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  1. Most times, if you perform a "self-test" it will reset the affected motor.
  2. I found a guy that moves gun safes. They have the right equipment.
  3. Excel or Numbers will be your best bet for this.
  4. I call BS on the school break rooms doing that kind of volume in a week. Something smells fishy to me.
  5. Ditch the cold food machine. Offer frozen food instead. PayRange in place of card readers. Why are they not happy with the current vendor?
  6. There should be a trade show for that kind of stuff...
  7. Loading machines and strapping them to the rear of the trailer (behind the axles) makes the trailer very difficult to control and is quite dangerous. Not to mention, pulling a trailer every day to stock machines is highly inconvenient. Parking nightmare at most of my locations!I would strongly encourage you to stay away from the trailer idea. My two cents (hey, they we jammed in one of my machines!)
  8. So true. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "the bill thingy is full" for a jammed dollar bill. But, hey, it gives me a place to start!
  9. I have PayRange on several 2145's. I didn't even have to upgrade the Eprom.
  10. How much time do you look at the video looking for theft?
  11. I just email my rep (Coke, Pepsi and 7Up) with the asset #. Usually get a response back PDQ. Can't get a response from my Pepsi rep on ANY other issue!
  12. I have a few of the fully frozen and one dual zone that I converted to all frozen. When they work correctly, life is good. But the shelf roller system on these units is poorly designed. I have had more broken rollers on these shelves which is enough to drive me nuts. Lots of condensation issues with units, as well. door heaters are problematic and are not easy to replace. I've had to replace the glass on two units (one brand new) due to moisture in between the two panes of glass. With that being said, I would rather do frozen food instead of fresh food any day of the week.
  13. Did you depress the door switch after you installed the validator? With out the switch in, the validator will flash twice.
  14. I bought one of those a couple of months ago. I ran some coins through it,,but I have yet to use it for my counts yet. I'm Still using an awesome Brandt sorter.
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