all the time. Anyway, this particular lady would give me an attitude EVERY time she saw me. She would follow me upstairs (where the box was) and complain about me not putting in stuff "they" want. So, per her angry request, I added things like peanuts, granola bars, and took out the nacho doritos and added more cool ranch because supposedly no one wanted doritos even though I told her they were selling (it was a power trip for sure) and nuts never did. Low and behold, the nuts sat there for several months (before I eventually took the box) and the cool ranch doritos barely sold. I eventually more more doritos back in there (including everything else) and this heathen throws a fit demanding to know why I put doritos back!?! Then she complains about not having nuts. Of course, I POINTED to maybe 3 or 4 bags of nuts in the box!! This devil's child accused me of putting those in there while she wasn't looking lol!! She said they weren't in there before. Well, maybe 3 service cycles go by and I am averaging maybe 2 bags of cool ranch doritos each cycle while the regular doritos sell 3-4 each cycle. Welp, I get an angry call from Miss Feisty Bird demanding to know why they are out of cool ranch doritos. Oh, I don't know, maybe because SOMEONE ATE THEM? She also told me how rude my driver was (who happened to be ME) and accused the driver (me again) of being rude whenever "he" was there. I showed up between service cycles, filled up the cool ranch with maybe 6 bags, and went on my way. About 2 cycles later, I noticed the money was a little shorter than usual (maybe 25% short). I just left it because they were usually good about paying. The next cycle, the box is EMPTY and the money is short so I left a note letting them know the box was short. Coincidentally, Dr. Dingleberry walks up and asks why I am leaving a note (LOL?!?!?). I explained that the box was short and SHE HAS THE NERVE TO ASK ME WHY THE BOX IS SHORT?!?!?! This MORON implied that I stole the money?????? I stole the money that I earned for myself??!?!? Then she says NO ONE would ever steal there (so it must have been me!!). Well, I fill it up and leave. Next service cycle, empty with no note and NO MONEY IN THE BOX. Wouldn't you know, the short-faced bear was busy with a phone call downstairs. I took the box, carried it downstairs, and she WATCHED ME TAKE IT WITH ME!! LOL! The HORROR and ANGER on her face as she realized that her power trip was coming to an end but she was too busy talking to a customer to stop me!!!! Oh, and the kicker was that there were 2 teens in a room adjacent to the room with the box when I took it. I am about 95% sure they were her kids because I had seen her talking to them all sweet-like the time before (when the box was short). I will never forget that woman and I truly never want to do business with her ever again. I am pretty sure she's the type that drives everyone nuts with her demands and requests. I bet she counts the fries in the fry container to make sure she wasn't shorted when she orders fast food, then complains about the 2 burnt fries and then wants to speak with the manager. Her name might be Karen. Sorry, I'm done.
  12. The prism lense could be dirty. When you take the bill box off, there's a part at the bottom that faces a lense on the rest of the bill acceptor. If that lense gets too dirty, the bill acceptor will think the bill box has been removed. Simply wipe both sides well and see if it helps. It's usually more of a problem at dirty locations. Beyond that, I think it needs to be repaired.
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