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  1. TKK, the first few months I only had one or two machines....it's grown to 19 machines currently. So can't really figure them all into the mix when figuring the average from the start till now (6 months). I do have some really good locations ($40-50) and some really bad locations ($5-7). Last month it averaged about $20 per machine. Also, I've only had one location (thus far) figure out that you can use slugs in the Vendstar. That one will be getting changed out.
  2. Treadmill, that is my ultimate goal (to replace the PT job with vending). I just picked up 30+ more machines so I guess my next goal is to have 50 machines out within my first year (have 19 out at six months so I better pick up the pace).
  3. Bars are my best locations... When I first started I didn't want any - being a female I felt funny about going into some of them to service the units by myself. But I bought a route that had three and now they have become one of my top choices as far as locations.
  4. I have a Chinese Buffet and was excited about it when the locator got it for me. It never occured to me that A) clientelle are mostly adults and it IS a buffet and they eat till stuffed...leaving no desire for candy. This past month was actually my first month where it did fairly well. Guessing a new employee must have gotten hired or they picked up a regular customer that really likes candy? Hope yours does better. I think your numbers look good for being pretty new. I have 19 locations and this last month (which was a 2 month cycle) collected about $400 (missed about 5 stops so that was for about 15 machines). It's easy to think it isn't much...but it adds up over time. Also, if the bar is a dive bar (I have a couple) they don't care what the machine looks like - as long as it dispenses candy. I have a few with missing doors and I've never replaced them.
  5. I know many people here do not like Vendstars...but personally I do. With that said, I picked up 32 machines plus extra parts (including the bag to carry extra canisters) with locks/keys for $600. For this month I went ahead and got a storage unit because I couldn't fit that many in my garage. I'd REALLY like to focus on getting them located though. After attempts at using LRU and Kickstart - I've decided maybe that route isn't my best option. I already work a full time job and a part time job - but may take a day off and see how many machines I can self locate in a day. My other thought is hiring someone off CL to locate but not sure how successful that'd be. Anyone else have suggestions on how to quickly get these turned around and out of storage? The positive news is that I didn't have to pay any money out of pocket to buy these. I used the profits from the first 6 months of business and reinvested it. Finally starting to see the monthly income increasing as I get more locations. Have 20 locations thus far.
  6. TKK, can I suggest you spell out 'you' and not use 'u'? Also double check your spelling. I saw several typos. I know this isn't huge but if you want quality people then they need to think you are professional. Maybe I am a grammer snob - but I'd see that ad and think it wasn't 'real'. You'll have to report back with how this works out for you. I've placed an ad but never gotten any responses. I've also posted on FB and to FB groups I belong to that I'm willing to pay cash for locations...but never get any bites.
  7. I haven't had any locators that have stood out to me. I've used Kickstart (a little expensive and locations have been my lowest performers) and LRU (took them MONTHS to fill 2 locations - will say that one of the locations has turned out to be a great location - but I turned down several poor offerings before I got the good one). I sent in a contract for FCL and never heard another word from them. I just bought 32 new machines - may just take a day off work and try my hand at self locating. Or try the technique of paying someone $15 a location and hiring them off CL. Not sure what else to try. Don't really have the time to self locate but using locators is just as slow since they aren't turning them around quickly. Not sure if our city is THAT difficult (that's what I'm being told) or if it's because I can only afford a couple at a time and thus they aren't priority. Regardless, need to find something better. Going to go read up on self locating.
  8. I had my first kick out recently. It was a small Chinese restaurant. Was found by a locator - when I originally went to place it I talked to the owner - who told me someone else had had a machine there before but had pulled it due to low sales. I figured it was better on site somewhere than in my garage. It never did over $5 a month...so I'm not hurt that they called and asked it be removed. They never gave a reason though which I thought was strange.
  9. Always enjoy reading how you are progressing. Can I ask a couple questions? How do you get into break rooms? Did you locate those or were they from a locator? If you located - who would be the person to talk to? Same question on the nursing home...and is it more for the employees or seniors or guests? Where is it located within the nursing home. Thanks! And keep up the good work.
