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  1. You might try the Wittern group which makes USI machines. Vendors tend to shy away from food machines as they're a lot of work for little profit (usually). The only other US Mfg. is AMS as AP has been bought by Crane.
  2. As some of you may know, the Mage is only interested in one sport, women's gymnastics. Yesterday Simone Biles dropped out of the competition. thus paving the way for the Russian team to sweep this event. I'm thinking this will make the Mage very cross but at least he gets to watch all the other nubiles from various countries strut around,.😀
  3. Don't feel too bad - looks like we're all rookies now. Not too sure how many people will be looking for advice from nothing but a band of rookies. Sounds like the blind leading the helpless.
  4. moondog


  5. Ah, just like the old days - much bickering about nothing. I haven't been around in awhile but I'm glad to see the forum returning to it's roots. Mission or Sherlock would have had this one shut down about ten posts ago.
  6. After doing the Cobras deal, I think I'd drop the extra money and get the Medicos were I to do it again. The Cobras are very easy to defeat.
  7. Totally cool - I'm in the market for a new pick up - I was looking at the used ones but for some odd reason the new ones are less money. And I have a Marlin lever action 44 mag that looks just like the one in the picture. This is serendipitous
  8. They been making a small unit called a viral guard for years that was initially intended for small clinics but would work great for a single family residence. They're not particularly cheap at about 5k but they hook up inline with your air handler on your HVAC system. I think the cluster F of false positive testings have made many of us leery of medical science's understanding of this virus.
  9. Probably depends on whose wearing them
  10. First we'd need to know what voltage is available - everything here in the States is 120v. As for a bill validator for your currency, I suspect you'll need to consult a source in Europe - I think Spain has a couple.
  11. Hmmm, Looks like the Cajun is retaking the Golpher Hole - it's been awhile since he was this active
  12. I don't blame you your Highness. I PM'd everybody from last year and the only response I got was from VA Vendor who is opting out this year as he has a new full time job and doesn't have any time for this. Frankly< I don't have any further desire to contact these people as they don't seem to be terribly involved in the forum or they would have seen my original posts. Unless they contact me within the next few days, I figure we'll just pull the plug on the TVF league - I spent a fair amount of time attempting to keep it going - but there seems to be little interest from the rest of this forum. Too bad, as I was considering adding some Half Time entertainment this season.
  13. Yep, I was thinking the same thing your Majesty as I haven't received any replies to the Pm's I sent everybody. Maybe they should check into the forum once in awhile. As I can't get to the official league page anymore perhaps you might like to help me out here. If I could get there, this would all be a moot point Ps' I thought all PM's were linked to their private emails
  14. Harumph, harrumph, harrumph, The commissioner (me) would like to thank The King for his prompt attention and signing up quickly. I take it that the rest of you haven't checked your email lately as I've had no further responses - get it in gear people. As a self confessed technological imbecile you have no idea what an ordeal it was for me to set this stuff up - let's not drag it out. If you want play. please send me your email address so I can get the invites out before my computer crashes (or some other calamity occurs)
  15. Harrumph, Harrumph, harrumph, Well, it's time for fantasy football again and we need Braggarts, Blowhards and Bloviators. At&T shut down my email account prior to the end of last season so I couldn't log in to see how it came out, but I suspect that the King won as Kiwi would still be crowing about it if he'd won. If so , congratulations your majesty - I believe this makes you the only two time winner of the TVF league. Normally the league from last year would automatically reset but since my old email account no longer exists it's toast. So we're starting from scratch. Please PM me with your email so I can send you an official invite to the league. The league will be maxed out at twelve teams but I'd be happy to get at least eight. The format be mostly the same as last year but I'm considering a couple of changes. One make the second running back a flex spot and two, replacing the defense with an IDP player. As follows is the format from last year. New League format. QB, RB, RB, WR. WR, WR, TE, Flex (Qb, Rb, Wr or Te) D/s, for a total of nine starters, There will also be room for 7 bench players as many of you will want that third QB. You'll note that there is no kicker and one extra RB - this is to account for the fact that kickers have always been crap shoots and there should be a bevy of good RB's this season, Also note you can have a second QB fill your flex slot so we shouldn't have an overload of good QB's sitting as free agents. Scoring remains the same except Qb's will get 6 points per TD pass as opposed to 4, As usual, this will be a PPR league. Free agents can be added at any time and the only players restricted to three days on the waiver wire will be those that have been dropped. The draft order will randomly selected as soon as we have our twelve teams. The waiver priority will be the inverse of the draft order (if you get the first pick, the you''ll be the last team on the waiver list). The draft is currently set for 5:00 pm,Sept 2nd (if this presents a problem let me know). All managers will be expected to have their rosters filled by 12:00 pm. PST, Thursday - this is a one strike deal. Any manager who does not have their roster filled with active players by the deadline will have that slot filled by me Once. The next time this happens you will be deleted from the league and all your players will be sent to the waiver wire for three days at which time they're fair game with priority given to those with the highest waiver standing. Note: I will do my best to choose the best appropriate player to fill your void but that may mean I"ll have add somebody or mess with your flex line-up. I will have the automatic draft order set once we reach eight teams. Anybody after that takes the next slot. I'll be attempting to Pm everbody from last year - if I don't, it just means I can't remember which members had which team. Hopefully we can get Mrs, Kiwi to play this year plus a couple of more. Ps, Kiwi, I no longer have your (Janine's email as it got deleated by At&T. I got them back though - had my entire family drop any and all of their services (serves them right, they're a crappy company)
  16. That's cause you couldn't cut class in the First Grade (well maybe you did but he rest of us were required to be there 😂😂😁)
  17. While this was a very good validator in it's day (I still have one that works) you'll find that most refurbishers won't touch it as they can't get the parts. For a Soda machine, the VN2512 wold be your best bet. Unfortunately, most suppliers of refurbished validators won't take yours as a core exchange so you'll end up paying a bit more. Ps. I'd be highly skeptical of anybody on Ebay with a "refurbished one". It's been at least five years since any good refurbisher would touch one of these.
  18. I always find it amazing how generous people can be with somebody else's money.
  19. Let's see: CCreaders a cold food machine and a rewards program - you sure they don't want you to wipe their butt for them as well? Run don't walk away from this mess.
  20. Deja Vu - all over again "Yogi Bera"
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