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  1. Vandalism

    The only drink machine I had in a public spot was finally vandalized after four years. I just shrugged my shoulders and pulled it! Paid a whole fifty dollars for that Vendo 601, but made a bunch of money off it! I will miss that location!
  2. I want to place 2 machines at my job

    Dixie Narco 501E machine and just about any four wide AP snack machine.
  3. lacanteen can answer you.
  4. Vistar

    I'm happy when I get my order two days late! Don't call and ask where is product, because you get same answer! "Your next"!
  5. Your best locations

    For me, machine shop's guy's work twelve hour shifts and are very bored! Six days a week!
  6. Vendo 721 has ice on.....

    No stop leaks in decks!
  7. I smell a rat

    I thought N.Y. was just one big "rat infested city"? All they need is a hole big enough to put the head in, rest of body fits.
  8. Nothing! Sorry to see you got ripped off!
  9. Royal Vendors GIII Broken into

    Best thing to do is scrap machine! If it is warped will not seal good!
  10. lost my keys

    Simple locks to drill thru!
  11. Latest buy

    Pat yourself on the back for good job.
  12. Firestone Tire Centers

    Was told the same no vending machines.
  13. Vendo v264

    Bad switches on motor.
  14. Route Sale

    Don't even work as a boat anchor!
  15. Did they catch Odummie in pictures?