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  1. Harumph, harumph, harumph, With week one all but in the books, I think it's safe to proclaim our winners as it would take a major miracle for this to change. Number one is the Force (me) over that despicable despot, the King. While technically not over yet, Golden Tater would need the game of his life to overcome the current deficit. I really thought that the Broncs would have decapitated Wilson by the first half of that game but he did quite well considering how bad his O line is and the fact he's got nobody to throw to. Overall, the King is going to log some hefty points in the loss so you'd better not count him out just yet. If he'd had the cajones to start his other QB, this would be a nail biter tonight. At this point, my only fear is that the Rams D is going to kill Carr as I might need him later on to throw the ball to Amari Cooper. Number two is our newcomer, the kilted one, over Td's, who's having an epic case of bad luck with his lead RB acting like a two year old and his other RB going down with a hamstring injury, With the way that Leveon's replacement played, the Steelers may not want him back a t any price. My advice to the kilted one is, if you're going to wear kilts, you'd better get some of those kevlar whitey tighteys. You might find you'll have more free time once you're not fighting off the deer flies constantly. OUCH. The only good deer fly is a dead deer fly. And last, and currently least, is Kiwi over the Scrubs. Kiwi wil have the fewest points of anybody outside of the scrubs so he may want to add a defense at some point as 144 points is not going to beat anybody. Of course he could have started the Saints D who ended up losing 9 points. How the hell do you lose to the Bucs when your offense scores 40 points? I imagine they'll all be lined up this morning with Drew Brees launching footballs at their nuts. And by the way, Ryan Fitzpatrick scored 50 points, the most by a QB since Peyton Manning did it back in 2012. Too bad he's not on anybodies roster. So much for the Saints respectable defense.
  2. Hate to admit it but Chris is right. Those machines will be very difficult to find parts for going forward even if you could find an Mdb upgrade board for them which would cost much more than those machines are worth. Your best bet would be to sell them off and put the money toward a much newer AMS machine which will already have all the bells and whistles you'd never get on a Lance.
  3. Harumph, harumph, harumph, Well Thursday night was a tough start for everybody with players who played. The only winner was the Scrubs and the big loser was KIwi. Mathematically speaking at their current rates of progression and regression respectively, the Scrubs will beat Kiwi in week one which would probably be their only win this season. In the meantime Td's is in dire jeopardy of losing to a guy who apparently doesn't even wear pants. Oh, the shame. And yours truly is still barely maintaining a razor thin edge over the King who I'm sure you'd all like to see start out with a loss so we don't have to listen to his bloviations all next week.
  4. Just wait until your entire bench outscores all of your starters if you want some real frustration. It's happened to me more times than I care to remember.
  5. Most pro vendors won't touch a combo only account much less one with fewer than fifty employees. The AMS will be your best bet and I think that A&M out of Georgia has several refubs for sale under your price cap and they might even install the Card Reader for you (you'll have to set up your own account probably with USATEcH)
  6. She could still have them. There are a lot of great players still left on the board that by the rules, the Scrubs can't pick up so they're just sitting there. The 2 Qb system was installed to reduce the number of good Qb's sitting as free agents. Unfortunately, with only 5 real teams drafting, there's still a bunch of them left.
  7. Yep, I think we all jumped on the Qb wagon a little sooner than we expected to. Seems like somebody jumped early and we all felt the need to grab a good one while they lasted. And if you'll recall Spencer Ware scored about 30 something points his 1st game that year which was a hell of a lot better than anybody else I should have picked. The bigger blunder was picking Arizona's defense second before I realized I had set the auto draft function which I had loaded with deep sleepers. As for Julio, I'm done with him - tired of watching him get tackled on the one yard line and somebody else scores all the points. You're probably better off with Watson.
  8. At this point we're all clueless about Defenses. We all know who the really good ones were last year but have no clue who will be terrible yet. Jaxsonville is considered the best defense at this point but that could change as they've lost a couple of guys. Roders is considered #1 and Brady is always solid (even though he went to school with Moses). Garappolo is the best question mark as he just lost his main running back for the season and defenses can key on his passing attack more without a viable running game.
  9. Harumph, harumph, harumph, Well, the draft is in the bag and it looks like we're all pretty even. I currently have the highest projection for week one but that could change if Kiwi decides he needs a defense. I suspect he's just being contrarian as usual (no wonder Mrs, K didn't want to play) Since he's only playing the Scrubs this week, I won't attempt to change it for him. If he wants 5 to 10 less points, that's fine by me. I did make a couple of changes to the Scrubs as it seems a couple of the guys I prepicked were not going to be playing anytime soon. But they are still 50 point underdogs which was by design. You'll need to really F up to lose to the Scrubs. And our rookie had a suspiciously good draft, Once he figures out how to set his lineup, we could all be in for some serious trouble.
  10. Yep, I'm sure it threw Kiwi into a complete tail spin, That was a sneaky good draft you had, by the way. Once you figure out that you don't leave Rodgers and the Jags defense on the bench, we could all be in for some real trouble. Did you do this on your own or did you get help from your sisters?
