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  1. https://www.vendingmix.com/w/ebooks/dixie-narco-s2d-coke-4-button-prog-manual.pdf Read the programming section. Basically after pressing the blue button buttons 2 and 3 are scroll, 4 is enter and 1 is back (these are the selection buttons, 1 is the top flavor, 2 is the one below, etc)
  2. You have a little more wear and tear issues on higher vend count units. More weight sits on each rotor in the taller 600s so stuff wears faster. On the E series the trouble spots are bent rotors (you will see scrapes in the middle of the rotors where they scrape the column walls, and wallowed our drive holes in the ends of the rotors, where the motor shaft go into the rotors. These holes will sometimes go loose due to wear in older machines, causing misvends because the timing is thrown off by the wear. To check for this issue grab the rotor and try to turn it back and forth, there should be little slop (up to a couple milimeters is ok, anything more and issues will start to happen. I’ve seen really beat up junkers that had like 5- 10 degrees of slop. The last issue is really only limited to 600s and that is bent/ bowed column walls. But again these are all only issues on machines with a ton of vends on them, but the 600s develop these issues a bit sooner as there is more weight in each column if the machine is loaded to the top. Even with all that said, the E series as a whole is rock solid, and other than the above a 276E, 501E, and 600E are all equally awesome reliable machines. Honestly I would expect the average E series machine to last no less than 25-30 years, and 100-200,000 vends.
  3. 16.9 soda is perfectly ok, but most water has the thinner bottles which crush under the weight of the ones above. 10 high is the max like I said, but the 501E does bottles 2 deep, meaning each column has two vertical stacks end to end, so max load is like 20. As for the machine, I’m actually in Southern California (probably as far as you get from NY) so probably not worth it, as just freight will be 4-500+
  4. Ok, so what symptoms is the old maka exhibiting? Is it getting power? Because if the Maka shows no signs of life at all it may be the wiring in the machine.
  5. Can you elaborate on the 2501 issue? Also, was it a known good validator? I say this because getting the 2501 working is a much better option and will bring more when it’s time to sell.
  6. 16.9 waters don’t vend (they jam) if you stack more than 10 bottles in at a time. I use a local company that bottles in thicker plastic, or 7up makes Deja Blue which is pretty cheap as well. I second the no bevmax, you need some experience to keep them running. Not too hard but probably more than a church wants to deal with. Plus they usually go for 2000+. And yes, the 501e is probably the easiest to use multiproce machine out there. Single price machines from DN, like the 368 are also a great option, and cheap too. But everything in the machine has to be 1 price. In any case I have a couple 501Es sitting around that I could sell you for a decent price, where are you located?
  7. A T series machine will be a triple depth vendor. (That’s what the T stands for) Take pics of the whole machine and the motors.
  8. Sometimes they just fall off, especially if its a place with a lot of bored kids, they'll bend the golpher out of it and eventually rip it off. Other times rebuilders take them off to paint, I personally just mask it off. Or it could be to hide the fact its stolen. This machine looks pretty nice and might be stolen. However it is a Dixie Narco 501E, and in this area Coke has phased most all of these out a while back so there are a bunch out there legitimately. Still plenty that are still technically on the books too but there's so many out there legitimately sold by rebuilders that I usually don't check unless it still has an asset tag on it or bears evidence of recent use by Coke.
  9. Remember, if something happens and the product makes someone sick YOU are responsible. As in, the buck stops at YOU. Because you are the importer. And as such you are responsible for making sure it complies with all regulations and standards. My advice, don't.
  10. I have definitely thought about this as well before. The main hurdles are moving and security. For single family residential construction they tend to move along fairly often as they finish building a tract. High rise stuff tends to have space issues. Also, construction workers can break almost anything. Last, even though there are no c stores most sites will have roach coaches roll by once or twice a day. So you will still have competition. If I were to do it I would have a guy fabricate a steel pallet, find a cheap cage, and weld the cage onto the pallet. Stick a cheap single price machine inside <300 bucks. If they need to move ask someone to help you load the machine onto your truck with a telehandler. (Slip em a 20 if you have to) Also, what part of the country you in?
  11. To me, a company that changes names for no apparent reason is one to stay away from. Mergers, I get. Change of ownership, sure. But usually, a seemingly random name change signals to me that they have a reputation that they are trying to get away from. Think about it, a company with a good reputation hesitates to change its name, just because they know customers associate the name with how good their company is. For a bad company. it's just the opposite. And frankly, posting positive reviews ostensibly written by satisfied customers is an insult to the intelligence of the members of this board.
  12. Honestly it's not worth much. Unless it has really vintage graphics in really good shape. Put it this way, I see 80's Dixie narcos for 50-100 all the time on CL, and they work and cool. I personally have scrapped many a DN from that era, especially the 440's, which are big mofo's. The 320's might get some more attention from guys who want it for their garage cause its smaller but the not cooling is going to drive them away. Sorry.
  13. Not really. You would need a new coin mech or at the very least a new coin wheel, and I'm not sure any were ever made for .900 tokens. If they were you would have to scour eBay, that company is long gone.
  14. Bulk candy sucks and is dying a hard death. If you were to do bulk, toy racks and amusements would be the way to go. But they are work, locations can be as hard as full line to get, and you would need a whole different operational structure. While full line is all about locations close to home and visited often, bulk (if you are not in a major metro area of at least 1,000,00 population, will involve a very large radius of operations (lots of guys serving an area with a radius of hundreds of miles), visited every couple months. This, because it involves overnight hotel stays, does not work well if you are also doing full line. However, you could pick up a rack for cheap and just focus on your own city. Keep in mind that the net margins will be similar to that of full line. For instance, FL COGS is like 40-50%, commissions like 10-15. Total 50-60%. Bulk COGS is 25-20%, but commission is 25-40%, so still 50-60%. A decent full line location will probably allow you to collect 300-400 every time you visit and take about an hour to get there, a good bulk location is like 2-400. So labor is about the same. At the end of the day, you should only go for bulk if you cannot find anymore decent full line locations.
  15. Yup. Part is literally 20 bucks, not worth the time and effort golpher with it. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/STMicroelectronics/M48T18-100PC1?qs=eb%2FRSZx1fMunpGzmmpiWeQ%3D%3D
  16. Value of equipment + 100/ decent location is all I’d offer.
  17. I thought that was how you were supposed to load bottles into spirals? I could be completely wrong, as I have exactly 0 combos set up like that.
  18. Search the archives, there’s been a few who have. Personally I have been able to buy the cheap biz op doubles (SSF, T Pico, NAV, other import garbage) for cheap off CL just for the stands. (Then dump the machines themselves on EBay for cheap).
  19. It’s old golpher wore out and dirty.
  20. I personally have a phone number and a website with a form. If they want to use an automated system they can go to the website, if they want to talk to someone they can call me. Still, I don’t get many calls.
  21. Too small and unstable.
  22. First, welcome. As for the code resetting literally resets everything. Pricing, and other settings. The manual should tell you how to reprice. If you still need help just ask.
  23. Yep, the converters have trouble reporting which selection, as that info is not transmitted over the MDB cable. In order to get sales info, you must have and aftermarket board capable of the DEX protocol. The USAT modem can then get the info through that.
  24. Can't be. The factory board on these machines did not support CC readers or sales data. It most certainly is an aftermarket/retrofit board. Question is, which brand? The two most common are Vendors Exchange UCB and inOne. If you can't figure it out, just post a pic and we can tell you.
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