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    Red Bull

    Regarding selling it... i think it largely depends on how much money they have. I feel like they want to get the most they can get for their money, and they could get 3 cans of soda for 2.25.
  2. AngryChris

    Vendors Equipment

    I have ordered from them in the past. I actually forgot all about them to be honest. They are a reputable company but I don't know what happened to your order. If it isn't back ordered, then expect it this coming week. The blue button boards have been discontinued, so anything you get is either left-over stock or refurbished. I am waiting on an email from coinco to confirm if my older blue-button boards can be upgraded beyond version 4 or not, as another vendor recommended.
  3. AngryChris

    Polyvend 6640 upgrade

    mars 2502/2512 with the 24 volt harness and (I think) a snack mask. Edit: I think it mounts with the mask off, like a National 145. It looks like I have the MAKA to Mars harness and the other harness that goes above it (I don't know what it's called) and the metal piece that attaches to the mars for mounting.
  4. AngryChris

    Any experience with RVV 700?

    I also want to know. The 500 is apparently the latest version of the royal vision in their 40-select cabinet. They also have a 700 model that is 50-select. The 700 has about the same footprint as a bevmax and actually holds a little more due to having 50 selections compared to the 45 on the bevmax, but the bevmax holds 8 bottles per selection compared to 7 on the royals.. One thing i found interesting was that the deck appears easier to service on the royal, but i don't know how easy the latest version of bevmaxes are because they've changed them several times. It also appears that the royal has fifo capability but i don't know how true that is. I believe the electronics are on the door of the royal, which is similar to a bevmax but the bevmax technically has two doors whereas the royal has 1. I don't know how accessible everything is if a royal is right against a wall on the left, but you can access everything on a bevmax against a wall. I always get worried about that with stack vendors if i need to ever change out the deck. I have only seen the new royals. The older versions looked nice but had issues.
  5. AngryChris

    Polyvend 6640 upgrade

    I have done this before. I may have done it wrong but i found it difficult to mount the hardware to install the validator. I have removed all of my polyvends for that reason. I may still have the harnesses somewhere but i'm not 100% certain on that.
  6. If you were using a VMS and using it to its full capability, you would have noticed that the column wasn't selling.
  7. AngryChris

    Bev Max 4 / VN 2702 Com Problem

    My lone bevmax had a problem which others have reported too.. where the display goes blank but the machine functions fine. It went away when the board was upgraded but i never figured out what was the culprit. I think it was the solder on the board though. Are you saying the credit IS there but not displayed or NO credit is given at all?
  8. AngryChris

    National vending - who are they

    Nope, but i believe they were the ones that called me on one of my accounts and told me i'd have to work with them or remove my machines so they could get some other vendor that would agree to their terms. I still haven't removed them. I think that was 4+ years ago.
  9. The Royal 552 is a good machine but if the account is good, consider an upgrade.
  10. I am not too familiar with the functionality of bottle drops. I have filled them many times in the past but never worked on them. The robotic bevmax relies on a plunger to push a piece (I believe the technical term is solenoid) to cause the gate to release one product. On a bottle drop, I believe the gate is the same but it uses a motor to actually vend the product instead of a plunger coming from a cup on a robotic bevmax. So, if it says sold-out, then your problem is either electrical (wires disconnected, cut, short, loose, etc..), a board issue (I would assume not) or bad motor(s). I just don't know enough about them to know if one bad motor can cause multiple items to stop functioning or if a disconnected wire can do that or what. I get the feeling that there are multiple things going on because if A doesn't work, then you likely have a keypad problem. If other selections don't work unrelated to A, then maybe that's an electrical issue. Sorry, I am only trying to come up with ideas until someone else can point you in a better direction. But think of a bottle drop much like a refrigerated snack machine as far as I understand it.
  11. If it wasn't working and now it is, then I don't think it's possible to be a fuse issue. I would put my money on a loose motor harness if anything.
  12. AngryChris

