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  1. Does anyone have a better source for royal parts than the factory. I was quoted $260 for a new door harness, which sends ridiculously high for what you get. This thing was nearly refurbished 2 years ago. I'm starting to think total royal is close to closing up shop.
  2. If you don't clear the errors on a Inone kit, the error will remain. Call InOne tech support and they can walk you through it.
  3. AngryChris, are you still using VendSoft? If so, how is it going? Have you noticed a discernible difference in the past year? Have sales improved in existing accounts? What advantages/disadvantages did you experience?
  4. Does anyone have the MDB PA Codes for any of the following machines AP 113/112 with InOne or VE kits National 157's National 167's LCM (5 Wide) with VE kit AMS Sensit II and AMS Sensit 3 LCM without a kit (i know it doesn't do cash sales, just wondering) USI 3185 AP 933 etc Studio's I am working to get the backend software to associate to the proper selections in each machine and I am hitting lots of roadblocks. Shouldn't this be easier?
  5. Did you clear the errors from the menu?
  6. No, i wouldn't even try it. Dealing with cashless I've found the most of the older mdb (in this case, it's a work around with ancient software on the board) even if you could get it to work, it probably wouldn't work reliably. And it is very hard to get parts for this machine. If you really need cashless, get a newer machine.
  7. So far I've pulled kits estimating sales from previous services. Say par level is 6, we just send out 6 bags because the row typically sells out, you find out 5 sold, so we bring the etxra bag back to the warehouse and pack it in a kit for the next day and move on. Teletrmy will certainly improve estimation, but this has been a great start. So far, it appears to save a lot of time.
  8. What do you mean by most accurate. Does MDB feed false reads or is it simply slower to update?
  9. What is the best method for prekitting, MDB or Dex? We have a wide mix of equipment ranging from upgraded AP 113's, LCMs (Stock), Studios, Nationals 157s, 167s, AMS, some USI stuff we aquired along the way. With such a large mix, we've got stuff that'll dex and stuff that won't. We've got machines that send good MDB data and a lot that won't. Regardless, we're moving to prekitting, but the process is tedious at best. I'm growing concerned we're going to have to test each machine one at a time to figure out the mapping if we use MDB. That may break the process. For those who have done prekitting using data, how did you do it? What did you learn? Which method was best. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. we've put out 30 or 40 payrange units with good success. educate, educate, educate. that's how you make it work
  11. $100 a week is my estimate expect vandalism
  12. I've tried 365 markets - not responding to calls 3 squared - stupid expensive parlevel - stupid expensive VE - excellent candidate, but want another option yoke - tried before costs were to high at the time Avanti - EXPENSIVE I've tried three or four other kiosk makers and they say they'll have a salesperson call, but the call never comes.
  13. considering VE for its low operating costs and no percentage of sales. Any other recommendations?
  14. because you don't have the plastic retainers between the Gatorade columns.
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