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  1. I have several Rainbow 24” House of Prizes crane machines. Randall, shoot me a PM if you get a chance. I’d like to have you for future reference since you are the go-to-Rainbow Guy!
  2. From the numbers you have given, it does not sound that the location is worth the B.S. I would dump them too.
  3. Are you talking about the Virgencita Stickers 1 (VCS1) at fl?
  4. Can you program this Grayhound for autopercent? Would a grayhound candy crane be worth $400? parts? reliability?
  5. I'm looking for a sprinter van with a lift if any of you guys have one for sale. I love the economy and flexibility of an open trailer, but don't have the luxury of controlling mother nature when i do pickups or deliveries. I am on a tight schedule so i have to haul whenever i can, regardless of the weather.
  6. It would be neat if there was an enclosed trailer that worked like that instead of a eight foot drop door. I use a landscape trailer and it sucks because the drop tailgate is the pressed metal and the wheels of the crane want to get hung up in the small holes.
  7. I got an email from A&A about the painted tip balls. Seems like they were are $0.40 each or so.
  8. How does it compare to the Mequiar's Plast-X Cleaner? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Meguiar-s-Plast-X-Clear-Plastic-Cleaner-and-Polish/16550253 I have experienced decent luck with the Mequiar's and it can be found at most Walmarts for less than $8. However, Mequiar's falls short on any decent scratches. Is this what you are talking about on Ebay? I just ordered the same 3 - 8 oz. bottle kit plus cleaning cloth for $14 delivered to the door. I will let everyone know how well it works. I intent to use it on the outside of the globes so the candy won't be exposed to the cleaner.
  9. Who do you prefer to buy four-way and six-way racks from? I need about 20 of them and am looking for quality, price and supplier recommendations.
  10. Rhode Island novelty has a large assortment of knobby balls. A big assortment.
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