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  1. In my experience, Zed's is probably the closest thing there is to Ford's, but nothing is exactly like Ford. On the upside, I can't recall a time when Zed's availability was an issue. Hopefully Oak Leaf gets their act together, especially if your locs are expecting it.
  2. I've always wanted to go, but time is never on my side for these things. Ah well, maybe next year!
  3. The screw holes are (generally) universal from manufacturer to manufacturer, either on purpose or because so many machines are derivatives of other machines. It appears to be a triple head mount, of some sort- it'll definitely support 3 smaller machines of most varieties (Northwestern 60, Oak Vista, Beaver RB, etc.) but depending on the length of the bracket and the weight of the base, you might be able to mount a larger 2" machine in the center (Northwestern 80, Big Oak, Northern Beaver, etc.) like one of THESE. As they can be kinda big, you can always remove the bracket on the underside
  4. A single with 27mm bbs was almost always a hit. Due to the weight and the service frequency, I'd usually use a bb single along with a 4-6 head rack so the rack could focus down other products.
  5. It depends on a number of factors- where you are located and what you are planning to sell are the biggest that come to mind for me.
  6. There's usually a build plate on the outside edge of the machine door, or the panel inside the door (that big sticker in black) might also list the model. At a glance I'm not sure what it is, though others may be able to tell you that. Good luck!
  7. Given the info and pictures provided, if I had to guess I'd say a failed capacitor (or two) or any issue with power regulation off the power supply. That it's getting any power at all though is encouraging, though whether it's worth your time to mess with and fix is a question only you can answer. As for the "patched" area, it looks like some corrosion has eaten up some of the traces, and they've been rerouted at least once before. On equipment that has existing repairs like this, you'll want to check and see if the rerouting still works, as patches like this will eventually fail to corro
  8. Menards saves the day again! I didn't know they sold Skittles like that, but considering how they've shifted to sell even more "bulk" grocery items I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Thanks for the heads up- I'll take any excuse to go looking at tools I don't need shopping for groceries there!
  9. The U-Turn series of machines are very difficult to fill, service, locate and care for. They share all the weaknesses of smaller multi-head machines with several more tacked on. A search of the forum here will pull up plenty of horror stories from plenty of operators burned by them. Were I in your position, I wouldn't touch them. If you do go forward with them though, we'll help as we're able with any troubleshooting you might need. Whatever you choose to do, good luck!
  10. If you're unsure of the model, post a picture here. Vendstar had a LOT of clones, but I'm sure we can figure out what you've got and where to get any parts you might need.
  11. Now that looks downright impressive! Brilliant work sir!
  12. A 1 in 100 fail rate is pretty good in my opinion. You can get a "bad stack" in any head that'll throw weight around weird inside from time to time, but that's not a deal breaker in my experience.
  13. I've found some good vinyl stickers look great, and unless you're using solvents, are a pain to get off again thanks to the adhesive. A cheap Dremel tool will allow you to engrave your name, number, email address, and whatnot into the back of most any machine. I like the double whammy of engraving then putting the sticker over it. However, when dealing with equipment thieves, the number of tags on a machine isn't much of a deterrent in my experience. Goodness knows where all those machines go. As for those U-Turns, in my opinion you dodged a bullet not buying them. They're notoriously
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