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  1. Vendo shims do not interchange with Dixie Narco shims.
  2. orsd

    Help me identify?

    FYI that’s not my webstore. I think it might be another members here. Not sure.
  3. orsd

    Help me identify?

    Either polycarbonate or acrylic. Polish with plastic polish. (Wear a good respirator mask, most polishes contain crystalline silica) If that doesn’t work time for a new globe.
  4. https://vendingworks.com/blogs/news/coinco-bill-validator-troubleshooting-ba30b-mag50b-ba32sa If it needs to be repaired according to the video throw it in the trash and get a Mars VN2500. I don’t send out BA30s for repair anymore. MAG50s and only if it’s an odd Coinco only application.
  5. orsd

    Help me identify?

    Komet. New parts are unobtainum. I have a stash of (used) parts if you need. NVM new globe for sale. https://www.gumballstuff.com/komet-vending-globe/
  6. The window is just to hold a paper card. No issues there. Go trace all the wires and look for damage. Look at all the connectors especially for the switches on the motor make sure they are on tight and not loose or not plugged in right. The relay clicking tells me that the changer and all that works properly, once the credit relay clicks a credit has been set and the changers job is done.
  7. Welcome. It's always nice to have a direct line to a manufacturer rep. I will say, we have pretty much all seen the marketing and features before. None of that matters if it does not do it's core purpose well, accept credit card payments reliably. What we (or at least I) really want is an explanation of the higher rate of failures. Why did it happen? What steps did you all take to make sure it is fixed, and that future issues do not arise?
  8. Pics of bill validator? Did the machine ever take 5 dollar bills? Credit card readers are possible, you need one configured for pulse. That way the machine sees it as essentially just another bill validator or coin mech.
  9. Use a pulse kit on a card reader. There are no ready to go kits to make a pulse machine MDB ready.
  10. https://www.veii.com/LABELS-INSTRUCTION-PLEXI-USE-DOLLARS-FOR-AP-7000 https://www.veii.com/COIN-INLET-TRIM-FOR-AP
  11. Yep, just replace it. Vendors Exchange, 40 bucks. Like AZ said get new buttons too. Around .30 each so like 7 bucks a set. Extra credit, get a new coin insert trim and led lens and freshen it up. Tip for when you are replacing the keypad, take some painters tape and put it across the front of the select panel. Drop the keys in, so the faces stick to the tape. Then use some Scotch tape to secure the keypad to the select panel. After you screw it all in the tape on the keypad is hidden on the back and you can just peel the painters tape off.
  12. Here is the manual. https://www.amequipmentsales.com/manuals/pdf/Vendo/VENDO VUE MANUAL.pdf Have you tried pressing and holding the mode button?
  13. First off, welcome! The Vendo Vue is an extremely problematic machine. It is notorious for being unreliable, to the point almost every major vending company and soda bottler in the US has sold theirs off for cheap. My suggestion is to buy a Dixie Narco or Crane 5800-4. It is the gold standard for glassfronts here in the US. However neither this nor the Vue nor the LCM are outdoor rated. Also, when you said that you cannot unplug the machine as they are outdoors and built in that raises a few concerns. First off, the Vue and AP LCM are not outdoor rated. This can create a liability and reliability issue. In addition, the glassfront may experience cooling issues on really hot days, especially if the glass faces the sun. There a machines that showcase the product but are outdoor rated, Google Vendo 720 live display for an example. Second, there should be a power distribution panel in the lower left of the machine cabinet. There is a power connection there to unplug the machine. Make sure you unplug the machine whenever you plug or unplug a coin mech or bill validator. Third, an outdoor location presents a significant vandalism and theft risk, especially in a city like San Francisco which is extremely reluctant to prosecute property crimes of any sort. One way to cut down on theft is to go credit card only. Just curious, are you selling your own products from these machines? Also, any particular reason you jumped into the US market so soon?
  14. Theoretically, yes. But those parts suffer from the same issues that prompted this thread in the first place: NW parts are no longer available. And those wheels were not popular so they are hard to find used. Plus it would hold too much. And, if I am going to spend money on parts I would rather just get a .50 mech. And lastly, you cannot put Super 80 on the lower part of a rack, they are too tall and would block the upper machines.
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