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  1. Up here, most of my locations are at 1.50 I have one at 1.25 and a couple at 1.35 The vendor at my full time job just upped his to 1.75 The local government here is screwing with wages and taxes, so when that crap hits the cost, everything will have to be raised.
  2. As AZ said, check for a bent door. These machines were not built to withstand much physical handling so its no wonder that the freon may have leaked out.
  3. So I have a stupid question...... should a cc reader be on both the snack and soda machines?
  4. This is sounding almost exactly like the pitch I fell for with fresh o matic. The numbers given as an average vend per day per machine was a complete fabrication. I was fortunate enough to only need a small loan to start. I omly invested enough that if this didnt work, i wouldnt lose the house. 4 combos I placed myself only paid the loan and kept product in them. Its was only after I purchased 2 routes am I now able to take some money out of the company. I have 17 machines placed and still have to work a full time job. The numbers you are using don't exisit for a startup. IMO. If
  5. That sucks. It's only about a year old. I'll check with the supplier but I doubt there's a warranty. Thanks Randy.
  6. Model# VX73B34CA01 Discovered a problem today with this BA. It was making a clicking noise. Stopped and cycled through a diagnostic. The push plate extended,retracted and click click click. Almost like a gear cog was stripped or missing. Just wondering if this is something I should even attempt to fix?
  7. I have absolutely made much more than a 750 mistake. I jumped in head first and cracked the noggin wide open. I saw an oppertunity and ran. Did I have then sense to hire am expert? NO Did I spend WAY more than I should have? YES WOULD I have hired someone? Not likely. Do I now need to hire someone? I probably should. This forum has been a major learning tool for me, I likely would have failed long ago without all of you helping me along. I now need to go another step in the process and not sure how or where to proceed. A consultant at that price seems more than reasonable to me. Fai
  8. So, no picture, but i see the issue. Looks like I have to replace the whole tray to get another row of snacks. They don't look adjustable at all. That may make this to expensive to do. Depending on if I can find a tray somehow. Thanks again for the input.
  9. At my full time job, chocolate was just raised to 1.75. Might give me the opportunity to kick him out now. We are going through renovations there and I'm putting the bug in the GM's ear about a nice newer machine more accessible to customers.
  10. Sorry, wrong picture. I'll get the right one posted.
  11. Long version has ALL my accounts and sales. I tried to make this smaller for the downloads section in the forum. Everything can be expanded and formulas can be copied.
  12. So this is what I have now. Top three are duals, next two are candy and the bottom row is single coil snack. I will be back out there in another week, is there anything else I should be looking for? What will the sticker say? convertible? My head is starting to hurt! lol
  13. Crap, this sounds expensive now. Thanks guys.
  14. I have looked around and cannot find a programming manual to see if I can couple two motors. I have the operators manual which isn't very helpful. Can the LCM1 motors be coupled or do I need to get a kit to do that? Always appreciate the help, thanks.
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