  10. Been crazy busy - as I've been working a full time job, a part time job, and doing the vending (and being a single Mom). Whew! Happy to say things are going well overall. In six months I've went from one machine that pulled $18 to 17 machines that pulled almost $400 (actually missed 6 stops due to Sunday schedules so the total is for 11 machines). Granted, this pull was for a 2 month period - so my average isn't as good as it sounds...but it's still growing and I'm ok with that considering my time constraints. Picked up a new location today while out servicing the route. Noticed a new tattoo shop and went in - they couldn't wait to get it and wanted it today. Also, have one to call that LRU found. So that'll bring it up to close to 20 machines which was my original goal. I've had some bumps and weirdness along the way - as I'm sure everyone does. I've lost one location - they asked me to come and pick it up. No great loss since it never did more than $5 per month. Had another place that was a brand new business next to an existing location. They were very excited about having a temp tattoo machine in their smoke shop. Wasn't two days later and I got a call asking that it be picked up because they were closing the business. Glad they at least called. I've had some damage to two machines. One was at a bar/grille and they called me to tell me one of the employees accidentally knocked it over and it was broken. I swung by and it was easily fixed and back in action the same afternoon (which was good because it is my only goldmine location). When I serviced my machines this month I noticed some damage to a machine at the Chinese Buffet. What's strange is that it is a Vendstar 3000 and it has the tray and the tray wasn't broken but the canister was cracked. So either someone purposely tried to break it - or I guess it could have fallen against something sharp so it only hit the canister area but not the tray. Regardless, no major damage other than cosmetic. For no more money that it is making ($10ish per month) I'm leaving it as is. I've changed out product in two locations so far - taking out Boston Baked Beans and adding Reeses/Skittles. That made a huge difference at one of the locations - the other not so much. Lost two competitors at two different locations. Didn't notice any change in income though. Was hoping it'd increase my sales but not thus far. Think that is about it as far as an update.
  11. Are you liking First Choice? I hadn't heard the greatest feedback about them so haven't tried them. But I'm not thrilled with LRU and Kickstart charges more and you have to pay all up front. So I'm looking for other alternatives.
  12. Steve, I've had my Cruiser since 2005 (it's a 2003). I bought it with about 30K miles on it. It has never given me a single problem - never left me stranded. Well, it left me stranded ONCE when I didn't do maintenance on it (the timing chain/belt) but I count that as my bad...not the car's. I love the amount of room it has in it. You can remove the back sets entirely or you can just fold them down. We've had two full size go karts in mine at the same time, we've had arcarde games, and now we have vending machines. It has about 140K miles now and it's my secondary car. I don't own a truck so any time I need to pick up more than a couple machines then I take the Cruiser.
  13. I gotta stop buying machines! Picked up 10 more Vendstars for $175 and a 'Candy King' (brand new) and 1500 27mm bouncy balls for $130. I couldn't fit another thing in my Cruiser.
  14. Looking on CL there is a machine on location that does both snacks and drinks - they are asking $350. They said it is currently priced at .50 and that in the location the people can't afford much more - but the price is adjustable on the machine. It is an older machine - he's had it on location for 5 years and has never had any issues. He had it professionally serviced six months ago - including recharging it. He has to refill it with snacks/sodas once a month during the winter and twice a month during the summer (when it's hot and they drink more sodas). It is approximately an hour and a half from my house and would be the only machine I have in that area. So far I've only done bulk vending. This seems like a good deal and a good way to try out full line vending. But thought I'd ask for opinions from those in the know. My main complaint would be the distance. I hate driving.
  15. I work for a relatively large company. We have a break room with full size soda and snack vending machines. But all items are $1. I approached them about placing a bulk candy machine in the break room(s) and got turned down. We have more than one building. He said our building is already too crowded and the other building the vendor has a no-competition contract. I considered asking about just keeping a machine in my cube...as I only work in the office occasionally...but figure my coworkers might not appreciate the sounds of quarters and candy dropping while they are trying to work. I was really hoping to land this location. Oh well, onward and upward.
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