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  1. I use the cardboard pink ribbon boxes with yorks, and a few other types of candy. Margaret is pleasant to work with, and the boxes have held up very well for me over the last few years. Like mentioned above, they also are easy to clean, since there is a protective coating on them. I also have to agree that the acrylic boxes are pretty expensive to start out. They do look great, and can be a wonderful option if you have a location that may not have the room for a cardboard box. the acrylic has smaller dimensions, but holds about the same amount of candy. The outside dimensions of the cardboard box measures about 11.5x8 and 12 inches tall (to the very top of the box), and the acrylic is 10x6 and 10 inches high. I will say one thing I really like about the acrylic vs the cardboard boxes is the coin box. i have a few locations that are quite a ways from home, and have very high payment. With the cardboard boxes, sometimes there it can be a challenge for people to get more money in the coin box, and that isnt ever a issue with the acrylic boxes. I personally wish the coin box on the acrylic was darker, but I just use a little bit of static cling frosted window treatment to help keep the money a bit more hidden. Definitely do plenty of research, and best of luck!
  2. So I thought id throw this out there. ive been doing data entry jobs from home in my spare time, along with my own data entry and route planning for my route. the ebay biz is getting on my last nerve, and ive officially pulled out, freeing up a lot of time. if anyone on here has a large route, and you find that the data entry and route planning has become so much of a chore that it is holding you back from expanding your route, let me know and we can talk. personally, when i do my count at the end of the day, i usually write my numbers on paper, then add them on the pc later. If you do it the same way, your paper could easily be faxed, or scanned and emailed so i could input the numbers. I use my route online . com for route planning, and vendtrak for data entry and route management. i would need access to your vendtrak account (i know... red flag #1) , your bank account number, mothers maiden name, SSN, DOB, and drivers licence number. ok, so im kidding about the maiden name, dob, ssn, and licence, but i would need access to vendtrak to input data. for those of you familiar with vendtrak, id just need you to schedule your route, then i could plan it on my route . com. and it gets emailed to you. the app is really helpful, with so-so built in gps (google maps) ive done this for a few people just by word of mouth, but thought what the heck, there are a lot of vendors here, who knows? for route planning i charge .25c per entry, and for data entry i charge .15 per entry (includes changing service times, products, so on) payment can be made with a bank transfer (after the work is done), paypal, or even facebook messenger. my only stipulation is, i prefer to not work with people in oregon, or washington state, just to avoid any issues that may come up with locations, such as kick outs, missing equipment, so on, and im only familiar with vendtrak software. im not sure how long ill have the time to offer this, but thought id throw it out there all the same. best of luck everyone!
  3. I tried the local thing and it just didn't seem like people could wrap their heads around what I was asking. The last in person locator I used was travis brenson. I've seen mixed reviews on him, but he did a total of 400 boxes for me, and overall I'd definitely use him again. And may use him soon.
  4. You know, when i found this site in... 2012 i think... i was looking for a new business idea (god only knows why, i already worked 60+ hours a week at my job, and spent most my spare time buying and selling stuff). but when i found this site, i found tons and tons of conflicting info, and lots of opinions about one thing or another. its pretty cool to see different opinions and thoughts in one thread. another good point that i didnt even touch on, and youre absolutely right, the biz ops are a slimy business (no offense intended biz op guys... ok im lying.. offense intended). ill quietly admit that i did use a in person locator, and a few telemarketing locators to get all my locations, just because time was a much bigger issue than money, although money is always "the" issue, right? i wanted to grow overnight, so self locating just wasnt a option. on a shoestring budget, and self locating some prime spots, someone could make a nice supplemental income on just 20-30 stops, and most importantly, learn the biz. trust me, if you have never done it before, you will be a hot mess if you try and manage/learn 100-200-500 locations all at once. a lot goes into it, and i dont know that anyone (no matter how nice they are), would be willing to explain every single little thing that goes into running a few hundred stops. maybe ill write a horribly written e-book... great, more work... all i need! best wishes to the OP with whatever direction you decide to go, and thanks to everyone who has contributed their experience and knowledge. no matter how long we have been doing something, there is always something new to learn.
  5. totally agree, you make some really good points. i probably didnt think out my response to well when i wrote it. i was half tempted not to reply at all, just because over the years ive seen endless flaming arguments about the silliest little debates. $200 a hour, 8 hours a day, 5-7 days a week, no. not gonna happen. i guess i should have said "its very very possible to make $200-300 IN A HOUR", not "a hour". i see how poorly that was worded (like most of my writing). i really like your point when you said " I just want new folks to understand that it is ALOT of work and more than swapping boxes and depositing money into their checking account." my goodness, isnt that the truth! and, most definitely, when all the actual "work" (shopping, banking, counting, prepping) goes into it, the $200 is reduced a lot. im probably a little different than most, i rarely stop "working". im always doing some sort of work, research, networking, communicating, listings on ebay/amazon/craigslist/letgo/offerup, meeting people to sell things, refurbishing anything from furniture to cell phones/computers/bicycles to rebuilding a motor. my dad taught me when i was young, "most of the money you make, already belongs to someone else." ive just always lived that way. if i make $5,000 tomorrow (unlikely, but..who knows?), id still have the same $200 a day budget as if i made $300. so, very good point, i didnt take a lot into consideration and touch on the little things that make running a business, or several business, seem like work for some people. god only knows, if i counted every email/meeting/phone call/text message/listing as "work", i probably only make $18 a hour! its work for sure, and you are definitely right, no one is going to make $200 a hour x8 hours a day x5 daysa week. no way. but, with 100 accounts, that 100 stops should absolutely be able to COLLECT $200 IN A hour in profit. i suppose the "work hours" of all the rest just depends on how a person looks at life. you make a lot of really good points, i appreciate your experienced well thought out input. i think its really good info for anyone that sees vending, or any other business for anything other than what it is: work. just like i tell my kids, "its all work. get used to it now, and itll come naturally later." but if someone thinks this is a easy cash cow, they have a very rude awakening.
