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  1. For a narrow column, a can stop shim and a rod.
  2. He is a vending machine dealer in SoCal. I had him move machines for me a few times before I got my own moving setup. Didn’t know that he was doing this now, haven’t talked to him in a while. In any case, I personally learned the ropes from this forum. Read back posts and archives, you will learn a lot. Reading thru his site 500k between 250 machines isn’t really all that impressive. It averages out to 166/machine/mo which are solidly mediocre locations. In any case 300 isn’t the most expensive thing in the world, but you could probably find everything they teach you on this forum. I wouldn’t get the 97/mo mentor ship plan however. Or there was a guy by the handle RJT on this forum. He also does consulting, but more importantly has a book with some of the info you want. I’ve never bought it so I don’t know how good it is but it is cheap and he does know his stuff. Probably worth a shot. http://www.provendingconsultants.com/PurchaseBook.html Or if you have questions post them up and we could probably help you.
  3. Conluxes have been ok to me. Not my first choice but they work good enough. You got it cheap so whatever. Run it till it breaks then get a Mars.
  4. It depends on many things. Blue collar vs white, nearest 7-11, race (Asians don’t use vending), etc.
  5. For me the 720 is a 4 deep in theory machine. Pretty much everything has to be perfect, clean chute that allows cans to slide easy, and new gage bars that are straight as an arrow.
  6. Close the coin entry plate so that only quarters can get through.
  7. Do you know how I know you have never dropped a vending machine? Once a machine tilts past 30-40 degrees from vertical there is nothing that will stop it from falling down. I don’t care if you are strong like bull, unless you can deadlift 400 lbs you are not gently letting that machine down onto the 2x4s. And if you let it down anything but gently you will snap those 2x4s like twigs. Also, sliding will be difficult too. In any case it takes me 5 min to load a machine if I have all the right gear and trucks/trailers.
  8. I agree. The mechs are fucked anyways if you don’t try so just take them apart carefully.
  9. An SIID EPROM is just over 20 from Dixie. Easy to swap too. 2 screws, pull cover. Locate eprom, note the orientation (there will be a half moon notch on one end). Pull old, insert new (don’t bend any pins) Done. Extra credit, swap the CR 2032 button cell battery while your at it.
  10. Nice work. Get that thing out and making money.
  11. Is this a vend motor? If so they way to find one is by brand (Dn or Vendo) and cam color.
  12. What color was that old Coinco?
  13. Doh! Vendtex= Texas, I should have caught that. In a major metro area CL is good also.
  14. Where you at? There's Captains Auction Warehouse in Anaheim, CA for west coast guys. An ok condition 6way Oak rack usually goes for 80-100. NW 200+. For east coast I think there is Auction Game Sales in Gatlinburg, TN and Winston-Salem, NC. Never been so I can't give details. Otherwise eBay I guess.
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