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  1. Hi . I can't see anywhere here option to delete account. Is it possible here? Or at least edit my profile to delete some or all my topics by me or by administrators. Well I like this forum so much and im here for years and probably be for years but want to delete account or at least edit it somehow. dont worry, even if i delete the account i will create new account and still be user of this forum. don't ask me why it is so important to me, but it is. i know that i can change my nickname here but are some more options? thanks.
  2. So if people are on facebook vending pages that arent slow, it means that there are many people in the internet willing to discuss bulk related topics and interested in those topics. It also means that for some reason they prefer to discuss it on FB than on vendiscuss. Just a thought but if you type "vending forum" or "bulk vending forum" in google, vendiscuss is one of the first results. when you type" bulk vending" it isn't even in first 10 result sites. maybe when they look in google for information about bulk they don't see vendiscuss.
  3. No I am not wondering...on this forum we speak "I am just curious".
  4. I have a question about displays. About it how they are attached to machine. Are they self adhesive( with some kind of glue), or are they without glue but you somehow stick it to globe by tape . I was seen you tube video where operator put it in special slot in the globe. I know thats a little stupid question for someone like me who is everyday on this forum from about 5 years. but i am still wondering how those displays are attached to globe.
  5. Do you ever think to sell bulk products from not your machines, but to sell those products directly to locations and let locations sell them by cash register? I was just think about that idea some time ago, then i walked to some shopping mall where there were some racks. but when i walked out from shopping mall there were some ice cream foodtruck and i found out that this foodtruck had 2 inch toys in capsules. those capsules were in jar. i guess that company who run racks in shopping mall also sold those capsules to foodtruck owner. What do you think?
  6. When i read this forum I read alot about broken machines. But I wonder what's a percentage of those broken machines statistically. For example you have route with 100 machines. If they're some poorly made machines so it's obvious that they will be broken many times. But I am asking if you have 100 machines on route and machines are only good quality. So what percent of those 100 machines will broke in a year statistically? Of course we talk about used machines.
  7. Litlle off-topic: Did Beaver mech for Tomy really causes that those machines work more smoothly? what's your opinion?
  8. And one more thing to consider: Sweden probably will be first country in the world where there will be only mobile/cc payments. They plan to eliminate bills and coins completely. And I know that many more countries think about it.
  9. The world is probably turning from bill/ coin payments to mobile/credit card payments. Maybe i am right, maybe i am wrong. Probably I'm right.So what's with the future of bulk vending when coins were no longer in usage in future? I haven't heard many about plans of manufacturers to produce single machines with cc readers or mobile payments on it. but i know that some single machines of portuguese manufacturer clenport are equipped with nayax readers who are cc readers and if they are cc readers so they may as well be mobile payments able i think. the downside is that they are for selling coffee capsules so they're for higher cost payments( coffe capsules are costly). Look on Clenport www and you will find this machine. Clenport is producer of bulk machines , but they're for different bulk popular in UK , Spain or Portugal( snacks in pots, Pringles). Lastly i come across google and find some images of japan 100 yen panty machines. The panty machines were 2 inch beavers with.... bill acceptors builted in it. they have knob but next to knob was builted 100 yen bill acceptor. You must google it yourself because now i don't remember what words I was typing in google to find those images in Google graphics. And don't know if that bill acceptor was made by beaver and if it was manufacture set. But it tells us that electronic single machines are technically can be done. So what are your thoughts? Do end of coins means end of bulk machines, or maybe start of new period of modern bulk vending with modern electronic payments. I know that if electronic can be applied to mechanical machine it mustn't mean that it may be profitable. But on the other side it may mean that you can selling products with higher price points, for example 4 inch toys with added value for many much more, you are not limited by the coinage, it can motivate manufacturers to produce new models of machines for example 4 inch, 3 inch etc. It can revive popular candy machines in your usa market where I know that cog of candy is to high for 25 c and 50 c can be perceived as to costly for few candies. but imagine that with mobile payments you can sell few candies for 30 c. But I am also afraid that it can start price wars for two vendors in the same location, because one can want be cheaper than competitor, now with coins price wars are can't be done. another point: with electronic you are not limited to coins in pockets of patron. Now paatron can do purchase only if he have particular coin/coins in pocket. With mobile payments he is not limited with particular coins. What are your thoughts on this subject?
  10. The manufacturer of this machine was company that call "Bloomfield". Don't know if you are familiar to this company. i find that information in Google. Bloomfield is New Jersey based company. The machine is from 1960's. That is what Google says about that machine.
  11. Do you have distributors of your machines in europe? If you have so where i can buy them here?
  12. When i read on northwestern www that only 25c mech kave drop thru feature i realize that all other coins mechs dont have this feature so maybe all other mechs may be not so reliable. why am i asking about this? Because i live in another country in another part of the world and we have here another currency . So if our currency dont have this feature also? and new nw machines are expensive here. I plan to start in near future with bulk with new nw machines(its not so easy to find used nw here), and i know that they and beavers are best machines ever made...but i wonder if they still best machines with our currency. there are chinese machines new with drop thru all metal machines for half the price of nw but im not so sure if any chinese machine can be good. but on the other side almost all vending operators in my area of my country use chinese junk (even in chain supermarkets or in the shpping malls). What will be if i will spent for new brand machines and it will be jammed..
  13. But what if someone drop a slug to 50 cent mech.? It will not jam?
  14. Bulk vending mega thread is a great place to start but it takes many many months to read it all for english speakers. imagine me if english is my foreign language( but i Understamd written english fluently) and i reading mega thread from about 1 year everyday about half an hour a day. and i have read about half of this mega thread. the rest i am still reading. so you must have time to read all posts in mega thread. btw i still dont know exactly ho bulk machines are build even if i have read posts about what machines can vend candy and what machines can sell round things like its easy to say read bulk vend beg mega thread to know about vending but there is so much info that you cant read it in one hour. btw performa and vendelicious good some excellent job with mega thread and people should read Every post from mega thread before they start this business
  15. Anyone have any experience with them? in USA entervending sales them. so maybe someone who have them could tell something about those chinese cheap machines? Run away from them or give them a try?
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