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  1. Golfdogs

    Refurbed drink vendor

    Can't your Fort Worth Supplier help you out with that?
  2. Golfdogs

    Fastcorp fs01?

    Way to go!
  3. Mount it to the wall, or bolt it to the floor.
  4. Golfdogs

    National 145 & credit cards

    If they are in good locations, the locations deserve good machines. The 145's are relics that will become even more problematic should you put the UCB on them. If you hear Chris, listen to him! I will remind you that you asked for the advise.
  5. Golfdogs

    Cleaning DBV

    I've got a DBV that seems to have sprayed with Big Red. The belts squeal like a pig when a dollar is stacked. I've had success before putting coin mechs in the dishwasher before, but I have never tried a bill validator. Any issues with running through a dish cycle? Of course, I'd let it dry out for a week before testing it. Please advise!
  6. Golfdogs


    PM me and I can help you program the BevMax.
  7. Golfdogs

    501e and PayRange

    Correct. It vends just fine off of PayRange, just doesn't display your credit. Just by chance, when I installed PayRange, the the blue light shines through the coin slot. When you connect with your phone, you can see the flashing lights through there, as well.
  8. Golfdogs

    501e and PayRange

    I've got a Coke branded 501e that I installed PayRange on. Everything works, except the credit from PayRange does not show up on the display. Is this something an updated eprom will solve? Current eprom is 390.51-B. Please advise.
  9. Golfdogs

    First AMS Sandwich-Food Machine

    Do frozen food instead. Much longer shelf life plus the added benefit of fast selling ice cream.
  10. There is a perfect machine for every location. But not every location needs a vending machine. Look, you came to the forum seeking advice. SLOW DOWN! The reason you are finding 'routes' for sale are because of overpriced combo machines that don't make enough money to make it worthwhile to those operators. Stick with Full sized machines and find good locations to put them in. You'll be much happier in the long run.
  11. My refrigeration guy hates working on Wittern equipment. You'll hate dealing with their service department when you have issues with either of those machines. do some more research regarding combo machines in this forum. Heed the advice.
  12. Golfdogs

    soda cans getting stuck on ramp

    Clean it first. Then use food grade silicon on the chute.
  13. Some older National machines were notorious for bad door switches. I'd check and make sure yours is working properly.
  14. Golfdogs

    National 474 combo issue

    Even though you don't have the gum/mint tray installed, the 'H' motors are probably mounted on the door, and that is what you are hearing.
  15. Golfdogs

    Weird sound started today on DN440

    Could be dust/corrosion buildup on the fan blade or shroud. Time to clean that unit up!