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  1. orsd

    $40k to start

    It's going to be hard to run a soda only route. Most locations that make money also want snack machines. And most good soda only locations tend to have been spoiled by coke to expect ridiculously large commissions. That said, if you are in a large metropolitan area you could theoretically run a soda only route with the marginal locations that big vendors won't touch. Tire shops, mechanics, small blue collar locations. Buy single price Dixie Narco's for 300 a pop, service once a month or so, can soda only. Basically a full line route run like a bulk vending route.
  2. orsd

    Help me value the business

    Use the ridiculously low net to your advantage while negotiating.
  3. orsd

    Credit card reader compatible

    No No (can get UCB) No Yes Maybe
  4. orsd

    Help me value the business

    I see. The key to being profitable with this route is efficiency. This means using the telemetry effectively. Only send guys out to the further locations when necessary, when the machines have 60-70% of the items sold. If there is one machine that reaches the 60% sold mark significantly before the others consider adding machines or buying larger ones, so that all of the machines in a particular city needs servicing at around the same time. This way you can send a guy out to the other cities say once a week, and have him hit all those locations. Cuts down on windshield time significantly. This is the one thing that will eat you alive in costs, because it wastes labor and fuel, two of your biggest expenses.
  5. orsd

    Credit card reader compatible

    https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/search/sss?sort=date&query=vending Good used multi price stuff 500 bucks all day every day. Sometimes comes up for 3-400 too.
  6. orsd

    Credit card reader compatible

    The only reason those kits make sense is if the machines in question are upstairs, or have been walled in. For the price of those kits you could almost get newer machines. The main advantage of newer machines, especially for the soda, is the ability to have a multiprice, higher capacity, bottle capable machine.
  7. orsd

    Help me value the business

    Honestly, if managed correctly, it should be a 1 man route. 500K a year is only 10000 a week, or 2000 a day, which is 250 an hour. If it takes a guy more than 1 hr to service 1 machine you have big issues. Either the route man is dilly dallying, locations are way to far apart, or the machines are being serviced way too often. With proper equipment and route planning you should be able to pull at least 250 out of a machine every time you open it.
  8. orsd

    Pop Machine not getting cold.

    Honestly, I don't really care if a compressor burns out. I just swap decks anyway, because the cost to get a tech to replace just the compressor is equal to the cost of a complete deck. Especially for a Vendo that old, next stop for it is gonna be the scrapyard anyways when the compressor completely shits, so no harm trying. The other part is it could be a faulty overload, compressor itself could be just fine. Also, there are burn out flushes, a burn out doesn't actually ruin the deck. http://www.nucalgon.com/products/tsp/rx11-flush
  9. orsd

    Royal 500-40 pos

    This is why bottler machines can be a bad idea.
  10. orsd

    Pop Machine not getting cold.

    Get a new 3in1 and throw it on. https://www.zoro.com/supco-relay-overload-and-hard-start-capacitor-rco210/i/G1690053/#specifications If that fails time for a new compressor.
  11. Damn, I may have been born at night, but I wasn’t born last night with my head up my butt. In any case, even if we disregard any history the vague, marketing bs infused Craigslist ads y’all post are more than enough for me to sense a scam.
  12. orsd

    Random thoughts

    I wonder what the net (ha) impact of the internet is in terms of time it has saved or wasted.
  13. What machine? In any case, with the mars there are different bill box sizes, 200, 300, 500. What do you have on right now?
  14. orsd

    home built vending

    Congrats, and I mean it. Designing something that even remotely works is no mean feat. Designing something to be reliable enough for commercial use is impressive. Designing something well enough to sell it, and be compliant with UL standards for hazardous locations, as a small operation without the resources of a large company is very, very, impressive. And yeah, with what you were doing you pretty much had to build from scratch.
  15. orsd


    I would buy 501ER's all day at that price. Unless they are missing literally everything, they are worth at least that. The one I junked was literally stripped clean, had a damaged door, and the old E series cabinet style.