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  1. Chard

    Usi 3014a says not available

    Check the connections to the board. I bet your motor connector to the board needs to be reseated.
  2. Chard

    Cleaning Condenser fins

    We use a little portable shop vac. I know you just got these, but once you get them clean stay on top of cleaning and a small shop vac will do great. The compressed air will typically only last a couple of stops before you have to refill.
  3. Chard

    Dixie Narco questions - compatibility

    Is there a coin mechanism in the Dn 100? If not, does it have a cheater cord to activate the switches? Also, are you trying to vending the "Sold out" selections?
  4. No, you should not purchase this. Antares equipment isn't worth owning.
  5. Probably, depends on the programming of the card swipe.
  6. Chard

    Nayax and MEI Bezels

    The correct rs232 setting is selected. This had happened several times each with completely different pieces of equipment, but I cannot remember why. Even worse tech support didn't take notes.
  7. Chard

    Reliability of Revision Doors?

    Thank you Scott! That explains it!
  8. Chard

    Reliability of Revision Doors?

    Scott, I have a question. We have quite a few AP 113's & AP 112's with VE Kit's installed. In the future, we may want to add the revision door to machines that have already been updated. Will a door be made available without the electronics already installed to upgrade these in the future?
  9. Chard

    AMS Sensit 3 leaking water

    Ams supplies duct sealing compound with new decks that you use to seal the doghouse after it is installed in place. If there is any leak you will get excessive moisture on the cabinet. To clean the drain tube properly, I suggest pulling the doghouse and cleaning the tube from both ends.
  10. We sometimes use the Mei credit card bezel connected to a nayax AMIT modem instead of the vpos. This year I've had five different instances all on different machines that the Mei credit card bezel connected properly with the modem but would not read cards. The green LED lights the right side of the bezel would not light up but the LCD screen read out properly. The bezels are known working units as are the modems. We tried everything we could to diagnose it from changing bezels, cables, modems and multiple rs-232 settings only to find it was some backend parameter we have no control over. Well I just experienced the problem again yesterday on a different machine and nayax has kept no record of what the fix was last time. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Can you remember what the fix was? I've had them duplicate known working machines still to no effect. I personally thought it was the missing assignment of the proper Heartland number on the back end, but I cannot remember.
  11. Chard

    AMS Sensit 3 leaking water

    Ams has at least three different designs for the drain on the evap pan. Some are in the middle of the pan and some are on the far left edge of the pan. I've seen them leak around that drain so much it pools on the floor underneath. We had a Sensit 2 doing this in a hospital. To fix it I had to raise the right side of the machine with the leveling feet to get the water flowing into the drain. Are you getting excessive condensation? You also may need to better seal the doghouse with duct seal.
  12. Chard

    Dixie Narco and Red Bull

    It isn't an e model though.
  13. Chard

    Dixie Narco and Red Bull

    Just change the back stop and motor timing for single depth
  14. Chard


    Thank you!
  15. I have a bevmax 4 that appears to have a bad X and Y motors. When doing a position test the picker cup won't quite go all the way to the position. In addition on the y-axis the Picker couple drop vertically by gravity after it reaches its point. This machine gets a lot of use. Does this sound like a good diagnosis?