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  1. Candy Tower Vending

    Similar case for me, I travel in and out of town for work so I don't have the time to locate myself. I will put a few in my trunk to locate when I'm home on the weekends. I eat out a lot when I'm home so I just ask when I'm there. Mixed results so far.
  2. Candy Tower Vending

    Exactly. Ive found a locator in my area willing to locate in-person for $20/location. Thiers is much higher per location and it not in-person. Im still not sold on locating via phone only.
  3. Candy Tower Vending

    Has anyone else seen this website: http://www.vendingforsale.biz/honor_boxes.html Like the tower set up but its $1999 for 25 towers without locating and $1695 for 10 towers with locating. Just found it interesting.....
  4. Got our boxs... Frist week

    Good to hear of your success Donovan, I too am taking the same approach of working with a locator a couple days to get a few boxes located then flying solo. What type of box did you go with? The bigger Sheridan box, woodgrain box or smaller Cameron Packaging box?
  5. Where to buy inventory?

    I would go with Sam's as well, they do seem to be a bit cheaper and have the pick n pull option. This will allow you to shop online and simply go to the store, pay for your items and its already pulled and palletized. No shopping involved! This is also a free service.
  6. Mint Boxes

    Good to hear you are doing well. What made you go with the mint/candy boxes over the chip/cookie snack boxes?
  7. Buying my first boxes next week!

    Hey dogcow, or anyone else who has the Cameron boxes, how wide is the back of the cash box (where the coin slot is)? Is it as wide as a business card? I want to get labels printed that will be stuck on the top of the box on each side of the coin slot but need some sort of reference for its size. Thanks
  8. Buying my first boxes next week!

    Thanks for the info guys, dogcow, I am making the changes to my selection (along with a few others) and looks like it will take my cost to about 30%. Empowered, I'm sure all of Reds nation is crying over that decision. Given what he was back then you cant really blame them though.
  9. Finally....I am buying my first boxes from Cameron next week and venturing out into the wild and wonderful honor box world (well, maybe not always wonderful but definitely wild). Here's the lineup in my box (I love baseball): Left field: Oreo cookies (2) Right field: Grandma's cookies (2) Center: Lance and Cheez-It crackers (3) First base: Chex mix (1) Second base: Hot fries (2)- these are huge here in Texas Short: Lay's Classic/Fritos/Doritos/Cheetos- your basic 'tos ( Third base: Big Tex Cinnamon Rolls (2) Catcher: Mini Chocolate/Powdered donuts (4) Starting pitcher: Twix/Kit Kat/Skittles/Snickers (4) DH: Rice Krispie Treats (1) Relievers: Kellogg's fruity snacks (2) Manager: Planters peanuts (2) Pinch runner: Pop Tarts (2) Total items in box: 35 Cost of goods would average around 31% which seems to be in line with what I've seen on the board. Any suggestions on what to add/subtract? I think all the items should fit in the Cameron box with dividers. All items will be sold at $1.
  10. Greetings, earthlings!

    Newbie here but I have been stalking this board for a few months gaining knowledge about the vending industry and trends. Im in Dallas, Texas (no jokes please) and am considering bulk and honor box vending; I had my first vending machine about 4 years ago (an older model Antares combo) but got out of the business due to the extensive travel required by my day job. Great forum, thanks for having me. Feel free to contact me, Im pretty easy going and open minded. FYI, I love Camaros!