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  1. MDB protocol yes, additionaly notifications via SMS. Change payout via one hopper in default machine. the second hopper is optional.
  2. hey rodney, you are understanding right. Default machine acsessories suppose two 22 mm gums + one 25 mm gums + 27 mm balls + 32 mm balls + 28 mm caps + 45 mm caps + 45 mm balls. The custom item could be equipped with next modular dispensers in different combinations: Gums in 15, 22, 25 mm. Round caps/balls 28-32, 45-55, 55-65, 65-75, 95-105 mm
  3. Entervending offers wide selection of balls on competitive prices from warehouse in South Florida. Order balls in boxes or separate bags. Local pick up or UPS shipping are available. We provide There's a bunch of colored 25 mm super balls may be find here All types of best selling 27 mm balls are here Bright and attractive 32 mm items order from here 45 mm hot bouncers are here
  4. Dear TVF members, Entervending is proud to present the innovative vending rack named Vend Master. This year on IAAPA 2014 Attraction Show we exhibited the item for the first time. It drew a lot of attention and comments from visitors. It has attractive appearance and improved payment system. We developed the scheme allowing to pay for bulk refills both with bills and coins. Now your sales will be limited only with products loaded to your machines. The rack includes finished particleboard panels box and the set of Beaver machines. The box containes motherboard, LED display, bill and coin a
  5. Hello guys, as usual Entervending takes part in annual IAAPA events in Orlando. We invite you to visit our exhebition board with candy machines, toys and superballs selections. Also there will be exposed custom innovative vending rack based on Beaver's gumballs machines. Please come and see us at Booth 302 IAAPA and get 10% discount on first purchase of novelty toys
  6. Hello have, it looks like very late but none the less. The average bag has 100 count and the box has 2500 one. Some novelty or silicon items have 5000 count due to theirs size. As for Twister I'll be in touch, thank you for request Regards!
  7. Hey guys! We'd prepeared new bright superballs sets this autumn for you. Please go here on our website and look through all bright collection of 27 mm bouncy balls. Also don't forget visit 32 and 45 mm sections too! Entervending provides balls both bags and boxes count so feel free compose your own mixes. So here are some pics for seed
  8. Hello, dear TVF members! Entervending is proud to offer you full set of tough Beaver's bulk vending stands and racks on our website. They was made under legendary Beaver's production standarts and have outstanding shiny appearance. You may look through all available items and make an ordere here on Entervending.com
  9. Hello rodney69, unfortunately I have no answer. We'd never tried this balls with u turn wheels or heard somebody did this.
  10. thank you havending for kind words. yes we'd tried this balls with Twister and they greatly work as the 27 mm ones. The Twister has the adjustable dispenser and some narrowing the space in dispensing wheel we could obtain the same vending isuess reliability as with standard 27 mm balls.
  11. Hi there guys, finally we are ready to present you the range of new superballs carefully selected for you by Entervending. We'd picked the coolest 3D and solid b-balls in 25 mm size. They are available in 300 count bags or 2400 count boxes from our warehouse in South Florida. Please visit Entervending's site and look through all available mixes here. Send your requests and questions to service@entervending.com or give us a call on 954 769 0510 Here are some examples of newly delivered balls
  12. Hi sheperdsflock, I believe better late then never. Twister's dimensions are 47Hx17Wx15D inches. Its weight is 80 lbs. Strange you didn't notice the numbers on its page on Entervending's site here http://entervending.com/product/twister My kind regards!
  13. Hi there, Entervending offers its friends and customers empty vending capsules from our warehouse in South Florida. We provide high quality acorn caps with colored tops made in Canada. You may choose reliable 1.1'' and 2'' capsules in 2500 and 2000 count boxes accordingly. Please visit Entervending's site to check and choose best items for your vending fleet. Local pick ups are welcomed!
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