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  1. China Import machine I have seen them on the net
  2. Good machines very sturdy coin mechs interchage with NW 60's and AA PN 95's I have about 10 out on the route and they work well. Candy Change is a little tuffer then some but still doable with out to much trouble.
  3. this isn't a route worth much for 14.00 a location average. Sounds like it might need some tweeking or work onrelocating the machines on the route incresse the service time etc... 125 x 6 months gross is 750 which is fair for the numbers the route is running. If he pulled the machines he would probably get anywhere from 50-75 for a routemaster on craigslist. The only thing is it will take months for him to do that. Make an offer and check back in a few weeks if the answer is no.
  4. Congrats I hope it moves along. you might be amazed on how much you can find in a smaller size town. I live in a town of 25000 and have around ``18 stops here now. Keep us informend we will give any help we can on our end. Big Red -
  5. 25-45 per head 20-30 a stand. like anything cheeper is better. The 25-45 is for something route ready If you need to rehab then less I got a bunch of oaks and NW for 9 bucks a piece but I will need to rehab them but they still will work great when done.
  6. We might but we don't live on the farm. It is not my primary residance and we also rent it out to a famly member on a cash basis to farm.
  7. Just Starting to get thing off the ground It is on my list for next year to go.
  8. AA will be 20 bucks and NW is 30
  9. Even better Keep us informed and look forward to hearing your adventures in Vending. Be glad you have parents that understand the entupunership in you also. Some don't I know my parents didn't but hey to each there own. Good luck and we are all here to answer any and all questions you might have.
  10. Well I have been doing every 4 and the last two cycles went 6 weeks out I think I am going to stay with that time frame. Just got 5 more located so 1 so so 2 ok and 2 should do fairly well. Only time will tell. Yea the wife was excited about this last months pulls. I hope to start to build a little reserve to buy a few more routes or some Soda machines and get them placed in a few locations for some more cashflow.
  11. He is almost 16 in 2-3 years out of high school and maybe into tech school or college. In which running a route would be a great job and maybe even cashflow his college if he works hard at it. Go for it kid save your money and work on getting some machines lined up for when you move. 10-15 singles doulbes Save your pennies it sounds like your good at doing that. When your dad gets moved then Hit the ground running call 1-2 locators give just the zips your in or just next to you. Work on locating some yourself. Being a teen I would work with a charity that is geared towards teens young adults to help you in your pitch. Teen Challenge or something simmular Go for it. and keep us up to date on how it is going.
  12. Under a LLC you can have different ventures with the LLC as the Parent so to speak Joe Shmucks Vending Div of Big Guy LLC or some simular thing I lot of people run a couple of small ventures under an LLC. If your doing multi things and one of them ballons to major money then split it off into its own LLC and Insulate your other stuff so to speak. I have a modest amount of farmland and with the way land prices have jumped up the last several years I am to the point of setting it up into a LLC Just for protection of my personal assests from the faarm.
  13. I have around 50 Locations right now and I do them on Mondays which is my day off or after work. I have a few Hair Salons and Barber shops that are typicaly closed on Mon so I try to hit them on Sauterday after work. My full time gig I get off work at 2:00 PM so it give me a few hours to mess with it when I need to place a machine etc... I would like to make it a close to 20 hours or so a week by the time I retire in several years or split off some for my oldest son and let him have a go at it. I have been doing it since May and just getting to the point of where it looks like I am starting to make a little money. At least make more then I spend in candy machines and locating LOL.
  14. This was my best month ever even with picking up two dead locations I didn't list. Pull was so low it wasn't worth the effort to list the income from them. I am up to 45 stops on the route right now. I have moved some to just GB and checking them on a 90 day sceduale. I hope to get a few more gumball spots going in the next couple of months as well as some toy setups in a few places.to add to the mix.
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