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  1. venddoctor

    AP Snackshop 123 'Invalid Choice'

    The invalid choice is a bug in the 120 software. To reset the motor follow the instructions below. Resetting “invalid choice” on a 120 Series Press enter display shows “MIS” Press right arrow until display shows “DIAGNOSTICS” Press enter Right arrow until display shows “TEST MOTORS” (not “TEST VEND”) Press enter Type in the selection number showing the invalid choice message, press enter and watch the display. In a few seconds the display will say “PASS or FAIL”. If motor passes proceed to step 7. If motor fails you have a bad motor, wiring problem or failed control board. Press “ESC” until display shows “DIAGNOSTIC” Press right arrow until display shows “SECURITY” Press enter Press left arrow 1 time display shows MACHINE RESET N Change the N to a Y by pressing the plus key Press enter Display shows “RESET MESSAGES” Press plus key until display says “RESET OPTIONS” (at this point notify the customer that if you proceed they will need to reprogram their machine when completed i.e. prices, motor pairs, temperature etc. the MIS information will not be lost.) Press enter Machine shows “ARE YOU SURE N. Change the N to a Y by pressing the plus key. Machine should beep and the display will go back to “MACHINE RESET N. (not all beep so don’t worry if it doesn’t) Now ask customer if this is a stand alone snack or if a frozen/refrigerated 960/320 is attached. If a frozen/refrigerated is attached have the customer open and close the inner door (door with the 2 latches) of the frozen/refrigerated. And then close the door of the snack. If there isn’t a frozen/refrigerated attached close the door of the snack Wait for the “HAVE A NICE DAY” message to appear. Enter in the selection that previously showed “INVALID CHOICE” it should now show a price it may not be the correct price but it should show a price. If it does you have solved the customer’s problem and you can proceed to step 22 if not start over at step 1. Customer will now need to reset the prices. If there is a 320/960/460 attached they will also need to reset the Motor Pairs and Temperature
  2. venddoctor

    How long do commodity wheels last?

    I don't care if you use one or not, just thought you should be aware that they didn't have one originally.
  3. venddoctor

    How long do commodity wheels last?

    That wheel appears to be from an Automaitc Products/RMI machine if so the sugar canister should not have a wheel in it.
  4. venddoctor

    Motor Spinning Issue

    From what I can see in the video the gray cam is not spinning and it should be when the motor is running. Not sure if it is a broken gearbox or ?. I would purchase a new motor.
  5. venddoctor

    Polyvend pv6640 need assistance

    As mentioned above you need to pull out the switch on the panel then the mode button
  6. sorry AZ that isn't correct- the F80 board hasn't been used in current AP or USI models for years
  7. Yes I suspect Rock-ola as I know the other place it was used was in a can vendor and I had a photo at one time of one that appeared to have the F80 board.
  8. The F80 board is not a USI designed board it was an off the shelf control board made by Coinco and was used by Automatic Products, USI and 1 other manufacture that I can't remember now.
  9. venddoctor

    Had a USI IVend snack/slaVe drink go down

    Automatic Products machines had the same issue with Florescent bulbs especially when they are allowed to get black on both ends.
  10. venddoctor

    CO 2 cooling decks

    You can thank your government for this all vending machines will be switching to propane or Co2 soon (by 2020) due to an EPA mandate that outlaws 134a and others refrigerants.
  11. Yes it is a custom chip in the Nestle machines which would could use different channels for the ingredients but they can be changed. Hopefully you have a copy of the FDX manual supplement which will identify which channels to use. If not I may have a copy but would need to see the inside photos to know for sure Yes that is correct my error.
  12. As AZ said that appears to be a 213 but the FDX version as Nestle machines were almost always all freeze dried. it appears the Chocolate selection label is missing but without being able to see photos of the inside I can't tell for sure what rack it has. You need the key that is usually in the key switch which is on the inside of the door to adjust recipes and to set the prices so if you remove the key no one would be able to adjust it.
  13. venddoctor

    AP 972

    As you suspect it is a rebranded GPL. Here is the manual http://www.automaticproducts.com/PDFS/972_TFlex_Operator_Guide.pdf
  14. venddoctor


    Absolutely a 24V will work but has to be the 15 pin version.
  15. venddoctor


    inside the power box there is a board that controls the power to the 110V coin mech, if your changers won't even payout coins then I believe this board has failed. You could plug in a 9302LF or TRC6010XV coin mech which are 24volts. Make sure they are the 15 pin 24V mechs and not the 12 pin variety that was out for a few years.