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  1. Water puddle

    If it is in the delivery chute, it may likely result from a leaky bottle of water.

    I threw away a box of these dividers 3 months ago. Couldn't find anyone that could use them at the time. I still have a bunch of motors amd wiring harnesses though
  3. MEI Card readers

    Used, working bezels sell for about $34.99 to $49.99 a piece. We've had issues with Nayax working with the Coinco Bezels (they have to be reprogrammed from USA to a generic setting), but I don't believe the MEI readers need any additional programming for Nayax or USA use, just the adapter. Regarding the value of the Cantaloupe readers, I have no idea.
  4. Also, does anyone have a good source for rebuilt compressor decks? I used to purchase them from CWcoolers.com, but he isn't able to get decks any longer.
  5. I have never had so many issues with getting a machine to cool properly. I have now put 4 compressor decks in this machine (each deck was a used deck we had in the shop and suffered a different fate) and the latest one has just failed in the course of four weeks. The machine is in a very nice office building, so its tempurate controlled. The deck in the picture is a freshly rebuilt deck. I'm guessing it's low on freon, but I don't do my own refridgeration work. So I'm only guessing. Any help would be appreciated. I don't want to guess at what's wrong and wanted to see if low freon is likely the case or something else.
  6. Dixie Narco SIID Troubleshooting

    I I highly doubt it's a burnt up harness. I might suggest a couple of things. There's a possibility of a bad display as well as a possibility of a bad eprom on the board. I have had bad displays as well as corrupted eproms cause very strange errors on these machines. I suggest pulling the eprom out of the original board and put it in the board that is in the machine currently. It could be the guy that rebuilds boards for you got a bad batch of eproms. If that doesn't work you might try swapping out the display if you have a good one. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  7. Avanti Hack

    I agree. I would like to see a forum for micro markets as well. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  8. You might call Alden at vendors Tech. He has experience with those boards. I do not believe you're able to run credit cards with them Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  9. Vendo 721 not reporting cash sales

    Through vendo. That is a quickest way to get them Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  10. USI 3054 cashless

    I've never had to activate a cashless option on the board of a usi machine, however that is a necessity in Nationals. So it wouldn't surprise me. That being said, the problem you describe is likely the result of an incompatible eprom which might need to be upgraded if available. You'll find this same problem with many soda machines including 501e's and Vendo 721's. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  11. Vendors Exchange New Kiosk

    I haven't. What is the cost on those? Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  12. VendSys Software

    Thank you all. I thought the pricing was kind of steep Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  13. Coulpe of questions. We're looking into a software package that runs with Vendsys on the backend. For those of you who use it, what are your thoughts regarding it? Also, is it typical for them to charge $300 to open an account and $5/unit to monitor?
  14. Is this a steal?

    I've been pleased with the bp series acceptors. Both the bp2 and the bp4. I like that they are ready to take several different denominations of bills. If you need the card swipe i think that first one is a very good price. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  15. Try big league vending in Dallas. He's very good to work with. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk