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  1. Ok, I found the 7 segment programming instructions and after performing that, the display read HD which is perfect. I go to try and set prices though by pressing buttons 1 &2 at the same time till I came to S-P and then press a selection to program prices the display would say "LOC" instead of prices like I expected. Anyone have any ideas about that? Thanks in advance
  2. Hey, I have a machine that has been in storage for a bit and have a place to put it and when I plugged it in the display reads I unplug the barrel plug down low and unplug the bill validator and coin mech to make sure they are not causing anything and still same message. It is a dixie 368 machine with an ssid board. I would assume its a board issue, anyone else recommend checking anything else or have any other ideas? Thanks
  3. Thanks Snoopy, around here (Springfield Mo) Pepsi charges $100 for a service call if they must send a tech out. Most repairs I will do before I will spend the $100. Thanks for the lead on the board supplier.
  4. here is a link to above to show that i'm not making this up
  5. Chris, I apologize to you and others for my blanket post, I do understand that you were saying that there really isn't a need to adjust any cooler. I do understand that and agree. My issue really is with AZ, I still have a bad taste in my mouth over a deal that we had maybe close to two years ago. He said he had a board for a certain machine, he said he needed pictures so I sent several, I wait days with no response. Eventually i start asking him why no reply, and I never hear from him again. I post on this forum about looking for a board or repair service and he immediately pipes up for me to just contact him. I then remind him that i did and all the emails etc. He immediately goes silent again, very unprofessional. But then he wants to get on here like some vending God or something haha. He is very knowledgeable I will say that, and I bought several things from him previously, but his treatment of that last deal was very unprofessional and cost me the account because i kept waiting on him. He could have responded with anything and it would have been ok. Sorry I can't come up with one or its going to take months to get one or you will have to send in your board to have repaired etc.
  6. because it was easy and free.. I can't just blindly turn the knob? .. well i did.. so i have proven that it is possible. Did turning the thermostat a touch cooler stop the machine from cooling down? NO!! thanks anyway. I now see that there is nothing else involved in the cooling system that would keep it from cooling down (as I thought in the beginning). I think sometimes you guys tune in to exactly what is accepted here on this forum and are quick to correct anything that doesn't line up with those guidelines, maybe you all are all online wanna be forum big shots, I'm not sure. I used to really like and enjoy this forum.
  7. Hey everyone, so its been a while since ive been on this forum. Everything has just been going well, but a couple weeks ago I got a call that a 501E machine wasn't cooling. I didn't think much of it, got to the location, opened the door and found that the condensing motor wasnt spinning. This is a pepsi leased machine, so i just go get a cooling deck from them put it in and the compressor kicks in but it just didn't impress me to much because usually they start cooling pretty quick and getting a little frost on the evaporator etc. Anyway I turned the thermostat and could feel the compressor kick in and everything. Turned the thermostat a little colder just for safety. So i get the call today that the sodas are hot again. I haven't made it back out to look at the machine, but anyone have any ideas of what could be happening? What are the chances of getting a bad cooling deck?
  8. thank you everyone, I really appreciate it
  9. you have emails with several pictures
  10. Hey, anybody know of a good place to send boards off to be repaired? I have a USI board that is in need of repair/replacement. Thanks in advance
  11. Hey guys, I have a usi 3053 that has been completely trouble free for 3 years. 2 weeks ago I got a call that it had stopped taking bills. When I arrived the LED was on (coinco 24 mdb unit) but the validator wouldnt even attempt to pull a bill in, so I replaced it with another coinco and all was well. Last week I got another call saying that the machine now won't accept any money at all, so I went back and the machine had some misc display that I didn't recognize, but when i hit the service button it said error 3 which was no communication of coin mech, so I replaced the coin mech and still nothing, I then unplugged the validator and still nothing, I then unplugged the coin mech and of course no change. I checked all the cables and they all appear in good condition. I unplugged all of them 2-3 times to see if maybe that would help with any connection issue in on the harness plugs, but nothing. One other issue that i noticed was that they keypad was unresponsive, I think all these problems are related starting all the way back at the validator, and I have the feeling that its a board issue, but wanted to see what you guys think?
  12. Hey everyone, its been a while. I have a 113 that the drawer slide has came loose and of course is not connecting correctly to the electrical connector when slid in. I didn't have time to look it over closely to see what sort of hardware is involved in reattaching, and tought that I could look at the parts breakdown to see whats supposed to be there. It looks like the parts breakdown is pretty worthless in this area. Does anyone know is it just a bolt or some sort of clip?
  13. RJT, I do look for high end accounts, but I'm not going to turn my nose up at the medium sized ones when they come around, they have been profitable for me. I can see how if a guy went out and spent 8-10 grand in equipment and then only pulled in $100 at a time that it would take some time, but I have a way to store equipment, and when i find a good deal i snag it and keep it until a location becomes available. I usually have invested around $500 for soda and snack per account. There is not a my way is the right way, and everyone else is wrong in this business. RSchlig, I absolutely agree!!! low stress and quick and easy.
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