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  1. It is not acrylic. (Plexiglas is a brand name for acrylic.) Usually soda machine fronts are polycarbonate. I second the Novus plastic polish suggestion. Get number 1 and 2. I personally use a harbor fright buffer pad on a drill. Good luck.
  2. Ehh. No one sees the top anyway so just bend the sheet metal back and slap a new sign on and call it a day. If the trim is fucked try Crane MS.
  3. Take a screwdriver and use the shaft to push hard to the right on the bottom part of the connector while pushing down on the top of the double part of the connector. Once it loosens you can pull it off.
  4. Because something that seems to work now may not be the best or most reliable. See also: 4 deep cans in Vendo 720s, anything in a P series Dixie, 16.9 oz Nestle water in anything. But to answer the OPs question, yes, sounds about right. Just make sure the rear spacer leaves enough slack to slip a single finger between the bottle and the sold out paddle.
  5. Make sure any parts you save are still good. Judging by your comments, you want to inspect all electronics to make sure they are not broken or shorted out as it will cause the tripping of the breaker. Also make sure parts aren’t bent. What I would do is unplug the refrigeration deck (the deck has a plug connection in the lower left side of the cabinet, about a foot up from the ground. Should be a small box with a bunch of wires coming from it. The refrigerator deck is a 2 prong plug that plugs into the front face of the box.) Then plug in the machine, see if it still trips the breaker. If so then something in the machine is wrong. If not then the deck has something wrong. You can also plug the deck directly into an extension cord (the plug should look like a regular household plug) and test it that way. Was it actually dropped from a second floor? If so I want pics lol.
  6. Not really, just look at it and figure it out. I do it routinely to replace scratched up lenses (coin insert and display lens are both part of the coin insert geometry.
  7. Yep. You might get it working now but the design is garbage and you will end up dealing with constant coin jams.
  8. Literally everything. I run a bunch of 501Es so I will eventually use every part. Motors, rotors (if they aren’t bent, 100% grab them. Sooner or later you will come across a machine that has bent or rotors with a lot of play), shims, rods, motor cover, chute, thermostat, evap fan, deck, mech, Val, all electronics including board and harnesses, chute, trim if it’s in good shape, t handle, coin insert/t handle plate, display, basically anything that is useable and is not the door or cabinet sheet metal. Also, you can eBay a lot of this stuff.
  9. If the Coincos are Mag 50 or newer and the Conluxes are MDB I’m sure you’d find takers on eBay. Or call a couple places that do rebuilds see if they will give you anything. But old metal validators like the CBAs are scrap.
  10. I would need the make and model of the machine to give you a solid answer. But as a general consideration if you get a lot of 5s and you have a 3 tube mech you might have issues with running out of quarters.
  11. Unfortunately one of the big reasons we tell people to stay away from these machines is the lack of parts and tech support. My suggestion is to go on eBay. Good luck.
  12. Maybe, but probably not. Never tried myself. If you can’t you would need a new mech that is set to take .882 tokens with a micro switch on it. Call up Beaver and ask. If it’s possible they can sell you parts and if not they can sell you the right mech.
  13. Lol. Good luck getting the cops to even show up. Round here the local cops barely respond to car smash and grabs. Hell if it’s under 950 it’s only a ticketable misdemeanor offense. Screw this state. In any case unless you live in a really quiet rural area I doubt the cops will even respond. In the meantime try fixing your anti theft flaps.
  14. Welcome! There is a lot of knowledge in past threads, I would suggest doing a bunch of reading. As a general word however don’t buy machines from companies that promise you a complete business package or promise that you’ll make $xxx or that it’s easy money. Like any other business there’s no guarantees and it’s hard work. Good luck, and if you have other questions feel free to start a new thread in the main section of the boards.
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