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  1. Looks like a Westinghouse WB-102-6 to me, which is isn't very collectible in my opinion due to it's height. I would try posting on soda-machines.com as they used to be way more active than colamachines.com. Although I haven't been there for a while so it may have slowed down.
  2. What is the number on the the white label on the chip? The last version of software for the LCM was 67061-9 which was released in 2001 and to the best of my knowledge there have been no updates to it since then. I know for a fact nothing was released before I left AP in 2011 and I doubt Crane released anything since then. Now what that means is the LCM has a early version of MDB and there have been many changes to the protocol since 2001. Just for the record Version 3 of the MDB protocol was released in March 2003 and version 4.3 was released in 2019. The LCM's protocol is either version 1 or 2. If I remember correctly it is version 1 but I don't remember for sure. So to try to shorten this post lets just say I can see the card reader causing some strange issues with the MDB line as the LCM MDB protocol may, not support what the card reader is trying to do/communicate. While I don't recall ever taking a phone call with your issue so I can't say for sure the reader is the cause of your issue it may be possible. One other thing to note is there are no longer any original AP employees left at Crane in their technical support department. I was the last one and I haven't been there since September of 2011. There are still 2 original AP employees left but they are traveling techs and do not answer the phones.
  3. There is no battery on the board used in the AP6000, it uses a non volatile ram to store the prices.
  4. It would be hard to compete against Fastenal, MSC, Productivity, Supply Pro, Blackhawk, Auto Crib and several other companies that already dispense PPE and other industrial items from vending machines.
  5. If the machine is only pricing in dollar increments you need to replace the coin mech as it is bad or unplugged,
  6. There is a model 3577 it is the second generation of the Futura.
  7. I have been gone for over a year now, probably wasn't me as I didn't answer the phones much. I just helped the techs in vendnet when they needed it on support calls or parts questions.
  8. Yes it is as Crane recently let go several tech support people and at least one of them had been there for 25+ years.
  9. No Wittern let me go in one of there get rid of anyone who knows anything purges.
  10. Yes but even then you would have to change the control board. In thinking about this some more I think you may have to have vendnet compare it to a 3517 model not the 3553.
  11. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that machine as is will not take coins or bills. First thing that appears to be missing are the coin openings in the door and the associated hardware (chutes, mounts etc). The next item is it has a non standard controller. While you may be able to convert it it will be costly and may not be worth it. What you will want to do is get the serial number then call vendnet and have them compare the bills of material between this 3529 and a model 3553. You may run into resistance and/or lack of knowledge on how to do it but I know for a fact it can be done. Tell them to use the serial number you provided to find the product code for the 3529 then find a comparable product code in the model 3553 family. Once vendnet has the 2 product codes they can then compare the 2 bill of materials to get a list of what is different. This list will give you all of the parts required to convert it to coins and bills.
  12. Don't know for sure and I no longer have any way to find out. I could hazard a pretty good guess if I could see photos of the inside of the door and inside of the machine including any and all control boards.
  13. A 3529 is a special cold food machine that was built for schools it quite possibly has a Vendnovation controller in it and that that controller will not accept coins or bills even if you put a mech and val in it not all Vendnovation controllers do. I cannot remember when they were built but I would guess somewhere between 2000 and 2010.
  14. The 103 was the original replacement for the 6/7000 model of AP machines but it wasn't well received by operators so it was quickly redesigned to the 110 series. There were less than 500 103's manufactured. It was wired for a 12 pin 24V changer such as a coinco 9302L or a Mars 6010. Plans were to add a separate power board for 115V mech and validator option but I don't recall if it was ever completed on the 103.
  15. The board used in the LCM was an off the shelf board made by Coinco. What that means is at least 3 different companies used the same basic program in various machines. AP used it in the LCM series snack machines, Wittern used it in the F80 series snack machines and one other manufacturer (believe it may have been Rock Ola but not sure) used it in a Can Drink machine which used solenoids to deliver the drink therefore it only needed to pulse the solenoid to get it to deliver the drink.
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