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  1. I would call Vendo with the serial and full model number and ask. Most basic unit 540s were 720 VMAX machines, but for those the full model will begin with 720. Or, let me see if our resident Vendo tech is still around. @Vendo Mike Also, looks like there was a card reader on this machine before, the holes are already drilled into the door.
  2. Empty the offending column. Look at the rotor. There should be stainless steel fingers sticking out at like a 30degree angle. Sometimes these get bent weird or are broken off with a jagged edge, which can puncture cans.
  3. Sounds like a candy machines.com problem, not a brand one.
  4. Your understanding of locks and physical security is lacking, at best. There are two types of attack, destructive and non-destructive. Destructive attacks damage the lock or machine. Examples include drilling, cutting, and popping using impact. This is why the physical strength of a lock matters. And as such, material and design matter. A cheap ebay lock is usually soft brass. A Medeco is built out of more robust materials, and it has hardened steel pins in the face to resist a drilling attack. Non destructive attacks do not damage the lock or machine. This involves three d
  5. I’m afraid you are unlikely to get much help here. The vast majority of members are US based and as such have no experience with European equipment whatsoever. I guess other than waiting for a European member to show up, try finding a manual or contacting the manufacturer? Other than that I would try seeing how it behaves when actually vending an item versus vending an empty selection. If it behaves differently then the feature is likely turned on. If it’s turned on but not working right then my best guess based on how US equipment works is to see if you can aim the sensor or ad
  6. I think he said elsewhere he’s in Portugal. The Cashflow 690 is also a European coin mech. But I agree please take the pics again they aren’t showing up.
  7. With it set for 75c will it vend for any amount? If so what amount? You may need to fill the tubes with like a dollar in nickels for this to work.
  8. Second is a Royal. Classic Royal delivery port trim.
  9. If you are looking for a snack machine this is worth looking at. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Automatic-Products-AP-7600-Revision-Door-Snack-Vending-Machine-MDB-FREE-SHIPPING/143756075753?hash=item217887a2e9:g:cf4AAOSwcFhfboIn American made cabinet with a brand new door with all the latest features. Under 2k shipped. Good luck finding a Chinese machine for that much.
  10. Refurbished American all day, everyday, and twice on Sunday. You need help fixing stuff? The American stuff will have service literature, parts, and tech support readily available. An average vending tech will probably know how to work on it. Chinese stuff? Good luck. Also, a refurb American machine that's priced the same as a comparable Chinese machine should have similar technology. The most important features are MDB, DEX, and possibly drop sensors, which most American refurbs in the 2k range should have.
  11. With this method you will need to press the button for credit, then select a soda. Also, there is 110 volts running through the switch so be careful.
  12. If you have been plugging and unplugging stuff with the machine powered up you could have damaged the bill validator or coin mech.
  13. Couple things. Whenever you plug or unplug a coin mech or bill Val make sure the machine is unplugged. You can damage stuff otherwise. Post a pic of the machine. We can help you with ID. If it’s still there the model and serial tag will be on the left edge of the door, midway up the machine. That would be best.
  14. http://www.vendingworld.com/Manuals/Coinco/BillPro/BillPro BP2BX BP4BX manual.pdf Page 6 for programming
  15. Yeah, cause those machine have 10s of thousands of vends on them and are pushing 20 years old. And, there are a lot more of them out there. You go to a mechanics shop, you are going to see a lot of Toyotas and Hondas. Not because they are unreliable, but simply because are are way more of them out there.
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