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  1. Down about 30 percent from this time last year. Coin shortage doing us no favors either. I have yet to place a machine in a new location since this mess started. Just when you think things are calming down then the numbers seem to start creeping back up.
  2. Unfortunately the thread you responded to is over 11 years old and neither guy is around anymore so you won't get an answer from them.
  3. Unfortunately I am not a big proponent of these type of learning experiments because it is usually the parent who does most of the work and the child loses interest quickly. Add to it that we are dealing with a pandemic and a coin shortage so things will be a bit tougher for your small endeavor. If you are only going to put one machine out there is a chance that you will make nothing or next to nothing. So ask yourself, is this going to be worth the time and effort if we walk into service the machine after a month and there is only 75 cents in it? We actually had a guy on here years ago that was doing the same thing you want to do. They placed a machine and went back a couple weeks later and there was zero quarters in the machine. The kid was completely dejected. So dad would stop by the location multiple times a week and put quarters into the machine then take the kid back to service the machine later. That's alot of work and expense just so the kid can get bored with the whole scheme in short order. If you still want to do this here are some answers to your questions: 1. Find a location with high traffic, out of the direct sunlight who is willing to let you place the machine without commission. You can also choose a local charity to donate part of the proceeds to and display that on the front of the machine. A charity affiliation generally helps you place the machine as well. If you have any friend, family member or acquaintance who owns a retail business close by you may want to ask them to place the machine in their business and explain why you are doing it. Service cycles are generally 1-3 months. 2. Gumballs, Skittles and Reece’s Pieces or Peanut M & M’s. The profit on Reece’s Pieces and Peanut M & Ms are slim but generally they are good sellers. Using gumballs and Skittles will also help offset the overall product cost. Buy them at Sam’s Club. Mike & Ike, Hot Tamales & regular M & Ms are also options. DO NOT USE PEANUTS as they are a mess, don’t sell well, stale quickly and they will corrode any metal they contact in the machine. If you choose capsules (1") then go to A & A Global online and you can order some there. 3. Buy used Oak, Northwestern or Eagle machines locally so you can test them and save on shipping costs. I would buy a double head so you can increase your odds of selling anything but a single gumball might me easier to place especially if the location is tighter on space. Prices vary. $30 to $75 on a single with a stand or $50 to $100 for a double with a stand. Check Craigslist, Nextdoor or Ebay. If you are doing gumballs, capsuled toys or bouncy balls you will need a gumball wheel. Candy needs a candy wheel. If you do decide to go this route remember that the location did you a solid by letting you in there so once you son loses interest in this business lesson, and he will, please maintain the machine or remove it from the location so they aren't stuck with a machine full of rotting candy. Either way good luck and kudos to you for being a good dad who is trying to raise a child to be self sufficient and productive.
  4. Just looked at your ad on Craigslist and it looks pretty good. I would drop the lines about "there is no such thing as guaranteed income" and "I would prefer someone already in the business so they know how the business works, what to expect." I think everyone will know that there is no guaranteed income so no need to drive that point home....kind of de-incentivizes the sales pitch. I understand why you want to sell to an existing vendor but spinning it that way could run off potential customers. 60 locations with an opportunity to grow to 100 is a nice number for a beginner in the vending business. It is also a viable "side gig" for someone who has never been in the business. I would be honest with them when they ask questions and let them know they will get out of it what they put in to it and the biggest challenge will be locating. Finally you may need to be prepared to come down on your price to move it. I think your asking price is reasonable but don't be surprised if you get alot of lower offers. I've seen people sit on vending routes and allow them to deteriorate because they didn't have time to service them but wouldn't come down on the selling price. Don't make that mistake. Today's bulk vending climate is a bit challenging so getting top dollar for the route may be a little tough. Good luck!
  5. Truth is these are just not very good locks and keys. Over tightening will definitely lead to quicker failure. Over the last few years I have been changing all of these locks over to Eagle locks. The only wrinkle is that most of the time you need to adjust the center post so it's taller because the Eagle locks are not as long as the T series cylinder locks you are replacing. If you are going to use these locks for the cash box door on the back of a 1-800 machine you will need to buy a new, longer bolt (about a half inch longer) for it to connect with. Here is a link where you can buy them cheap: https://www.gumballstuff.com/gumballstuff-lock-and-key-with-1-4-thread/ The guy that runs the site is a long time member here (Heritage Vending). I have bought alot from him.
  6. I haven't seen where the weight or width of the US Quarter has changed.
  7. I don't think I have ever used those. I have a competitor that uses them frequently. Let us know how they sell for you.
