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    R134 already added

    1. Not really, what happens is that the machine will stop cooling in the not so distant future. 2. Correct, it is illegal. For your machine you can get a rebuilt cooling deck for like 400 bucks and install it. Takes like 30 min, and like 8 screws and 2 bolts. Or just get a good used one that takes 134a for like 100-200 bucks. Might have to search a bit but you can probably find one.
  2. orsd

    R134 already added

    You are in a pretty tight spot at this point. Legally, you cannot work on these without an EPA certification. Legally, you must also recover the refrigerant with a recovery machine into a recovery tank. With that said, Autozone loans out vaccuum pumps, but you will still need to find someone to recover the refrigerant for you. Then, a shrader valve/service port needs to be braised onto the low side stub tube on the compressor. After that is done you need to pull a vacuum on the system to draw out all the air and moisture. Then charge with the correct weight of R12. Alternately, if the machine was built this side of 1980, you might be able to find a rebuilt deck (complete sealed refrigeration system) for it for 3-400 dollars, or a used one for 100. What make and model is the machine?
  3. They are full of golpher. Bev 4s are significantly better and more reliable. They have, among other things, an updated board, keypad, and picker cup. http://stores.vendorstech.com/dixie-narco-bevmax-2-3-upgrade-to-bevmax-4-kit/
  4. The 3's need 1000 in upgrades to become as good as the 4's. However what I just said still applies, glassfronts will not help your situation one bit, they will just become different issues. You're treating the symptoms, not the core problem, which is training and supervising your employees.
  5. You need better employees. I would argue that glassfronts require more diligence on the part of the employee to keep them working well. Making sure nothing is spilled, keeping slides clean, making sure the arm is working right, and especially following FIFO (which is not automatically done on a glassfront, you have to reach around or remove all drinks in a selection to put the newest ones in the back. So if your employees can't even golpher press a button to check for jams how the golpher are they gonna be bothered to do all the things stated above?
  6. orsd

    Vendo 480 help

    Does it have a led display? If so should be easy. However if by Coinco 3000 you mean that it has a Coinco 3000 series coin mech then you are out of luck. Also, if that is the case the machine was not new when you bought it.
  7. orsd

    756p hvv 12 question

    FYI the p series struggles with cans. On some machines it isn’t really reliable.
  8. Shut up, let him fail. Then put your own golpher in. Management don't give a golpher. Maybe if your feeling really charitable if you see him come in to service mention something to the owner.
  9. orsd

    Bouncy balls in a '1 capsule machine?

    Gumballs do real good too.
  10. He ain't being passive aggressive, just really skeptical. The reason that he is is because he has probably seen every conversion and replacement board known to man, and knows this niche like the back of his hand. With that said, some of your responses do somewhat show a lack of experience with the industry. While the older coin mechs and bill validators are fast becoming obsolete, it's not only because they use an old protocol. Even if they could be used on a newer machine I still would not. This is because the older mechs are getting harder to find parts for, and are wearing out. In addition, they don't hold enough change for locations that use lots of 5 dollar bills. As for bill validators new ones really do make a difference. Even if it was free to convert some of the older validators I still would not do it. This is because the old ones don't take 5's, are pretty old, so no parts, and have a poor acceptance rate. I really want you to succeed in this, heck if it works well I'll be the first in line, but it's gonna be really hard to make it good, and cheap. If you want to talk, PM me. I would be happy to talk to you about the operator's side of things.
  11. orsd

    Good machine?

    Are they the narrow ones in the ad or the wider ones? The wider ones are a lot more common. In any case these machines are getting older, most are 20+ years old. Early machines had issues, but the later 5591 (wide) or 3591 (narrow) machines were pretty solid. Still, they have some quirks (drop sensor alignment, shorter products only on the top shelf) and were vulnerable to theft if missing parts (2 drop sensors will prevent refunds from people holding the flap open, and intact flaps prevent people from grabbing drinks from the lower shelf.) Also if shaken hard enough product will go thru the gate and fall down into the delivery bin. Bolt them down rough locations. Bottom line, some guys like these, some don't. Personally I think they can be decent machines in medium size accounts, but I will only run the 5591s or machines updated with the tall pushers and gates. If you don't end up grabbing these I might be interested in them, if you can PM me his number if you end up not getting these.
  12. orsd

    Hello! And maybe help?

