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  1. gumball guy

    Pizza Vending Machine

    Saw a news story today about this machine being used at Ohio State University. Apparently it is already in use at some other college campuses around the country as well as in Europe. Ohio State appears to be using it only in their student cafeterias during normal business hours. If it is reliable I could see it having a place in cafeterias (where employees could address problems) but not sure it could work as an autonomous vending machine like pop or snack machines. Looks like there are alot of moving parts which means alot can go wrong not to mention it heats up to 450 degrees. I am guessing it costs a small fortune as well. Link below.
  2. gumball guy

    Where is everyone?

    Unfortunately there are only so many things you can talk about when it comes to bulk vending. Over the years about every conceivable topic has been covered here so new vendors can find most of what they are looking for by using the search function.
  3. gumball guy

    Gumball Vending machine outside my house?

    Truth be told I would never do it but in big metro areas like New York you see bulk vending machines outside quite a bit. Most are racks on casters that are rolled back into the stores at night.
  4. gumball guy

    Gumball Vending machine outside my house?

    I would be more apt to go with capsules in that case because if the machine is going to be outside 24/7 gumballs (or candy) won't cut it. I would also worry about vandalism or someone breaking into it. If the gas station closes over night then forget it because there is not doubt it will get destroyed. I have seen them outside before but it is usually right next to the door, under an awning, and the places were 24 hour.
  5. gumball guy

    Gumball Vending machine outside my house?

    If you have enough foot traffic maybe it could work but it would have challenges. 1. I assume you are in a warmer part of the country but even so weather can change quickly. Are you around home enough during the day to bring it in if the weather changes? 2. Secure it because if you don't it will eventually walk away. 3. Bugs aren't usually a problem with gumballs but if it is outside the threat is higher. 4. Direct sun and humidity could cause problems even if the temperature is reasonable. Bottom line....you never know until you try it.
  6. gumball guy

    Help finding parts

    This guy's asking price is ridiculous but you could make an offer on the machine or reach put to him for parts. It says he has more than 10 available. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Eagle-Cabinet-25-Inches-50-Capsule-Toy-Vending-Machine-New-ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY/253689040317?hash=item3b110b8dbd:g:G6UAAOSwfhdbJuwm:rk:7:pf:0
  7. gumball guy

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    Hank are these all triples?
  8. gumball guy

    NC Acrylic vending opportunity

    This is a scam so why are you wasting your time with these people?
  9. gumball guy

    More vending evolution?

    Now that makes more sense to me and shows that I am certainly not forward thinking enough! Limiting access via being part of a authorized customer network (a membership) would definitely make this model more feasible.
  10. gumball guy

    More vending evolution?

    Maybe I am just too pessimistic or not forward thinking enough to embrace the idea of widespread "just walk out shopping" in our world. I can understand success in a white collar, employer contained micro market but if Amazon is under the delusion that this will work " anywhere where there's a lot of people who are hungry and in a rush" I can't help but think it's laughable. Theft will be outrageous and cameras won't stop it. If I am looking at this wrong please tell me what I am missing.
  11. gumball guy

    Just Starting Out For My Son

    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately I am not a big proponent of these type of learning experiments because it is usually the parent who does most of the work and the child loses interest quickly. Over the years I have acquired two different small routes at fire sale prices from fathers who have attempted the same learning experiment with their kids. One was a 12 year old boy and the other was a 14 year old girl who both lost interest in short order so the fact you are trying it with a 9 year old seems even more challenging to me. That said, if you are going to do this I encourage you to keep it simple. Gumballs, Skittles and Reece’s Pieces or Peanut M & M’s. The profit on Reece’s Pieces and Peanut M & Ms are slim but generally they are good sellers. Using gumballs and Skittles will also help offset the overall product cost. Buy them at Sam’s Club if Costco doesn’t have them. Mike & Ike, Hot Tamales & regular M & Ms are also options. DO NOT USE PEANUTS as they are a mess, don’t sell well, stale quickly and they will corrode any metal they contact in the machine. It is a complete crap shoot when it comes to forecasting sales. Sure if you can get it into some high traffic location I would expect decent sales but most of those “home run” spots already have vendors in them. Take time and research the site and you can garner a lot more info on good places to place equipment. When it comes to actually locating a machine be prepared. Business owners/managers are often busy and not interested in talking to you. If you’re concerned about disappointment consider this ……. You could get lucky and place the machine right away or it may be 10 “NOs” before you get a spot. It is frustrating for an adult so a 9 year old will definitely struggle with the process. If you have anybody who you already know, like a friend or relative, who owns a business with foot traffic or multiple employees you may ask them if you can place the machine there. Realize that lower than expected sales is a reality at times in this business. I can appreciate that you want this to be an enjoyable for experience him but is it really feasible for you to go out and buy product from the machine in between service cycles just to keep him happy and if so how long are you willing to do that for? I would suggest setting his sales expectations very low (like “Son we may not make any money at all”) then if there is only 50 cents in the machine when you go back he won’t be crushed. Sorry to be a buzz kill but I just want to convey an honest opinion. Either way good luck with it and kudos to you for being a good dad.
  12. gumball guy

    Ultravend need locks! HELP!

  13. gumball guy

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    If you're going to operate in bulk vending (small candy/gumball type machines) you don't need to over complicate things. Many bulk vending operators are aligned with a charity. It helps the charity and it helps you get your foot in the door. If you want to pay a location commission that is fine but the reality is most gumball/candy machines won't generate enough income to pay a very competitive commission. Commission is more relevant if you are running racks that include toys, stickers & tattoos as well as candy because they generate more income but that is a different discussion. Either way the location is already doing you a favor by letting you set up in their business so many of them would look at any further agreements or contracts as a hassle that isn't worth their time. Get the machine in the door, provide good service and product, keep the machine clean, and thank them for letting you be there. Simple. If I am installing a candy machine I will ask people what they want and go from there. If they ask for a different candy down the road I will change it but I don't solicit change if sales are good. If the sales are strong and you think the location can support another machine then approach the decision maker and suggest another machine to add more variety. Whatever you do just try to keep it simple especially if time is an issue for you (as it is for most of us). Good luck.
  14. gumball guy

    Newbie looking for feedback

    Go charity gumball and or/candy. Buy quality used equipment (Oak, Northwestern. Beaver or Eagle). I would encourage you to set a target of at least 10 locations so you have an idea what it's like to run an actual route. It also affords you the opportunity to increase the product variety you offer. You will only be servicing in 60 to 90 day cycles so it's not like it's a huge time commitment. If you want to use a locator that is fine but eventually you should get out there and try your hand at it especially if you are trying to operate a long term sustainable vending route. The one thing you need to understand about bulk vending is that losing and finding new locations is a constant part of the game. Businesses close, management changes, and just plain terrible sales are just some of the things that will force you to pull a machine. If you take it home and put it in the garage it won't be long before you have a no room to park your car as idle machines can multiple quickly. As soon as you lose a location you need to be back on the street looking for a new home for that machine because it ain't making any money in the garage. Good luck.
  15. gumball guy

    No cash retail?

    Cash will be around for a long time. Credit cards are convenient but many retailers don't like you to use them for small balance transactions. As a conventional retailer like a grocery store I think you would really limit your customer base by only accepting one form of payment. There is also something to be said about entities tracking your every purchase that worries me a bit. As an example I could see insurance companies trying to figure out a way to track your spending in an effort to charge you more if you are a drinker, smoker or eat fast food. The anonymity of cash has it's place in society.