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  1. orsd

    Vendo Drink Machine Not Vending

    Is it 2, 2, 2, 2 or 2, 0, 2, 0? As in 2 every vend or vends 2, then 0, then 2?
  2. orsd

    Vendo Drink Machine Not Vending

    Check all the motor switch connectors.
  3. orsd

    Need locator

    Kickstart is terrible. With Rodney, I've had locations where I was refused on arrival, however he will make it right. And I didn't have to pay a dime until my order was fulfilled in whole. It sucks, but he has no control over who picks up at the other end, and if that person actually has decision making power. I've gotten quite a few goldmines from him. Couple duds, but that's just the way it is.
  4. orsd


    Yup. One note is that the code is assigned by them, then you use that code to order more locks in the future from them. But any locks ordered with that code will be keyed alike. And that lock (and any other lock sold as vending plug locks) will fit 99% of vending machines out there with T and L handles. And it will 100% fit any machine from a major US mfg.
  5. orsd


    LSI Depot. Great company, good prices. I like medecos, 25 a pop, you have your own registered code.
  6. orsd


    LSI Depot. Great company, good prices. I like medecos, 25 a pop, you have your own registered code.
  7. orsd

    How to pick a coffee vending machine?

    If you are meeting with a rep that’s a bad sign. To me it means that you are buying from a company that is pitching it as a business, which means that you will overpay for garbage equipment. If you really want to vend coffee read the back posts and learn. If you have any questions just make a post and ask.
  8. orsd

    Identify this manual machine

    I would argue that it’s worse than nothing. It lets you experience the hassle of snacks without the reward. Also, it costs you in trust. If it’s constantly broken the location might boot you.
  9. Depends. Tea varies a lot. Also depends on the tea brand, Arizona is marketed to a whole different demographic than say Gold Peak.
  10. It’s highly area and demographic dependent. But typically Coke, Pepsi, brand name lemon lime (7up or sprite, whatever’s cheaper), Dr Pepper, Mtn Dew, brand name orange soda (Fanta, Crush, Sunkist) are my core flavors. Water and Monster sell good too. And don’t worry if the sign says Pepsi, doesn’t matter. Do Coke anyways.
  11. orsd

    Double head brackets?

    Just drill new mounting holes. Measure, use a center punch to put a dent in it so the bit don't wander (like 3 bucks on Amazon or a hardware store) and drill. Mild steel drills like butter.
  12. orsd

    Live display machines

    I think most of the sales boost comes from the robotic arm. I think a lot of people get a kick out of that. Hell, if I’m gonna be honest it still brings out my inner 5 year old sometimes.
  13. The vending parts are rock solid reliable. The only real “weak spots” is the refrigeration system, but that is expected of a 40 year old system. For your current situation a coin mech is going to run maybe 40 bucks on eBay. A conplete, rebuilt cooling deck is about 300, but you know that it’s gonna be good for years to come. They are pretty easy to swap, I can pull one in like 20 minutes. Honestly it depends on which one you like better looks wise, as this is a to be home use machine.
  14. I can probably help you diagnose the deck. When you plug it in, what happens? If you turn the thermostat all the way down, what happens? All the way up?
  15. Is this for home use or to make money?