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  1. Your machine is far to close to the wall. The AMS needs more space to move air through the back of the machine. With only 2 inches of space you have likely cooked the compressor and will have to replace the deck if its been this close to the wall for an extended time. It's always good to put a couple of 2x4's between the machine and the wall to keep its distance. I will also note that this doesn't address the melted components. From your post it is unclear what or how parts are melting.
  2. Chard

    5 Hour Energy in DN501e?

    Put monster or NOS and skip 5 hour energy
  3. Chard

    Royal 550 double vend

    I'm going to try this, but I've got to ask, why would the misvend occur on only two columns and not in all columns if it was the drop sensor?
  4. Chard

    Royal 550 double vend

    To different directions and columns. Step is already set to two for each column. To change between bottles and cans in the royal you pull rods out of the front and change their position in the shims/paddles that come the column to the appropriate width
  5. Changed products in an rvv 550. Switched to all cans. Set the rods correctly with spacers and changed depth setting. Now two columns double vend. The chain actually triggers the lever trigger each time making it seem like the depth setting is wrong, but I've triple checked the depth setting and it is correct. What do I do?
  6. Chard

    AP 7600 w/ InOne column map

    What is a column map?
  7. Chard

    FSI/USI reverts to $.50

    I've had this happen before on a USI 3185. We had power surges in the area and this resulted. Never had to replace the board. Strangely, only a few weeks ago we had significant power surges throughout our area and an older AP 112 reset all prices to $0.00 and fried a validator in a single price dixie
  8. Chard

    Anyone need..

    got any MEI Bezel readers?
  9. Chard

    What model vending machine is this?

    Maybe a dixie 368
  10. We're needing to buy more. Not sure if anyone's getting rid of them, but thought I'd give it a shot before I order another group of them.
  11. Chard

    501e - Force vend

    Ah, I think I need to set it to button 2. My mistake! I was in a hurry.
  12. I can't turn off force vend in this unit. Escrow is set to 1, but it still requires purchase. Is there another program setting? Any thoughts?
  13. We have several 501eswith Tritech locks. The locks work, but I would prefer to replace it with a regular lock and T handle. Before I start this, is it possible? If so, is it as simple as replacing a T handle?
  14. Could a shorted switch have lead to the wierd reprogramming of the space to sales as well?