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  1. Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph, With week 5 rapidly approaching we had an interesting Thursday night with everybody who had a dog in the fight doing well. Number one was The Bagpipes of Fury (or is that fuzzy?) who overcame a projected deficit to The King to now be favored. We really need you to win this one Fuzzy as The King has quietly moved into 2nd place (maybe he thinks we're not watching). Number 2 is Kiwi over Td's who not only maintained his lead, but stretched it a bit with a nice game from Andrew Luck (finally). And last is The Scrubs, who are very pissed of about Td's routing them last week and are taking it out on me (why do I have the most points scored against me ?). The Scrubs will probably still lose but they did post a positive score last night. As a side note; I've been doing some research after realizing my team was not scoring enough points and studied the overall points scored for each position by all players. I found I had a guy sitting on my bench who's outscorerd both my supposed stars and that a lot of top performers are still free agents. I don't know why I'm telling you all this as I would make it possible for you all to lose every week if I could just figure out how to do it 😂😂😂
  2. What happened to the 120 points you were supposed to score? Yep, my guys played like pasture pastry - kinda wished they'd have saved that effort for next week when I play the Scrubs. Brees didn't even crack 10 points and I should have started Cousins but couldn't really trust him after that dud he dropped in week 3. Get used to all the mediocrity as I'm guessing we're all in for a big dose of it this year.
  3. Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph Well it's looking like week 4 is all but in the bag so we'll do our recap now. First and least interesting is Td's obliterating the Scrubs (shocking) and just when it was looking like the Scrubs were making their move. Second, it's looking grim for the Force vs the Kilted one down by 3 points with only one guy left to play against the opponents 2 players, I'm going to need Sanders to score about 40 points to pull this one off which is not likely. I do have contingency plans though. Plan A involves Andy Reed calling a trick play (hopefully early in the 1st quarter) whereby Hunt swings around for a statue of liberty style play and Mahommes accidentally turns the wrong way and both players collide head on and end up in concussion protocol. This would also put a dent in Hill's production . Personally, I think the plan is foolproof and the only other scenario I see as likely is that Mahommes and Hill get into a fight in the locker room before the game and Mahommes insists on only throwing to Sammy Watkins and Travis Kelce. Then I only have to worry about Hunt beating me so all is not lost. Lastly, and perhaps the most interesting, is the King facing off against Kiwi who currently has a 12 point lead but no players left while the King still has Mahommes yet to play. Plan A would definitely give Kiwi the win but I'm thinking the King will pull this one out and finally beat a real player. It sucks that Kiwi puts up 180 plus points and still loses (for the second week in row) That's quite a slide from being first. That said, it's looking like a big log jam at 2 and 2 for most of the league with Td's still in first and the Scrubs bringing up the rear. Next week I get the Scrubs so I figure to win that one at least
  4. HARRUMPH, HARRUMPH, HARRUMPH Well, week 4 is here and we have some interesting matchups in store. First, the Force take on the man with no pants who should be quite surely after his embarrassing loss to the Scrubs last week. A word of warning: if he puts up a measly 120 points again I intend to smoke him. Second, we have the Crown facing off against the man from down under which looks to be a close match up with both teams sorely needing a victory after losing last week. I'll be rooting for the King in this one (something I'd never thought I'd say) Lastly, we Have Td's facing off against the mighty Scrubs who are currently 2 point underdogs. Butthe Scrubs are on a roll after last week's stunning victory and if Td's fails to cover his byes, the Scrubs could just pull off another victory. Note: the commissioner will not fill your roster for you when you're playing the Scrubs. So if you chose to leave your roster empty that's just less points for you in the end ( something the rest of us are hoping for 😎😎😎)
  5. You need to dump Garapallo and grab another good QB for the bye weeks coming up. Ryan Fitzpatrick is available and he's looking quite good this year. Also, why the hell are you rostering the Houston defense? When the time comes for Jax to take their bye there are plenty of defenses available - just pick the one going against the worst team and drop somebody on your bench who's not doing anything. Right now your bench looks like a field hospital from the Civil War and with bye season approaching, you need to start thinking about filling some holes.
  6. Makes me glad I didn't buy into all the preseason 49ers hype and passed on drafting any of them. Sounds like the Steelers are actively seeking trade offers on your boy - maybe he'll end up some place nice like Buffalo or Cleveland by the time he starts playing again 😎😎😎
  7. Harrumph. harrumph , harrumph, Well week 3 is now in the books and what a week it was for a few of us. 1. The Force, me, beat Kiwi by a slight margin, but hey, a win is a win and I'll take it. Personally I just felt that Kiwi was too weak and insignificant to be in first place and he really needed that loss and it gave me the utmost pleasure to be the one to provide it for him. 2. Td's (aka the crip) thoroughly tromped the king and will move into first place via all the huge points he's been putting up. We're going to have to do something about him before Leveon decides he wants to play again or he might be unstoppable. The king meanwhile is off to an ignominious start with his only win coming against the Scrubs and having to deal with being on the losing end of the week's biggest blowout.. 3, the most ridiculous loss of the week goes to the man with no pants as he actually managed to lose to the Scrubs (how the hell did you manage that?) which technically means he, along with the King are tied for last place with the Scrubs (except for the points) So now we have 3 teams at the top with a 2 and 1 record and three teams at the bottom with a 1 and 2 record so it's still a tight race but if the Scrubs can maintain their current streak, not only will they make the playoffs, but they win the whole thing - Go Scrubs!!!