    Cooling Issues

    The evaporator fan is hooked up to the cabinet, so it runs regardless of what the deck does as long as the machine has power. The deck plugs into the cabinet. For a deck to not run, it either has no power or the thermostat is not calling for cooling. You can check the deck itself by plugging it in directly. That will tell you if the problem is with the deck or the cabinet-side (including the thermostat in that sense). If it runs, then it's the thermostat or the plug inside the cabinet (or some wiring to it. I don't know those details). It's usually not the plug though but the thermostats do fail. When a thermostat fails in a good way, the deck won't run. When it fails in a bad way, it won't stop running and you'll have a mess. If the deck does not do anything when plugged in directly, i would assume it to be a wiring issue as a deck will usually do SOMETHING (ie click, buzz, etc..) when the wiring is good. It could be a totally locked up compressor but i'd imagine you'd get constant draws from your electrical. I think the thermostat is the most likely cuprit though, that's assuming everything is connected (plug going into the deck AND wires for thermostat). Check the connections first.
  13. AngryChris

    Interchangeable Parts

    If it's taking $5's but not 1's, then either the switch 4 is off or the bill acceptor needs repaired.
  14. If no soda comes out, then i would assume it's a bad or disconnected motor harness or a defective board if not a bad fuse.
  15. AngryChris

    My sodas exploded everywhere

    Coming from experience, I have had thermostats randomly fail. I cleaned it up and the machine cooled perfectly to temperature again, then failed again later. As AZ said, if it froze once, it will freeze again. When? Who knows, but as you can tell, cleaning up a machine that froze everything inside like yours did is NO fun. I have probably done it maybe 4-6 times and probably said a lot of expletives while cleaning it up. Everything about it is a PITA, and just KNOWING that a relatively inexpensive part will fix it is annoying. So yes, replace the thermostat and throw that one that failed away.
  16. AngryChris

    5.0 Vendo Univendor 1

    I have a dirty old vendo (511, i think) that needs a new 5.1 board and should run. It has a bulb in the bottom and i forget what it's for.. i think to remind you when power is on but not 100% sure.
  17. AngryChris

    Vendo Model V475 Coke Machine

    If it's single price, then there is a piece of hardware in there that toggles between the motors and i know nothing about it. If it has a board, then there must be a space-to-sales feature. Coke machines often had their bottler machines setup that way and the manufacturers built them that way (when coke-branded). Why do you want to change it? If you change it, you'll likely do nothing except lose functionality from one column. That's assuming the machine has more columns than buttons.
  18. This is really off topic here in regards to vending but i had minor social issues growing up, but nothing like what you say. Not that that little bit of info matters, but i want to make it a point that what is "normal" and "fun" us subjective to the "audience." If "the spectrum" existed when i was younger, they would likely have put me in as a very high-functioning person. Not today, because i don't lack any ability socially, but i used to. Social anxiety is a totally different thing. Thing is, in business, the outgoing salesperson draws a much better realm of influence on those they converse with than the ones who can't strike a conversation. In other words, you HAVE to at least make a serious effort to get over your anxiety. It is entirely psychological.
  19. Your knowledge far exceeds most of ours from an engineering standpoint. On one hand, I completely support you STRICTLY and SIMPLY because I think it's important for you (more so than anyone else) that you exercise your knowledge and your skills to see what you can do. On the other hand, I am afraid you might be wasting your time on this project. Regardless of what I say, or anyone else says, being that you are pretty young and knowledgeable, I think you should keep trying this out because you may learn valuable knowledge at a MINIMUM that cannot be taught in school, and I am referring to the business side of things and how an industry can reject a product simply because it's the wrong idea, wrong timing, wrong price, wrong market, or any number of things that can prevent a product from being successful. You could be incredibly successful, but you might fail completely. I think it's GREAT to see someone possess this much knowledge and try to create something like you are doing, and it has little to do with how I feel about vending and almost everything to do with the fact that most youth out there don't try to create anything but just spew their ideology everywhere. So keep it up and I am currently interested on your progress. You could be a great engineer some day as long as you keep your passion.
  20. I tried to replace the eprom today (67100-2 with 67100-12) and, upon starting up, the display showed seemingly random lines and every component was offline by vendor, so i'm assuming the display was not the issue. I also heard a regular clicking that sounded like a relay in the cabinet. Unfortunately, Royal is closed today. I put the old eprom back in and all is well. Could i have done something wrong? Incompatible or bad eprom? I tried to reset the board (which seemed to work) but the random lines in the LED only changed and still made no sense. I was thinking that i might need a different display but i am lost at this point.
  21. AngryChris

