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  1. Buy a bunch of stuff with nickels and quarters. Mech needs change.
  2. Rural MO? Try to see if anyone has gun safe experience. Also, is the machine going through doorways or is it gonna be outside/ through a bay door?.
  3. No, it is not a coke door. It has the little protrusion at the top only. A Coke door would have it top and bottom.
  4. https://beavervending.com/product/northern-beaver
  5. Those are just northern square Beavers being resold with a sticker.
  6. Why do you want wall mounted? They don’t hold nearly enough product.
  7. That would be one crumpled mask. Also, not many folks carry coins nowadays.
  8. Rebranded Seaga triple. Not great machines. I’d pass personally.
  9. He specified used as it is much cheaper than new equipment. For the right price new in box but pre owned equipment can be a great deal. However you should still consider the make and model of machine and price to see if it is worth buying. There are many machines for sale by candymachines.com that I would not use on route even if it was for free. Do you have a link to the ad?
  10. Also if it’s a live display or chameleon vendor the button order is opposite that of Dixie live displays. Royal is left to right. Dixie is right to left.
  11. I actually have 2 machines designated 501E R. I believe a 522R would be more similar to a 522T sign. In any case there is a catalog on the NBS website. In it there is a guide on what and how to measure for a new exact fit sign. Page 19 of the pdf page 36 in the catalog printing. http://www.nbsinc.net/media/wysiwyg/CMS-media/Cold_Drink_Catalog_09-2014.pdf
  12. They should be able to make what you need with just measurements.
  13. Be a pain in the golpher and not worth it.
  14. Great way to use golpher mechs like Vortexes or old dumb mechs. Also I believe Royal makes a blocker plate that takes the place of the clear plastic slot.
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