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  1. I've tried 365 markets - not responding to calls 3 squared - stupid expensive parlevel - stupid expensive VE - excellent candidate, but want another option yoke - tried before costs were to high at the time Avanti - EXPENSIVE I've tried three or four other kiosk makers and they say they'll have a salesperson call, but the call never comes.
  2. considering VE for its low operating costs and no percentage of sales. Any other recommendations?
  3. because you don't have the plastic retainers between the Gatorade columns.
  4. call inone Technologies, they have a kit that might work for that machine.
  5. Like cvending said, it's a little more work than a dixie, but pretty straight forward. They're just heavy, so don't hurt your back. Make certain the drain line from the evaporator drains well into the pan near the condenser. You have to make sure that the hoses run down and are not pinched. Make certain all your sponges are in place and then get a bottle of water and pour it in the evaporator pan to see that it drains correctly without dripping inside the cabinet. After you do all that then reinstall the dog house while making sure all the lines route correctly through the openings in the back right hand side. Have fun!
  6. I got to the machine and found the display was off and a bill was jammed. Cleared the jam, disconnected and reconnected the display and cycled the power and it works fine. We had severe storms throughout the area yesterday. Maybe power surges had something to do with it.
  7. We have a bevmax 4 with only a payrange device installed for cashless transaction. The client just called and said app disabled by machine. It is now no longer taking any transactions , cash or credit. Has anyone had these problems with payment devices?
  8. We've tried that but the humidity causes lots of condensation that can quickly ruin the product. The past several years sales of pastry is going through the roof. We have one of the trucks running 25 flats a day of pastry and we just don't have space to put it. We're in the midwest so the trucks get so hot in the summer you can't keep them out. The chocolate zingers start melting in minutes. This problem is really aggravating. I wish there was some sort of stand up box we could put in that we could add the blue cooling packs too.
  9. Right now each of our trucks is going through about 15 to 20 flats of pastry a day. We've always use coolers to transport them butter finding we don't have enough space to handle the volume. What are some good solutions for handling pastries during the summer months? The trucks are uninsulated
  10. Not knowing what machine you have the answer is still the same, replace the old Maka for something newer (MEI 2501) that will work well into the future. None of the repair facilities that I know of still repairs these units nor even carry parts for them.
  11. It could also be the impact sensor on the chute
  12. You likely have the wrong eprom. Like az said, power down the machine, pull the cover on the controller and you'll see the eprom on the board. Sometimes it's even written on the controller cover.
  13. I have seen bottles loaded this way in USI equipment by a large vending company. Does USI call for this?
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