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  1. You might try the Wittern group which makes USI machines. Vendors tend to shy away from food machines as they're a lot of work for little profit (usually). The only other US Mfg. is AMS as AP has been bought by Crane.
  2. As some of you may know, the Mage is only interested in one sport, women's gymnastics. Yesterday Simone Biles dropped out of the competition. thus paving the way for the Russian team to sweep this event. I'm thinking this will make the Mage very cross but at least he gets to watch all the other nubiles from various countries strut around,.😀
  3. Don't feel too bad - looks like we're all rookies now. Not too sure how many people will be looking for advice from nothing but a band of rookies. Sounds like the blind leading the helpless.
  4. moondog


  5. Ah, just like the old days - much bickering about nothing. I haven't been around in awhile but I'm glad to see the forum returning to it's roots. Mission or Sherlock would have had this one shut down about ten posts ago.
  6. After doing the Cobras deal, I think I'd drop the extra money and get the Medicos were I to do it again. The Cobras are very easy to defeat.
  7. Totally cool - I'm in the market for a new pick up - I was looking at the used ones but for some odd reason the new ones are less money. And I have a Marlin lever action 44 mag that looks just like the one in the picture. This is serendipitous
  8. They been making a small unit called a viral guard for years that was initially intended for small clinics but would work great for a single family residence. They're not particularly cheap at about 5k but they hook up inline with your air handler on your HVAC system. I think the cluster F of false positive testings have made many of us leery of medical science's understanding of this virus.
  9. Probably depends on whose wearing them
  10. First we'd need to know what voltage is available - everything here in the States is 120v. As for a bill validator for your currency, I suspect you'll need to consult a source in Europe - I think Spain has a couple.
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