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  1. Tapatalk App

    In my experience, Tapatalk has really lost it's luster as more and more websites are upgraded to more readily handle mobile devices. Even on my old clunker smartphone I can navigate the TVF without any real problems, making Tapatalk somewhat redundant. I'll be curious to hear what others have to say about it one way or the other all the same though.
  2. Turnover

    It varies by your equipment composition and location makeup. Restaurants with singles and triples will flip a lot more often than auto shops with the same equipment for example, at least in my experience.
  3. Any one use Vline?

    I have had V-Lines before, comparable to LYPC and the "Silent Sales Force" machines that came before them. Cheap Chinese plastic junk, with sticky coin mechs. Best part involved was the pipe stand- it's tough to mess up a pipe stand.
  4. Anybody ever heard of this locator?

    I'd be curious to know more as well.
  5. what is the MOST you will pay for a u turn 4 head?

    U-Turn machines are notoriously unreliable and difficult to work with in my experience. Fragile plastic coin mechanisms, jam-prone vending wheels, expensive proprietary locks- and to top it all off, you practically have to dismantle the whole machine just to service it! The most valuable part, in my opinion, is the pipe stand they're attached to I'm afraid. So, to answer your question, the only way I'd buy a U-Turn machine is if it was part of some machine lot I really wanted for other non U-Turn machines, and even then it would be a short trip to the nearest dumpster from there.
  6. Vandalism

    Straws, wrappers, toothpicks, bits of caps, washers, bits of metal wire, gum, ketchup, mustard, syrup, bits of toys, foreign coins, and my personal favorite, fake acrylic nails. You never know what you're going to find...

    Precisely this! A couple phone calls to their offices every now and again never hurt either.
  8. cant find any machines for sale in my area

    I used to go on "road trips" all the time for machines. If you are on Craigslist, there are a few search keys which yielded me some pretty good finds- A few good ones are capsule machine, toy machine, gumball, dispenser, giant gumball, and pretty much any variation of misspellings on "machine" and "gumball". You might be surprised what's out there. Good luck!

    As you can see, this thread is from 2009, and both the site and the company for these machines is long out of business. Your best bet to find old stock parts like this is to get some pictures of the parts you need, as well as pictures of the machines, and someone here might have something, or a link to someone who does; though I make no promises there. There are other threads on both the wild ride and wowie zowie on the site here, I know some guys here used to run them. Check out the member search function in the top right corner to look through the huge TVF archive. Good luck going forward sir!
  10. A&A stands?

    I've gotten most of mine off of the used market, but if you need them new Eagle is probably your best bet. Sad to think that Eagle is the last one still standing after all these years.
  11. What's selling well in 2"

    I've been running the Flatline spinners for about a week now, and sales have been pretty good at $1. I pulled the $1 "lego" kits to put the spinners in my top units after the legos cooled off. I've been selling a ton of 2" jewelry at 50 cents and a lot of the sticky stuff at 75 cents as well.
  12. Old bulk hot nut machine

    Now that's very cool!
  13. Best locator to use?

    My main locator was LRU back in the old days. Now, if I ever get something I need moved fast, Rodney is my go-to guy. He's been great to work with, and the spots he's gotten me have all been reliable.
  14. Route planning

    Very cool find there!
  15. Machine type?

    I don't usually see them in a three-way configuration, at least around here. Cool photo sir, thanks for sharing!