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  1. Damn Thats a nice setup. Just out of curiosity what’s the dishwasher for?
  2. Boards go in shiny anti static esd bags. Mechs and Vals go on the shelf either loose or in clear plastic garbage bags for dust. All the above gets labeled with address labels that a printed checkboxes on. Date, and condition (refurbed, broken/ rebuildable core, known good, unknown, etc) Shims rotors etc boxed by machine model. Motors boxed together by type/machine. Harnesses are bagged and labeled by model and application. Decals I use an accordion organizer. Small parts like hardware, Coin return plungers, coin chutes, etc get bagged labeled and stored in those clear plastic shoeboxes by machine model. Ie 1 box for e series golpher, 1 for Vendo Vmaxes, etc I also stock a bunch of new buttons, delivery port trim, etc. in the same way, so that whenever I get a machine going thru the shop I can put new buttons in if they are beat up. Lots more boxes of misc golpher that is mostly separated by model. Less commonly replaced stuff, t handles, rear spacers, coin mech mounts, coin boxes, random brackets, delivery ports, mostly stuff I pull from machines I’ve junked and are only used if I buy a machine that’s missing a part. Long stuff like trim goes in an old trash can in a corner, sets are zip tied together or labeled by model. I also stock some new signs and tuffronts for really common stuff, 501Es, Vendo 540s, AP 7600s, those lean against the wall, tuffronts go on shelves. Plus a whole lot of random crap everywhere. Where this all goes to hell is with USI golpher. That, my friends, requires the help of an archeologist when I dare look thru that stash of parts. The system used there is probably best described with words like strata, syncline, fault line, and rockslide.
  3. Also, just FYI, the 608 certificate (which is nice to have so you can shop at refrigeration suppliers and be legal) costs like 25 dollars and takes a couple hours. It’s open notes too so as long you have at least a room temeperature iq you should pass it on the first try. Plus you can do it online.
  4. Perfectly doable with full line. Not saying it’s easy, but it’s doable.
  5. Bad idea. You will have a hell of a time loading machines without a lift gate. Plus, the trailer will act as a long lever and will move up and down as you are trying to load a machine, which is very unsafe. The only trailer I would use for moving machines is a drop deck, where the deck lowers to and sits on the ground for easy loading, and stability.
  6. Awesome! Glad you found the issue, wiring can be a real pain.
  7. If you need a Dutro now you will need to shell out the 800 bucks. I got mine used for 180, but that was a rare deal. Put it this way, I’ve seen maybe 1 other Dutro for sale used for less than 400 in my major metropolitan area in 6 years. And yes, they last golpher forever. Guy I bought mine from said he bought it used from a another guy 25 years ago.
  8. A lot newer and can run credit card readers. Some 157s can as well. 147s need a retrofit board (3-400) to be CC capable.
  9. Too expensive if they are used and not refurbished. For refurbished machines with warranty that is about right but used machines should be half those prices, especially in SoCal.
  10. Did it start all of a sudden? All selections or just 1?
  11. I'd be more concerned about the poor earnings. Avg. about 3.75/mo. Pretty bad IMO even for gumball singles.
  12. They are rebuilds, I believe.
  13. https://www.vendingworks.com/dixie-narco-model-5591-2145-em2001-5800.html Don't ask me. I'm guessing they probably take decks that have a good compressor but a pinholed evap or something and fix that.
  14. Healthy does great in places like that with requirements for healthy and a captive audience. But outside of that it doesn't work, people in an office have cars and are willing to drive to the nearest gas station to get their fix. That's not to say that you can't have anything healthy in the machine, but they should only be there if they sell. Usually stuff like peanuts, pretzels, and beef jerky do ok. Depends on location.
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