    Interchangeable Parts

    Does it still not take change?
  22. AngryChris

    Interchangeable Parts

    He did change the coin acceptor. The short answer is... it depends. If your previous coin mech is MDB, then any MDB mech should work, and the same is usually true with MDB validators. You'll know if it is MDB by the 6-pin plug. I have to ask though.. when you replaced it, did you turn the machine off first? You have to do that to prevent it from sparking and possibly damaging something. You also need enough nickels and dimes before it will accept any quarters or bills due to an "exact change only" situation. The best practice is to just fill those tubes up. Also, the problem could be the board on the machine. Hopefully not, but those machines are about worthless. Did the machine take bills before you replaced the coin mech? Did it have enough change in it?
  23. AngryChris

    Royal Merlin 4 eprom replacement

    Update: after a second call to Royal today, I was informed that boards with eproms 67100-1 up to 67100-4 cannot be upgraded beyond version 4 and the board must already have version 5 or higher OR you need to replace the board. I am not 100% certain if 67100-5 will completely upgrade to version 12 or if there is some other stop in there as well, but you definitely (according to this tech) cannot upgrade a 67100, version 1-4, with a higher version eprom beyond 4. I am glad I only bought 1 eprom now because this one is kind of useless to me now. He also informed me that, while a newer board may be compatible with existing royal merlin 4's, their latest board version requires changing the motor harness and one other harness to make it all work. He did say that everything you would need is part of a kit, but the point is that you need to be careful about upgrading to the latest version board if it doesn't come with the new harnesses. I think he said this applies to royals made before 2012 as that is when they changed things. I figured I would share my info in case it helps someone else later. The moral of the story is that not all Royal Merlin 4 boards are the same and even different versions of the "same" board can be the difference between getting cash sales and not getting them.
  24. AngryChris

