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  1. It sounds to me like the quarter carrier itself is either deformed, or the clutch pin that prevents spinning is damaged or otherwise not working. Were I you, I would reach out to Beaver for support- as NYCandyMan said, it's exceedingly rare to see a bad beaver mech.
  2. The only place I ever hear about "healthy vending" in a remotely positive light is from machine manufacturers trying to sell their equipment.
  3. Looks like one of my old racks! 😁 That's a Northwestern setup on a sentinel stand from the looks of it. Very good stuff in my opinion, though I built my business on Northwestern so I may be a little biased. So, you've got on top: NW80 with a 38mm wheel, which is kinda rare. You might check to see if that's a fixed wheel, or if it's using an insert for that. NW80 with a standard 45mm wheel NW Sticker Machine NW80 with a standard 45mm wheel On the bottom you've got: 2 NW60's with candy wheels 2 NW60's with capsule wheels 1 NW60 with a 27mm wheel Were it me, and I wasn't in a position to change any pricing/wheels... 38mm balls in the first NW80. At 50 cents they still sell pretty well. Depends on where you are to get the best deal on shipping, as that's your biggest pricing factor in the world of BB's. They all come from China, and with only a few outliers are all about the same. Some sort of popular capped toys for the 75 cent machine. My go-to for higher price vends are usually jewelry items, knockoff legos, or the venerable yo-yo ball. At the moment, THIS is what I'd run for 75 cents, but there's lots on the market, and don't be afraid to shop around, especially if you've got suppliers closer to you. For the sticker machine I'd run stickers if you're in a colder climate, tattoos if it's warmer. Styles come and go rapidly, so I'd make one column a "mix" column right after you get started with it so you only have to recycle "one" product. Some photo editing software, or even just some scissors, glue, and a card of the same size will allow you to make a "mix" display card pretty easily later on. I only mention this as if it saves you from the inventory mess I had when I first stared with flat items, it's worth it. The last one is a 50 cent item machine. For this, I'd reach out to A&A and get the product "TREAC25" and run that straight. Get the display card, as it's an invaluable piece for when you need to blow out junk in a hurry. Every order is composed of a balanced mix of A&A's huge catalog of on-the-way-out items, so there's still some cool stuff in there with a lot of little items to keep costs down. You really only need a junk mix like this when you're getting started (or need to cheaply fill a head or complete an order), as when you start to operate your business and start to buy new products, you'll naturally accrue a supply of "junk" items so you won't need to buy it anymore. For the bottom, Skittles and Mike and Ikes for candy. Long shelf life, good value, good sellers. Cap toys of the 1.1" acorn cap variety are a bit more tricky, as they vary a bit more from spot to spot. At a quarter, you'll want to aim lower. Were it me, I'd get THIS and THIS as they've both been very good to me over the years. You may wish to shop around a bit, but do keep an eye on those margins- there's not much meat on the bone at 25 cents these days! Finally, that 27mm product head. Typically, I'd say run gum, but if that's out and you've already got BB's in the upper machine, I'd reach out to the guys at Brand in Arizona. Brand is very proud of their round 1" caps that run through the 27mm wheels just fine. Their biggest issue, in my opinion, is supply- every time I've ever reached out to them they've had very little stock ready to ship, but that's more because they sell so much of it to the big operators (or so I've been told). Pretty much anything Squishland will sell good in my experience. Protip, make sure the card and product are both in stock when/if you order. Depending on how the setup runs for you, I'd look into upgrading mechs to 50 cents on your toys (so you can run jewelry mixes and higher-tier junk) and get your upper machines to 75 cents/$1 so you can run premium items and get the most money for your vends. The sticker machine is probably fine as-is. The only oddball is that weird 38mm NW80 on the end, hard to say what to do with that one, as it really depends on how the wheel is set up. If you need further help, assistance, guidance, or insight, say the word. Good luck sir!
  4. The Beaver Cash Drawer machines are taller than the regular RB-16's, but they'll fit onto virtually any stand. The RB-16 is based on the Oak Acorn machine which came about right after World War Two, and not a whole lot has changed since then design-wise. Racks typically come with brackets to mount machines on them (for either round or square rails) or can be had very cheaply both new and used. I'd be curious why you'd want the cash drawer version though- the units already have a top-quality lock on the top that hold the whole unit together, and the drawer is just one more thing to have to fumble with in my experience.
  5. Hello! I'm afraid that all I was able to find are a couple back doors, a bunch of the coin trays, a couple of locks, and a few stands. Sorry about that. I'll look again, as the unit got pretty disheveled in the move, but that might be all that I've got left.
  6. Yes sir. You'll want to check what "size" the Beaver mech is (the older ones used the somewhat bigger mechs, while I've seen some new ones with the smaller mechs) but virtually all of Beavers' gear is interchangeable beyond that. Give Beaver a call, they'll be happy to walk you through it. Good luck!
  7. You are welcome to post in the TVF Classified section: https://vendiscuss.net/classifieds/ Good luck on the sales sir!
  8. I'm afraid this thread is from more than a decade ago, so I wouldn't expect too much of a response from the original posters. If you're looking for keys, you might check eBay and Craigslist as Seaga machines and parts are still out there- or as suggested you can have keys made from the tubular locks. Good luck!
  9. Were it me, I'd pay the extra for the Northwesterns, but I'm a little biased- my routes' been made up of them since the beginning. They are robust machines, so you really can't go wrong with them. As for Eagle, I've less experience with them, but they are also renown for their durability. It's more operator preference really, and if you haven't any preference, you're probably better off saving the money. I wish I could direct you to Oak as another contender, but they're out of business I'm afraid. For your pricing, you're right to run your 1" at 50 cents and your 2" starting at 75 cents to keep things rolling. Good luck!
  10. I'll see what I have left around. It's in storage across town, but I'll be able to get a look around this weekend for sure.
  11. I know that the guys at Entervending have imported some new interactive bulk gear from China over the last few years, so Deer Vending (the Chinese manufacturer) is still making new things (or copying something that exists in Europe and shipping it to the North American market). It doesn't seem like there are too many "new" bulk machines of any sort these days though, which is too bad.
  12. I saw one of these and the space invaders version while on vacation in the Wisconsin Dells. They are surprisingly bright and vibrant, using row after row of blinding LED's to make the "screen" so it's quite a display. However, I doubt the unit would do to well outside of existing arcade venues, or in the case I saw, an arcade attached to a bar/restaurant.
  13. Man, I haven't heard or seen anything about UltraVend in a long time. I might have some odds and ends still kicking around here somewhere though. What parts are you looking for?
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