  8. The price could be the issue with the slow Craigslist ad. How much are you asking for it? If it is in great shape ask $100.00 to $125.00 OBO to start. If you don't get any action on it after a month move the price down incrementally. Also put it on multiple selling sites like Offer Up or Letgo because the more exposure the quicker you will sell it. Make sure you are adding alot of key words to your Craigslist ad such as candy, gumball, bubble gum, snack, vending, quarter etc... so it will come up different searches. I guess I'm not quite understanding how a double is harder to handle then a triple. You can always use a hand truck (two wheeler) but you need to securely strap the machine to it.
  9. Honestly it hasn't been too bad for me. I lost about two months of servicing and just basically picked up where I left off. Generally, an extra 2 months added to a service cycle isn't catastrophic (in bulk vending) as long as the location temperature doesn't have wild extremes or isn't in direct sunlight. I may see a bit more shrink materialize over the next 3-6 months because of the overall loss in sales but I luckily I haven't run into a bunch of melted or spoiled candy since returning.
  10. I try to fill based on sales so I won't fill up a machine completely unless I expect it to be empty or under 25% left by the time the next service cycle comes up. If I have a triple and only one selection seems to be selling well at the moment I will only fill the other two selections to about 1/4 to 1/3 full. Obviously I change things up a few times to see if anything else moves but if it doesn't I will generally change the two slow canisters to a pressed candy such as Runts, Lotsa Sours. Cotton Candy etc... to reduce shrink because have a very long shelf life. The last thing you want to do is fill a canister full of peanut M & M's just to throw them away in 6-9 months because they are stale. As long as you are on a consistent 2-3 month service schedule you shouldn't have any issues with locations thinking the machine isn't being cared for. Honestly they often pay no attention to it at all unless someone complains about stale candy or losing money.
  11. Right now, more than ever, I would never buy a route based on sales figures. Sales will undoubtedly take a hit compared to the 12 months prior to the virus so be prepared for a much longer ROI if you use the sales valuation method. If the virus returns and surges over the next year push that ROI out even further. Furthermore the bulk vending market has been far more transient in the past 5 years in the sense that locations come and go much more frequently. Chain stores are disappearing and the ones that remain are either already tied up contractually with a vendor or they are not bulk vending friendly so that reduces the pool of high traffic locations available. Now with this virus a tough situation has gotten even tougher. I have been lucky so far and have only lost about 5-8 percent of my locations due to this virus but there are vendors on here that have gotten hit alot harder. I have yet to go out locating since this mess started in March but I can only guess that it will be tough sledding when I head back out in the near future. You need to understand that a HUGE component in bulk vending is locating. The days of a bulk machine staying in great locations for years and years are all but gone. Sure there are still some great locations but they are few and far between compared to years ago. Bulk vending is trending downward for a variety of reasons including the virus and frankly could be all but gone in ten years. It is a buyers market and even so I doubt this guy has a bunch of people beating his door down to buy it, especially in the current climate so you have alot of leverage to negotiate. Now, if you still want to buy based on sales valuation demand to see his tax returns because that is the only way to truly verify the route's income. If he won't let you see them or said he didn't report then you have no way to verify the income and you should walk away. If you decide to buy it based on asset value then we need to know what type of triple machines he has on route. Chinese triples are everywhere and generally are junk. If the machines are Northwestern or 1-800 they are solid but are getting old. LYPC has a triple pod machine that is a clone of the 1-800 machine and though it is also a Chinese import I heard it is decent (I don't own any). Bottom line this is a risky time to buy a bulk vending route, Good Luck and let us know how it turns out.
  12. I think Quill or Staples will be your best bet. A cheaper alternative that I have used over the years are "Rascals" from Sam's Club ($51.00 for 26lb box). Works out to be about 5-6 cents cheaper per ounce compared to Runts at $85.00 per 30lb case but don't sell as quickly. They are a smaller size candy and don't look nearly as good as Runts or Nitwitz (another smaller version of Runts). Nitwitz generally cost the same or more than Runts. Runts generally outsell Rascals for me. Honestly my sales from Runts/Rascals are never great but they have a great shelf life so I eventually get through them.
  13. As long as it is not outside in the heat or elements I wouldn't worry about it. I have several places that do that and like you said it's hard to miss. Better than if they had it behind the open door where no one could get to it....I've had that happen before.
  14. $14,000.00 is way too high. These days it is ill advised to buy a bulk vending route based on sales because locations are just too transient. Value the route based on the asset only and if the guy won't do it then move on and let another sucker buy it.
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