    Review of Vendsoft

    I thought I would give a review since I have had a pretty positive experience with this software. I have actually had the software for over a year now but I barely used it for the first 10+ months. Mostly, I would spend a few minutes every couple of weeks or months and just dabble with it and learn how it all works. For those who have used it before, you already know how much time it takes just for the data entry portion of things. I have added about one hundred machines, almost half as many locations, several "routes", over 100 products, and LOTS and LOTS of selections for every machine. Every product needs certain details to make the software functional, and the more details you add, the more data you can collect later. It takes a LOT of work to put all of the data in there but there are some benefits I will get to later. About 2 months ago, I decided to take advantage of USA Technology's quickstart program and I leased 10 units. The main purpose of this was 2-fold -- to add card readers to accounts that I thought would benefit from it, and to give myself a reason to actually go out there and install them (because the service fees start almost immediately, and I hate fees). In addition to that, I decided to focus on the software side of things as well. It took me the greater part of November just to install all of the machines, products, locations, and everything else into the software. I still keep adding more as I go, but the bulk of it is done. I then upgraded the software to take advantage of the telemetry which is the primary thing I needed to make everything work. For about $80/month for their package that is for up-to 300 machines, it seemed like a total bargain to me when I think par level is in the range of $8/machine for telemetry. In other words, if you have say.. over 20 machines with telemetry, this package will likely pay for itself as you add more machines since the price is fixed for the entire company as opposed to par level which is per-machine. Once I had most of the data entry down, I began detailing each machine. It wasn't easy because I had just started learning things and you really NEED to input EVERY item in the machine. The first couple times you input all of the data, it takes a long time (or seems like it). Generally, I would go to my locations, take pictures of each tray so I knew WHAT was in the selections and HOW many were in there, and then I would go home and make sure I had all of the inventory in the software and then I would add everything accordingly to the software. Mind you, you have to add all of the selections to each machine too!! Adding the details to the selections is the hardest part because you need to add the selection (ie. A1), type in the max capacity (ie. 10), and say what is in it (ie. product 37, LSS Lays). Once you have created an entire machine for a specific model (ie. AP 7600) it is easiest to copy those columns to other machines with the same setup, such as other AP 7600s, AP 6600s, AP 4/5000's, National 145's and so on. Many snack machines are different (ie. tray A is A1, A2, A3, etc.. or maybe A1, A3, A5, etc.. or even A0, A2, A4, etc..) so you have to keep modifying as you go, but once you create a whole new machine, you can just copy it. What I did was start with models and then copy them to all machines with that model, so all AP 7600s have the same setup. Then, I modified that machine for a USI and copied that to all other USI machines and so on.... It took a LOT of work, seriously... Once I had most of the details for my machines recorded (including all selections, what's in it, how many, etc..) I could FINALLY start pre-kitting. It was great to be able to see, remotely, what was selling at what locations.. specifically for locations with telemetry. It was exciting to be able to see in real time what was selling and how fast. I quickly learned that some items sold out in the first few days after I serviced them and I NEVER knew that because I often sold out so many other selections anyway. For example, a few locations were always low on pastries. I quickly realized that they went through chocolate cupcakes and chocolate donuts in the first few days and only started eating the other pastries once those were gone. In learning this, I realized that I had some slower selections that I could just remove and add more of those items to and obviously increase my sales, especially since they spent way more time buying the remainder of the "left-over" pastries. I also realized just how slowly some other products sold. Yes, I knew that 7up at location X was a slow seller but I didn't realize I only sold maybe 1 bottle every 2 weeks. Because of this, I am going to just remove it and add another row of a higher-selling item to increase my service cycle if possible. I took full advantage of this knowledge and I began pre-kitting on-site and adding things as needed. So, if I sold 22 diet coke at a location with a capacity of 44 bottles, obviously I had 22 diet on my cart in addition to other items. However, I also decided to remove some items to control sell-by dates because I could clearly see just how many were selling and how many were in there. The benefits of this software (and any other vending software) is huge IF you do the work necessary. You can clearly see what sells the best and how fast it sells, you can easily adjust your selections to add additional rows of those high selling items and just remove slower selling items. As a company, I can quickly get a better feel for how many boxes of doritos or cases of pepsi I need to service everything regularly, etc.. Yes, I already had somewhat of an idea of what I sold a lot of and what didn't sell too well, but this software allows you to see it so much easier that you get a more accurate idea. I have just been buying the variety packs from Sam's Club for YEARS and I now intend on ordering actual cases of LSS chips because now I know that certain items in those variety packs are almost worthless to have in stock, such as puffed cheetos. Yes, a case of LSS doritos is more expensive than the variety pack at Sam's Club, but that doesn't really matter too much if I end up throwing out 4 bags of puffed cheetos. In addition to being able to increase sales (by putting in more of what sells and less of what doesn't), I will soon be able to drastically increase my service cycles at many locations. One of my best locations has an unpredictable work schedule for employees due to the nature of their work and I don't always know whether they need service or not. Now, I know precisely when I need to get there. Other locations are more predictable but I have learned that simply changing some products and selections around will allow me to go every 2 weeks instead of every week, or maybe ever 3 weeks instead of every 2 weeks. This obviously means that i save time (and fuel). One thing that stood out to me with this software, though, was the response from Vendsoft. I get responses back pretty quickly when I have a problem. For example, my software was attempting to predict what I would need rather than just tell me exactly what I needed from telemetry. I contacted Luben and told him what was happening and we found out that USATech is not recording my dex/fill recordings AND that the system is working harder than it has to (for me). So, I gave him my feedback and he changed things pretty quickly to better suit me. I am a long ways away from taking full advantage of this software, but now I am exciting to adding more card readers to locations that don't do so hot in sales (anywhere from $40-$60/week in sales) so I can literally find out how to increase their sales better and hopefully gain an increase from telemetry. None of this post even counts for the fact that my 10 additional readers added me about $150/week in new sales, which should more than cover the expenses of the readers. Of course, I already have a few locations that clearly don't use the readers hardly at all and I will remove them, but the bulk of my investment has paid off. In conclusion, Vendsoft should be able to save you some money by providing you a better ability to manage your inventory, but the real savings is when you combine it with telemetry because you might have never known that doritos sold out in 2 days and that you could increase the sales of that single location by maybe $10/more each week by just adding another row of doritos. If you think about it, simply reducing stale products to a minimum could easily pay for this service by itself, and adding readers to the right locations could also pay for itself. In addition to all of that, saving fuel, and mostly... TIME.. will be huge for anyone who currently lacks the time to figure these things out on-site. You do NOT need this software to take advantage of telemetry, but it makes things so much easier. I have never used another management software and my review comes solely from my own experiences so far, but I am not only a believer that ANY vending management software can be absolutely advantageous for a vending operator, but Vendsoft is a bargain compared to other software out there.
  25. AngryChris

