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  1. Looking for info on Keypad repair

    As far as Hyosung Pin Pads go, only Hyosung is suppose to inject them. ATM Equipment will do it (they somehow figured it out). Most other repair companies will take them in and send them to Hyosung. Try the basic flash first Turn off ATM On the back of the pin pad, turn the 1st DIP switch on Turn on the ATM, Turn off ATM, turn dip switch off and turn ATM back on. Todd
  2. Any ATMs for sale?

    I have refurbished 1500SE. These are 1500's with the upgraded EMV kits, color screen, can use internet (IP) $1250 each, pickup in Springfield MA These have been gone through completely by a certified tech, 6 month warranty. These are selling super fast....
  3. video

    There use to be a video on here, about the 'day in the life of a vending guy' Anyone have a link?
  4. ATM Route

    Few things you can do.... 1. Work with an ISO that has armored car offerings 2. Find someone who has money and is looking for passive income, pay them 8%-10% on the money you borrow 3. Offer the merchant a bigger cut if they load the ATM 4. Look for vault cash providers (VCP), we pay a few different people .75 cents per transaction to load our ATMs with their money 5. You must put income from your current route to grow, you will hit a point where you can add an account a month, two a month, one a week. It takes time. 6. If you own some good equipment, Firestone will do a "lease back" situation using your current equipment as collateral.
  5. Cost of Goods

    Sorry, They just gave me gross sales numbers and commission numbers - no net numbers. Some of the commission were 30% I was trying to get a rough estimate on net
  6. Entering the ATM industry, advice

    Not 100% sure what the question is, you basically need an ISO. There are quite a few ISOs out there. The ISO will bring all the pieces together, the sponsoring bank, the processor, the training, Ect. drop me an email at todd@newenglandatm.net , can help you out.....
  7. Cost of Goods

    Wow, thought is would be closer to 40%, so the fact some of the accounts he is paying 30% of gross seems crazy..... I might stick to ATMs, LOL
  8. Cost of Goods

    Hey all, I was presented with a snack/soda route. This is new to me, they have no records or anything. What % should I expect for cost of goods. We are looking at cans and a variety of snacks. Sorry about the newbie question.....
  9. ATM placement fee

    You need at least 2 of the following: Lottery Sales Low Income Clientele College Student Clientele Travelers or people who don't have access to home bank ATM Cash Only or High minimum credit card acceptance Alcohol Sales Other gambling (video Poker, card games, ect)
  10. ATM placement fee

    Poplady, I think we spoke a few years back. If you are interested, I can teach you a little about the business and what to look for. It's always easy, but I think there is a need out there for a quality locator. There are some certain criteria on quality locations. Your big challenge is knowing what to give out for a commission. Each market is different. Giving a $1.00 to the merchant in Ohio and giving a $1.00 to a merchant in NYC are 2 different worlds. Even within a geographic location can change. Let me know, I believe PBS charges $350-$400 a location, but they haven't sent anything worth while. Maybe we can trade some knowledge for a discount on locations. Todd (413)454-3538
  11. Snack box update

    What are you using for actual boxes? where are you getting them?
  12. Another atm vending thread :)

    http://natmc.org/documents/2014/09/implementing-emv-at-the-atm-white-paper-2014.pdf That is the link to the National ATM Council posting of the white paper I mentioned. My goal is to upgrade over the course of 5 years. Some of that will have a natural upgrade process, meaning some of the ATMs will not last 5 years. I'm setting the top priority by giving my top 10-20% new ATMs. The ATMs I pull out of these top spots are cheaper (Hyosung 1800se upgrade about $275) to upgrade and are moving into my slower spots. My small bars and under 100 transaction spots will be upgraded last. There are several merchant groups suing for more time, which I am hoping will happen.
  13. Another atm vending thread :)

    NYvending, if you're interested in vaulting let me know. Being in NY you're right in our sweet spot. Few things I have to comment on your post. I've done very well with bar with minimal issues on spillage. I do think I might be the exception. Bars in Massachusetts tend to do well, the State is lax with busting 8-liners and Keno is very successful in Massachusetts bars. I really do think contracts are a litter over-rated, have you ever tried to enforce one with a lawsuit? My experience was miserable waste of time. Maybe I'm just jaded. On the other hand, New York is a much much more competitive market then mine AS far as EMV goes, yes new machines you buy - should be EMV. If you have older ATMs in the field, do not start upgrading yet. First, the networks and processors have no intentions of shutting you're ATM down. The mag stripe on the card will be her for a long time to come. All that is going to to happen is a liability shift. Currently, if there is fraud with an ATM card - the card producer eats the liability. If the ATM is not EMV compliant and the card has a chip and there is fraud, the ATM vendor is responsible for the fraud. Card fraud at the ATM is possible but rare, because the PIN is required. Most fraud is achieved with cards are achieved online, phone orders, or at the gas pump. EMVco, the company who is guiding the largest businesses in the US published a white paper about EMV at ATMs. They state most ATM operators should not go out and upgrade their ATMs all at once. The EMV upgrade should be part of a longer term plan as the ATMs are replaced. Many ATM companies are trying to get you to drink the EMV Kool-AID to get your business or sell you EMV kits.
  14. Phoenix Arizona, launching ATM network

    The Phoenix market is a very very tough market for ATMs. There are 3 very very large National ATM companies based out Phoenix area. The 3 companies I'm thinking of all work on a National level, but also battle it out in the local area. Also, from what I heard Arizona in general, does not have the greatest ATM transaction volume. The few reason I was given was. The median age in the State was a little bit on the high side (older people tend not to use ATMs). Next, the Arizona lottery was weak and people can play using a debit card. Lastly, many of the convenience store tend to be run by larger chain type stores....in the Northeast, New York, Boston, Hartford, and Albany have independently owner bodegas/variety stores on every corner. Anyways, feel free to drop me a PM and we can discuss and I can help you with equipment, ect.
  15. Financing large route purchase

    If you're looking for financing, may want to check Firestone Financial. Not sure if they do bulk, but they have been great to work with. Not the greatest interest rates, but they can get you money quickly. After working with them for 3-4 years, they really have been a go to company when an opportunity has come up.