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  1. Oh yes! I forgot that part! I've checked and only the white and black wires are needed to effect that trap door. So yes, power to the coin mech is needed for this unit. Thanks again board!
  2. Ohhh. So I don't need to be cutting into my wires at all? Good to know. Thanks!
  3. brmorr thank you so much. I now have working pushers again. I wish I'd made this upgrade sooner. Now, if this board can tolerate yet another dumb question... what exactly are these wires doing at all? After fixing my units, I tested, then turned off and unplugged the units, then tested again. Works fine without power. What am I missing?
  4. Thank you brmorr. Pictured is my new Imonex. The connectors are marked "C", "NO." and "NC." Can you clue me in to their meanings? Also, is it just as good for me to carve up the existing wire in my units? Or should I be shopping for some small adapter in order to keep my in-unit wires intact?
  5. I've ordered R9 mechs from amusementsplus. Thank you brmorr for the info. I appreciate it.
  6. Yes they have the size-setting quarter in them. Although I may have removed it when I took the photo - don't recall.
  7. Thank you brmorr. Recommend a vendor? When you say "two wires" is there some standard adaptor wires I should be shopping for? Or must I get MacGyver on these?
  8. There's a "setting" at the back labeled "Sensitivity" but I cannot figure out where/how that's supposed to work. The black "hammer" at the back, near that label, flops freely.
  9. I have 4 pushers from Blazing Quarters. All units have operated only about 500 hours (they're used in traveling shows a few weekends per year). All the coin mechs are rejecting every quarter. Last show I had to pull all my pushers. Is this just normal wear from use? Any recommendations for replacements/upgrades? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the input everyone, very much. I'll let you know how the project ends up.
  11. I meant "build a crate around a drink machine." Thanks for offering insight beyond my typo. Great all-around info. The crate idea is more for added security and privacy, as many places we work have their own $3+ machines and would probably be unhappy with us bringing in our own. Also, this is for my staff, not everyone else who might be in the area. I'm trying to satisfy my crew not undercut existing machines on location by stealing all their business. So the crate is for secrecy and safe transport when loaded into a truck full of other crates. Personally I'm also fed up with only soda and water options at these places, or no options at all and the nearest machine or convenience store is a mile away. Thank you for the dixie narco 501e tip.
  12. I'm not a vendor, but a job site manager. I move materials and crew to job sites. I want to deliver a stocked (and affordably priced) cold drink machine to job sites for our workers. The idea is to build a drink machine inside a crate, where we just open the crate door, plug in the machine, and leave it. At end of job we'll close the crate doors, and ship it back home. I realize drink machines are fridges and need proper ventilation to expel hot air created by the unit. I realize, depending on the machine, I may need to include a back door on the crate to load drinks. My question is - do you guys know of any other issues I'll face when building a machine into a custom fitted crate? Is there more than one area that must be vented? Do bottle machines fail often due to transporting, shaking, vibrations? This machine would live on-the-road all the time, so if jostling is an issue I may need to scrap the idea. Any recommendations for bottle machine that would stand up better to this lifestyle?
  13. Hey, who's Ed? I paid $1,500 and drove 2 hours each direction. Hey BouncyBalls, thanks for the Lowe's suggestion. Yes I started at Home Depot, but the models of fixtures have changed. I was aiming for the easiest route, which is to simply replace the cover and clip from an old unit. No rewiring, etc. But I may end up doing that. I just figured someone's got a really beat up unit laying around and wouldn't mind selling me a couple little parts.
  14. I bought a used Tractor Time crane off craigslist. Can anyone direct me to a replacement light fixture? It's one of the two 16" 10-watt T5 fixtures inside the crane area. Specifically, I need just the bulb cover and slider clips that hold the fixture. Thank you for any tips. Todd
  15. Hey. Where'd my picture go? Now I try to upload it and I'm told the file extension is unacceptable. Really? A JPG is not a good format? Okay, I've uploaded it elsewhere and attempted to link it here. Hopefully helps. But seems like I've got two good answers already. Thank you Vendiscuss.
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