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  1. Oak

    I've been trying to call all week, leaving messages and sending emails. I realize that they are a good machine but that isn't a good way to run a company. At least NW & Beaver will respond to a customer wanting to buy their product. Ugh
  2. Steampunk Ideas ?

    Unfortunately welding probably isn't an option. I'd be interested in looking at something made out of rebar though. I think that there used to be pictures on this site of a home made black pipe stand for two low heads and two upper heads. I haven't found it in the gallery though. That might have been an option (?) I've got some NW60s with a matte black body but they have chrome lids. I might have to look into the hammered grey paint to see what it looks like. What are you referring to as a "hopper" please pardon my confusion. I also found some old blue Astro machines that look like old Oak's. I was wondering if the new Oak parts will work on those old machines (?) Thanks for the ideas though.
  3. Steampunk Ideas ?

    I've got a double head at at tattoo shop that has been doing pretty good for the past couple years. They are now moving to a different location with a much more industrial vibe/style. I've been asked to see if I can come up with something that would add another candy option and make the entire thing, machines & stand, look as steampunk as possible. They also threw out other terms like retro, vintage or industrial. I've tried looking for steampunk gumball machines online and it is all non-functional decorative dust collectors. I figured that I'd better come here to the experts for some crazy and creative ideas... (please- no Carousel machines ) What do you think? Anybody have some interesting ideas ?? Many thanks
  4. Bottle water

    I believe that the Ozarka, Ice Mountain, Arrow Head, Deer Park, Poland Springs & Zypherhills are all really the same thing - Nestle regional water brands. The 20oz versions at Sams that state "It Vends" do work fine in my machines (DN 276e). I fill them up just over half way and have never had any issues. The plastic does feel squishier than I'd like but for the past couple years I've had no problems. I wouldn't recommend the other sizes or versions that don't say they will vend. Good luck.
  5. Business checking account question

    Try a credit union. Mine offers free business checking accounts and they accept/count my coins for free.
  6. Product recommendations?

    I think the Snapple is in 20 oz plastic bottles but I'll double check on that. I'll see if I can visit a couple other Sams in the area to see if they have anything different, ie: a whole case of a single flavor... Any ideas about which flavors usually sell best? I'll see if I can find the settings for Gold Peak Thanks for the advice.
  7. Product recommendations?

    Regarding Gatorade - It seems like Sam's only carries the variety packs. How would you vend this? Would you setup a button on the machine with a generic Gatorade label and the load the column with a variety of random flavors? Assuming a bottle machine like a DN501E, not a glass front. As far as a tea goes - would something like a Gold Peak 18.5 oz work better than the Lipton 16.9 oz bottles? The Lipton bottles seem a little squishy to be stacked in a column type machine. I also don't think the square Pure Leaf type bottles would work at all... am I wrong in this? Snapple is also available in a 20 oz bottle - would that successfully vend? Since it is only available in a variety pack it wold have the same problem as the Gatorade. Thanks again
  8. Product recommendations?

    I wasn't aware of a Fill Line (?) - What should I look for? Any suggestions for a tea that would vend ok (?) Thanks again.
  9. Product recommendations?

    Thanks for the feedback. Would there be any restrictions in how deep you can stack them? I assume that you'd set up the machine like any other 20oz bottle, right? Many thanks - if anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to chime in.
  10. Would anyone have any suggestions for bottled tea or sports drinks from Sams that might work well in a DN 276E/501E/600E type machine? I've found a 20oz water that will vend but none of the tea or sports drinks indicate on the packaging that they are designed for vending. I'd prefer to avoid a mess when they are stacked on their sides if possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. DN276e Coinco M-D-B coin acceptor issue

    Thanks for the advise. I'm not sure what you mean by "flight deck" though. I was able to go back and take a look at the coin mech. It wasn't accepting coins with the door open or closed. I turned off the machine and took off the top part of the acceptor. Nothing seemed to rattle around like a loose coin.I tried to use a flat screwdriver and come up from the bottom to see if I could unjam a coin... no luck... I then tried to gently pry open the gate (not deflector like I originally called it).gently moving the screwdriver around in there apparently did loosen up a dime & nickle that had been wedged in. Once they were out I was able to put it back together and the soda machine is now working fine. Many thanks for the assist.
  12. Just got a call from the location. Coins were simply sliding through to the return bin. Bills were still being accepted but immediately returning in change. When I opened up the machine I found that a bunch of dimes had jammed up at the top of the coin tube. I cleared off that mess and opened the top of the acceptor where the coins slide in from the slot. I cleared out the coins in there as well. Moving the top part of the acceptor around sounded like there were more coins inside. I was eventually able to move it around and get all the coins out of it. It looks like everything is cleaned out now. However when I close up the machine again and put a quarter in it doesn't sound like it is going anywhere and ".25" doesn't flash on the display. I'm able to put a couple coins in and then all other coins simply fall through to the return bin. The top part of this coin mech has a spring loaded flap that covers the top coin entry slot along with the ramp that the coin will roll down from the left to the right. On the right side there is a little plastic diverter (?) that looks like it is normally closed but when the first two coins went in they were trapped by this plastic piece and held there. I really wish I knew the right terminology here. and I hope this makes sense. Is there something that is making the coins get stuck in the plastic diverter ? could there be another hidden coin stuck in there so tight it doesn't rattle around? or is this coin mech simply shot? Thanks, Eric
  13. Success. I had trouble getting the right wall assembly in place while the rear spacer was installed. I left the bottom of the rear spacer in place but pulled out the pins on the top so it could rest against the rear of the compartment. The right wall assembly went in with no problems then. I had some problems figuring out the proper hole (17) for the pins on the rear spacer. Guess my eyes aren't what they used to be. I straightened out a wire coat hanger and put a small "L" at the end and used it to count the holes. I just found it too hard to see which holes came before or after the marker holes. Looks like it would help to have much skinnier arms. Another metal rod with an "L" on the end plus a long flat screwdriver allowed me to adjust the pin holes for the rear spacer. Thanks for the advice
  14. Many thanks for the replies. I did download the directions but they don't go into all the steps.... I've got the old soda shim removed and the two shims on the right side resting in place. I'll hang the left side shim from the horizontal rods. By secondary shim do you mean the one on right side that fits over the top of the main one? there doesn't seem to be any slots other than the single slot in the length of the entire secondary that the main shim fits into. I think that is what you are referring to, right? I'll see if I can get the rear space in place before I install the right wall assembly and see if that works. Thanks
  15. I've got a DN276e and just purchased the shim kit for the 8.4oz Red Bull cans. I'm looking to install it in col 1 and was hoping someone might have some advice. I am a newbie at this and it is the first time I've tried to install a shim kit. Instructions came with the kit but they seem incomplete. 1. Prior to installing the shim angle and the can stop extended wide lip shim on the right column wall - do you need to remove the rotor and the shim installed for 12 oz cans? 2, does the shim on the right side latch or lock into place in any way or does it just rest against the lower right side wall? 3. the filler shim on the left side appears to have a front and rear notch in it. Is that simply to allow for the round bars at the front and back? does this shim just rest there on the right side or does it firmly attach in any way? 4. if the rear spacer is removed before the column wall assembly is installed on the right side, it really cuts down on the column space and makes it very difficult to re-install the spacer afterwards. Is there an easier way or a trick to doing this? That's about as far as I've gone so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Eric K