    IF they don't offer then just throw it on eBay, probably get like 20 bucks for it.
  13. orsd

    Hello! And maybe help?

    You should have been offered to send in the old one to the refurb place for a core credit.
  14. orsd

    Bill Validator

    Empty your mech and buy stuff with coins until it is full, meaning that at least 1 coin of every denomination has been sent to the cash box.
  15. orsd

    Coin Mech not refilling?

    Those mechs are Canadian Coinco Quantums.
  16. orsd

    Bouncy balls in a '1 capsule machine?

    Yes, they sell pretty good. I run most of them at .50
  17. orsd

    Anyone know what this is?

    USI CD6 360 lb from the manual. Don't hold much through, maybe 200 cans.
  18. orsd

    Identify this machine?

    It doesn't really matter but I like tops in as well, not only for the reasons AZ mentioned but because I can easily check dates if I need to that way.
  19. orsd

    Bouncy balls in a '1 capsule machine?

    Yes, for all except Beavers. If they are 1.1 in balls its the same setup as capsules. If they are 1 in balls its the same setup as 850ct (1 in) gumballs, which involves adding a riser (pacman shaped disk) under the wheel.
  20. orsd

    Identify this machine?

    This is only with the newer multiprice machines that have the plastic decal overlay around the display and coin insert area. (DN is a horizontal red slot, Royal is vertical and clear slot, and Vendo is slanted) With any machine that still has the old school chrome coin insert area, multiprice or not, display or not, the above does not apply. The vast majority of these machines have horizontal coin insert slots, no matter if it is Royal, DN, or Vendo. This one has the swinging coin return lever and the kidney shaped dent under the lever, so its an older Vendo. Plus, it says Vendo on it.
  21. This machine ain’t micromech. It’s single price, and the pulse length doesn’t really matter.
  22. orsd

    Youtube Video's

    When I was young and dumb I know “someone” that may or may not have tried some of these. As for those hacks 5 is BS. It’s a single price Vendo, nothing in the machine is capable of any of that. There aren’t even any circuit boards in it. 4 is present on all Coke Royal GIII machines. Doesn’t actually do anything, just allows you to see number of sales and if there are any errors. It’s actually detailed in the manual. 3 is a Mars with a broken anti stringing mechanism. 2 is BS 1 is a Royal Merlin IV, I’m guessing it might have a bad/ out of whack drop sensor adjustment. I will say this, there are only 2 hacks out there that work reliably. 1 involved certain DN 5591s, with the single drop sensor. The other involves the DN 5000 (conveyor belt elevator glass front).
  23. Welcome! Just out of curiousity, why do you need the really old/obscure ones? For instance, the US 4 price protocol is very, very obsolete. Most equipment running 4 price changer have long since been scrapped, and those that remain are not economically viable to perform any upgrades to (there will not be a market for upgrades to those machines). I cannot comment on Euro or Asian stuff but most machines that are in service in the US run Executive, Micro Mech or single price (mostly older stuff) and MDB (anything built in the last 20 years). Also, any machine that has Audit capabilities runs DEX. With that said, most vendors here are based in the US, and are not really engineers.
  24. orsd

    Hello from UK

    That's the accumulator. Part of the refrigeration system. It's made of copper, the green is just surface corrosion. If the machine is cooling then it is not leaking, the green is just residue of corrosion staining the sheet metal.
  25. I really don't like tipping a machine like that. It's pretty dangerous, plus I have call in a bunch of favors. What you can do is rent a Penske, Ryder, Budget, or silimar with a liftgate. Or a lift deck trailer from Sunbelt rentals, Herc, Or United Rentals. Both allow for ground level loading, that, used with a pallet jack or piano dollies, can be done with 2 guys at most.