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  1. No. That is Dixie Narco button numbering. Royals are 1234 left to right. Like is logical, and like the number line you learned in elementary school.
  2. Mediocre locations in terms of monthly earnings. Not that there is much money in bulk candy. Honestly, it’s dying a slow death, and with COVID I would expect to lose a bunch of those locations due to closures and disease concerns. If I were you I would talk to my existing ATM locations about putting toy racks or better yet crane machines.
  3. The older machines are a bit lighter as they are smaller, but they can still be a pain to move if you have never done it before. But the other concerns that Corvus brought up are valid. Many of the older machines have very limited parts availability, and little tech support. On that note, while you are welcome to stay here, you may not get much information. Most of us have never worked with the older stuff, as our focus is making money, and very few of us collect retro equipment as a hobby. There are dedicated retro machine forums out there, and they may be better able to help you. As for the refrigeration, remember that vintage stuff like this uses refrigerant R-12, which is very expensive, as it is being phased out. I really could not give you a cost without looking at the machine, as there could be any number of things wrong with it. all with different costs to fix. If you just want something with the Dr. Pepper logo, you could probably get something a little newer. Even something like this would be light years better. You can still get eBay parts for these, and many of us are very familiar with how they work, as the control system was used into the 1990s.
  4. Is it setting a credit on the relay? (Do you hear a click from the relay when you’ve inserted enough money?) As far as I know you aren’t supposed to be able to get your money back after the vend price has been met.
  5. Is this a single price or electronic? (Does it have an LED display?) The v407 designation is just a cabinet size. The full model number (its like 10 characters long) would help as well.
  6. Older Vendos can be slightly finicky. But the V21 series are awesome machines. And thankfully so, considering that they are the only stack vendor that is available new.
  7. In the right location frozen will at least give you a fighting chance of turning a profit, as you will have far less spoilage. Fresh food is much like a boat in that you just throw money into an endless pit.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a template for a notice to post on the doors of a closed location to inform the owner, landlord, liquidation company, bank, etc that your machines are inside and to call for pickup. Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer, I make no guarantee to the legality or effectiveness of this notice.


  9. Sweet machines but hard to find used and fairly expensive when you do.
  10. I use LSI. Locking Systems International. They also have a cheap house brand of tubular locks. Good enough for the price.
  11. If the Conlux is MDB go for it. As a rule of thumb you can mix and match MDB devices with no issues. There are some particular combos that particular machines do not like but I don’t think the Merlin 4s have any.
  12. The 276E, 501E, and 600E are all part of the same series. These machines are all very reliable and simple to use. The 276E is a narrow machine for tight spots. I only use these if space is an issues, as they don’t hold a lot. The 501E is one of my favorites, awesome machine. The 600E is a taller 501E. Holds more but absolutely suck to move, and are best for outdoor locations and warehouses, places you don’t have to go through doors to get to. Please note that Dixie Narco also made P, T and no suffix machines. P series are absolutely trash. Don’t buy. T series are a bit older but still reliable machines. No suffix machines, if they have a metal serial tag and look old, and don’t have an LED display are single price. These are pretty old and don’t do bottles, and every item must be sold for the same price. Still, they are an ok starter machine. If it has no suffix, and a paper serial tag and an LED display then don’t buy it, it sucks, just like the P series. There was also an N machine, the flexpak. Really rare and really terrible. Many were bought back and crushed. The 540 is a Vendo product. Still a good machine as well.
  13. I do. I keep them written on a card with the rest of my important business documents. Plus another on my computer, and a picture on my phone. Also, I use one distributor for my keys, LSI, who keeps a record. If all else fails, I can just call them up. But as for the OP's original question, Rowe is long out of business, and even then whatever shipping lock that Rowe included has almost certainly been swapped out in the 30-40 years since it was built. Call around to different locksmiths. Some will be significantly cheaper than others. Otherwise if its a tubular lock go on eBay and order a pick set. Like 30-40 bucks. Then after you see how easy it is to pick the damn things get a better lock like an Abloy or Medeco.
  14. Does the motor run at all? Also, is there a can jammed in the column? If the motor runs and stops, but "coasts" until the switch is out of the cam, you have a gummed up brake. Clean it with soapy water, no lube. If the motor runs and runs, you have a bad motor switch. Swap the switch with another motor's. If the issue follows the switch then you have a bad switch. If the motor does not run at all, but hums, then you have a jam. If the motor doesn't run and doesn't hum, you have a wiring issue or bad motor.
  15. It’s getting older but still fairly ok with the updated tall pushers. However in a warehouse setting they invite issues. A big guy can body slam or rock the machine and get a drink to pop past the gates and fall. Personally, I would get a Dixie 501E and call it a day.
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