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  1. I took the fuse holder for the spin motor out. went to radio shack and purchased a larger higher amp fuse holder and used that inside the back i had to drill the round hole a little larger to fit the new larger fuse holder or go to granger and get a 30 amp fuse holder the stock ones only hold 5 to 10 amps and get hot
  2. picked one up cheap at a auction with my favorite words... broken... extra parts and a whole box of extra sticks as well 3,600 sticks $2.00 per vend costs you less than .10 cents it was complete minus a few missing bolts and a water tank original owner got rid of it because he could not find parts.... badly needing a deep deep clean 3 hours of hot water and rags cleaned it up and refilled the sugar tank Got into what was really wrong with the unit they had taken every panel off and etc.. First problem was a broken door flap motor they tried to fix.... and missing water tank It has a full test mode of every operation found that the 15 amp slow blow fuse one of four fuses on the back was the wrong fuse 15 amp fast blow. replaced the fuse with a 15 amp slow blow fuse and after 2 vends it popped again the fuse holder was hot and was blown it was too small and that fuse holder has a miniature fuses That fuse ran 4-6 motors including the cotton candy heating element and rotate motor 15 amps easy load It was made at the factory that way That's too much for one tiny fuse holder drilled the hole bigger and added a high amp fuse holder with a 15 amp slow-blow fuse Works great and stays cool. A UPGRADE I RECOMMEND TO ANYONE WITH THESE MACHINES.. NO PARTS AVAILABLE?? Went online to intermatic and clicked USA... place order got the water tank and door motor ordered in 5 mins payed with Paypal and $76.00 including shipping the parts are on their way. so i have less than $100.00 invested into repairs. I can see why people complain about this machine it requires you to clean it often and keep it clean most operators don't have access to hot water or sinks on locations so it does have some drawbacks I figured i would order a extra bowl, and lid for the cotton candy machine swap them to clean at the shop and the rest is windex... this should crank in some serious money bill sings some seriously weird songs in attraction mode
  3. Billnuts

    20140310 152141

    It was ticket out model non prize I scrapped the parts to get a prize redemption model working and compacted the shell it was long past its service life
  4. you can try to clean the one inside of it or replace with one from eBay or get one from twistedquarter http://www.twistedquarter.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=51&products_id=1224 don't negotiate too long at those prices they wont last long at $500 your good bill
  5. $500.00 replace the dba with a pyramid or ict... its 12 volt plug. I would say mars dba.. but its hard to find a 12 volt used mars unless you run your own 120volt plug cord for the DBA board looks like a standard import board at $500.00 you cant lose And it uses standard parts should be good for you bill
  6. after more research and looking http://www.ebay.com/itm/JUMBO-SKILL-CRANE-PCB-LED-BOARD-S-M-MANUFACTURING-1989-/281169459496?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4177017928 this looks like your board and its dated 1989 it looks like a greyhound clone with the 110 volt going to the motors here it is again marked age 1993 http://www.ebay.com/itm/1993-AGC-INC-CRANE-MPU-pcb-board-145-/151242135588?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2336bbd824 so its a very old AGE crane before they changed over to external power supply... and different voltage motors etc. and more stable outputs I can see why both of these boards have smoked transistors and a lot of re-work done to keep them alive parts and even motherboard parts are going to be hard to find bill
  7. <QUOTE> bill, thanks for trying to help, and all respects to you i would never contact or do business with a company who sees a call on the phone as wasting their day, not some arrogant ego trip on my part but my time is just as valuable and my money is just as green... I thought AGE was defunct out of business who would sue someone for sharing the manual with me, I do afterall own the crane. What I meant was this is the same as calling Sony and asking for help with a Betamax VCR they haven't sold one in 30 years Anyway that's why I mentioned emailing them so they could respond in their non busy time and you could send pictures etc. here is pictures of where the power supply is located on all challenger cranes I have ever worked on or owned I have never seen one with a jamma harness looks a first generation or prototype using 110 volts for motors
  8. Posting manuals can get sites sued without permission if you would have emailed... S&B they would send you one for $xx.. or free... http://www.candyandtoy.com/contents/en-us/d66.html http://www.candyandtoy.com/index.html If you email...S&B They will help you the picture of the board you think is something important.. but all it looks like to me is a rope light controller board.. with sound activation. we tried to explain that there is only xx parts to a AGE crane A power supply (located right next to the switches inside the coin door mounted vertically big metal heatsinks and its not what you pictured.. A motherboard (you pictured and looks right) A sensor mounted on the exit shaft.. A trolley with claw.. 1 120 volt light fixture.. rope lights... doesnt matter does not effect play coin door and joystick.. bill contact ron blue with all your questions or email them so you don't waste their day on a phone For information on rebuilds or repairs, please call Ron Blue at: (314) 588-7103 or Toll Free from Outside Missouri at 800-773-0531.
  9. Rhino Machines coin mechs jam... don't dispense products 5% of the time and they break easily And I constantly take locations from people who run them I get about 2 accounts per month.. EVERYTIME I walk in with a sales pitch and I see a Rhino... LYPC or these you listed from gumball machine warehouse I Laugh.. And 99% of the time Owner is sick of complaints and miss vends and refunds... easy target for a better machine vendor.. I tell the owners... these are a cheep knockoff of a REAL bulk vending machine and are garbage.. Let me bring in a Beaver Rack.. For the same price range you can get A&A, OAK, BRAND NEW! Great machines and same or close to same prices! Pick up the phone... call them for prices... they will give them to you.. Or even spend a little more on a machine that will outlast you.. Beaver... northwestern... I don't understand why They would save $30.00 and buy crap machines that will last 2 years compared to spending $30.00 more on one that will last 50 Years.. The hardest part is keeping a Good Location is keeping the owners happy... Keep the owners happy and I or others who know what to buy don't take the location from you with ease.. its much harder to talk a owner into switching to me when there is a A&A, Beaver or northwestern rack in place.. unless its not maintained. So, your call.. Another important Thing to keep in mind is... A&A... 10 year span... parts? maybe a lock... new globe if hazy... $14.00 in parts.. Cheep knockoff? 10 year span... IF YOUR LUCKY.. 3 coin mechs.. $80.00 2 wheels... $20.00 lock? $3.00 New Globe $11.00 Plus downtime... and lost incomes.. Lost locations? PRICELESS! Using cheep machines only does one thing.. Burning bridges for real operators by annoying the owner... Aka Vendstar Desease... OR V.D... to the owner. Then that location is locked out forever.. Ive had bulk vending it didn't work out.. always broken... cant change their minds.. never filled it... V.D.. bill
  10. No the box your referring to with the cap that is melted is the power supply its separate from the motherboard its mounted near the door latch inside post a picture of the board and we can help you figure it out post pictures of the mainboard and the power supply board and also the sound and rope board your talking about bill
  11. Billnuts


    well, with that one you would lose 50% of the customers as most people dislike clowns now..
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