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  1. Check your motor connectors. Make sure they are reinstalled and that you have not missed the tabs with the connector (unplug and replug carefully making sure it is aligned if you are unsure).
  2. Also be sure to note which way the motors are in relation to the rotors before swapping them around. You can flip them 180 degrees and it won’t vend right.
  3. Are there a bunch of scrape marks near the middle of the rotor?
  4. Learn how to diagnose and replace evaporator fans, condensor fans, and start components. You do not need certification for that. For me, that’s all the repairs I do. I do have a refrigeration card (cheap and easy to get), gauge set and recovery machine (that I got cheap off Craigslist) so I can legally top off refrigerant charges and scrap old machines. If the charge leaks out too quickly or if it needs anything major like a compressor I just send it off to be rebuilt. Costs 3-400 bucks. Actually doing repairs is too time consuming to be worth it.
  5. That was a doozy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a machine with that setup. Good job, I would have slapped a board in too before finding that even if I was in front of the machine with my tools. Would you mind taking a pic of it and the machine and posting it for others to reference?
  6. Was this machine working properly before or is it new to you?
  7. Which model number? Should be a tag with that info upper right side of the cabinet with the door opened.
  8. Ooh, another market that Vendo is gonna halfassedly enter and then give up on. And then drop equipment support for. I kid, I kid. Sounds like a great question to ask your Japanese overlords over at Sanden. Japan’s probably got some neat stuff you guys could bring over.
  9. orsd


    That’s a Volkswagen Amarok, isn’t even sold in the US either.
  10. You could but that’s not generally how they fail. I personally don’t (and I’m the type to dielectric everything I touch on a car).
  11. If you have some other AP 66/7600s that haven’t been updated keep them as spares. Otherwise eBay the suckers.
  12. Try unplugging the connectors to the door switch and using a piece of wire to short them out.
  13. The boards should be compatible with each other, as line voltage is stepped down to 24v before being supplied to the board. There may be some settings to change but otherwise it should work.
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