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  1. I found a guy who has some brand import tattoo sticker machine stands. Has anyone ever mounted a 2" capsule machine to one of these and made it work instead of using a pole stand? I have several a&a 2" machines that I was going to put onto pole stands but just wondering if its possible to mount them to a brand imports tattoo sticker machine stand.
  2. Can you mount a 2" capsule machine to a brand imports tattoo sticker machine stand?
  3. If a location has room for a rack I always start with a double for 2 weeks check it then upgrade if needed with charity locations. I have 5 locations that i upgraded with no issues at all. I just tell the point of contact when i drop the machine off that we start off with a double and if the location does well we will upgrade it to a slightly bigger stand that offers a better selection.
  4. I have plenty of gumball wheels for beavers ill trade for candy wheels if you want to trade
  5. Yes i had a right to refuse but placed because they looked decent upon placing
  6. Their only clause states minimum order of 5 locations and will replace 1/5 locations
  7. I did a contract with a locator that i want to keep annoy mus. The contract was for 50 locations. This locator was a post pay locator charging 45.00 per location. They sent me 6 locations that I placed but never heard back from them for about 3 weeks and then they requested payment for the locations and sent me 4 more locations. The first 6 locations averaged 5.00 each after almost a month. The highest location had 11.00 in it, one location only made .75 cents. I asked for the locations to be replaced but they stated they needed paid for the locations first and then would talk about relocating them. What would you do?
  8. I have a chinese restaurant location that does 75.00 a month on regular gumballs on a single head. I can't upgrade the location because there is a comission rack in there. This location is in a bad part of STL. I went into the location pulled the cash drawer and wiped down the machine. I always carry in a small box with me to dump the quarters into. As i was walking out I had 3 guys that were sitting in the restaurant follow me out to the car. I immediatley threw the box into the trunk as i could see them getting closer to me. They stopped me and asked if they could have the old product that I switched out and I told them I couldn't give it to them. The one guy replied why dont you just give us the candy and quarters or we will knock you out and take them from you. I told them that i had an in dash camera which was recording everything and pointed to my GPS on the dash. These guys were dumb enough to believe me and leave but if i wouldn't of reacted i probably would of been robbed.
  9. i went ahead and placed them at 2 locations as a trial test. I think with these being adult locations they will do well. If they end up doing great i will upgrade the beaver mechs and give out a bigger portion setting
  10. Has anyone ever seen this youtube.com video before?
  11. raquel, email me: shawndowning63@gmail.com
  12. i use beavers. you can vending gumballs, capsules, and bouncy balls from the gum wheels.
  13. I had a location that i had PMM and gumballs in for about 3 months. I decided to change the product out and since the PMM were selling well i thought that i would take out the gum and put another candy product in so i chose Reeses Pieces. When i had the gumball and PMM combo in there it was averaging 50-60.00 per month. I just checked yesterday the location and there was $36.00 in reeses and $4.00 in PMM. The employees stated that they liked the reeses better than the PMM. Has anyone else found that one candy product such as PMM steals the sales away from the other chocolate such as reeses. I think next month im going to put a 3 head in there with PMM Reeses and Gumballs. Or do you think that I should keep the reeses and instead of PMM put a fruity candy such as runts or skittles in there?
  14. I had 3 locations approach me which are primarily adult traffic locations: Mexican Bar/Restaurant High End Car Dealership Pizza Parlour And requested cashews. I stated that due to the COG's i usually didn't put cashew in the locations. All of these have PMM in them with an average of 20.00 per month with PMM Do any of your operate cashews if so how many do you give per vend. I know COG's are high but these might be good sellers in these locations. I figured I would only put one can per globe and as a worst case if i can get 1/3 to be a hot spot on cashews i could cycle the other 2 heads out the next month... Suggestions?
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