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  1. This would be an excellent addition to PayRange.
  2. If your service guys are lazy, they can destroy your business faster than just stealing from it. And dealing with employees is a pain in the golpher.
  3. Looks like a rebranded Crane National of some flavor. Take some pics of the machine and board and post them.
  4. orsd


    Why are there wires coming from the lock?
  5. orsd

    Anderson vending dolly

    With a good Dutro most moves that don’t go through doors are one man moves, if you have a good lift gate or drop deck trailer.
  6. orsd

    How are Vendo nack machines?

    I have basically never seen one in the wild. They are pretty rare. I don’t run any so I can comment on reliability but since they are so rare you will have trouble getting techs who can work on it. As for parts, Vendo has a good reputation for parts support, however there are zero aftermarket products for this machine. Also, that 148 is wayyyy overpriced, as it isn’t even worth 800 bucks.
  7. orsd

    Difference on a 5591 & 5592

    Its a 5592, but like I said the parts are so interchangeable that DN uses the same instructional labels for the 2145 and 55xx series.
  8. Yup. It's unfortunate, but they are the Yugos of the vending industry. Try not to get any more. In the mean time adjust the shims as described. Or just buy a used Dixie Narco 501E. Easy to set up, lots of support, reliable, and can run CC readers.
  9. orsd

    Difference on a 5591 & 5592

    Baby Bev's are the 3xxx series. Typically Bev 1s are 3591 and Bev 2and above are 3800. 5591 and 5592s will have interchangeable parts. Hell the entire Bev1 lineup (any 55xx, 54xx, 35xx, and 2145 models) has the same manual to cover all of them.
  10. Yep, get a rebuilt 501E. Simplest, most reliable machine for a non-vendor. Plan on spending 1500. Bulk machines are a good idea, but require constant rotation of stock. Products are very seasonal and are often fads. May be worth getting local vending operators to do it for you.
  11. orsd

    What are you selling?

    Gum and Bouncy balls are classics that always sell well and have decent margins. Flat is highly regional and seasonal. I don't do much candy, spoilage and low margins. Skittles and hard pressed candy like Runts usually do well, have decent margins and decent durability in the heat. 1", Adopt a Puppy, Squish stuff, jewelry are pretty good.
  12. orsd

    Vend Purchase Group?

    Your first two posts have all been about how good this program is. To me, if a group needs to employ shills, that is a good indicator to me of how bad the program is.
  13. orsd

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Smart and final. Costco.
  14. orsd

    Vending tall, skinny 12oz cans

    Can you further describe the issue? You definitely should not have to trim the rods.
  15. orsd

    newbie questions

    1. Look the the downloads section of this board. 2. Merch-a-vend. Or go to the dollar store if you are just starting. 3. I've seen it done. I personally would not though. What is it that you want to sell?