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  1. Hi Greatdane,  You seem to know a lot about the Saeco 200.  I've had these machines for 13 years, and have had trouble with the thermal fuses on top of the boilers going out on me, with error #14.  The water doesn't get hot in the boiler.  I'm trying to get new thermal fuses, but Seaga does not carry them.  Do you know if there is something on Amazon that would work?  Thanks so much!

  2. Hello, I am trying to install a Bill validator, the bill validator I bought was a  ICT L 704US600A#3, I was wondering how to connect it to CN) Bill vlidator

  3. I see that you are the resident Saeco Dr.  We have a Saeco 600 with an error code "6" nozzle arm movement not detected.  Check the nozzle arm ( mechanism free movement and positioning microswitch)  What does this mean?? 


    Thank you for any help. 

  4. These cups fit perfectly and I have never had a jam.
  5. I was going to ask if you live in a northern area. The biggest problem in those areas is winter. People get into the biz op, can't make money, pull machines then have no where to store them. They end up in garages and the boiler freezes. The machines are then sold unknowing/knowing boilers are cracked/seals gone. Before storage, you must cycle the machine via maintenance menu settings and drain boiler. This purges most water out of boiler/system ready for storage. Other thing is to make sure seals are good. You may just have to replace seals in the boiler as long as the boiler is not cracked. Dry the area around the boiler and see if water appears setting and then run through cycle. There are other areas leaks happen such as brew group seal that allows water to bypass during the downward 150 psi compression of grind cycle. Hope that helps. Peace, greatdane
  6. The switching to potable domestic water is fairly easy. You have four wires that go down into the base of Saeco SG200. One set is for dregs waste water float and other set goes to pump. You remove the two pump wires and bring back up to top section. You land these two wires onto the two tabs on inlet water solenoid. Upon call for beverage water solenoid is energized instead of pump. When connecting to domestic water, be advised if machine malfunctions, instead of 5 gallons on the floor, you have unlimited potential for water damage. I installed a water leak sensor in base of unit and wired in series with solenoid and a pressure reducing valve that is provided by a water filter (the type you use for household ice maker) as domestic city water is mineral laden and makes boiler foul easier rather than spring bottled water. Hope this helps.
  7. I have not expanded the coffee biz due to my hectic HVAC job so I still have seven machines placed. I made deals with the locations facilities. I found people in the office staff that are capable and I did a schooling on how to maintain and refill machines with extra product I leave in machine. Only takes 10 minutes. They just add 5 gallons of water when low from water vendor that opens the machine and puts fresh water in at no charge and the the location pays for the water. What a great deal for me. I now show up to do a thorough maintenance once a month and collect the money. I give the person that looks after the Saeco SG 200's about 15% plus free coffee. The Saeco SG200's have internal tracking so I can tell what has been sold and what was gratis. Getting a return of about 60% over cost of product. All machines are fully paid for so whatever dollars are made is a bonus.. Peace: Greatdane
  8. I use general business liability insurance. It covers my coffee biz for vending and it also covers my HVAC business so it is like a umbrella policy. It covers liability, loss of product, machine, damages like flooding if hooking up directly to water supply. Most importantly is coverage of one million USD a year, $500,000 per occurrence. Cost is $$89 a month. You never know when a machine malfunctions and makes 111 degree coffee-a really steamy latte and you get a mickeedees lawsuit. Of course the difference is you did not intend to keep the coffee at 190 degree + upon serving on purpose. Worst case for me is someone swipes a machine or the water valve malfunctions and dumps 5 gallons of water on the floor of which the Saeco SG200 has a dredge tank of about 2.5 gallons. You just never know in this litigious world.
  9. There are many full size quality coffee vendors but I am a little biased but I would say the Saeco SG200. My personal experience is that they are very reliable, easy to clean, maintain and the SG200 is very small and compact. It can be set up as a table top coffee service or with the bottom base installed they are stand alone vendor. There are many used ones out there especially in the southern states like Florida and Arizona. New ones can be had for around $1000 to $1600 and used for less. It appears to me that Canmax has been saturating those areas like Fort Lauderdale and Phoenix. so there are many to be had a bargain prices. Check Craig's list and eBay. I advise against paying full retail unless you are in the top 10%. If you are, I am in the market for adoptive parents I would buy one or two machines to see how things go. Put it in your kitchen and practice servicing and troubleshooting. Coffee vending is more labor intensive than say a snack/bottled/can vendors. Unless you have many accounts and or retired and money not a issue, I would advise against starting in the coffee business unless due diligence and research is done. It all depends on your market. I would make sure you have one placement before purchasing. Peace, Greatdane
