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  1. Email me your client Id or the email you used to communicate to us for me to look into our records. Thanks! -Gale
  2. Hmm.. I've been replying to emails that goes to and sending locations that my team found last week eventhough Amanda is not around. Unless i have missed your email.. Anyway, you can send your query back to me at for faster reply. -Gale
  3. Dear TVF Customers, As 2013 draws to a close, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your business. We are honored to be your partner in your business. At LRU, we value your loyalty, trust, and confidence, and I am excited to be leading this dynamic company into the New Year. As we embark upon 2014, we pledge to continue to provide you with the best service as possible. Despite a few setbacks we experienced, we succeeded in establishing several milestones throughout the year, and we would like to thank you for keeping us your number 1 choice to do your locating. A satisfied client gives us satisfaction. Our team wishes you a Merry Christmas Season with great happiness in spirit of friendship and good health! Merry Christmas Everyone -Gale and LRU Team
  4. The promo is still on for TVF members who ordered through vendiscuss. Thanks! -Gale
  5. Hello all, I was wondering, according to the records I'm looking at, we only have very few unfulfilled orders. Most orders from TVF were marked as awaiting for reports. Please email me directly at so that I can double check and tell Amanda about it. She might have missed it. Thanks! -Gale
  6. Hello All, I'm sorry been a while since my last visit here in Vendiscuss. First things first. We are fine. Thank you for all your concerns and prayers. We have slow week because Amanda is sick lately and she's just replying some emails at home for the meantime. I'm the one filling in for her. We have slow week because some of our team found out that some of their family members living in other places were hit by the storm. Please bear with us with the delay for the moment. We are trying to catch up. and FYI, we only have few orders so I'm pretty much sure we can fill this all out. Again, I'm asking for some more patience as I sort all the finished and unfinished orders from the forum. I thought i'll be done last weekend but with Amanda being sick, I need more time. Second, I believed I have sent all the forms that needs to be filled out to all who ordered via TVF. If you haven;t received it maybe you have different email or if i missed it out here's the link of the form Third, the reason we asked you to call the business before going there because working as a locator since 2006 we have encountered issues like when we talked to someone on the phone they said they are the manager or the owner and yet they are not. We are just setting up expectations that we don't want to waste your gas going there and turned down. You may call it a leads, yes. But when its delivered, it's a location. Plus, there are some vendors who do not deliver on time and manager/owner is expecting the machine, so when you call before delivery atleast they know and heard it from you. Please do remember we are doing phone locating, not in person locating. Were we rely only to the words by the person we spoke with. Funny, that while writing this, I just got an email from one of the vendor that he tried to deliver the machine but the point of contact listed is not the manager as he stated when he spoke with my team. This things happens. This is just some of the scenario when we locate over the phone. So it would not hurt to call to confirm delivery. That's why we offer replacements. You pay us for the locations delivered not the leads we gave. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to THANK EVERYONE for trusting us with your locations. It's been 2 years since we started getting customers from this forum. We may have ups and downs along the way (nobody's perfect) but I assure you one thing, we are dealing with you business to business and not just here to get your money and run. Some of the vendors who get their refunds with no issue can attest to that. Cheers for more years of business with you guys! 2 years down, many more to come! Sincerely, Gale
  7. Hello, I was surprised by the paypal dispute email earlier. I asked Amanda if we have you in our order list and she said no. Then i remember I must have missed giving you the form. Anyways, I emailed it to you today and you can use that for your future orders if you order via our website. Else, we have different form if you order via TVF. Which i also recommend you do for your next order for your peace of mind. Please bear with us with the delay of responses and locations for this week as we have some employees who found out that some of their family in other places were hit by the typhoon so we are working slow. Amanda is sick lately as well, so I'm filling for her instead. We are fine and safe, thank you all for your concerns and prayers. -Gale
  8. As long as we can verify the location was from us, you can purchase relocation via TVF store. -Gale
  9. Business Wish List is a list of specific (name of) business you want us to call. We call that one first and try if we can get a location on that else, we call your preferred type of business. You can leave this part blank if you don't have wish list. Preferred type of business is a list of type of business like restaurants, bars, laundromat or etc. You can also leave this blank if you just want any locations. Thanks! -Gale
  10. Hello Future Customers, I am sending you form to filled out after I received your email information from Steve. Please take note that for us to be able to start working on your order, we need that form filled out because that form contains information we need to start finding you locations. If you have problems receiving the email i sent you that contains the form here's the link of it Thank you! -Gale
  11. Please email me at I'm back on board with the my team and I'm personally looking to all past orders that isn't fulfilled yet and came in. I'm having hard time finding past orders that isn't filled as some vendors did not report back their status. Thanks! -Gale
  12. Thank you for pointing out the weak point in my argument Sherlock. But you see, I don't have much of an idea how subcontracting is done and how it is paid because LRU is not doing it. Like what I have said in the other forum why would we will compromise our name and customers by subcontracting to KS or to any other locating company? I will not take that risk. I think of every locators as champions who will champion my business. And subcontracting will just give them edge to my business. In my world, sharing my customers through subcontracting is not an option. I'd rather tell them we can't to the job or refund them. We would not compromise our reputation for money. We might not be the perfect locator, but we work with integrity. Thanks! -Gale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  13. Can anybody in this forum who had previous order with KS can tell me how KS send you locations? is it from regular email like we do or you have to login to their portal? If its from regular email, why there's a Kickstart Header? please post a screenshot of the previous location email from KS. I want to know why this thing happened. I am more confuse than you guys are. Please. -Gale
  14. Hello All, I would like again to make it clear that WE ARE NOT IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH KICKSTART. We are not subcontracting to them or vice versa. Few weeks ago, one of our customer is asking for a replacement for a location we didn't give him. He insisted that he got the location from us and even copy and paste the email which came from Kickstart. So you see, you vendors sometimes forget to organize which location came from who. You hired several locators that sometimes you forget who owes you locations, who's not and who give a certain locations. Now to the interesting part, I believed i read it here before that when someone gets a location from kickstart they have to login to their portal or whatever they called it to view their location information, based on the screenshot provided by the vendor, it seems that it came from a portal not in a regular email which we always do. Assuming the vendor has previous order with KS that was not fulfilled yet and when he followed up on his order with us, and Amanda told him that she'll try to work on it this week and getting location from KS makes him more confused.The point is, we still owe the vendor a replacement, that's why we replied we will work on it this week. Think again, why would a Philippine based locator subcon their work to KS when KS charge more than our minimum charge? Why would we accept work from KS when we ourselves already built our name in locating? Why would we work with KS when we have a reputation to keep? Take time to see screenshots, and judge for yourselves. Screenshot from vendor from another forum. Our email conversation with vendor. Thanks a lot! -Gale
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