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  1. CajunCandy

    Vendo Motor Needed

    Nope! My motors have green cams on them with the long arm leading to lowering deck! Sorry I can't help you. ca'jun56
  2. CajunCandy

    Vendo Motor Needed

    It's not the baby pythons that scares me! It those big 18 and 19 footers that's scary!
  3. CajunCandy

    Vendo Motor Needed

    Give me a day or two! I seem to remember scraping one of those old vendo's and I think I saved some of those motors! Will let you know. ca'jun
  4. CajunCandy

    Royal Giii puncturing cans

    I had that problem with a Royal 660, It was columns 1 and 7, I would up applying tape to wall and on top of bracket for chain. It cured my problem of cans being punctured. I still have machine with tape and no more cans being punctured.
  5. CajunCandy

    Is this a 276??

    Dixie Narco 276. Yes.
  6. CajunCandy

    Pickle Juice???

    Wielders will eat the pickle and drink the juice, I was selling the bag pickle from Sam's.
  7. CajunCandy

    What Causes Frozen Soda Cans?

    Try putting in a new thermostat. It just might cure your problem.
  8. I had a AP machine would do the same thing! It was the board!
  9. CajunCandy

    DN 501E dispenses 2

    Looks like you installed the metal lever on backwards? All my motors has the it the other way? did you deform the metal arm after you installed it backwards? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. CajunCandy

    combo machine

    LoL! I moved one just last week for a new vendor! $100 way more then that thing is worth! Why is it new vendors know way more then the older vendors?
  11. CajunCandy

    Soda Machine on its side

    Eat one can of spinach and pick that baby up! No problem! I have one 79" machine to scrap and done!
  12. CajunCandy

    Vending Machine Moving

    At 62 going on 63 I move machines by myself, But of course I have the proper dolly and trailers to move machines. Six foot at 200 lbs.
  13. CajunCandy

    Question on Polyvend Errors

    As I was explained by the people who fixed that board, a diode on board is going bad. Never did have that problem after the board was repaired.
  14. I tried that and not in business any more! lol! Nobody would cough up $100 to move a machine!
  15. Worth scrap yard price.