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  1. I always find it amazing how generous people can be with somebody else's money.
  2. Let's see: CCreaders a cold food machine and a rewards program - you sure they don't want you to wipe their butt for them as well? Run don't walk away from this mess.
  3. Deja Vu - all over again "Yogi Bera"
  4. Yep, that would be my guess. The Chevy 350 would have been a great motor but nobody could seem to find the dip stick to check the oil so they all became extinct 😁
  5. Given that you're about twice as big as me you might pull it off. Just remember that it takes a small fortune in equipment to properly move vending machines. If you can find a good used Dutro it would certainly be worth owning but the danged things last forever and you seldom see one for sale used unless the guy just kicked off and his widow is looking to move out his old gear. Roger Morris, who is member here ( even though he hasn't posted in years) has all the moving equipment sorted out down to a science. Roger has been known to drive halfway across the country to acquire just the right piece of equipment that he wants.
  6. What the hell does a mint machine have to do with breast cancer anyway?
  7. Probably the best snack machine out there today is the AMS brand out of West Virginia. Unfortunately AMS has not made it's way west yet and you'll see very few of them for sale around here. A&M out of Georgia seems to have the best selection of refurbs if you don't mind importing one - this would need to be a potentially great account to warrant the expense.
  8. I don't see any great pricing here and you should note that most of the snack machines will not take CC readers as they are not Mdb capable. Beware of the older Vendos as they have many problems after ten years. Southern California is loaded with used equipment. My advice would be to secure a location first and then decide which machine works best for that space. If your plan is to go cashless, then you'll need much newer snack machines but most of the multipriced soda machines will accept the CC readers
  9. Dutros are basically the Cadillac of the hand truck world. A lot of guys use them to move equipment but I wouldn't get too deep into that unless you're built like a linebacker. If you're just looking for something to service machines, then a light weight convertible hand truck is what you need. Costco sells one for about a hundred bucks that works great
  10. I don't use cashless systems myself but do think that they are a great idea in the right setting - meaning the under thirty crowd or office locations. Eight cases a month in the winter is not all that terrible but I'm sure you get the idea about eventually owning your machines at least to cover the quota if that's the way you go. My best location does about $500 a month in sodas alone but I get the feeling that most of the people there don't even have a credit card so I'm sticking with cash. Blue collar locations tend to be like that. If I were to pay an extra %15 for product I would easily own the machines outright in less than a year.
  11. Aside from the monthly quotas they stick you with, you'll also be paying about 15% more for your product than the club;s like Sam;s and Costco. Most of the soda bottlers will only deliver to business locations so unless you already have one, it might be cheaper just to go out and buy a couple of good used machines - avoid the glassfronts as they don't hold much and are a PITA to fix, Most canned soda has a ten month shelf life so you can stretch those quota numbers a bit. Just remember, sooner or later you'll end up buying some of your own machines as each freebie you get from the bottlers will increase your quota. You generally need really good accounts to cover the quotas - two cases a month won't get it (or make much money) Another thing to consider is that the bottlers will want their product in the machine which means you can't have Pepsi or 7 up in a Coke machine. If you end up with a 7 up machine it gets way worse. You'll find this to be very restricting in your product variety.
  12. With the dual spirals , I wouldn't get too exotic trying to fit a drop sensor to it. The bigger question here is what's wrong with it. While $200 might seem like a cheap price up front, if the board is fried it may not be worth your while or money.
  13. Take the money and run buddy.
  14. An LLC is not a necessary step in starting a Vending Company, If you're worried about liability then a standard liability policy will do. I had mine through State Farm - worked out to about $10 per machine per year and some of the larger accounts will require this as well. Most states do not require any special licensing other than your sales tax license (if applicable).
  15. I can't decide which is worse: Seeing the King win or watching Kiwi get his second trophy. If Kiwi wins I fear there'll be no living with him but on the other hand, if the King should win I doubt I'd want to live. It's a dark day when we all find ourselves rooting for Kiwi again but he did it before and I'm hoping he'll do it again in spite of all the Sh%t he'll be giving us forever. Ps. I Think Kiwi was pointing you toward the Royal Outhouse in his previous post.
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