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  1. Well you really have no choice but to try them. Let us know how they work out. Good luck!
  2. Do you have to buy a large number of machines or can you just buy like 10 to test them on route? Also, is it actually the mech that is hard to turn or is there some binding going on between the coin mech's sprocket gear and the product wheel teeth?
  3. You have the brush off plate (the plastic cover with springs attached) on backwards.
  4. I assume you mean a "1 inch" capsule because I have not heard of a 1 oz capsule before. I really don't know if you could get one miniature let alone two Snicker's miniatures in a 1 inch capsule. Maybe one of the super small miniatures but it would be tight I would think and you don't want to smash the candy trying to get it in the capsule. I experimented doing something like this years ago when I had a bar account clamoring for mints. I used the big Lifesaver Mints and put like three in them in 2 inch capsule for 25 cents per vend. Initially they were popular but quickly interest waned. Vending this way creates a lot of trash (the capsule and the wrappers) so often locations don't love that. It is indeed labor intensive and you will probably not make enough money to justify doing it (I know i didn't LOL.). They do sell 2 inch candy capsules https://www.aaglobal.com/toys-games/PL-FCP-CANDC25-candy-jewelry-bulk-vending.asp and I have had success with them in family locations.
  5. I personally have not owned any Vendesign machines but I have heard mixed reviews over the years. Plastic parts and harder to service were some of the complaints I've heard. In regards to the portion control adjustment I have not heard of any slipping but some said it can be difficult to adjust due to it's design. I guess my biggest concern would be the necessity to vend 4 candies in one machine (and apparently they don't vend gumballs?) . These days there are very few locations that need 4 candy selections let alone 3. Like everything else the cost of pan candy continues to rise and right now there is almost zero profit in perennial favorites such as M&Ms and Reece's Pieces. I have always ran tons of gumball machines (Oak, Eagle, Northwestern equipment) and still do because they still provide a great margin. I am slowly selling off my triples as I focus primarily on single & double head setups. In regards to the price for the Vendesign I don't think $50.00 is a horrible price if all the units are clean and absolutely ready to be be filled and put on location but these days I wouldn't pay more than $30.00 tops for one (honestly I would only offer $15 -$20 each). The used market is flooded with equipment right now so it is a buyers market and if I needed machines I would looking for tried and true equipment like Oak, Eagle & Northwestern and skip Vendesign. Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.
  6. You're doing a great job with the forum. Thanks for keeping it going and for everything you do!
  7. https://www.cameronpackaging.com/snackboxes.html http://www.sheridansystems.com/Qstore/d000002.htm
  8. U-turns are generally considered to be a less than desired machine but by the sound of your last post you have already bought it so lets go from there. I haven't had one of those machines in years but if memory and research serves you can vend 1" acorn capsules using the gumball wheel and removing the riser underneath it. I would stop the financial bleeding and stick with 25 cent coin mechs. You can buy generic capsule mixes with a total cost of 8-10 cents per capsule at multiple wholesalers online so you can still make some money if you go that route. Honestly, capsuled toys are for kids so don't be surprised if you don't sell a bunch in a bar. I would encourage you to sell pan candies such as Skittles, Mike & Ikes, Hot Tamales etc... . You will need candy wheels to vend those items. The hard truth is that most locations don't need 8 selections for bulk vending. To the vending novice 8 selections in one small footprint seems like a no brainer but that just isn't the case. At the end of the day be prepared for the reality that the kids won't make a bundle off of this endeavor and will likely tire of the it quickly when they see the disappointing returns.
  9. Reading this (section 9B) it appears there is no special license needed. https://codes.ohio.gov/ohio-revised-code/section-3717.42 There is a contact button on that page that you could probably email the specific question to if you wanted reassurance. I would also look at other bulk vending machines in the area to see if they have any type of permit on the machines. If they don't you're probably good.
  10. As of this morning Ford is still not taking bulk orders for 1" gumballs and no word when they will start. Nothing out there will be as soft as the Ford gum. I ordered some of the Zed gum last month. It is softer than Dubble Bubble but I'm not a fan of it's consistency as it's being chewed. Kinda granular. Either way I am testing it in the field and will see how it does over the next service cycle or two. I'm still running Double Bubble as well but I am being careful not to overfill the machines in an effort to reduce shrink and keep product quality as high as possible. If I think I can make it to the next service cycle on half a globe then I leave it at half a globe. I have never been a fan of Oak Leaf as I found that to be harder as well. That said I have gone back to running Nerds gumballs in select locations and have had some success with that. The downside to Nerds is that they are a premium item with a higher cost.
  11. I met a guy who had machines like this out about 13 years ago. He had actually designed and built the machines himself. They were surprisingly attractive and stout machines. He had about 20 of them in the field but they never really took off. Most were in the foyers of supermarkets and other larger retail stores. I honestly can't remember what his vend price point was or any other particulars about his business but they eventually all disappeared within about 5 years. I would assume that this type of vending has a pretty good long term margin but I just don't see people using these machines en masse since there are so many filter options someone could use with tap water in their homes these days. Add in the low cost and convenience of bottled water and I think it really reduces the number of potential customers.
  12. I do not operate any of these cranes but I agree that they are interesting. My biggest concern would be people manhandling or even carrying the machine off as it looks like they only weigh about 100 lbs. The old Smart candy cranes weighed over 200 lbs and they would often get It shaken and tipped in some locations when we would run them as gravel cranes. I think it would definitely need to be bracketed to the wall or floor in many places especially in foyers where there aren't always eyes on the machine.
  13. What kind of stickers are you wanting to sell and what kind of countertop machine are you talking about? Is this the kind of bulk machine you are talking about (without the stand of course)? or are you talking about a full line countertop snack machine? Either way a counter top will be a hard sell to a coffee shop especially if you want to bolt it down to the counter. Add to that most coffee shops don't have a lot of extra counter space. I'm not trying to rain on your idea but depending on the content of the stickers the vast majority of sticker buyers are kids and preteens and coffee shops generally are not a huge hang out for that age group. The bottom line is if you put a piece of vending equipment in someone's business you are exposing yourself the the possibility of liability regardless of what signage you have on the machine. Liability insurance is just another cost of doing business so if you go without it you could indeed be held personally responsible if someone successfully sues you.
  14. This guy is a member here and I have bought this product from him in the past. I have no idea how many he has or if he ships international. https://www.gumballstuff.com/silver-mylar-set-for-front-of-northwestern-60-machines/ The mylar is one of the biggest hassles I have had with Northwestern machines over the years. I have gone both routes ......replacing the mylar and just removing it and repainting. Removing and repainting is labor intensive. Good luck and hopefully he can help you.
  15. If the only problem it poses is the occasional extra gumball then I could live with that. With Oaks, which are almost the same as Eagles, there is a rocket wheel for 1080s & 1430 I believe. It has uses a brush off plate that looks just like a candy wheel brush off plate. They also sold plastic inserts that you could snap into the 850 wheel that would make it a vend 1080s correctly. I'm not sure if a baffle would improve the issue or not. You can test it at home I guess and see if it makes a difference.
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