  11. I figure it'll probably take you at least a day to chip all the mud and swamp grass off them. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
  12. This only works if you're picking guys way outside of where anybody might pick them. Since the scrubs only have players outside the top 100 it's unlikely anybody will pick one of them so it should be automatic. If you set up your list and somebody picks that guy before you get him then Yahoo will pick the highest ranked guy from their list.
  13. Well; I think I've solved my Scrubs problem. I set up a predraft order you can use if you don't expect to make the live draft,, This is not a pretty team but it does have some potential so, to be fair I'll use Yahoo's projections to decide who I start each week so we're all playing on a level field. While some of these guys might end up as breakout stars some of them are currently not on a team and most will require a major injury to the guy ahead of them to even see the field. The only changes I will make to the Scrubs will come during bye weeks and injury situations or if somebody is so deep on the depth chart they have a zero yahoo projection.
  14. As long as you take Todd Gurley 1st, you'll make the majority of us happy. And don't worry about ruining anybodies' fun - we're only here because we enjoy being frustrated
  15. Thanks Mage, We were getting tired of competing with the Gator Hole
  16. The random draft order has been set and can be found in the "other Vending" section, our new home. Remember that this is a snake draft which means that if you get the first pick (as VA did) then you have the last pick in the second round.
  17. Harumph, harumph, harumph, Well, as promised, I have the random draft order (created by Yahoo) for you, so you can think about our upcoming draft this Monday evening (5:00 Pst). The draft order is as follows: 1. Our newcomer "The Bagpipes" will start things off (hopfully he takes Gurley, just to piss Kiwi off) 2, Kiwi - what ever will he do with Gurley gone? He'll need to get his mutton fix some other way this year. 3. The Force, me. 4 Show Me Your Td's 5 The Scrubs, my other team, which will attempt to take players outside the top 100. I'm not sure how this is going to work yet as I only have one computer and am unsure how I can draft two teams. If yahoo ends up drafting the Scrubs, then I'll just drop them and add the true scrubs later which should make The King happy since he'll have top waiver priority since he's drafting last. Unfortunately Mrs. K never came up for air on joining our league which means I had to create the Scrubs to even things out. Looks like she'll be spending another season with only Kiwi for entertainment - seems rather droll to me. 6. Last (and hopefully least) will be The Crown aka the King
  18. Beware guys -I smell a snake in the grass here. Remember the last time somebody said they knew nothing about football? It was Kiwi and he won the championship. Something he'll never let us forget πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ
  19. Well, Harumph, harumph, harumph, it looks like we're up to five now with VA taking a stab. If we don't get anymore then I'll from the "Scrub Team" Saturday morning before I assign the draft order which I'll post Saturday PM. Currently we have Kiwi playing a bye which will never do. However, if he can't beat a team composed of players outside the top 100 then he deserves to lose (he actually deserves to lose anyway) but if he'd get his wife to sign up we could have some real fireworks to start the season off right - somehow I suspect this would end up with Kiwi back on the couch no matter which way that game goesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚
  20. You'll have to blame your barber for the Pre-vert rumor. Now if you'd just join the league, you'd know who won and why the NFL does not allow guns in the locker room (anymore). As for the banner, I could care less what it looks like since I doubt I'll ever win one since all my best players tend to get hurt in the first four games each year. The cheerleaders are just there in hopes they can get the Mage to watch a gameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž
  21. Fantasy Football is where you get to pick your favorite players from across the league and match them against other teams in your league. It's sort of an NFL Allstar league. The deal is, you have to be fairly knowledgeable about the NFl. That said Kiwi won the championship his first year and they don't have any football downunder, so sometimes luck does make a difference. Now if you're like the Mage, who only watches Nubile Gymnastics (the word on the streets is, he might be a pervert) then fantasy football is not something you'd be interested in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We only have four teams so far ( I was hoping for eight. But we do have the KIng back and his obnoxious bloviations are always entertaining. Plus there's Kiwi - always good for a laugh at his own expense and myself who can never pick my best players on any given week - my bench usually outscores my starters as well as half the league. Plus Quickvend who keeps us all grounded Message me with your email address and you too can experience the wonderful world of Fantasy Football. It can be a fickle game and who knows, you might just win, Plus there's a trophy banner supplied by the Mage which is forever embedded on each of your future posts (I doubt I'll ever get one)
  22. Well at least I won't have to worry about that damned hippo tripping me up as usual😎
  23. You've been in for about two months
  24. In spite of the fact that you've been a big thorn in my side over the last couple of seasons, I sent you an invite anyway. I'ts not our fault Mainor lost his mind last year but I'm doing my best to revive an old TVF tradition. If you don't have the invite, I'll see if I can send you another one, otherwise message me your email. as I'll be setting the draft order Sept 1.
  25. The draft is September 3rd at 5:00 PST. We now have four members counting Kiwi and I'm still waiting on Mrs K as she wanted to play last year. If we get an odd number, I'll just form a "scrub" team made up of guys outside the top 100. I intend to set the random draft order this Saturday and anybody signing up after that will get the next draft slot. We've still got a week left and I'll be happy to send anybody an invite if they'll just message me with their email.
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