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  1. Chard

    USI 3014a no credits

    You could very well have a bad switch in the coin return of the coin mech. That would cause the validator to disconnect. I've had two dixie 501e behave the way you describe due to coin mech failures. Problem was random
  2. Chard

    USI 3014a no credits

    If you don't believe the validator is bad you might replace the validator harness. I've just bad harnesses that suddenly failed without apparent breakage. The other possible cause is a faulty coin mech. The coin mech is the most likely problem.
  3. Chard

    Micro Markets

    I am very much in favor of adding a section just for micro markets.
  4. How do break rooms in elementary schools do as far as sales? They're not regulated by the requirements for machines servicing students. But I don't know whether they're any good as an account?
  5. We have several USIs out of the 3100 series. In particular, we have two model 3185 units. Both machines are glitchy when it comes to cashless sales. When you swipe the card it will act as though the sale has been made but the motors never run. USI says the only way to fix it is to upgrade the board and display with their upgrade kit. Does anybody have any other options for upgrading these machines. I am hoping that inone develops they're upgrade kit soon, but if not we are going to have to use the USI parts.
  6. Chard

    Mei Coupons/vouchers

    Ok, very helpful! Thank you guys!
  7. Chard

    Mei Coupons/vouchers

    What size is preferable for the tokens? It'll will only be a dixie 501e that will accept the tokens.
  8. Chard

    Mei Coupons/vouchers

    The tokens seem like a great solution since they won't need to be replaced very frequently and the purchase cost is relatively low. I found a place that will sell tokens http://www.hoffmanmint.com/standard-tokens.php Can a MEI 7512 be setup to collect both coins and tokens at the same time with the tokens being sorted into their own tube?
  9. I have a client that wants to offer vouchers for some customers. Vouchers seem like the best solution, however they are very expensive. The client would spend more offering the vouchers then just giving a buck to everybody that wants a soda. I considered pay range, but having clients download the app to make just one purchase seems like a waste of time. Very clunky, very difficult to use. Any thoughts? Any leads on vouchers at a reasonable cost?
  10. Chard

    24oz sodas

    That is what I was thinking as well. I might pull one off location and test it. I thought I had read documentation that the new crane bevmax units could accommodate them. The vendo 721 can do them, but not always reliably
  11. Chard

    24oz sodas

    What machines will bend 24oz bottles. In particular will Royal RVV 500's vend those bottles.
  12. Chard

    Cashless sales

  13. Chard

    AMS-39 VCF

    Excellent machines. We operate many of them. I've put compressor decks in three of them this year. I think they're great. Easy to work on.
  14. Chard

    Royal RVV500

    your description certain sounds like a bad x axis motor if I'm understanding right. To be clear, you cannot move the picker cup left or right or up or down manually due to the siezed/siezing motor. Is that correct? I'd also replace the drive belt!
  15. Chard

    NAYAX Device/VPOS Setup Issues

    Nayax has to set up the device for you. Once it is set up you can select VPOS, MEI, etc on the reader. You cannot proceed at all until the new unit is activated in their system.