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  1. Sounds like it’s time to add some options 1. Vend normally regardless of changer status. 2. Go into exact change only mode for a jammed tube. This disables the validator unless prices are dollar increments. The card reader works normally.
  2. Look for a hole in the white plastic piece. Jam a screwdriver or a pick in there and pry/pull straight out. The white plastic piece should pop out. Then unscrew the black collar. Body comes out the front.
  3. There is a setup guide. It’s available online or should a label be on your inner door. Might have fallen off though. Priming is done by vending a bunch of times (usually 1 or 4) until a soda comes out. Also, do you have a pic of the machine front and the inside, with the motor cover off?
  4. Programming manual www.vendingworld.com/Manuals/Dixie/S2D-Program.pdf
  5. To access the menu there is a small blue button on the board. Press that. Then hold selection buttons 1 and 2 to go thru the menu.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is guide to programming settings on the Sporsblaster Xtreme. This is the electronic version, with the 4" capsule big prize dispenser and electronics. This is not official, however since a factory guide was unavailable I wrote this version based on the verbal instructions from a factory tech, and my own experiences.


  7. The recommendation is to not, unless you really, really have a space constraint. Otherwise you will work yourself to death trying to keep it filled. If you really insist on a combo USI, AMS, and Crane make good stuff.
  8. Cards don’t work on older non MDB LCMs. Might need an EPROM on newer ones. And no DEX so no cash sales unless you have a UCB.
  9. This whole thing is known in the industry as an abomination to God. It should be destroyed with fire. Failing that, you should really replace those wire nuts with a quality closed end crimp connector. (Or Wago connector) Screw wire nuts on anything that isn’t a house. Doubly so if there is moisture or movement involved. I saw your other post. I will PM you so we can sort out that harness.
  10. Looks like a solid setup. I’d rotate the toys since groceries have repeat customers and you want to keep it fresh. Otherwise get a claw machine in there, if they are legal in your area. Or a kinetic gumball.
  11. They contacted is something added on. They are to the right in the photo. The thing on the left is bypassed and no longer used.  The timer in the upper left is what replaced it along with the contactors


    1. Wmcghee


      It turned this pic sideways but you can see the harness here. 


    2. Wmcghee


      I guess I don’t know how to pm. How much for the harness? Thanks

  12. What a dumpster fire. SIIDs don’t have sold out lights. To price an SIID you need the top two selection buttons (and whatever button for the selection you want to price) working. To fully program one you need the top 4. Also, when you say you can make it vend by pushing on a contact what contact is that? In any case when the switch is closed (wires twisted together) that is the default button not pressed state. To make the machine think you pressed a button you need to disconnect the right wires for that button. My advice to you, get a good select switch harness. Then put buttons in on the top 4, and route a wire from the top button to the vend button on the outside of the machine. If you want pm me, I have an old select switch harness from an old Coke 600E I’ll sell you cheap.
  13. Wtf happened? Try calling the mfg of the machine and ask for a diagram or a new harness.
  14. Which ones? Dixie/Crane pulled out of the stack vendor market a few years ago. Royal is no longer producing new equipment.
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