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  1. After spending a lot of time to find manuals and realizing it isn't as simple as I thought. I thought, could we add Manuals as a category in the downloads section. I'm sure i'm not the first looking for a Royal rvccr 660 manual and I'm sure others have searched for other types. would be great to have a central location vs scouring the web looking. I'm sure I'll find it and once I do, I'd like to share it here.
  2. Having not spoken to coke or any of the bottlers...I don't know. Anything I would say would be an assumption. I just realized it's an option I haven't looked into to compare to ownership.
  3. I'm starting to feel bad about buying my Seaga...like I should move it to my man cave instead. The only thing I found is one motor seems to be dead and I've been having difficulty finding a replacement. I'll be putting it into service this month and from the negatives on it, I'm looking to already replace it prior to any issues with a royal soda machine and dixie snack. What seems like it will be a good machine is starting to seem like a hugely big mistake with all the anti-seaga comments. Pretty soon I won't even mention the name, so I don't get stoned.
  4. I've heard you can get machines from say Coke or Snapple. How does one go about getting a machine from them? I'm assuming there is some sort of lease-to-own option here that allows me to get a new or refurb machine in with a reduced margin while I'm under the corporate umbrella hopefully for a couple years. In addition to who or where to contact to find out about the options available....I don't hear much thoughts on renting or leasing machines. Everyone seems to be in the own inventory business or stash machines in the garage and hope the wife doesn't complain business. Does anyone rent or run their business not owning machines?
  5. Thanks. I'll be on the lookout for those brands. Is one easier to fix and find parts than the other? What would you pay for used ones or is this something that should also be bought from a refurbisher?
  6. What are some sites I can go to pickup the used refurb equipment that is more trusted? It's my understanding that by doing so, I'll be paying double what I see on ebay/clist. From $500-600 to $1000-1200/machine.
  7. Hmm...after looking at the cost of some of the devices that move machines and that's only horizontally...I'm still left with the vertical lifting onto a truck or whatever. I think for now, I'll go with paying movers in hopes that I'm not moving around too much. Once I get a good two handfuls of machines running around, then I'll look to invest however then i'm still stuck trying to find people to help me. ER visits aren't pleasant. I had to let go of a machine I wanted to go b/c I didn't know how I would transport it. I'm back to looking this time with the intent to hire a mover. Thanks all.
  8. What technique's, tips, advice exists for transporting these 600lb+ beverage machines from one location to another? How many people do you typically have with you to move one of machines? I'm looking to purchase my 2nd machine. Most likely I'll transport it on its side for 45min (will leave it off for 24hrs afterwards). I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to bring this bad boy home. Thanks to the feedback, it will be a Royal and not a Seaga.
  9. I noticed no mention of buying used from ebay or craigslist from someone who is just looking to get out of the business. Is buying used from a non pro refurbisher not a good move? ie. I see Pepsi (Dixie) bottle machines for about $600. These units are not refurb, just used where the owner wants them out for whatever reason.
  10. Thanks. I'll still to the brands that don't return much debate. What would you pay for these provided they weren't centuries old and were in good condition since most of the machines I plan to pickup will be used I'm not sure a good range to pay? What are top brands for Bulk Vending?
  11. After having bought a Seaga and being advised not to get another one. I constantly see ads for machines with a brand, machines w/out a brand, etc... My question now is.. What are the top 3 Brands for Vending Soda (I hear dixie narco), Vending Snacks (not sure I hear any brands here), Bulk Vending (I see some triple platinum stands, I hear oak). In addition if you can add to the brand, what you would pay for a used one in good condition. I figure I'll keep my used vending machine purchases to the top three consensus brands.
  12. I saw an ad for several express marketplace machines from seaga. I have a location that could use the deli part. I like the idea of the combo machine to serve up the selection. I'm curious if anyone has any of these machines? WHat their thoughts are if you have or dont have one? What would you pay for a used one that is less than three years old if you would pay for one.
  13. I was looking at the document posted and how many of the scripts refer to donating to charity. While I couldn't say that unless I actually was donating a comission to charity. I'm curious for those willing to admit it, how many use charity as a way to get in, but don't actually give to charity and who uses that and DOES actually give to charity?
  14. Just saw this. I have a serpentine machine. Does this mean it's a no go for vending water?
  15. I have a Seaga HF3500 which is for cans however i was looking to vend water. I'm curious for more details on the issues with vending 16.9oz water bottles (ie poland spring)
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