  8. Yep, same here but in my case there was no way I could top 200 points. It's always a guessing game. You should have started Diggs and Hunt but you just never know. The tough ones are guys like Aaron Rodgers who you really can't bench no matter what their outlook is. I had a bunch of guys lay a turd in this one but it was a good time to do it given the numbers my opponent put up. When a guy's TE scores 30 points you know you're screwed. This is going to be a very tight race so all the points you can score will be important in the end. I doubt if anybody has more than 9 wins by the time of the playoffs,
  9. Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph Week 2 is just about in the books so we'll have our recap now since tomorrow night won't matter' Number 1, the Force (me) got beaten to death by a cripple so Td's will go to one and one plus the most points this week. Looking at the score, I don't feel too bad as there was no combination I could have started that would have beaten the crip. Number 2, Kiwi edged out the man with no pants so he'll go to 2 and 0. Plus he'll find himself in first place which is something I plan on rectifying next week. If ya'll think the King is bad when he wins, wait til you hear what Kiwi has to say about being number one. Number three will be the King as he's managed to beat the Scrubs with what looks to be a pedestrian score. He'll also be at 1 and 1 along with everybody else. Now's when the points start to matter.
  10. You never told us what happened and FYI, you can't sue for stress and time spent in small claims court. For that you'll need to hire an attorney and file the case in a higher court. With a monetary value of only $200 I'm afraid you're stuck (and USAT knows it)
  11. This sounds like a time consuming PITA to me unless this is a very lucrative account. The easier way to do it is show your account exactly what the monthly gross is and let them decide how much of that they want to subsidize. I'd collect this amount for three months up front to avoid the pitfall the AZ described. Make them aware, that should sales increase, the subsidy will also increase by the appropriate amount and if sales should take off immediately, don't push it - you're still making more than you did even at the new discounted price point. The downside is, either way, it's still going to cost you some time but the upside is that you may make a lot more money - some people just can't pass up a discount especially if they see their fellow employees getting it.
  12. Now, now, Is that anyway for you to talk to your commissioner? Harrumph. harrumph, harrumph. ......... I'm beginning to think it would have been better for us if the King had won that year
  13. Now you know how Nanook felt 😂😂😂 and you probably should have grabbed Julio when you had the chance
  14. Actually, high lights are great - if you watched all the games, you'd be sick of it by the time the playoffs roll around. Kiwi still has that "murders row" of receivers yet to play. so I wouldn't be counting my chickens just yet. If he only had my Qb's, we'd all be in trouble. Historically, he always sucks at Qb but this is the first time he's had the best Wr's that I can recall - he usually opts for running backs which is always a safe bet as they're the ones that tend to put up those 30+ scores.
  15. World class I'm guessing. The Eagles are currently hashing through a list of retreads looking for a replacement for Alshon Jeffery who's out for about half the season; the Seahawks just lost Doug Baldwin for several weeks and plan on using Brandon Marshall (aka Methuselah) as their primary receiver, yet Dez Bryant seems to be on nobody's list of options. The Cowboys suck but would apparently rather suck than have Dez on their squad. Even T.O. (another Cowboy) didn't have a rep this bad - must be something in the water down in Dallas. I don't blame Dez for turning down Cleveland - being tied to Tyrod Taylor is almost worse than Dak Prescott if you're a receiver but it's looking like Dez may have joined the Colin Kaepernick club of guys who were gone before their time.
  16. I already told you that being a kicker is where it's at. You make millions of dollars sitting on the bench watching everybody else get hurt. You get paid for twenty years, do some light stretching occasionally just so the fans know you're still alive and if you're good enough they won't even let you make a tackle lest you bruise yourself, It has to be the cushiest gig in sports.
  17. Yep, I figure Zion would have poked him in the eye first, then stomped on his head while he was lying on the ground in pain. 😎😎😎
  18. Speaking of the King, we haven't heard from him yet. You all owe a debt of gratitude to me for whupping his butt, otherwise you'd be hearing about how we, as mere Commoners, should be groveling at his feet. As our newcomer, you have no idea of how obnoxious he can be when he wins (which he should do next week as he's only playing the Scrubs)
  19. If Td loses anymore players he won't even be able to beat the Scrubs. 25% of his guys can't play and one won't play and as I recall, didn't he lose David Johnson in the first game of last year? That boy needs to fix his JuJu. Don't get too optimistic as you're playing Kiwi next week and it looks like he's finally decided to get serious.
  20. Jeez, No kidding, now I know how Nanook felt the day he tried to stomp a walrus to death with his muck-luck. That damned Tater was like a cock roach that just wouldn't die. Fortunately I had the Ram's defense in reserve. I predict they're going to make Revis Island look like an atoll before the seasons' done.
  21. Lucky you - they're probably the only defense worse than the Saints this week and you don't need any fewer points. I see you have the Bears now - wonder why Denver's still sitting there. Sam Darnold got off to a great start (though he didn't account for much of the damage) but he'll never live down that pick six on his first official pass.
  22. There should be nothing against adding any free agent anytime - maybe Yahoo expects you to drop Antonio Brown first 😎😎😎
  23. The King needs all the friends he can get. 😂😃😂
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