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  1. If the only problem it poses is the occasional extra gumball then I could live with that. With Oaks, which are almost the same as Eagles, there is a rocket wheel for 1080s & 1430 I believe. It has uses a brush off plate that looks just like a candy wheel brush off plate. They also sold plastic inserts that you could snap into the 850 wheel that would make it a vend 1080s correctly. I'm not sure if a baffle would improve the issue or not. You can test it at home I guess and see if it makes a difference.
  2. A lot of people on here have used them over the years and never complained about losing sales. I think visually it's really hard to tell a difference between the two unless you were holding both sizes in your hand.
  3. I run Oaks primarily and have always used 850s (1 inch). I do have a fair amount of 1-800s and they all have adjustable gumball wheel. You will probably need to test them and see if you need to adjust the wheels to avoid misvends. Shooting hoops I also only used Dubble Bubble 850s. Believe it or not I never owned a spiral so I'm not much help there either. I will say this....you may consider buying a few cases and testing them before you buy a boat load of them. I know Ford still had a supply of 1080s and I thought about it but on Oak machines you will get misvends unless you have a rocket whe
  4. Ford sells much better than Dubble Bubble for me. I store all of my candy/gum at 65 to 75 degrees and that seems to keep things fresh. Ford's softer shell makes it more susceptible to temperature fluctuations so I definitely wouldn't store it in a location that experiences temperature extremes. Just a heads up....Ford is not manufacturing any bulk products at the moment due to a labor shortage in their factory. They told me they are looking at the end of May before they will start producing again and even that isn't written in stone. I just ordered some ZED gum from A & A to try it out. I
  5. Yes we saw that price jump in the Midwest last month. I have been phasing out M&Ms over the last two years but I still have locations where they are the big sellers so I will continue to carry them as loss leaders. I hope Reece's Pieces don't jump in price also.
  6. Here's a little info on Oak Manufacturing from a previous post if your interested. I'm no patent aficionado but I do know that patent numbers can cover large periods of time. There were literally millions of Oak Vistas built off those patent numbers over the decades after the patent was granted. I would look at the brush off plate and see if there are any manufacturing identifiers on it. Feel free to post a few more pictures as well so we can better assess if it looks like anything was modified to accommodate the viewer and maybe someone else can chime in. Remember, I'm just giving you m
  7. I have never seen one before. It looks like it is part of the brush off plate assembly so anyone could have removed the original brush off plate and replaced it with this one. If Oak ever did a a viewer window I would have expected to see it on their older Acorn models and not a 1980s or later Vista. Also, the position of the viewer is a bit odd as you would have to view from the side instead of the front. Most viewers, like the Topper you mention allow viewing from the front of the machine. As far as added value.....probably not much unless you can come up with some historic provenance in wri
  8. My last order was $28.80 per case (1" 1100 count Super Royals Item #100510). They used to have free shipping on 85 cases or more but I haven't bought a pallet from them in a while so you would need to check and see if that is still available. If you are under the free shipping cut off it is based on weight and how far you are from Akron, New York. They don't have any minimum order amount that I know of. I only ordered 25 cases the last 3 times as I wanted to see how well they sold so next time around I will probably get a pallet. The only downside to Ford gumballs is that they are a bit more
  9. Yeah I bought 20 cases in the store the other day so some of the stores are still carrying them too. I have been switching almost completely to Ford gumballs but they just informed me they they may not have any gumballs available until the end of May due to an employee shortage. My sales with the Ford gumballs are generally two to three times higher than Dubble Bubble so hopefully I can reorder soon.
  10. A & A also carries a couple different brands of chicle gum. https://www.aaglobal.com/topc-bulk-candy-gum/unwrapped-bulk-gum.asp Unfortunately no one will be able to touch the prices that Sam's Club had especially with the free shipping for Plus members.
  11. I can't speak specifically for what sells in Canada but I can suggest a few things. My first suggestion would be to avoid nut products like almonds, cashews (super expensive) & peanuts. If there is any metal in the machine the salt will corrode it. Also they stale out quickly and the oil on them make the machine look unsavory in short order. Peanut M & Ms are generally a good seller but here in the states the cost makes it almost impossible to make much of a profit on them. Skittles, Mike & Ike's, Hot Tamales, Reece's Pieces (almost prohibitively expensive here), Chicle gum, Regula
  12. Great to see you again. It's been a tough year for all of us, especially in bulk vending. I look forward to seeing you post again on a regular basis!
  13. Just to clarify....when I suggested redemption games I meant instant redemption such as cranes, Barber Cut, Sports Arena, Key Master, Stacker, etc.... Not the ticket spitters. We always just referred to them as redemption games. I agree though, ticket redemption games would not be feasible in this type of a situation.
  14. Dubble Bubble 850 count is still available at select stores in the midwest but as you have found out they will discontinue items without notice. Have you contacted the store manager or Sam's Club corporate to make sure they can't get them for you? Do they show up online for your store? If you are Plus member you get free shipping on them.
  15. There is a reason you don't see pinball machines around any more....they don't make much money. I've been out of the amusement game for a couple years now but even back then I would occasionally get nostalgic customers asking for pinball and I would always steer them away from it. Maybe Buck Hunter but I wouldn't think Golden Tee would be successful in a movie theater these days. Honestly I would try to expand on redemption games because in between movies people go after quicker impulse games. Maybe add a gravel crane or some other specialty crane? Again...I am not active in amusements anymor
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