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  1. MidStateVending

    Coke machine drip tray overflows

    The tray has sponges so I will check for air leaks next. Thanks.
  2. Royal Vendors RV model. I emptied the drip tray yesterday and today it is about 3/4 full. Soon it will over-flow and end up on the clients floor. The machine is indoors with air conditioning. What causes drip trays to over flow?
  3. MidStateVending

    Lost machine

    That is your property. He is not allowed to touch it without your consent. I would sue in small claims for the original price of the machine.
  4. MidStateVending

    Dixie Narco 368 Cooling Issue

    Agreed. Replace the thermostat first and if still does not work, go get Type I certified in HVAC so you can replace coolant. This won't be your first cooling issue, and in Nashville there is only one guy that does this, and he charges $175.
  5. MidStateVending

    Programming a Royal Vendors 660

    This helped a lot. It was hard at first, but then as I understood the logic of the choices it worked perfectly. Thank you!
  6. MidStateVending

    New Location Gross Sales Expectation?

    Yep, white collar is not going to do great. Maybe a once a month visit. You may try a snack and drink machine to just park there until something better turns up.
  7. The model # is either: RY660-21 or RV660-21 I need to know how to assign columns to the buttons. Which menu item is this? What are the steps to assign 1 or 2 columns to one button? Right now it seems that the product is coming out randomly, regardless of which button is selected.
  8. MidStateVending

    Bitcoin ATM machines...advice?

    I dabbled in Bitcoin and lost (only) hundreds of dollars via websites shutting down, garbage software, and transactions that won't confirm. Transactions take forever and more difficult than PayPal or a credit card. Bitcoin is crap... just by two bits.
  9. MidStateVending

    501e sales counter question

    Thank you!
  10. MidStateVending

    501e sales counter question

    When I open the door to my Coke machine there are various items that scroll automatically through the front display. For monthly invoicing purposes, I check the sales counter each time, however, now there are 2 numbers that are close to each other and I cannot tell which one is the actual sales counter. Could someone explain, in order, what each number being displayed means?
  11. MidStateVending

    Dixie Narco 720P - 10 Row

    I am glad to read this response... I just picked up one of these machines for free, hoping to fix it up. The board doesn't seem to want to respond to many of my commands (like test the motors) and it keeps saying the machine is "Sold Out" when it is not. I will pull the bill val and coin mech and scrap... uniess there are any other useful parts anyone can think of.
  12. MidStateVending

    Alpha numeric round stickers for keypads?

    Necessity is the mother of invention.... (and being cheap about it)...
  13. MidStateVending

    Alpha numeric round stickers for keypads?

    Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to replace the keypads... it's like I need to cut through a metal plate that is welded into place. I may need to think about this more because you are right that it may look like a patch job in the end.
  14. MidStateVending

    Alpha numeric round stickers for keypads?

    Good eyes.... Genesis Go-127.... 2 of them that I got for $100. But I know I can sell them better with a better keypad.