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  1. Same here Firetad. Of all the thoughts I have the most important is that I NEVER would have dipped a toe in vending without this community. For that I am forever grateful to Steve and I wish him peace.
  2. What people are trying to tell you, rather ineffectively, is that most single bulk machines will vend both gumballs/1" toys or candy based on the type of internal components you pair with it.
  3. I agree. If you can't fill it you need to move it. And my experience has been that even at very good locations they stop buying when the candy is 1-2 in from empty.
  4. Wholeheartedly agree. I use DB at 25 cents for my racks with public foot traffic but have good success with Nerds at 50 cents (even alongside 25 cent candy) in breakrooms. Repeat customers realize the value in Nerds. I have two public spots where I have Sports Blasters at 50 cents next to competition with DB in their racks and I sell through just fine. Only use Nerds where you have to but they stack up really well against competition - even at a higher price point.
  5. What got me wasn't the price but shiiping was freight! That doesn't even get it to you hahaha! Oh man thank you Cajun. Can't make this stuff up.
  6. Rick

    For sale

    You haven't heard back because the site is no longer for sale. Only reason it was for sale initially was because Steve could no longer afford the monthly IPBoard fees but the community has since raised the funds. As an aside Amy I've owned an IP.Board forum in the past and an NBVA board could be open for business in an afternoon by any layperson. I think your organization would be in a unique position to forge relationships with suppliers and that would be a place I'd visit OFTEN.
  7. I agree with LandJ as well. I think 7.50/month per head for candy is the absolute minimum I need to see. And if we're being honest that's actually a $40+/month triple candy spot because candy rarely sells equally. Even $50 a month chances are good your worst selection averages $10. Biggest reason I'm moving to GB and 1" doubles. I can dial my service cycle to >$50 regardless.
  8. Limited niche but I'm hoping I stumble upon a spot that gives me a reason to try one soon.
  9. Screw vending. I should just invest in Hershey and Mars and be done with it.
  10. Yes. Waiting 90 days for your first collection would be bad business. I appreciate wanting to make it worth your time but think about it this - you're only burning the bridge with you're GREAT accounts. The crap locations won't care you waited 90 days but the places that drained the machine in a month won't be happy it sat empty forever. Now if you make a fly-by after 30 days without collecting and only fill heads that are less than 50% I can't argue with that.
  11. Rick


    I have a hunch this is see ya for now. Take care huynhhh.
  12. Generally, the answer to your question is no. If you net 33% after all costs, you'd need to pick up an account doing $600/month for $2400/$3000 max for your parameters. Not unheard of but you didn't ask that, you asked for reasonable. Most sellers would be asking around $6-7k for this account and would need to be fairly desperate to take less than $4500. And you'd be pretty lucky to stumble upon that seller before someone else did. Generally speaking, double your numbers is closer to reasonable. But great deals do fall into your lap from time to time. This is assuming TON of averages which can vary widely as AZ stated. Your mileage may vary.
  13. That's why I still sell PMM. I'm at 42% costs on them but I only run them in machines where they do min of $20/month and outsell all other options > 2:1. Still my best candy in terms of net per location.
  14. Seems like a lot of hustle for that amount of money and bottler owned equipment.
  15. I don't view hiring a locator as a "cost" like gas or a CPA. I see it as an investment, same as equipment. I judge it by ROI and my goal is 6-10 months depending on several factors. So for every $100 invested I'm trying to net an additional $10-$17/month income. That allows me to fairly judge what a location should cost. Otherwise it's like asking what a lawyer should cost. Well, first how deep is the sh!t you're standing in and what will it cost you if it's done poorly? You can find all sorts of shady locators that try to place your machine in any steakhouse, henhouse or doghouse in your general area and one out of every three you go to place they have no idea about this locator you're referring to. Pick a reputable locator, it's a short list of one (his name is rodney69 - easy to find because his service is plastered all over TVF) and pay him whatever price he quotes you. A location should cost whatever Rodney is charging. There's THAT much of a discrepency between him and every other tele-locator. Now in person locator? There's a blue-chip guy for that as well. His name is Joseph Degesualdo. He travels to you and reqires a min of 50 locations for under $50 for candy (but he's extremely effective with commission racks, interactive amd cranes). You have to be serious about your investment, but he's a true pro and can build a route as fast as as you can place it behind him.
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