    Review of Vendsoft

    I would assume that the main reason for your offline machine generating more stales is simply due to being slower accounts, and there isn't much of a way around that except doing the extra labor necessary to prevent it. I am stuck at a cross-road because I have to weigh the benefits and the costs of using variety packs at Sam's Club vs. buying boxes from the distributor. At Sam's Club, I get their variety packs with about 0.43/unit, whereas they cost me about 0.50/unit from the closest distributor. As you know, that 0.07 is gigantic but the problem is that I often get stuck with items that don't sell as well (or I put them in the wrong locations) and the dates often disappoint me. Yesterday, Sam's had a specific variety pack flavor that expired January 1st, and it appeared to be an entire stack of maybe 20 packs with the same date... behind the stack that was dated January 15th. I only checked the back because I was HOPING to see better dates in the back since sales will be a little slow for the next month or so, but obviously the frito lay guys only care about restocking as fast as possible and not about rotation at all. So.. the benefit to the variety packs is the price but the cost is in expired product and potential lost profits from slower sales (by not having more of what sells faster). The benefit to buying from the distributor is that they usually have far better dates on their items, and I have way more flexibility with what I can order (especially pastries) which should help with raising profits but at the cost of higher per-unit prices. On top of all of that, I feel that it is necessary to raise prices anyway because many prices appear to be going up lately so I feel like I may need to make the switch sooner rather than later. It's just so difficult to compare the cheap variety packs to the more expensive wholesale items from distributors. Even if it is a wash, it may be better in the end because it should be easier to make sure I have the best selling items in stock. Since I started getting serious with the software in the last 2 months, I have been blowing through LSS Doritos like I never had before. As for the card reader affecting cash, much of it could be a coincidence because I installed half of the readers in the last 3 months while there has been a lot of shakeups with job turnover as many people have been moving around trying to find better paying jobs since employers are raising wages everywhere to get the best employees they can afford. At least that's how it has been in my local job market. In fact, fast food stores are absolutely garbage now and I think it's because they can't afford to hire anyone when there are so many employers out there taking any capable person they can find. So it's possible that I am comparing apples-to-oranges simply due to high turnover in the local job market.