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  1. That'll work. Also, what is the hook swipe? Is that the hook that opens the delivery chute on the picker cup?
  2. We're beginning to experience one of our business for us randomly dropping bottles from two different shelves. What are some common causes for this? We're just beginning to compile a list different common malfunctions for these things. I thought I would check and see what some of the common faults are so we can begin looking in the right place.
  3. Pretty sure this is a nayax issue. The 501e next to the snack has now failed the exact same way. Eliminated components and found that once the modern was out of the loop cash handling equipment worked. Nayax says both modems need to be replaced, but i don't buy it. They didn't even trouble shoot it We'll see what the outcome is.
  4. narrowed it down to problems with the Nayax card reader. No solution yet. Very frustrating.
  5. How do you do a hard reset to clear memory on a Vendors Exchange UCB kit? Both of these are AP 113. We are having software issues on two different machines at 2 major accounts. Tech help line is down. Receiving to run into this issue more frequently on the UCB kits meeting software resets and exhibiting strange issues like taking money and returning money immediately when a selection is chosen not dispensing product..
  6. Depends on the type of card reader you are using, ie vpos or mei bezel. If it is set for vpos and you are trying to use an mie bezel you won't get any power to the reader Also make sure the reader cord is in the right plug slot in the modem. I've put it in the wrong plug before accidentally when not paying attention. It has to say reader.
  7. Sounds to me like you have a incorrect rs-232 setting. Setting needs to be correct to the type of reader you have. It can be changed on the modem
  8. Yes, we have, but it's more anecdotal than data based. Only the heavy industrial accounts still go gang busters over soda.
  9. Blue masking tape, a black magic marker, ziplock bags and storage totes for larger pieces of equipment work well for organizing
  10. Trailers can be very tight. Make sure it's wide enough between the shelves
  11. That is exactly what I needed! Thank you!
  12. We're running enough of these I knew what day would come. Never had to do a compressor on a bevmax 4. Has anyone done it? How much work is it?
  13. The 24" LED replacement bulbs at Walmart are ballast compatible and are really inexpensive.
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