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  1. nevermind.. it is a max and I can't upload anymore.. ohh well
  2. so it was a wire broke. The ziptie that they used at the factory was so tight that it caused the wire to bend too sharply every time the drawer was pulled out. Anyway, the wire broke so close to the plug that i can't fix the break. Anyone know where to get a plug/pigtail like this one? I will have to upload the pics individually since there is a file size limit
  3. Luckily the account isn't super worried about those selections at the moment, I do however try and keep things operational at all times. I revisited the machine and noticed that every selection ending in "3" had a green wire with a white stripe. This wire is bundled into the harness coming from the bottom shelf and ends up plugging into the control board. I swapped motors on each selection that ended in 3 and inspected each shelf for broken or damaged green/white wires and made sure each of the terminals was pushed in deep enough in their respective harness plugs. My next step will be to test
  4. Hey, I have a 3508 snack machine that is doing something that I haven't dealt with before. Every selection that ends with 3 will not vend or test vend (13, 23, 33, 43 and 53). I know its not the key pad because all of the selections that begin with 3 all vend perfectly. When I just thought i was dealing with one bad selection I swapped motors with another position and the problem persisted even with a different motor. I'm a little stumped, any ideas?
  5. Ok, I found the 7 segment programming instructions and after performing that, the display read HD which is perfect. I go to try and set prices though by pressing buttons 1 &2 at the same time till I came to S-P and then press a selection to program prices the display would say "LOC" instead of prices like I expected. Anyone have any ideas about that? Thanks in advance
  6. Hey, I have a machine that has been in storage for a bit and have a place to put it and when I plugged it in the display reads I unplug the barrel plug down low and unplug the bill validator and coin mech to make sure they are not causing anything and still same message. It is a dixie 368 machine with an ssid board. I would assume its a board issue, anyone else recommend checking anything else or have any other ideas? Thanks
  7. Thanks Snoopy, around here (Springfield Mo) Pepsi charges $100 for a service call if they must send a tech out. Most repairs I will do before I will spend the $100. Thanks for the lead on the board supplier.
  8. here is a link to above to show that i'm not making this up
  9. Chris, I apologize to you and others for my blanket post, I do understand that you were saying that there really isn't a need to adjust any cooler. I do understand that and agree. My issue really is with AZ, I still have a bad taste in my mouth over a deal that we had maybe close to two years ago. He said he had a board for a certain machine, he said he needed pictures so I sent several, I wait days with no response. Eventually i start asking him why no reply, and I never hear from him again. I post on this forum about looking for a board or repair service and he immediately pipes up for me to
  10. because it was easy and free.. I can't just blindly turn the knob? .. well i did.. so i have proven that it is possible. Did turning the thermostat a touch cooler stop the machine from cooling down? NO!! thanks anyway. I now see that there is nothing else involved in the cooling system that would keep it from cooling down (as I thought in the beginning). I think sometimes you guys tune in to exactly what is accepted here on this forum and are quick to correct anything that doesn't line up with those guidelines, maybe you all are all online wanna be forum big shots, I'm not sure. I used to re
  11. Hey everyone, so its been a while since ive been on this forum. Everything has just been going well, but a couple weeks ago I got a call that a 501E machine wasn't cooling. I didn't think much of it, got to the location, opened the door and found that the condensing motor wasnt spinning. This is a pepsi leased machine, so i just go get a cooling deck from them put it in and the compressor kicks in but it just didn't impress me to much because usually they start cooling pretty quick and getting a little frost on the evaporator etc. Anyway I turned the thermostat and could feel the compressor ki
  12. thank you everyone, I really appreciate it
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