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  1. Just reread your question. To test a changer using a machine just buy a bunch of stuff using different coins and make sure to vary what coins you use so you test both acceptance and payout of all different denominations.
  2. Where are you seeing Guardians for less than Coinpro 3s?
  3. Usually no issues, provided the new changer isn't broken or of a problematic design (Coinco Vortex, lookin at you). Some mechs are somewhat finicky in certain machines but usually not a big deal. Just remember to power the machine down before plugging or unplugging anything. Also, where are you getting the Guardian 6000 from? Early ones were problematic and need upgrading. I personally prefer the MEI 7512s instead of the Guardians, but if you already have one and it's been updated go ahead and use it.
  4. Even if it’s never been used still in packaging, it’s still old, and the model has been out of production for a while now. That means that the tech put into it is also old, and so it may not support newer protocols like MDB properly, and parts like the harness may be discontinued.
  5. Old USI or Wittern (same company) can machine. Serpentine racks so can only. This cabinet was used for USI combos, but with a door that did not have the coin and bill stuff, or selection buttons. Not MDB.
  6. In a high tax state, 5% sales tax average is not abnormal (most places count food snacks as low or no tax, pop at full rate). COGS being 40% is pretty decent. Most operators sell 20 oz, which can cost .75 to 1.00 (or more) per unit. Sell for $2 (pretty high in most competitive markets) and that is 50%. Cans are .33-.35 each and those sell for a max of 1.00, often .75 or .90. Plus, many states have a bottle deposit of .5 or .10 per can or bottle. Add sales tax and 10% commission (a must for retaining high volume accounts in competitive markets) and you quickly are looking at 40% gross
  7. If you truly have an AP103, and not a 113, 123,or 133 you have a pretty rare model. Basically a prototype 113. There were maybe 5-600 built in the early 90s. I don't know if these were capable of higher denomination bills. I'm guessing no, since it predates the 113 and the 113 does not take 5's. I would call Vendors exchange to see if they know if their retrofit board for the 113 fits the 103, if you are dead set on this project. Another thread:
  8. If it isn't related to paperwork shenanigans as Chris said above, you are not missing much. There are a lot of operators out there not making golpher due to mismanagement. A lot of operations in the 500k/yr range are going to be the medium operations, maybe a couple employees. Many of these would have started out 20-30 years ago, and made lots of money back then. But as time marches on, people get complacent and fail to realize that times change. They'll keep doing the same thing, and pretty soon things are going to get bad. Costs increase every year, but many operators are reluctant
  9. If you want to run vending machines, go with a premade vending management software like parlevel. Has lots of vending specific features and is ready to go. If you are an experienced hobbyist or professional with software and data, and you know that this is not going to the easiest and cheapest solution, or you are planning to sell copies in the future, then by all means go for it. But you will probably not find much help here, as we are all operators here, not programmers. And, it’s a lot cheaper and easier to just buy existing software. Honestly, if you want to go for this go look f
  10. Usually there is, but some machines either never had one or it fell off. For the shims go to nbsinc.net and call them to order, about a third of the price of vendors exchange. While your at it pick up some fresh buttons if you current ones are faded, and a new coin insert overlay. (The decal around the coin insert area) Maybe about 10 bucks extra but will make your machine look a lot nicer.
  11. Chris, it’s supposed to go back and forth. (Why it’s called an oscillator and not a rotor) Also, red and gray cams are correct. Just need to set it to 6 notches showing.
  12. Watch the switch and cam closely while you test vend. Does the motor stop as soon as the switch drops into a notch, or does it “coast” (turn slightly past?)
  13. These are Royal TDV/ 20 plus (654/780) racks. GIIIs don’t do 20 oz 3deep. Also look at the front panel. GIIIs have round holes punched.
  14. Do you have more of those chilled cabinets? Do you have more of the controllers? If so, and you only need the racks themselves with the motors I would call up Vendo and see if they will sell you racks out of the Vendo 721 or 821. Both your current system, assuming the motors are factory, and the 721 have 24v motors. However, there may be changes that would need to be made to accommodate the different ways of motor angle feedback (which is vital for vending the correct number of products) This would require changes to the controller software, however. Unless you are an engineer o
  15. Are these meant to be self service? Or is there an attendant? Also, are they chilled? One more thing, why are these used instead of regular glass door coolers or shelves? If you can, describe exactly what happens when it’s used. This way I can better think of a solution.
  16. Just curious, how do you guys use these? In any case it looks like a custom unit built with the dispensing racks from a vending machine. I think it’s the Royal Vendors 780, aka the 20 plus. You could try calling Royal Vendors and asking if they built it or sold racks to someone else. But keep in mind that these machines are out of production, and in fact Royal is no longer producing machines at all. These machines were also fairly uncommon, so trying to find used machines to salvage racks from is going to be difficult as well. If you can tell us how you guys use these maybe
  17. MDB mech (6 pin connector?) If so get a Coinco 9302GX. Solid, economical, reliable. Remember to unplug machine before unplugging any coin mech or bill validator connectors.
  18. Like I posted in your other thread, this machine would fit your need very well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Automatic-Products-AP-7600-Revision-Door-Snack-Vending-Machine-MDB-FREE-SHIPPING/143756075753?hash=item217887a2e9:g:cf4AAOSwcFhfboIn With freight and shipping should come out to about what your budget is. You can go cheaper, with an AP 7600 with revision board, but they do look a bit dated. The revision board upgrade is 400 bucks, but it gives you all the new tech features. With that machine, the cabinets are very durable. Motors are worth having a couple on hand. I woul
  19. First, read the install guide. https://www.cantaloupe.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/ePort-G10-S_Quickstart-Install-guideVVXUD0101912-REV-I-singlepage-3.pdf If you have a spare validator cutout with the blanking plate it's a simple matter of taking an 11/32" deep socket, and removing the 4 nuts. Put the adapter plate on the reader and put it in where the blanking plate used to be. If not, you will have to drill. A couple considerations: 1. Not too high or low. I find somewhere just under 48" ideal. 2. I prefer to mount readers over POS windows, if at all possible. The
  20. You should be pricing every single one of your products to make a gross margin of 40%. That means item cost (COGS) plus sales tax plus any commission should not exceed 60% of the vend price. In any case, the exact breakdown varies by location and customer base, however a good rule of thumb is that snack sales are 1/2-2/3 of soda sales.
  21. Depends on state. Many states treat vending sales differently, or have different rules for different vend prices and product types. In any case, I treat all taxes and fees as included in the purchase price. For instance, a vend price of 1.00 at 10% tax is a sale price of 90.9 cents with 9.1 cents sales tax included. While regular stores do not do this, we have to as people expect the posted price to be the price. Also, we do not have the ability to make penny change, and usually quarter pricing increments are preferred due to changer inventory. So we set our vend prices accordi
  22. Anyone junking some AP7600s? I need 2 delivery bins, got a couple used machines in without bins for some reason. They do have revision doors so I would like to put bins in them. I can arrange shipping.
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