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  1. Do any of you guys do anything with Convenience stores? I was thinking about trying some 5 way toy/sticker/gum ball racks in a few stores. I service a bunch of c stores with potato chips but have never done anything in them with machines. If anyone has any feedback as to what works best in c stores please share. Thanks 🙏
  2. I am looking for someone to do on site locating for racks. I need around 20 locations. Does anyone know any good locators who will do in person.
  3. Looking for a locator to do candle rack locations in the New Orleans area. Preferably on site locating. I need 20 to 30 locations.
  4. The location has a lot to do but a vendstar WILL do less in sales than any other machine that you have at that same location
  5. Vendstars normally do not do as much sales as other machines such as uturns. Do you want to know why....I'll tell you why... Because of the color...Your asking yourself "because he color"?!! Yes, a vendstar machine is so Blah....Its all gray and it blends in to anything.....It does not stand out at all in any business....It doesnt get you excited about buying from it...You try putting a nice blue or red or yellow double head next to a vendstar and tell me what one does more in sales.... A nice yellow double head machine or uturn stands out in the crowd....IT PULLS YOU IN.
  6. I did it...in fact I just sold some today
  7. I know It just seems so hard to pass up. I could flip them....What are vendstars going for on ebay??
  8. I saw an add for 100 vendstar 3000 machines for only $30 each!!! What do you think? I could place these machines on locations with candy and all for only 50 bucks....should I do it?? Do you think I could make my money back real fast
  9. I have had a very bad experience with Melanie's locating......
  10. Im interested in your machines!! Can you pm me with the details and maybe some pics. I need three machines and I need them quick.
  11. Does anyone know where I can find some some used sticker/ tattoo machines a t good prices?
  12. I found an add on craigslist in an area near. He is charging $60 for bulk candy locations. But for drink. Snack And bulk toy racks he is saying he can get 90% of those locations for me with no commission to the locations? Is this possible. Or is he blowing smoke?
  13. 20 percent of gross sales. Is that what most others pay?
  14. Hello, I need some advice from you guys..... I just put out my first racks. I have never paid commission to locations before. The locations want 20% commission. How should I go about paying these locations? Do I need to get a coin counter machine. Wont the locations want me to pay them right there on the spot. Can I get some feed back...................
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