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  1. Public Servant Moondog, His imperial majesty would like to know at what point do we pull the plug on this league that has been on life support for years? The King can only do so much to make this league successful but without commoners, He has only you to beat over and over again and He thinks that may get redundant at some point. The King must leave the league if we don't achieve the typical minimum amount of players by month's end. Sincerely, HRH
  2. Commoners, Please remember that you are bound to the land by feudal law. Your Royal Highness expects you in the OFFICIAL fantasy league (not the one you are currently in) before the sun sets on this week. I much prefer to be the King that gives you crusts of bread left over from my table as opposed to the King that starts claiming commoner heads. Do not force the velvet glove into becoming an iron fist. Join the proper league. HRH
  3. The King (above a commissioner) would like to advise His royal commissioner that there is an alternate league site that was set up and everyone is already a part of it. I had to drop out when you sent me the invite to the "official" league page. You would be remiss in your royal duty to the crown if you did not tell them to drop the league they are in as the commoners may believe they have already taken the needed steps and have joined the league. Perhaps post a link in this chat to the "official" league page to avoid confusion. Thankfully for you common folk, you have a Royal among
  4. Oh crass peasants, no need to fight over hypotheticals that will never come to pass. Your King has returned to claim his throne. He emerged victorious last week despite multiple in game injuries that would have stifled lesser teams because His is a team of destiny. Please prepare an iron throne composed of the melted down beavers and oaks of enemies to the Crown for my coronation. Your superior in every way, HRH
  5. Loyal subject Kiwi, The King thanks you for pointing Him toward the throne. He very much looks forward to the final game where The King is able to flush you down. Please have His royal victory banner ready as He would like to add it to His royal posts immediately after the game. Show me your TDs, the King tried His best to give you a handicap that could make this a good game. Two of The King's starting WRs were injured in the game and one gave 0 points. There is only so much charity work the King can do in one given week. Alas, it was meant to be that The Kin
  6. ***Trumpets sound*** Peasants, Gather around for a proclamation from your King. Underlings, Your King has been extraordinarily busy taking care of the Kingdom this season and you have suffered a total lack of wit while He was in absentia. Fear not peasants, you may once again bask in the warm glow that is your King and you can watch His rise to the throne in the final weeks. HRH would like to take this time to personally thank the peasant who dropped Tyreek Hill. He has been a welcomed addition to the kingdom. As the playoff picture comes into focus, the Kin
  7. On this, the morning of the Kings inevitable flawless draft that shall set Him on His path to reclaiming the vending iron throne made up of oaks and beavers of His fallen enemies, He wishes you all good fortune in your battle for 2nd place. HRH
  8. When is the draft? Any prospects beyond 3 people?
  9. Have we gained any ground or is it time to jump ship on this three man league?
  10. Is this league still afloat? 3 members in 6 weeks is not very encouraging.
  11. The rumors of the Kings demise have been greatly exaggerated. He comes this year to take back His rightful place on the fantasy throne but not before it gets a good cleaning to scrub all the commoner off of it. Ladies and Gents, your prayers have been answered. Prepare to be ruled over as only your King can do. Humbly yours, HRH
  12. I'm here and trying but to no avail. Battering rams are at the ready. Do not make me storm this castle by force. Lower the draw bridge and let the rightful King reclaim his throne.
  13. Happy to take any spot in the draft. If you put me against these court jesters, they will need all of the advantages you can muster. HRH
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