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  1. eBay or a parts machine. These machines have not had parts support for a very long time.
  2. Run the system with a gauge set on the low side. If the pressures are still positive (albeit low) atmosphereic gases and moisture should not have been able to get in. If the compressor is pulling a vacuum then you can assume moisture has entered. At that point gonna have to recover the pittance left and pull a vacuum and evacuate. Honestly with removable deck machines I primarily do patch type repairs. Recharges simple component changes etc. Any major work (ie bust out the torches and start brazing) I just grab a rebuilt deck. Now for built in systems yes I agree find the leak and do it right. Even then I’ll probably recharge the first time and throw in dye in case it’s a slow leak.
  3. Not necessarily. Use a pinch off tool to pinch off the process stub. Cut the end off the stub and braze a Schrader on. Unpinch the tube and you are done. No need to recover evacuate and recharge.
  4. It’s a single price machine, only capable of being single price. So the relays for this type of machine are referred to as single price relays. To get multi price capability you need an electronic control board equipped machine. (Technically there were “4 price” machines that used relays but those are fairly rare and the relays will not fit a single price machine like yours)
  5. Sounds like the credit is being canceled for some reason before the bypass switch is engaged.
  6. Is this machine new to you or did you recently change drink type (bottle vs can?) If so it might be set wrong. What packages are you vending and how many notches are showing on the cam (circle disks) in front of the motor?
  7. Yep, old DNs are just slow to start. Just the way it is with the technical limitations of the time period.
  8. For buttons NBS is a good source.
  9. You will need a way to keep direct rain off the machine. Period. I’ve seen these machines survive outside in a cage at the minimum, but preferably something with a little awning extending over to cover the front.
  10. They also sell heated condensate trays that allows for faster evaporation.
  11. How are our LA members doing right now? Any of you guys need anything? @lacanteen @CajunCandy (I know there’s more of y’all out there, feel free to chime in even if I didn’t “@“ you)
  12. Any reason you want an MCM 5 specifically?
  13. AP also made good equipment. The 7600 and 113 are older non MDB but can be upgraded for 400 bucks. The 123 and 122 are solid machines and are MDB.
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