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  1. You need these to change it specifically to an 850 wheel: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Oak-Vending-Machine-Gumball-Jawbreaker-Vending-Wheel-Set-Free-Shipping/332036786056?hash=item4d4eef4788:g:YE4AAOxywOtSZoRO This listing does have free shipping but I would shop around as you might be able to find a better price. Takes about two minutes to swap out.
  2. I use them with for 850's with no issues but they are designed for 1080 or 1430s. I guess to be safe go with 1080.
  3. Oak and Eagle won't work on Rhinos. I don't run any Beaver machines but I would bet they don't fit either.
  4. Northwestern Super 60 is a solid performer and it is as recent a machine as you will find from them as they made up until they closed the doors a couple of years ago. Here is an example but this one is ridiculously over priced so don't buy it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Northwestern-super-60-gumball-candy-vending-machine-w-key-BRAND-NEW-IN-BOX/132980092195?hash=item1ef63b2d23:g:qsgAAOSwaKVcgdS7 Here is another one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Refurbished-Super-60-Northwestern-gumball-candy-toy-nut-bulk-vending-machine/142730546709?hash=item213b674e15:g:vO0AAOSwQVpasz~n Don't waste your time worrying about kids hacking your machine because it is not a widespread issue. Take some time and research the brand names I listed above. Use the search function on this site as well. The research will give you the ability to make more of an educated decision about what machine you want to buy. Read some of the threads on self locating as well. Good luck and feel free to ask more questions if necessary.
  5. Looks like an out of business bizop. If you buy junk like this you will be kicking yourself down the road. Steer clear and stick to buying Eagle, Oak, Northwestern or Beaver if you want quality machines. Eagle and Beaver are still in business and good used Oak and Northwestern equipment is easy to find on resale websites.
  6. Remember to adjust your vending wheel so you are giving out 10 -15 skittles per turn. Don't get discouraged when locating because getting turned down is part of the game. Just smile, say thanks for your time and head out to the next place. Good luck!
  7. Lol I need to brush up on my reading comprehension! I would still shoot him lower offer and he can always say no. Again I am not a fan of these machines and you can't really tell how good a shape they are really in but $50.00 for both of them on a cast iron stand with a double plate would be a reasonable deal imo.
  8. They are Chinese imports that are sold under different names. Here is one example: http://www.lypcproducts.com/toughpro.html I have bought routes in the past that have had similar machines and I would not recommend them. I would definitely shoot him a lower price (like $30). If they have cast iron stands then it is worth it just for the stands but not at $65 each.
  9. If you only have one machine I would suggest going with Skittles. When you buy the bulk pressed candy like the two you mentioned you are getting 20 - 30 pounds of product so you will have these on hand for some time. Neither of these will likely sell as good as mainstream candy like Peanut M & Ms, Skittles, M & Ms Reece's Pieces, Mike & Ike's or Hot Tamales. A & A is a good source but Sam's Club will always beat them on price. If you have a plus membership you also get free shipping. Mainstream candy can also be bought in smaller quantities so you save money and changing to a different candy won't leave you hung with 20 lbs of slow moving candy.
  10. Yep Northwestern is out of business. If you are talking about just one machine then I would just break the lock and get a new lock and key set. It will be the fastest and simplest solution imo.
  11. Oak was a good choice. Oak machines were mass produced for decades so parts will be around for a long time plus Eagle (still in business) parts fit the Oak machines. They are also very durable so it's not like you're replacing parts every day especially if you are only running a small route. In regards to a key (not sure what type of lock it has) look at the number code on the key and search for it on the internet. You can always stop by a locksmith shop to see if they can make another one for you and if that doesn't work just buy a new lock and key set online. Heritage Vending (member here) sells replacement locks and keys on their website.
  12. I sell 12 oz cans at 1.00 and have for the past two years.
  13. I agree orsd and that is one of the reasons I never buy bulk routes based on sales. I always buy based on asset value only because bulk vending is so transient these days. I'll add that many times these long established routes have not been serviced consistently in recent years and the candy/gumballs are stale or look horrible. Just putting in fresh product, cleaning the machine up and getting the route on a solid service schedule can really help improve sales. If it doesn't I pull the machine and place it somewhere else. Since I paid for the machine only, doing that is not a big deal. Now doing this with a route 6 hours away is another story. I would never do it because it is just too far away.
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