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  1. Bevmax 4 bummer

    Will the new glass be tempered? If not do not allow it to be installed. Walta
  2. I smell a rat

    Fill the hole with steel wool most anything else will get chewed thru. Walta
  3. Liability insurance

    The 10k number is the limit they will pay for medical expenses of someone that is not suing you. If they have more they will sue and can recover up to the policy limit. You are selling food and the stakes are high. Anyone can claim food poisoning or condemnation with no evidence. Walta
  4. Machine on a good extension cord?

    It is a fire and electric code violations to use an extension cord for more than a few hours/days. Anything more is not temporary. Walta
  5. Bevmax 4 display does out

    1 if you hold the CLR button the display will go blank for as long as the button is held. So a bad keyboard could be your fault. 2 The early software had the satellite menu but the software is full of bugs. If you have the snack satellite try disconnecting it. Until you can update the software. 3 Try removing the display cable from the harness and reroute away from the other wires. #1 did not seem the help, #2 did seem to help but not 100%, #3 seems to be working but it is too soon to claim victory. Does the display start working a few seconds after you open the door? Walta
  6. The shelf harnesses from that time are common failure items. Also I often find bad solder connections on the shelf board mounted to the shelf rail. Swap the shelves around if the problem follows the shelf the problem is likely the shelf harness. If the problem does not move look at the shelf board. Walta
  7. https://www.buzzfeed.com/jasonleopold/cia-vending-thefts?utm_term=.hiKVX5Lbz#.hjDG4v12q
  8. Base for Dixie Narco 601E

    I think you would be crazy to install a soda machine on a wood or gravel base! What happens in a few years if the wood rots away and the machine falls over and crushes 7 year old little Johnnie. Do you think his parents will sue you? Would you be able to live with yourself? What happens in a few years if the rain washes away gravel and the machine falls over and crushes 7 year old little Johnnie. Do you think his parents will sue you? Would you be able to live with yourself? I say make a nice concrete pad 5 bags is less than $25.00 Walta
  9. Congratulations on removing the sensor from your machine! So what happens when you get a bottle of soda that had soda spilled on it and is now sticks in the vend gate and does not fall out? I bet if you vended this machine 100 times you would collect less than 97 products, even fewer if it was not leveled when installed. You do not want to spend the money to buy one sensor, but the people that build the machine spent the money to put one sensor in every machine. Dixie could have booked hundreds of thousands in pure profit if this sensor was unnecessary. As a matter of fact the few years of production Dixie started installing 2 sensors in every machine. Walta
  10. I disagree to my eye I see a SIID machine. 1 It is a very rare single price machine with the push button coin return button. 2 The window over the coin entry looks more like a credit display than a correct change lamp. Ask for a photo the model / serial number tag on the hinged side of the door. BY “door not be getting power” what do you mean? 1 the lights do not work? 2 the electronic display does not light up. 3 you measured the voltages and it was not getting to the door? If it is an SIID model the logic board could be missing. Is the coin mech present? Walta
  11. 648 make offal soda machines. 1 Holds very little product. 2 High maintenance costs. 3 Noise 648 are always loud but full of cans and bottles it is worse. If you really want to run the 648 then fix it. More than likely it just needs a good cleaning, pull the refer unit out and wash out the coils with a garden hose let it dry and put it back together. Walta
  12. Massive Decal on my Box Truck?

    Some will read your sign as “This truck carries CASH and zero security” or “CASH ON BOARD ROB ME”
  13. Everyone should understand the financial risks they are taking! Right now the ADA trolls are going after convenience stores for wheel chair ramps and hotel pools for lifts. It is only a matter of time before they start going after vendors. Before anyone mounts a card reader on an old machine take a few minutes to read the ADA vending rules. Basically any machine with a card reader must be in 100% compliance with the latest ADA rules regardless of the machines date of manufacture. Walta
  14. bevmax 4 problem

    Vend the machine with coins and bills until you see the problem yourself. Only after you see the problem can you start to diagnose the fault. Walta
  15. The way this harness fails cannot be detected visually. The wires fail inside of their insulation and so there is no connection from one end of a wire to the other. If the wire is moves ever so slightly the connection is restored. Often moving the harness will change the machines symptoms.