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  1. I haven't run them in a long time but these types of 2" capsules always sold well.
  2. A & A Global PN95. No longer in production but parts are available.
  3. I still give it 9 months. I have been doing this a long time so my equipment is paid for and that gives me a little more latitude when assessing location success. I also know that locations can get off to a slow start and then do well. When you are starting out you're racing for that ROI on equipment so you may need to be a bit more discerning and require locations that generate more sales.
  4. That's the way it goes sometimes. I usually service every 3 months so I give locations 3 service cycles before I will pull.
  5. You may have to be prepared to come down substantially on your price. Most seasoned vending people are not fans of Rhino or any other Chinese import machine especially at a high price. They look nice initially but aren't nearly as dependable or durable as Eagle, Beaver, Oak or Northwestern. Not sure where you bought the equipment but if you paid 10k for what you listed that was way too much. Based on multiple websites 5k including shipping is more realistic for that equipment new today. Gumball Machine Warehouse has these machines for $55.00 each (no stands or shipping included). Heavy duty stand $40.00 a piece. So you are competing with $3205.00 for new equipment plus shipping, double & triple plates, and taxes. I absolutely agree that it is a nice little route to get someone started. I hope you get what you are asking but it may take a couple of reductions to get it sold. Good luck.
  6. Overall I use the Sam's Club Dubble Bubble the most primarily because of the price point. Bubble King by Oakleaf was not a good seller for me but many operators seem to like it. Zed gumballs from A & A sold well and stayed soft for a long time but shipping drives the price up. Some people like the Ford gumballs because they are softer and really never get hard. I have never used them but may try some soon. I have used Seedlings in the past but they didn't sell very well for me. I use Nerds gumballs, Dubble Bubble Pink "1928" gumballs to add variety as well as a wide sampling of Sam's Club's different gumball offerings.
  7. I believe it is a Camlock BV90 lock. Have never tried them.
  8. All chains like Jiffy Lube tend to be regionally managed so like any other bulk vending location things can change at a moments notice due to management change or a corporate visit. I would keep them there as long as they allow it. Make sure they are well maintained and you address any service calls immediately to reduce the odds of a customer complaint to corporate which is a great way to be shown the door. As far as the stories above I am guessing it was a regional thing and not Jiffy's Lubes corporate position to throw vending machines in the dumpster.
  9. The daycare locations I am in are all in the hood and are owner operated. I even have one at an "in home" daycare. You're not going to walk into Kinder Care or The Goddard School and have any chance at getting in there. I was able to get into a United Way affiliated daycare and placed a machine in the teacher's lounge. Worked great for about 6 months until the dreaded district supervisor showed up and showed me the door.
  10. You can always keep one or two machines in the garage to have on hand if you are actively looking for locations that you feel may have a higher probability of success than locations you are already in. Most new vendors struggle to get equipment out but you don't seem to have any issues doing it so having an extra machine on hand shouldn't be an issue for you. Generally it is great to have all of your equipment out earning money as you scout for new locations then pull your slowest location and relocate immediately. Unfortunately you just don't know how good a location is going to be until it's been there for a cycle or two so patience is necessary early on. You seem to be off to a great start so hopefully you have some solid numbers in the months to come.
  11. His name is Steve from Heritage Vending. The number that he has posted on here several times is 574-935-4800.
  12. Anything that I can still make a profit on after all costs including the commission. Peanut M & M's, M & M's or Reese's Pieces won't be on that list. Skittles, Mike & Ike's and Hot Tamales still have enough margin to use in commission situations. I also use a variety of pressed candy in those situations as well. I really push gumballs though. I just set a small 4 way rack in a laundromat that has 3 gumball heads and 1 bouncy ball at 40%. I don't do many racks anymore and most of my business is charity affiliated so commission is generally a last resort to get in somewhere that I think is worth it. The truth is bulk candy and gum vending doesn't usually generate enough revenue for a decent commission program and most locations understand that.
  13. I'm assuming you bought stands from Eagle so you should be fine. Generally black cast iron stands will be your best bet. I have not bought any new in a long time so maybe someone else can tell you the best deal they have found. The tough part is the shipping which is expensive with stands. I would encourage you to keep a keen eye on places like Craigslist for people selling equipment cheap. Many times people will sell a bunch of junk machines but they have great stands. Use the stands and toss the junky machine. Finally a member on here (Heritage Vending) has a great Ebay store. I have bought alot of stuff from him in recent years and he is a good guy.
  14. I agree with the concept but I think it would be a challenge getting an account like that. Today's concerns about childhood obesity or a transfer of germs by an inordinate number of sick kids in one place may doom landing a location like that. If you were able to get one though I think it would be very successful. I have some in common areas of professional buildings that house an array of doctors offices and some of those are good locations. I have machines in handful of daycare centers and they are great locations.
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    They are metal.
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