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  1. moondog

    Week 6 Recap

    Yep. you guys are right. 36 points is well within Roger's range. God I hope that doesn't happen as it would give Kiwi 1st place which would be worse than losing to the King this week.
  2. moondog

    Week 6 Recap

    You're still in second place and that's where you'll stay until I get ahold of you again. David Johnson is doing pretty good considering he's playing 1 on 11. This is what happens when you try and replace a Qb from USC with one from UCLA (always a bad plan)
  3. moondog

    Week 6 Recap

    Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph, With week 6 all but in the books I think it's safe to have our recap now even though we still have a couple of guys still playing - not hat it matters much. First is Td's with an upset victory over The Bagpipes of Fur. The Fur were projected to win but Td's remained resilient and knocked them off to remain in first place albeit with a lesser score than he usually puts up. Second was The King over your's truely in a back and forth battle that resulted in The King topping 200 points in the end (lucky me). I have to admit that I pulled out all the stops in this one after Odell put up that stinker Thursday night. He's just got one problem and it's called Eli who put on a clinic on how not to throw a football. There was a point Sunday afternoon when it looked like I might win but given the final 200 point score there was no formula I could have used to beat the King this time out. This was a must win game for him as he would have found himself in a deep hole with a loss here. As it stands, he looks to climb out of the cellar and into 3rd place while The Force will likely end up in 4th place with the Fur coming in 5th. I do still have Adams yet to play but there's no way in hell he'll put up 60 points, if he has a great game I might, just barely, hold onto 3rd place. And last, and least is Kiwi with a sub par victory over the Scrubs. Dang I wish I was playing Kiwi this week ( and so does everybody else) as the Scrubs were the only team Kiwi would have beaten.
  4. moondog

    Random thoughts

    Who the hell puts pears on lasagna anyway? And why would you buy a bottle of wine that was supposed to taste like that?
  5. moondog

    Week 5 recap

    Sounds like they're planning on a committee with both guys in the line up which suits me just fine. Neither guy will be putting up any massive numbers which would kill two birds with one stone. If you're thinking about trading with the King expect him to pull some scrub off the waiver wire first. He had to use his number one waiver wire priority to get Hill thanks to me as I also had a waiver request on him. Now that the King has shot his wad, I think Hill will probably break his leg early in the next game which would be great since I just grabbed Sammy Watkins who I probably should have started in place of Odell. I swear, if Eli can't throw any Td's they should just let Odell do it as it seems he's much better at it.
  6. moondog

    Week 5 recap

    I take that back about your Achilles. You'll only need one Wr to replace your Ram that week and there's a bunch of decent ones still available. You just have to decide which one you'll drop (I'd make it your 2nd Defense since you don't really need two of those).
  7. moondog

    Week 5 recap

    Generally when a gut gets knocked out in the 1st quarter, he won't score much that game which accounts for all the points Woods got. And week 12 will be your Achilles which is why you never want to get too stacked on any one team.
  8. moondog

    Week 5 recap

    How many damned points do you need? Cupp and Cooks will be back shortly.
  9. moondog

    Week 5 recap

    I've already dropped him but his IR condition didn't show up on the free agency list when I grabbed him, He might get better, maybe you should grab him now that Conner won't be worth dog squat.
  10. moondog

    Week 5 recap

    It appears that Td's will maintain his strangle hold on 1st place for at least another week as Kiwi has failed (once again) to outscore him - he just needed 1 more point (pathetic)
  11. moondog

    week 3 Recap

    Every time I take Yahoo's advice it usually costs me 10- to 20 points - they're idiots!!!
  12. moondog

    week 3 Recap

  13. moondog

    Week 5 recap

    Harrumph, Harrumph, harrumph, With week 5 all but in the books, we'll have our recap now. While there are still some guys in plaY, nothings going to change much tomorrow night. First we have Fuzzy handily knocking off the King and thereby ending his despotic attempt to reign over the proletariat. Well done Fuzzy. It should be mentioned that the King still has Alvin Kamara yet to play but he'd need to score about sixty points to overcome the current deficit. No way that's happening with Ingram back to piss on his parade. Speaking of parade pissing, second up is Kiwi's miraculous victory over Td's. Kiwi might even launch himself into first place at the rate his team is scoring. Enjoy it while it lasts Kiwi, with Leveon due back in a couple of weeks your lead Rb isn't going to be worth road kill. And last and most expected, the Force is annihilating the Scrubs which should move us up into third place. Kiwi might be in first place with Td's second and Fuzzy fourth. This is becoming like a bad game of "whack a mole" where every time I think I've completely thwarted somebody, they come sneaking back.
  14. moondog

    Week 5 coming up

    Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph, With week 5 rapidly approaching we had an interesting Thursday night with everybody who had a dog in the fight doing well. Number one was The Bagpipes of Fury (or is that fuzzy?) who overcame a projected deficit to The King to now be favored. We really need you to win this one Fuzzy as The King has quietly moved into 2nd place (maybe he thinks we're not watching). Number 2 is Kiwi over Td's who not only maintained his lead, but stretched it a bit with a nice game from Andrew Luck (finally). And last is The Scrubs, who are very pissed of about Td's routing them last week and are taking it out on me (why do I have the most points scored against me ?). The Scrubs will probably still lose but they did post a positive score last night. As a side note; I've been doing some research after realizing my team was not scoring enough points and studied the overall points scored for each position by all players. I found I had a guy sitting on my bench who's outscorerd both my supposed stars and that a lot of top performers are still free agents. I don't know why I'm telling you all this as I would make it possible for you all to lose every week if I could just figure out how to do it 😂😂😂
  15. moondog

    Week 4 Recap

    What happened to the 120 points you were supposed to score? Yep, my guys played like pasture pastry - kinda wished they'd have saved that effort for next week when I play the Scrubs. Brees didn't even crack 10 points and I should have started Cousins but couldn't really trust him after that dud he dropped in week 3. Get used to all the mediocrity as I'm guessing we're all in for a big dose of it this year.