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  1. moondog


    Looks like an early version of the Tri Tech crap - a real head ache for anyone who's owned one. I'd try plugging the machine and trying to find the right combination of wire leads to a AA 12 volt battery, If you're thinking of accessing the bolt from the side with a recip saw - don't bother, there's no blade made that will cut that bolt (I've tried)
  2. I'd look for a Royal 660 (which is what Coke would send you). Rock solid machine and just beats the hell out of the Dixie 501e I own in terms of reliability. No stinkin' shims required and it will hold 660 12 oz cans so you don't have to fill it so often. I'd use a Mei 2512 validator paired with a Coinco 9302GX coin mech for the most problem free operation. You can even set the machine to take bills and return quarters if you need additional change for the laudromat patrons. Forget the snacks unless you have space for a whole machine - your Latino clientele would probably buy the hell out of the hot stuff but snacks are a pain to deal with if you only have one machine. Do not buy a combo machine as they never hold enough to make any money unless you can service them often. Most experienced vendors only use combos in larger locations that need a satellite for a remote break room.
  3. moondog

    New, small vender in Australia

    Welcome to the Forum. And yes,we have quite a few Aussies here (some might say too many 😂). If that machine is out of production, I'd reserve the one you haven't placed for a parts machine for the other three. I'd avoid the wall mount machines as they don't hold much. Most of our Aussie members tend to use the Combo machines due to the lack of space you often find down-under.
  4. moondog

    What kind of key is this?

    I'd just drill it out which is easy to do on these. Get a tiny bit that'll fit in the slot and drill those pins one by one until it pops open, There's probably enough change in there to easily buy another lock (and Key) This takes about ten minutes and is way easier than trying to find a key.
  5. moondog

    TVF Fantasy Football

    I've decided to start another TVF Fantasy (erotic) Football League this year in spite of our debacle last year. I'll be sending invites to as many of last year's members as I can remember - if you'd like to join or played last year (or at least tried to) and didn't get an invite, please PM me with your email so I can sign you up. Due to some changes which I'm about to get to, this will be 12 team max league. New League format. QB, RB, RB, WR. WR, WR, TE, Flex (Qb, Rb, Wr or Te) D/s, for a total of nine starters, There will also be room for 7 bench players as many of you will want that third QB. You'll note that there is no kicker and one extra RB - this is to account for the fact that kickers have always been crap shoots and there should be a bevy of good RB's this season, Also note you can have a second QB fill your flex slot so we shouldn't have an overload of good QB's sitting as free agents. Scoring remains the same except Qb's will get 6 points per TD pass as opposed to 4, As usual, this will be a PPR league. Free agents can be added at any time and the only players restricted to three days on the waiver wire will be those that have been dropped. The draft order will randomly selected as soon as we have our twelve teams. The waiver priority will be the inverse of the draft order (if you get the first pick, the you''ll be the last team on the waiver list). The draft is currently set for 5:00 pm,Sept 3rd (if this presents a problem let me know). All managers will be expected to have their rosters filled by 12:00 pm. PST, Thursday - this is a one strike deal. Any manager who does not have their roster filled with active players by the deadline will have that slot filled by me Once. The next time this happens you will be deleted from the league and all your players will be sent to the waiver wire for three days at which time they're fair game with priority given to those with the highest waiver standing. Note: I will do my best to choose the best appropriate player to fill your void but that may mean I"ll have add somebody or mess with your flex line-up. This subject onlt players that hold a Zero projection, questionable players won't be included in this rule. I will be sending invites out to the King, Kiwi and Mrs. KIwi (if she joins TVF), Quick Vend, Grazing Hippo Vending, Big Mike, Smart VendNW, Caserri, Mainor and Pyrodogz, While some of you may question my decision to invite Mainor and Pyro, Mainor indicated to me prior to the start of last season that he didn't really want to be commissioner but only picked up the slack when Big Mike couldn't do it. And I figure Pyro will probably give me the chance to try out the "manage your friggin' team rules) and give added value to the waiver wire priority
  6. moondog

    Mars TRC-6800H sensors

    I've found through a great deal of trial and error that the Coinco mechs are much more reliable (unlike their BA's). If you can't fix this one try a 9302GX instead - rock solid mech.
  7. Probably cause they didn't want to see their machines at the bottom of the bayou 😄😄😎
  8. moondog

    Help with 9302-L

    You'll need to get us the model of that Royal as the controls are on the first four selection buttons after you press the mode button on the control board. Most Royals will require that you use the password (4321) and hit enter which changes with various models.
  9. moondog


    What happened to all that stuff you've been hoarding
  10. moondog

    My dream girl

  11. moondog

    Royal 660 Break in

    Easy there From your post it did sound like they may have been Coke assets. It's all too common for store owners with Coke machines to just sell them off to some unsuspecting person. Next time don't take the guy's word for it but call Coke yourself and verify that the machines are no longer their assets. Unfortunatley this kind of stuff happens a lot - we had a local vending service guy end up taking a short (all expenses paid) vacation because he got caught with a yard full of stolen machines. He'd been buying them from some crook who was stealing them. Randy at Vending World will not buy any machine that is bottler logoed for this same reason. And that lock is a core lock - the absolutely easiest one to drill out. There are several small pins you can see in the slot and any crook with a pocket sized battery powered drill can have one open in less than ten minutes. I know I've done it on one of my machines where the lock failed - thank god it wasn't a Medeco or I'd probably still be there
  12. moondog

    Royal 660 Break in

    New locks are cheap enough to avoid any future break-ins. If I had to do it all over again, I'd spend the extra money on Medico locks (available with an exclusive key if you buy like twenty of them). As it stands, I cheaped out and went with the Cobra locks which are scary easy to drill out. But any time I'm dealing with a sketchy location, I spring for a Medico. It's odd that the key numbers were stamped on the outside - must have been some old bottler machines you got. You made a smart move buying the Royals but you'll need to construct a screen for the rear hole for that 804 you're sticking outside. Otherwise you may find the deck full of leaves and trash.
  13. moondog

    What are they and how much pay. Again

    While Wittern machines are far from my first choice ( having refurbished a couple and nearly came up short some digits ) I'd definitely think twice about buying a three wide unless you have a location that really needs it. Most good locations will require a five wide minimum.
  14. moondog

    Royal 660 Break in

    Very strange, Obviously they were not too sophisticated or they would have known they couldn't access any cash by breaking the glass on the Rowe ( unless they just wanted a snack ) My guess is that they were able to access the lock catch with a long rod and release it if the barrel was pointed up. I have several of these machines (but not here) so I'd try and mount the lock barrel with the catch to the side or bottom. You say it's a bottler machine so they may not want to replace this machine in that location. It's bad news when somebody can break out a torch in a location without being seen. And I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice Deport them down here and let Trump take care of them - bwahahhahaha
  15. moondog

    Old School Grinders

    Post this in the coffee forum and maybe somebody can help you.