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  1. VendSoft is a lot cheaper than ParLevel and offers similar functionality (like reading USATech data and pre-kitting). We can offer an additional discount for TVF members. Please send me a personal message here with the number of ePort devices that you have and we will send you an offer.
  2. Hi Dylan. Thank you very much for your interest in VendSoft! I am not familiar in detail with ParLevel but I would say that both systems are similar. We can offer you to test VendSoft with a free trial account. You can enter just a couple of machines and compare both systems in parallel.
  3. VendSoft founder here. Our software is also a cloud based SaaS with similar functionality to ParLevel (including the telemetry). As far as I know it's more affordable than ParLevel. I will be glad to answer any questions here or at the new supplier pipeline section.
  4. Dear Vendiscuss friends, We would like to introduce our software to the Vendiscuss community. Key Features and Benefits of the VendSoft vending software solution More efficient means of retaining, retrieving and analyzing information to better understand your business needs (which can save you time and money) Cloud based service – allows for greater flexibility in use of mobile platforms Supports both Android and iPhone smartphone platforms "Offline mode" allows user to enter route details without network connectivity; information can then be uploaded to the cloud with a WiFi conn
  5. Hi cashman. Yes, there is a 14 day free trial. You can create trial account from the pricing page. The standard price is $19/month or $190/year but we will make a discount for forum members. We have been developing the software for more than 2 years and we acquired our first paying customers 9 months ago.
  6. Apologies for the self-promotion but I would like to mention about our vending management system VendSoft. It is similar to (and hopefully better than) vendtrack and my vend track. We have an Android app and also a mobile app which can be used from iPhone and iPad. We can offer individual discounts for the members of the forum. Just send me an email to lubo@vendsoft.com.
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