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  1. Hey everyone I’m just letting you know I am now reactivated in the supplier section. I posted a bit of what’s been going on and to let you know I’m hear for all you labeling and display card needs
  2. Im still here just been lurking in the background. I have a new site up and running at Vendinglabels.com I'm still Sweetstop Vending that domain just goes to my route info site so now all label stuff goes to VendingLabels.com Lots of new things and always adding more. Also let me know if there is something you need as I did with some CDC decals and some other label options that people asked for. I am also now on amazon, just search vending labels. https://www.amazon.com/Vending-Machine-Nutrition-Labels-Stickers/dp/B091BFS6ZG/ref=sr_1_15?dchild=1&keywords=vending+la
  3. i grabbed up the last 13 cases at sams, marked down to $13 a box
  4. my sams just pulled the plug, Im going in in the morning and buying everything i can, They just told me they are marked to to $18 box
  5. No button push just drops right down to the return hole
  6. so im a bulk guy been on here for years but inherited a few full line machines with a route purchase a couple years ago so this is a full line newbie question I have an AP cs-12 machine that all of a sudden just stopped accepting coins, (only takes coin) they just drop through to the return. checked and there are no coin jams, unplugged and re booted. nothing. any thoughts? maybe something simple? cant find much info googling them. pic is not actual machine but is the same one Thanks so much! Frank
  7. ive been surprised (pre covid) how well the watermelon gumballs have done I personally dont like them but did a test in a couple of my malls and got Apple, Grape, watermelon, and hot cinnimon all were duds except the watermelon so kept that in the arsenal, only issue is from samsclub the shells often chip off but sams is really good about refunding or send new box at no charge.
  8. yup poor sales stale candy no room for equipment pull backs making me rethink my whole model, downsize and keep it closer to home get rid of more chocolate candy
  9. this is exactly what im dealing with, Im running out of place to put picked up equipment as well
  10. called, option one is for someone else and they never returned call, cant seem to get a human anywhere!
  11. Dont need brush housings just the wheel with springs, need a bunch
  12. other than a few soda machines i have not serviced either. I think this industry has changed now it will be different moving forward !!
  13. Been out for a while, New site is up and running (see classifieds) getting back into things after car wreck (all Okay) totaled brand new work Van though, Thank god for insurance !!
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