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  1. Paper clips, washers, screws, straws...
  2. I agree with AZVendor says. I have, however, found that frozen foods do well in the right locations. I see the heck out of Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches, pizza and hot pockets. A bit more investment, however.
  3. I bought some machines from Smitty's a few years ago. Apparently, the guy I bought them from wasn't allowed to sell them! Got a call from a detective in the Portland Police department, nothing ever came from it.
  4. The ejector on each selection stays pushed in?
  5. I've used Tuff Front to cover up some holes.
  6. Balances out over time. I personally don't get too hung up on .40.
  7. Or just leave the coins in the wrapper in the bottom of the machine for later use.
  8. LOL. A long term account of mine is splitting in two. The new entity wants to retain my company for their new location. I did a site visit to the new location which is still under construction. Beautiful place, but absolutely no where to place my machines.
  9. There is only only one person who I like to talk to at technical support...I hope you are not him! How long ago did you leave?
  10. I am on a Mac using Safari and I am seeing what SE says...Really wide left had border and narrow column for posts.
  11. ST, I have the same issue...Always the same selection (E 3,4,5) but I can NEVER replicated the problem! AC, What and Where is the 'Home' switch?
  12. I ordered two cases of Monster from them, came in two separate (big) boxes with no packing material. It truly was miraculous that no cans burst open!
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