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  1. hmm, I think Zed is dead. that's what I said.
  2. That's why you have to TEST your machine Well. this is caused my bad parts or misfitted parts. a Properly fit and adjusted machine wont do This.
  3. Now all you need is a Fankey Maloon
  4. and no bugs or rodents want it either... no really, you have to always check it for freshness, you don't want to get a name as having stale or old product. after you clean and fill and test the machine, Try a sample vend and Eat it. if you don't like it, no one else will. also keep a note pad with use by dates too.
  5. and make sure they are free and clear. no liens or payments due and not owned by another vending company. I have seen people go whole hog and fail, and you know the bank or the vending supplier aint going to ever see their machines again
  6. OMG! fake bellys? oh the horror
  7. sounds like jelly bellys you can get a huge assortment at like Costco. like 16.00 for 3 lbs or might be a generic knock off too. all kinds of over seas food and stuff shows up lately.
  8. bait the trap with peanut butter crackers or snicker bar slices p.s. if you use my cat method. don't forget to feed the cat everyday...
  9. it dont plus any cracks in the candy shells will have the chocolate run out then you have fresh chocolate covered ants
  10. good thing the same don't work with houses and cars too. HEY! my key opens this house, What are you doing in my HOUSE? It's heart ache already when you pull up to a location of yours to service or to fill, and could swear, this is where you seen it last time... I have seen where a machine isn't serviced for one reason or another and the location will just toss it. there is a idea for a contract clause? said location is responsible for the operator property.
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