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  1. I know this may seem like a good idea but the truth is most people have their own masks these days. Sure there will be some people who forget their masks but I don't think there will be enough to give you any significant volume and would ultimately be a waste of your time and money. I'm not sure what your business plan is but AZVendor hits the nail on the head when he refers to "tried and true" methods for success in vending. If you are wanting to make any significant income in bulk vending then you need a lot of locations and you need to stick with gumballs, candy, toys, or bouncy
  2. It is an absolute scam of epic proportion. This is a classic biz-op scam where they sell unwitting people ridiculously over priced vending equipment and locations to put them in. 6 location and 6 crappy Chinese mint machines for $2490.00 Run don't walk away from any offer like this.
  3. No. Unsanitary, untenable and catastrophic if the machine gets tipped over. Would you stop by every day and feed the fish? LOL. That thing would probably look like Lake Erie in about three days.
  4. I personally have not seen one with a 50 cent mech so I'm not sure if that can be upgraded or not. I believe it is a Beaver machine so you could call them and see if they sell a 50 cent mech for it (1.800.265.6772). I'm guessing that they don't and if they do it will be expensive.
  5. $70 is a competitive price for this. They are popular in the usual high volume locations like restaurants, malls, grocery stores etc... . Great for 1 inch bouncy balls (you could use the bouncy balls in that Westar machine you bought as well).
  6. These type of machines retail new for $500.00 to $1000.00 which is ridiculous. Never had one like this so I can't vouch for the quality of the machine. It does have a Beaver coin mech which is good quality. They can do well in the right locations like restaurants, malls, gas stations/convenience stores, grocery stores etc... I can tell you that right now, especially with the pandemic, placing this type of equipment isn't easy and if you do get in somewhere customer traffic is down so your return on investment will be slower. I wouldn't know what price to tell you but if you want it I would lo
  7. Honestly it is no better or worse than any of my other machines. I inherited it when I bought a route years ago. The big (12 inch) globe is an eye catcher but not really a necessity unless it is a really high volume location like a mall or busy restaurant. If you fill it full with Dubble Bubble and the location is average ($6 to $10 per month) you will end up with a lot of stale gumballs so I wouldn't fill it more than a quarter to half full out of the gate. orsd is exactly right. Those are Westar machines. The coin mech & door are Eagle (though not branded). They will use any normal bulk
  8. I believe it is an Eagle (I know the coin mech is for sure). I actually still have one out on route.
  9. I assume this is what you are talking about? Sorry I don't have one of these machines but here is a link to a long standing thread (pinside.com) about the machine. It was active in the last 6 months so maybe someone there can help you if none of our members here can. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/ot-the-entertainer-gumball-machine
  10. Sam's is so unpredictable when it comes to product availability that it's hard to say if they will bring any of the discontinued items back. I am guessing that their sales were already slowing down with bulk vending candy and the virus was the knockout punch that caused them to quit carrying most of their variety. Most small vendors (and bigger ones too) buy the basics like Dubble Bubble, M&Ms, Skittles, Mike & Ikes, Hot Tamales & Reese's Pieces so not surprisingly that is what they are still carrying. As far as emailing them.....good luck. They are a labyrinth when it comes to try
  11. I agree completely. I think their bulk candy sales have been slowing down over the last few years and Covid was the knockout punch.
  12. I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives out there some where just gotta search. The part that really hurts on these bulk candy items is shipping. Even though I can't stand Sam's Club they had great pricing and free shipping on a great variety of bulk candy. Those days are gone and now we are all scrambling.
  13. A & A Global carries them: https://www.aaglobal.com/topc-bulk-candy-gum/unwrapped-bulk-candy.asp
  14. There was a guy that came on this site in May who I believe was a shill for A & A Global trying to push this product. I had also received an email from A & A a couple of weeks before that advertising this product. I researched the product and could find nothing that stated it was safe for contact with food so I passed on it. Even the websites that sell it sidestep saying that it is safe around food so I sure wouldn't be spraying it on candy chutes. It and products like it are really designed for mold mitigation and removal, not food services. I have a local competitor who I talk to qui
  15. Multiple ways to unload these machines.....Junk removal will take about anything but they can be pricey. List them for free or for a very low price on Craigslist, offer up etc... . Break them down and throw as much as you can away in your regular trash pick up weekly. If you know anyone who has a business with a dumpster see if you throw a few machines in weekly until they're gone. It really boils down to how much you want to hassle with it and if you are willing to just give or throw them away which it sounds like you are. A dozen machines shouldn't take that long to dispose of.
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