  6. now $50 a hour, after all costs of goods and royalties, is a very repeatable thing.
  7. loosely, yes. i mean, ive seen over $300 a hour before, and ive seen under $7. not taking into consideration my tax rate, tire wear, or cost of a motor rebuild after 175k miles. i say that jokingly, only because ive never heard anyone talk about their employer and say, "i make $27 a hour minus my gas minus my taxes minus my lunch minus my 4 sodas a day minus the wear and tear on my car minus the cost of my clothing, minus my union dues" i know you arent insinuating that, nor am i insinuating that everyone will make $100, nor do i care to much if anyone tries. but for those that do try, its good for them to know both sides of the coin, and see different experiences in different areas.
  8. Just gotta give my .02 on the subject of income. If you're not making close to $50 a hour running mint boxes, you may take a look at your practices, and how spaced out your route is. If a mint box route is ran every 2 weeks, regardless of need, then absolutely, you'll be making very little. But if you time the route, build it, and get everything dialed in, you can absolutely make $50-200 a hour. Some days. Once in a while. But probably not every day. I'll give you a example. Yesterday was my more local route. Close to home, tight, and well dialed in after over 2 years. It's rare I make less than $120 a hour on that route. BUT, it only takes me 3 hours to run. Today was the polar opposite. Way across town, spread out, low earners, high theft. Today I'm lucky if I made $13 a hour. But in 2 weeks, I'll be in the same area, running a different route, and easily break $100 a hour. Yes, including my drive time, and the whopping 3 gallons of fuel my 330hp car will consume in the 60+ mile round trip. Some days your flush, some days your bust. I think that's what I love so much about vending, you just never know. It's like my version of gambling. Trust me, when you find 1 or 2 stops that consistently churn out 60 to a 100+++ every service cycle, you'll get hooked.
  9. few things to keep in mind when choosing cardboard or acrylic: the acrylic boxes can definitely attract more attention, and solve some issues. for example, we have a cardboard display at a mexican restaurant. for some unknown reason, the bottom kept getting wet. its a good location, usually doing $40-60 a month, with minimal loss (god i wish i could find 500 of these!). we have a few acrylics kicking around, so we decided to put one in there, so we werent picking up a soaked (and ruined) box every few weeks. at the same time, we decided to change our product frfom yorks to a super top secret (laffy taffy) fruity candy. we could fit more pieces in the acrylic box, and from experience, we knew that the money box on the acrylic has much more room, so we extended the service cycle by a week. well, that was a good, and bad idea. bad idea, because when we serviced the location, the box was empty. good idea, because instead of the standard $25-30, there was over $116 in there. yeah... no kidding. we obviously tried to reproduce these results at a few other top locations of the same type, but didnt have nearly as good of results (some actually went down). so, just be sure to cautiously play with things, and find what works best. the acrylics are much more expensive, but they definitely have a place in every route.
  10. sorry ive been super preoccupied lately! the ice packs in the soft sided cooler bags can definitely be a hassle, especially when im fighting my wife for freezer space in the summer lol! but, all the hassle is really worth the effort when i can run 25-40 stops in a day, and have a reasonably relaxed lunch inside somewhere vs eating in my car with the ac running. plus, doing it that way really lets me maximize my at home prep time instead of loading boxes on the road (instead of just puting mints in a big cooler with ice packs). its all about efficiency!
  11. well said chris. its kinda like people just want something to complain about. "oh, you MAKE MONEY doing this??? THATS NOT RIGHT!!" OR, "if you dont make anything, why would you do it? that doesnt seem like a very good business." i just roll with it. some days we make a few $$, some days we lose lots of $$$.
  12. another option is to use the acrylic boxes with the top lock. BUT, if its a determined thief, they will keep stealing. i had one really good location, then the cardboard display kept getting ripped. then, i decided to put in a acrylic box. guess what happened? someone pushed the pin out (that holds the lid on) to get to the money, now tell me.... did a customer do this, while standing at the register? i think NOT!! needless to say, we pulled it. sad, but it truely is the nature.
  13. my response to this question is simple, honest, and effective : we pay a set amount to the company every month, whether the boxes sit in our warehouse, or are out being used. some months we make a dollar, some moths we have 20 boxes stolen, lose hundreds of dolars, and our theft is usually over 50%. we pay for all the products out of our pocket, use our vehicles to shop, and deliver, we spend our own money on fuel, and spend our own time doing this. if youd like to see how much money the organization has rasied so far, please take a look at their website, listed on the box.
  14. dont give up. they are good people over there, i know sometimes they get flooded, and im sure they are understaffed. just call and leave a voicemail with your name, phone number, and stress that its a urgent matter.
  15. i know its a little late for this reply, but im pretty damn familiar with the subject. i use soft sided cooler bags. the big ones from costco. you can stack 4 boxes in there (pink ribbon). pre laod the boxes about 80% full. use ice packs, then put them in extra large zip lock bags, then put a thin towel around is so the moisture doesnt get the boxes wet. slide the cooler packs on each side of the bag, and when you stop, put one of them on the top box. its not a perfect (or easy) fix, but its a huge help. if you must stop for that long (i never do in summer, always eat in my car with windows down, or ac on) make sure and crack all your windows a hair, it really helps. best of luck!
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