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  1. redfleet32

    Info needed on americas best locator/Richard campbell

    Americas best Locator is Rodney Angerbauer. He's on this site under the section of locators. Only locator Ive ever met where you pay him NOTHING up front and pay only after you have placed the machine.
  2. redfleet32

    Need more Pink boxes

    Hello everyone, I am still looking for more pink honor boxes to update my current boxes to new condition. Let me know if you have any you need to get rid of. Please send me an instant message.
  3. redfleet32

    Need Pink Boxes

    Does anyone have pink honor boxes they want to get rid of??
  4. redfleet32

    Candy for a Cause candy options

    Those seem to have a higher theft rate
  5. redfleet32

    Candy for a Cause candy options

    I have about a hundred of these and mints are the only way to go.
  6. redfleet32

    Should I buy these spirals?

    Sometimes you have to think outside the box. I removed the riser and sell the plastic ball for 50cents. (from the fun mix)
  7. I have 400 ultravends that have been on route for over 20 years so I wouldn't necessarily say they are junk. Are they ideal, maybe not, but they can last forever in the right location. I have a used one I can give you if you want to pay the shipping.
  8. I have a few 1-800 keys   I have all numbers except 003  send me a message if you are still looking. $5 each plus I''l split shipping with you. 

    5 each

    1. TomG


      Hey I need one of every every key except 008 004. Let's do it I'm game to split shipping that's fair. Any chance You use venmo? 

    2. redfleet32


      I dont use venmo but have paypal and people also pay me through Walmart. You can go to walmart and pay them and give them my name.  That would be $35 even  I have key 1-2-5-6-7

  9. redfleet32

    Needing up to 30 locks with the same key!

    I have Bulk if you are interested. Send me a PM
  10. redfleet32

    Ultra vend front panels

    Does anyone know where to buy or have new front panels for the original ultra vends that were made about 20 years ago?
  11. The NBVA and the Staff of Vendiscuss is proud to offer the Vendiscuss members a special discount of 50% when joining the National Bulk Vending Association. Hello everyone The NVBA National Bulk Vending Association is inviting NEW members to join for 50% off the regular rate. NEW member is defined as not being a member right now. You still qualify for this special if you were a member in the past though. Rates vary by size of the vendor. Starting rate with the special is $75. Expires Sept 30th. Here is the site If you would like to take advantage of the special. nvba.org Please call Amy to sign up and get the special discount! 1-888-628-2872 The NVBA greatly benefits all of us through their 50 years of fighting and working on better legislation that pertains to all areas of vending. As many of you know at our last meeting George talked about all the new regulations coming regarding calorie counts and ingredient disclosures. The NBVA is proud to announce this has been pushed out another year due to the NBVA's push for a blanket policy from the FDA instead of a state by state basis. ABOUT THE NBVA The NBVA is a national not-for-profit trade association comprised of the manufacturers, distributors and operators of bulk vending machines and products.
  12. Hello

    My name is Paul Outfleet and I have been a member for a number of years. I am also the new Secretary for the NBVA. National Bulk Vending Association.

    We would like to offer your members who currently dont belong to the NBVA, a discount of 50%  to our join our organization, but wanted to get your ok first. I dont think there is a conflict but wanted to make sure I didn't step on any toes asking members here to join ours. I would place a paid ad to do so and we would offer it as a benefit of being a member here on Vendiscuss.

    Let me know your thoughts or concerns. 

    Thank you

    Paul Outfleet


  13. Hello

    Is there a way to edit my ad. I think I tried pressing every button and icon possible. Am I missing it somewhere?

    Thank you

  14. redfleet32

    Details on my route purchase

    Nice job!
  15. redfleet32

    1-800 vending triple and gumballs

    You can if you have the gumball dispenser. Other wise no . you can not run them through the candy wheel.