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  1. That is the one place I didn't look! Thank you so much! I left it at .50 as a "sale" price for the first week to make it up to the account for being without a machine for a week. I need to keep this account happy. They are heavy drinkers... plus they buy lots of pop! Ha! Thanks again, Michael
  2. I'm back on this one... I can't figure out the C6-276! There are no switches or anything I can find to alter. There is a silver button that vends a can everytime I push it, but doesn't allow me to do anything else. I've tried pushing selection buttons trying to figure out any type of code, but there is no display and I can't seem to adjust the price. Any ideas? It is set at .50 and seems to work great and gets plenty cold. Thanks!
  3. I walked up to one of my machines today and it is flashing 2 lights in front and scrolling "out of order." I can't find any help with the instructions on machine. It is cooling fine. bill validator won't accept anything and all coins drop straight into coin return. I've unplugged and replugged everything I can find. Any ideas? Thanks! Michael
  4. I have a school location with two side by side snack machines. We just upgraded size and the new ones are bigger and the same size. Would you make them identical? or double up in one machine and spread everything out? Thoughts? Michael
  5. I use the Ozarka 20oz bottles from Sam's and they are made for vending. They work pretty good, but not as good as Dasani 20oz that I can only get from the bottler.
  6. I've got a snackshop 7600 with a MEI Series 2000 bill validator I can get it to accept the bill and make one transaction. However, the next time it will accept the bill, show a credit of $1 and then spit the bill back out when you make your selection. I've cleaned the validator and have a solid red light - no errors I have plenty of change The product costs $1 and I've checked it I've unplugged and then unplugged the validator. When I start up, it works once and then not a second time. It sill take coins, just not bills. Anything else I can do without switching it out? Is it a board issue? Thanks, Michael
  7. I bought 8 machines that had been in storage for what appears to be 5 years. I got them super cheap and am trying to decide what to do with them. One of them is a Nice looking Dixie Narco 501 multi-price machine that isn't cooling. The electronics on it are in great shape and quite clean. The compressor and lower area appear to have been neglected. I've clean it and put a piece of paper on the intake to see if it is kicking off or not. If you were a repair tech and called out to look at this machine - what would you do and what would it cost me? Thanks! Michael
  8. A DN 501 that i purchased used is blowing a fuse every time i plug it in. After 20 seconds it shuts it down. Any thoughts? Thanks, Michael
  9. I purchased some machines from someone who bought them off a storage unit auction. 8 Machines - 2 nice snackshops and a variety of older pop machines. 6 of them are open and 2 are locked - no keys for any of them. I've not dealt with locks before... What is the cheapest way for me to solve this problem? Is there a code somewhere on the open locks that I can use to ask my local shop if they would have? I just moved them home tonight and haven't had time to really dig into them yet. I tried all my keys - 6 - on them and nothing worked. Is it going to be much trouble replacing them if they are open?? No drilling? Thanks! Michael
  10. They've already started with the healthy snack options. But they also want energy drinks and candy, so not everyone is feeling the same. We'll see what happens... Thanks!
  11. I'm about to put a snack machine and pop machine at a City Hall. Population of town is 12,000. City Council and other weekly meetings are held on the same floor as well as all the offices that will generate some foot traffic... What can I expect from a location like this? Any of you have a similar setup? I've got the Police Station which is in the same building on a lower sub-floor and it doesn't do much. Its taken 6 months to let me put something in the City Hall area. Just wondering what size snack machine to use - I have a 4-wide and a 5-wide Snack shop machine just waiting to be put to use. Thanks, Michael
  12. I've overpaid for the same type of location in the past. Police stations seem good because they are 24 hrs, but the cops will just jump in their car to go get something to eat. The lady at the dispatch counter is the only one who will use it. We have one now and it only does about $20 every 2 weeks. Not great, but it did get us into the City Hall building which does have more foot traffic, workers and public meetings. Having that "bad" location also allowed us to get the Library which does $80 every 2 weeks. Not great, but it is a nice little cluster. I personally would not pay more than $750 for these locations combined. That's all the machines are worth. They serve a purpose, but not anywhere near that price. Good luck! Michael
  13. I just aquired two Cavalier machines. One on location (C8-392) and one from storage (C6-276) How do I change the price on them? There are no codes or anything written down inside the machines. Thanks, Michael
  14. Where can I find Gatorade in bulk rather than Sam's? I need flavors they don't sell by the case.
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