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  1. Got asked to leave

    Guys..some customers are better just to not have.If the guy is an golpher I dont want him as a customer.I had this clothing store in Montreal,about 40 employees and mostly teenage girls.Not prime customers.So anyway the owner wanted weekly visit and just a couple of selections empty out of 28 was an empty machine.They freaked out for chips expired for 2-3 days.What is funny is the guy never actually talked to me,for any of his complaints or when they wanted me to remove the machines.He went trough his secretary,like he is the president of USA or the pope or something like that.I pulled out the machines,sent them to a new customer.I ended up being relieved it felt so good.No need for a an arrogant golpher in my life
  2. Targeting asians customers ?

    Funny you say that because there is fairly large asian market just a few hundred meters from the location.There is quite a lot of vietnamese people in that area.I went to the store and saw some snacks such as « fermented fish gummies » or « shrimps crispers » it's not going to be an easy task !! If the location ends up doing well and I keep it,it is pretty ironic I will sort the change from the machines with the machine they sold me.
  3. Targeting asians customers ?

    The reason they lost the location ( The guy and his wife I met ) is actually because one of their dumb employees.The contact within the company just kept telling him the machine wasnt taking coins or customers were losing some ( not enough quarters/defective changer ? ) and the guy just shruged and did not really do anything to fix the situations.The couple own a fairly large company and just can't be on the field and make sure everything goes well.
  4. Targeting asians customers ?

    I know,but some people really helped me in this business.Refering me accounts.Selling me machines for cheap.Finance with no interest.Etc I feel I just couldnt take the place of those guys like that.Quebec vending community is pretty close-knitted.There is only 3 company where you can actually go and buy vending machines parts.One of them is call Andre Labbee inc ( Brokerhouse distributors in the rest of canada ) everybody in the business go there.
  5. Got a new location,the stats are good (number of employees and 3 shifts ) and big plus it is located 5 minutes away from home.They use to have a crane combo vending machine,with no bill changer and that was often empty or the coin changer wouldnt work.I put a full sized snack and got a nice cold drink machine,which is owned by Coca Cola.There is a bill acceptor now I hope it will help.But I have mixed feelings between « Its gonna be good ! » and « It's gonna suck big time » The reason is there about 1/4 of the employees who are middle aged asian people.Will I ever be able to reach those customers ? Damn I met hundred and hundred of people using my machines over the 7 last years and I think 2 of those were asians.Is there any products you use to reach that market ? On another note,when I got the call from the company HR lady who was managing the new vending operator thing,I soon discover the operator she wanted to kick out was a guy I know,bought my change sorting machine from him and a few vending machines as well.Nice person,we have polite discussions when I meet him somewhere.What you guys would do in that case ? It's not like I called the customer and stole it from him but still maybe I could have done something.
  6. Your best locations

    It's funny because I read often you guys talking about vending machines in apartment building.In Quebec I saw this only once.It is very uncommon.My best locations are : 1. Plastic Molding Factory 80 employees 24/24 7/7 2. Tomra ( Can recycling machine manufacturer ) 80 employees 24/24 7/7 3. Toyota Dealer 4. Break room for parking attendants at Montreal Casino 40 employees ( Casino never ever closes ) 5. A Quebec Government office which is the equivalent of Securities and Exchange Commission 400 employees ( My first location ! )
  7. I smell a rat

    Personnaly I had a problem with mices.They were getting inside my Crane Genesis and then leave droppings inside.Each visit I had to clean the goddam thing.I talked with the factory manager,he called professional and I put lavender scented cat litter inside a cup,inside my machine.Mices hate that odor.Problem solved.
  8. What's is this worth

    Gaines is just another biz-op who sells sh*tty chinese vending machine place them in bad locations with a few employees and sell them for $$$ We have a company here in Quebec that does that too. http://vendingroute.com/en/partnerp.php It's funny because they try to make you believe that if you buy vending machines you will work just a few hours and spend the rest of the time on your new boat or travelling around the world
  9. Coin counter

    I have a De Larue Mach 3 and I am really satisfied with it.I had a Cassida C200 for a long time before I upgraded and although it is made in China it never let me down
  10. 20170228-162136.jpg

    From the album Car dealership

  11. Car dealership

  12. Looking to buy a route

    Isn't Fortune Ressources just another name for some piece of crap chinese made machine sold via biz-op scams ?
  13. Would you buy this combo machine?

    I see a lot of those here in Montreal.You actually would need to pay me money to operate one of those chinese turds

    I know for sure there is '' lost vending machine '' hunter here in Quebec.They also started being more picky about the quota for vending operators ( It is 1.6 case per machine/per week ) Lets say I have 10 machine owned by coke I need to buy 69 cases a month from them.A lot of people here dont respect that number and coke started actually pulling off vending machines of locations.They warn you before and they are actually patient,but they have limits