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  1. Here's what I see in Kansas City. Sam's is moving more and more new inventory to King Size candy. They're NOT selling the variety packs anymore in the regular size candy bar.....only King Size. The good news: Candy prices if bought right are down to $0.49 per for the regular size. The bad news: They may indeed be shifting out of regular size entirely. I meant to find someone at Sam's that might know the answer......but forgot today.
  2. There is another unique way to do it (in some circumstances). You can create an S Corp, issue stock, buy it with your 401k, that money funds your business. No penalties. There are fees to set it all up, but low compared to doing a withdrawl. That's a very high level - there are other rules. Speak to an accountant about this. Forget what it's called.
  3. For those of you that are buying and selling Monster Rehabs..where are you buying? My premier location wants 2 flavors. Those 2 flavors I can buy in a variety pack at Sam's...but of course the other 2 flavors in the pack suck. I can buy smaller packs (4 pk and 10pk) of the 2 flavors I need at Walmart and local grocery stores....but it puts them at $1.50 - $1.75 each. Not sure where to go............ Thanks in advance.
  4. Couple of thoughts. This is not a political rant, because I vote for the candidates, not their party. The penalty in year 1 for an individual not on a healthcare plan of some kind is only $90. It escalates year after year. So MANY individuals will decide to NOT subscribe to Obamacare. I am unsure what the penalties are for families or self-employed. But if I were a business owner......maybe I'd offer an employee $200 to NOT sign up, thus reducing my contribution to their healthcare plan and the employee would make some extra cash. ha ha If you've ever actually read the Obamacare plan - it also implies that "healthy vending options" are a good business to be in. Enough said. Topic for another discussion board. But fun to watch you all hash it out.
  5. Call me crazy, but I speak from experience. My "real job" is in the healthcare I.T. field. We are technology people. In my experience, if you're a tech company - you need to act like a tech company. Have a fantastic, interactive, informative website. Have excellent customer service. Have new innovations. Have online training resources. Etc. I have news for you people (the tech companies) - NOTHING you're doing to help tech in vending is proprietary! Maybe I've got too much time on my hands to worry about this. But if you don't act like a tech company, and you actually ARE a tech company.........I won't do business with you. This lowers my level of confidence in your ability to deliver what I want. Just my thought.
  6. Anyone have hospital accounts? Who do you cold call into? How hard are they to get? Are these accounts worth getting? I'm thinking smaller hospitals.......100 beds or so.
  7. In my area - Coke and Pepsi are taking all the shops. No idea how they're doing, but they're getting those accounts and servicing themselves.
  8. I have a 40 select snack machine outside the entrance to a hotel-water park. Hotel is okay with me adding swim goggles, etc. to my machine. It's difficult inventory for the water park folks to manage, and having me sell them is fine by them. I will catch passer-by traffic from people coming from the hotel to the water park. But my machine won't be seen by people coming from the general public to the water park. machine will still have chips and candy. Bought about 15 units from Dollar Tree for $1 each. Gonna put them in the machine for $4 each. See what they do. I'm trying to get the water park to allow me to do the entire "swim merch" piece and put a machine in there dedicated to this stuff. Any ideas on a good machine to vend this stuff? I suspect my 40 select snack isn't the best option. Thanks.
  9. My Sams puts limits of low amounts per membership, NOT per purchase.
  10. I'm all about penny profits, my man! Todays math on LSS says I'm making 53 cents per bag. I can go to 1oz @ 80 cents and make 56 cents a bag, and have a much shorter commute to pick them up, etc. I will probably go to 75 cents and make just 51 cents (but again - gain a bigger difference on convenience). Anyone here at 80 cents on 1oz bags? AZ - you hear of anyone going that high on 1oz? I have a hotel that I can fill with LSS from variety packs from Sam's - so I have mentally justified making this move.........we'll see if I have the guts.
  11. My problem is I'd have to go to nearly .80 to make the same profit on each bag. Will people pay .80 for the 1oz bag? Probably so..... I'm only considering changing for convenience. I have to drive 40 miles to Vistar. Sams is 10 minutes away from my locations.
  12. I'm beginning to think about going to 1 ounce bags. I think I can make higher margins on them. Just been thinking. Nothing definite. If I sell them at $0.80, I actually make MORE money per bag than the LSS. I should just go ahead and go to $1.10 - $1.20 on the LSS. Anyone else getting more than $1 on LSS???
  13. Well, Vistar is at it again. Up to $29.75 cs for LSS chips (Frito Lay). Is it time to go to $1.10 or $1.20 for LSS chips? $0.47 cost per bag has me wondering.
  14. How come nobody told me to watch out for this? LOL Good grief. This is what happens when 1 lady (who buys 1 Snickers bar a week from me) gets upset about a jump to $1.25 for candy.....from $1.00. NOBODY else seemed to mind. They all "get it". Thought this was too funny to NOT share!
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