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  1. Chard

    Royal RVV500

    your description certain sounds like a bad x axis motor if I'm understanding right. To be clear, you cannot move the picker cup left or right or up or down manually due to the siezed/siezing motor. Is that correct? I'd also replace the drive belt!
  2. Chard

    NAYAX Device/VPOS Setup Issues

    Nayax has to set up the device for you. Once it is set up you can select VPOS, MEI, etc on the reader. You cannot proceed at all until the new unit is activated in their system.
  3. Chard

    Credit card reader compatible

    For the National 147 as well as the USI 3014a you can use an Inone Kit to upgrade to MDB. The National 147 can also be upgraded with a Vendors Exchange kit. I've upgrade both of these models of machines with these kits and have been pleased with the results. To install a card reader you'll have to drill holes in the door and run cabling appropriately. The face of this machine makes mounting a card reader problematic in that the reader will have to be mounted inconveniently high for short people. I personally won't upgrade any more National 147's. The shelves can be problematic if the don't contact the tray connector appropriately and I've had numerous issues with the delivery door getting stuck from wear and tear. If I had to describe the USI 3014a it is a good machine for an amateur vendor. The cabinet is lightweight, but durable enough for smaller accounts. When upgrading with an InOne kit I miss not having a door button and I've found that LS size chip bags will frequently block the drop sensors, but the machine will do the trick and is easily dressed up with a tough front. I hope this helps.
  4. Chard


    what were you looking for? Maybe someone else has it.
  5. I've experienced problems with the tray boards that the tray harness plugs into. Those connectors are prone to bad connections as well. Very inexpensive to replace and I have to agree, these are outstanding machines.
  6. Chard

    How to land a large college account

    How many machines are required? Do you have enough machines to satisfy their demand? What is the term of the contract?
  7. Chard

    AMS Sensit 3 giving extra product

    I've never had many problems with AMS drop sensors. If you have an actual ams sensit 3 I believe it has the option to set the motors to home or drop sensor settings. If it is a sensit 2 or 1 that has been upgraded to a sensit 3 you do not have the option of setting it to a home setting on the motors . In either case, if your drops are set to a drop setting, as I believe they are from the factory, it will frequently drop two items instead of one as the drop sensor is not triggered until a product passes the sensor. If what you're describing is indeed a malfunction of the vending machine and because your problem is intermittent I would look for lose connections or broken wires between the drop sensor or the board. If that doesn't pan out you could consider either a board replacement or replacement of the drop sensors. I hope this helps.
  8. Chard

    AMS Sensit Upgrade

    Thing I hate about the older AMS sensit 1 and some of the sensit 2 models is that there's no way to easily clean the condenser coil. I like the version that has the opening in the doghouse to clean out the condenser coil
  9. Chard

    InOne Woes

    I've had a lot of mei card reader bezels go faint recently. I talked with Dieb and they cannot be repaired. You can only reader the display if you look straight at it.
  10. Chard

    InOne Woes

    Several of our InOne Upgraded machines suddenly started showing their age. These are all at three seperate locations around town and exhibit everything from corrupted displays to no display to bad MDB circuits. None of the failures are due to power failures, etc, but due to old age. My frustration is that InOne says these older boards cannot be repaired and replacement is $135. The newer boards are only $55 to fix. I'm frustrated that simply because we have an older board they can't fix we're charged $80 more to fix. One board is ok, but now I'm up to three boards an it's getting costly. And they want me to send in the old board? Why? So I don't steal a broken, unrepairable board? I even offered to break it in half and take a picture, but they wouldn't listen. So now with shipping and taxes there and back and buying the board I'm going to be out $160. Is anyone else having failures with their older InOne boards?
  11. Chard

    Coke 501e intellevend 2000

    Do you have the proper shims and rods?
  12. You've got to remove the shelf. This is very easy. There are two levers on each side of the shelf. Then slide the shelf out then tilt up to remove from track. Check wiring to motors, cinnections and you can also switch shelves to test the motors. I have found that the shelf connector at the back of the ap 110 series sometimes loses connectivity with age. To remedy this you can take a pair of needlenose pliers and ever-so-slightly twist the blades of the connectors to improve connection. Just remember it only needs a very, very, very slight twist.
  13. Chard

    Sensit II

    Several years back I had a problem with the ams sensit 2 models running preselection authorization of credit cards using Nayax devices. I know this isn't related but it makes me wonder if perhaps you might try a firmware update on that board from ams to solve the problem. Have you updated the firmware yet?
  14. They get six months, unless it's absolutely hopeless.
  15. Chard

    Dixie Narco 501E weird noise

    I had a location that had a transformer blow up outside and send in a power surge that ruined 3 machines that were on high grade surge protectors. I was old that the location even had 3 phase motors smoking afterwards. (The surge protector company paid us for all the repairs) The surge fried CC modems, control boards and displays, but did no damage to the compressor decks. Try unplugging the deck from the machine and see if it'll vend. If so your problem is isolated to the compressor deck, if not you have have multiple areas that either need to be addressed or replace the machine.