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  1. PowerVendor

    Rainbow Crane Toy House questions

    I have several Rainbow 24” House of Prizes crane machines. Randall, shoot me a PM if you get a chance. I’d like to have you for future reference since you are the go-to-Rainbow Guy!
  2. From the numbers you have given, it does not sound that the location is worth the B.S. I would dump them too.
  3. PowerVendor

    This weeks winners

    Are you talking about the Virgencita Stickers 1 (VCS1) at fl?
  4. PowerVendor

    Grayhound Candy Shop

    Can you program this Grayhound for autopercent? Would a grayhound candy crane be worth $400? parts? reliability?
  5. PowerVendor

    Lift Gate for a 2005 Dodge Dakota

    I'm looking for a sprinter van with a lift if any of you guys have one for sale. I love the economy and flexibility of an open trailer, but don't have the luxury of controlling mother nature when i do pickups or deliveries. I am on a tight schedule so i have to haul whenever i can, regardless of the weather.
  6. PowerVendor

    Beaver Double setup shipped free!

    PM me. thanks.
  7. PowerVendor

    Beaver Double setup shipped free!

    PM me. thanks.
  8. PowerVendor

    Lift Gate for a 2005 Dodge Dakota

    It would be neat if there was an enclosed trailer that worked like that instead of a eight foot drop door. I use a landscape trailer and it sucks because the drop tailgate is the pressed metal and the wheels of the crane want to get hung up in the small holes.
  9. PowerVendor

    Painted tip balls

    I got an email from A&A about the painted tip balls. Seems like they were are $0.40 each or so.
  10. PowerVendor

    Novus scratch remover

    How does it compare to the Mequiar's Plast-X Cleaner? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Meguiar-s-Plast-X-Clear-Plastic-Cleaner-and-Polish/16550253 I have experienced decent luck with the Mequiar's and it can be found at most Walmarts for less than $8. However, Mequiar's falls short on any decent scratches. Is this what you are talking about on Ebay? I just ordered the same 3 - 8 oz. bottle kit plus cleaning cloth for $14 delivered to the door. I will let everyone know how well it works. I intent to use it on the outside of the globes so the candy won't be exposed to the cleaner.
  11. PowerVendor

    Betson soliciting locations

    Sounds like war......
  12. PowerVendor

    bulk rack suppliers

    You have PM
  13. PowerVendor

    bulk rack suppliers

    Who do you prefer to buy four-way and six-way racks from? I need about 20 of them and am looking for quality, price and supplier recommendations.
  14. PowerVendor

    anyone at $1 a play on plush

    Rhode Island novelty has a large assortment of knobby balls. A big assortment.