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  1. Generally machines like this are cheaper Chinese knock off's of industry standard brands like Northwestern, Oak, Beaver and Eagle just to name a few. The machines I mentioned will last for decades and most of the time the knock offs will only make it a fraction of that time. Even the all metal coin mechs on the knock offs tend to be made out of inferior metal or lack quality engineering and ultimately fail much earlier then the name brand mechs. That said I have never seen the machine you have there. It looks like a copy of the Northwestern Super 80 which is a top of the line industry work horse. Unfortunately Northwestern is out of business so you can only buy them used now. I always encourage people to buy used quality machines on ebay, Crasigslist, etc... instead of the Chinese imports. It is usually more cost effective and you get proven quality but it can take time to find what you want. That said I can understand the interest in buying a brand new machine that looks great and is ready to go without the need to clean or paint it. If you are happy with the one you have been using then continue to use them until you detect a problem (remember consistent mis-vends and coin mech failures are a great way to be shown the door). Since you are only buying three then it not that big of a deal. If you were really wanting to build a larger business I would really start looking for Northwesterns. In regards to the .75 & 1.00 coin mechs I completely agree with orsd and AMD. You can sell more attractive and popular mixes at the higher price points and help your margin out as well. It is also easier to go into a new location with the higher price point then to go in at .50 cents for a year then flip to .75 or 1.00 later. Good luck going forward.
  2. gumball guy

    Need help finding info

    I have never worked with the March of Dimes charity but I would suggest you just call them or ask the person who told you you about the yearly fee in the first place.
  3. gumball guy

    Vends tar 3000

    Make sure your candy wheel is "timed" correctly. At the end of each vend there should be an open compartment directly over the candy chute. If not it results in the mis-vends that you are describing. You will need to take the canister out and look at it from underneath because the brush off housing prevents you from seeing it from the top. Manually turn the candy wheel until there is an open compartment over the hole and then put the canister back in place.
  4. gumball guy

    Possible Siphoning Theft?

    If you really are concerned about theft then count your inventory for the next few cycles and compare it to the money you take in. 20 capsules gone you should have $10.00. Sure it will take a few extra minutes but at least you will know. You could also just buy a new lock if you are convinced it is theft and not a mechanical issue. If it is indeed theft you will need a new lock anyway.
  5. Liability insurance is a must if you want to protect yourself against injury or damage claims. Operating as an LLC or corporation also gives another layer of protection. If someone gets hurt by a piece of vending equipment and they want to sue they will usually name as many parties as they can to give them better odds of a payout. That means the location and the vendor could both be defendants in a civil suit. As far as the broken window situation I think it would matter what the circumstances of the incident were. If the stand was defective, snapped and hit the window there is a good chance the vending operator could be liable. If someone was horsing around and knocked your machine into a window then I think the vendor would have a reasonable argument against responsibility. Again these are hypothetical situations so who knows how the situation would turn out. Bottom line is you need liability insurance if you want to protect yourself in any business.
  6. gumball guy

    Refurbishing Bulk Machines

    I like the idea but I don't think it would be financially plausible. The labor time involved in the entire process plus replacement parts/paint and shipping/receiving would probably push the retail to your customer up quite a bit especially if you want to make a decent return on this endeavor. To put things into perspective you can get a new Eagle for $55.00 plus shipping and a little cheaper if you buy 50 or more. The customer just calls them and they deliver the product. A customer using a refurb service has to box up the machine (a machine he has already purchased so he has to add that cost to the bottom line), arrange & pay shipping then wait for X amount of time before he gets the machine back. I think you would need to do this at an extremely competitive price to compete with a direct seller of new or used (refurbished) machines. You could do pretty well refurbishing machines and reselling as AMD suggested especially with your vending background. Alot of new vendors would probably be willing to buy at a higher price for a professionally rehabbed, quality machine that they can just order, take out of the box and get directly out on the street.
  7. gumball guy

    How do you open the coin box in Vendstar 3000?

    I assume you are turning the key and pulling it (using the key to pull it) straight out. Like QuickVend said they can be tight. If that isn't working it could be that there is something sticky along the edge that is causing the problem. This happens in places like BBQ & Chinese restaurants especially if the machine hasn't been opened in a while. Spray Windex type of cleaner along the bottom edge and let it soak for a few minutes (maybe even tip the machine forward so the cleaner can soak under the door). After it has soaked for a while try opening it again. The only other cause (very unlikely) would be if the screw in the center of the lock latch came loose and the latch isn't swiveling out of the groove when the key is turned . If that is the case a drill is about the only answer.
  8. gumball guy

    Sams Club discontinued Mike and Ike?

    I was just on the Sam's Club website and they are showing Mike and Ike's and Hot Tamales (4.5 pound) available online. It also says "In Store Out Of Stock" possibly implying that they may be coming back to the stores? Who knows with these guys.
  9. gumball guy

    PMM and MM containers

    I prefer bags. The jars take up too much space. I have shelving in my van and you can pack the bags tight to conserve space especially when a bag has been opened and is less than full. Not the case with jars. Leave it to the mysterious powers that be at Sam's Club to screw up a good thing.
  10. gumball guy


    I phased out Runts over the last year and replaced them with Rascals. I haven't seen any dramatic change, positive or negative, through the transition.
  11. gumball guy

    Sports arena question

    Rotates till the prize drops.
  12. gumball guy

    does anyone have a machine in Popeye's

    If you are that uncomfortable then consider finding a friend, acquaintance, or relative who is outgoing and willing go door to door for you. Sit down with them, establish the sales pitch, load up the machine/inventory and hit the road. YOU drive them around and when they get the ok for a location you set it up on the spot. For $50 cash per location (the amount you stated above) you should be able to find someone to do this. Plenty of college kids will be home soon looking for part time work as well.
  13. gumball guy

    Scooby Doo Gumballs

    I'll try em out in some kid heavy locations.
  14. gumball guy

    Machine theft

    Keep an eye on Craigstlist, Offerup, etc... because they can pop up there. Never hurts to look around local flea markets as well because many of the junky ones are nothing but large fencing operations.
  15. gumball guy

    Machine theft

    Unfortunately machine theft is just a part of the vending business especially with singles. I used to file police reports but it never resulted in a recovered machine so I don't waste my time with it. The bigger you get the more it happens. I just replace it and move on down the road. Now if I lost a rack I would indeed file a police report and I would be doing my own detective work,