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  1. Just curious if anyone has ever tried foosball table vending and what your experience was? Suggestions on where to buy? Had a local bar ask for one. thanks
  2. How do you order them? I was trying to get skittles, but it says they are out of stock, weird.
  3. Looking to find a good deal on 400 locks and barrel locks for NW machines. Any ideas on the best price on locks? Not looking for the ones that everyone already has the common key to. Thanks
  4. Just checking to see if anyone knows why all the Sams Club stores in SE Michigan are out of Skittles save one store? Are they no longer carrying them and is this happening in other states? Wondering if a repackaging is on the way or if they are planning to discontinue. My store says it is an active item but none on order. Very strange. If they no longer carry them, what is the cheapest way to buy them after Sams? Thanks
  5. 2003 style LYPC 2 Headed machines. Located in Michigan.
  6. How do you all value a charity route for sale? Older equipment, probably about 80 2 headed machines on location, most crappy, some good. Getting from very old gentleman who is retiring, 72, and who kept meticulous records and is even showing me the tax return from 2016-2017 sales. He just wants out but wants to get something for the equipment. I am prepared to give him a very low offer, but wanted to see your thoughts? Last year gross was $13k. Thanks
  7. Anyone have a spare plastic base plate in green that attaches to the pole with two screws that they would be willing to sell? Mine cracked on this machine and looking for a replacement. email me or PM thanks
  8. Anyone familiar with the Video Blaster Interactive bouncy ball pinball machines? The lid on top has two locks, one of mine broke and won't open so I am stuck trying to find a replacement lock and key that will fit that machine. Since I can't open it, would you pry it open, use a flathead and smash the lock and try to turn it open or what, to do the least amount of damage to the lid? Any thoughts?
  9. I must have found a bad batch of canisters because the front lens' are coming separate on many of them on this route I acquired. super glue seems to hold for a while but then breaks loose after a month or two of use. Any ideas on a tougher glue for plastic that is easy to use in the field? thanks
  10. I happened into some Vendstar machines and I absolutely won't run them without gumballs but people are seriously price gouging for them on ebay. Anyone know of a cheaper source than $25 plus shipping each? thanks
  11. I have about 30 locks for the back of the Vendstar 3000 keyed to 0197 and 0190 and am selling some machines and don't wan to give a local buyer my keys so I was hoping to find someone looking to key to a different lock that might be willing to trade me for #2222 or other back lock? thanks Shannon
  12. I bought 10 cases and ended up taking half back after sorting through them, heat damage. green gumballs were all faded and a lot had dents on all sides. This was the case at all 3 sams that I tried so obviously the same truck delivered them all in our area. I mentioned it to the GM at sams and they did nothing. So, I buy them, sort them and return the damaged ones once I can fill a case, pain in the neck.
  13. Southeast Michigan Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  14. I am trying to sell some bulk equipment and was hoping you all might be able to help me with ideas on where to list it? 40 - Eagle single heads in used condition, keyed same. 2 - Bouncearoo machines 2 - 25" Northwestern Sticker 2 column machines What do you think I could sell them for, quickly? thanks
  15. What part of Michigan are you from, neighbor?
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