  10. So glad my experience based on self opinion informed you to make a educated buying decision! You can now send me %10 percent of what you would have paid after taking out a second mortgage paying $30k start up. There was what seemed to me a internet black out when I did my research except mapinfo and one BBB negative. It is kind of funny you mention Java Brewing because the info packets I received from the previous "Authorized" semi-franchise Canmax operators included Java Brewing materials tucked in with Canmax's start up material. I myself have made my money back because I paid about 10% or less of what Canmax wanted new. Canmax's 5 machine base start up option was around $31,000. It would be a very very long time to recover 31K or 60,000 cups of coffee before you see a profit. The Saeco SG 200's I have placed are now making me spending money but not exactly a "Living Income". This is mainly by choice and also I am in a very rural area and not a big metro area so others may experience' will differ. I service them once or twice every two weeks. After the first placement newness factor is over, sales seem to be about a third of when first placing the machine. But since I owe nothing, it is like making about $50 a week average per machine. It takes me about 1 hour average servicing each machine. So in a month I make about $500 and that includes the 10 hours I service. I have doubled my original investment after costs are factored in. I have had less than 3 failures I had to deal with outside of my regular service. The Saeco SG 200's are EXTREMELY reliable in my opinion working with them in a real operating environment. I could place them in more profitable areas but I'm in the comfort zone. I have a HVAC full time job so this works for me. I listed and sold one machine on Ebay and it sold right away. One of our forum readers saw my add and wondered what was going on and I explained that I wasn't using it and was taking my spare room storage space. The person I sold it too said it is doing well and if things continue he will get his money back after 6 months. I provide free help when needed for success as a bonus to the buyer. If you have the time, buy ONE Saeco SG 200 on ebay for no more than bargain Ebay normal price of $1000 for a new machine $800+ for used with supplies (not $3,500) and place in a well traveled area. My favorite is at the ice rink. Year round cold. It's Minnesota northland so it's cold here all year Kids love the hot chocolate. I love the French Vanilla but the calories add up. Let me know how things go or if you need my address to send the 10% $$$ (kidding) Peace, Greatdane
  11. After taping, the Saeco SG200 has setting "dispense stick" and customer selects sugar as a added option, the cup holding arm still positions for the sugar/stir stick dispensing to the left. If customer uses own cup, they would need to insert low height cup and temporarily hold to the left just as the arm activates the sugar release mechanism. The customer would then return to center to continue dispense. I find it easier to allow a selection called "no cup" in the beverage set up and those that still want regular dispense selection 2-8 with cup have the option (Button 1 is like a shift key allowing access to programmed beverages 9-15) I set my selections 9-15 the same as 2-8 but with 9-15 metering extra dispense of 4 ounces to fill a 10-12 oz coffee cup. This of course is .25-.50 cents extra but the coffee cup is full instead of the half empty looking. Also, the double shot is in there too. If the customer moves the cup just right when cream is dispensed, you can make a decorative effect like the boutique coffee shops. Peace, Greatdane
  12. Next time you have a issue with fuses, they are located behind the internal coffee bean container. Just remove the container and you will find 2 fuses. These are wired for 220v 50hz in European market and they add a transformer to make the machine 120v 60hz US market. So they still have the same 2 fuses. One is (Hot) 120 and other fuse is now neutral. Usually in US we don't fuse the neutral but it is how they adapt to US market.
  13. I just used strong tape to hold down the cup sensor switch. works perfectly without cups. Peace, Greatdane
  14. That is one advantage living in the South. If they did not mothball for storage and drain the boiler, the boilers will freeze and crack. Always, always set programming to drain boiler before storage or moving to a new location. Good Luck, Greatdane
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