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  1. davco1

    Vend Trak

    Hi, Any Vend Trak users having issues with the website?
  2. One denomination at a time. I just let the kick out fill a different bag and when it's full I let the bank count it.
  3. This is what I use. It is an absolute beast of a machine! http://www.cassidausa.com/C500.html
  4. Where's the best place to get a couple of these 7512s?
  5. Is the MEI a superior coin mech? Where can I buy them and are they hard to switch out?
  6. I had to place some machines into two busy locations, so I bought AMS Widegems with Conlux Coin Mechs and Crane card readers. IT seems like the Conlux mechs jam a lot. Is there / Are there things I can do to prevent some of these? Being a novice with snack machines, are there things I need to look out for with these set ups? Thank you in advance for the input.
  7. Who can we buy new machines from now?
  8. No kidding. Is NEN selling machines?
  9. Northwesterns phone numbers aren't working. Has anyone tried to get in touch with them?
  10. Northwesterns phone numbers aren't working. Has anyone tried to get in touch with them?
  11. Thanks for the info...I'll hit you up on the coin mech if I can make a deal.
  12. Anyone have an idea of what a fsi3179 is worth....with a messed up coin mech. and is it worth a damn?
  13. I have a Royal M# RVMCE650-10 that seems to be stuck in a free vend mode and I can't get the prices to reset! Please Advise.
  14. How do you defend against having the T handle drilled? I have just suffered my first experience with that. Is the Medeco T handle the way to go?
  15. Oh no...."The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling" says Chicken Little
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