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  1. Do you have the right wheel? Gumball wheels and candy wheels are different, as are the brush offs
  2. Coin counter upgrade

    I got a couple of Jet Sorters from a large full line vendor that up graded their money room. You might try calling around or even contacting a large amusement or full line equipment dealer, they may know of someone up grading or even have one themselves.
  3. Area saturation

    I agree Rodney. Service schedules depend on sales averages at each location. Properly scheduled a single person can service a lot of locations.
  4. Area saturation

    I live in a small town with NO businesses. Every location I have is "somewhere else"
  5. Area saturation

    How many locations, once they get to know you, can you up grade. Push out the other guys rack etc. see if they will take a crane etc etc
  6. Area saturation

    The limit only exists in your own mind.
  7. locators

    I agree Kevinator, local is better, for many reasons.
  8. locators

    The SGK program through the FCVG is a great program because of the guaranteed payout to the charity and the support the FCVG gives.
  9. locators

    The only legit SGK bulk program I know of is through the FCVG.
  10. ICT A6 having problems

    Don't get pushing the top piece back in? Generally if the lights on the front are flashing the ba is good. There is an led on the back that will flash error codes, there should be a label on the cassette saying what the codes mean. I take it from what you wrote that the ba works for awhile then goes off? usually the problems with an ICT are led or diode in the bill reader. ICT does have a service dept for repair
  11. locator race 2017?

    Kandy king is no longer in business I think.
  12. !!!WARNING!!!! Locations Poached!

    If you paid for the box. paid for the candy, the money in the box is yours, it is a criminal offence, small but still chargeable
  13. Its all about the average.
  14. Need advice on buying machines

    Oak mfg is close to you
  15. Steampunk Ideas ?

    Hopper is the part the wheel rides in,