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    AE validators will not work for vending, they are for crane games and such. You want a VN25X2 or VN27X2, the x can be any number, that has been upgraded to the new 5's. For harnessing, you want an MDB harness for mars validators, sometimes they will be included, but ask the seller.
  2. Random thoughts

    Someone's doing a few rebuilds eh?
  3. Unless it's a screaming deal, something unavailable in TX, or has sentimental value, don't do it. A pallet of LTL from NJ to TX will run 300 on the cheap side, and that is with a loading dock on both ends, shipped Central Transport pallet program, which techically doesn't allow vending machines. If you need a lift gate, you are looking at 500+. With a carrier that allows vending machines, 700-1200, unless the shipper has a high volume account with a carrier.
  4. Anyone buying machines straight from China?

  5. Anyone buying machines straight from China?

    Look for ronsidneys old posts, specifically his ones on the import crane fires.
  6. Vending can be fun(ny)

    Hell its even a golpher vendo.
  7. Vending can be fun(ny)

    Is it just me or does the old Canteen logo look more suited fora library than a vending operation?
  8. Hotel Machine Request

    Just put a cheap single price Dixie on floor 4.
  9. Weird Vending Machines From Around the World

    Most of these are marketing oriented, meaning that they don't make money, but only serve to generate buzz. The others require a golpher ton of maintenance, cleaning, and labor. Making them a no go for US operators.
  10. Slot Machine

    Literally illegal as golpher unless your in certain parts of Nevada or some parts of Indian rez's. You WILL get your turds pushed in by the local sheriff.
  11. No change

    Does it register a credit? When it should be giving change, is the display counting down as if it was giving change? If so is the mech trying to give change? Is there a motor sound?
  12. Textile Mfg Location

    So just to clarify you guys just charge the up front fee and then that's it right? No percentages or recurring fees?
  13. What brand model

    Don't look like a changer to me, looks like a bill val housing box. There is no coin cup or flap, the bill val is where it should be.
  14. Picking up dropped vendor

    That's the exact dolly that I have pinned under the machine in question.
  15. Picking up dropped vendor

    Is is better than a Dutro? If it is I may just start saving up for one. My shop ain't too big, I wish I could have a pallet jack but the Dutro works much better in cramped spaces. No soda, no refrig deck, hell it ain't even got a door, but noted for the future.