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  1. Vendo 480 cams out of alinement

    Thanks, I'll let you know.
  2. Vendo 480 cams out of alinement

    Yes, lever is not in the notch. no cans jams.
  3. I have an older Vendo 480 that worked fine for years. Then moved to an outside location now I fine one or two of the cams are out of aline. I check for jams, all is good. Once cams are back in position I test and all work fine, a week later same problem. What should I look for?
  4. Parts for Gaines 750A

    What parts do you need?
  5. Soda Vending Machine Rental

    Assisted Living Facility / ALF What's a fare commission price, % or by the can?
  6. Soda Vending Machine Rental

    Yes, I would cover all parts.
  7. I rent out a 10 select soda machine to a ALF location for $50 a month. They stock it with cheap soda and charge .50 a can. They want me to take over stocking the machine and rising the price to .75 and charge me a 10% commission. They now changed their mind and they are going to up the price for their soda, but they want me to come and reprogram the machine to .75 It is a 20 mile drive one way. I have been servicing them for all problems, can jams, bill jams, change labels, etc. I think it might be time to rise the rent. What do I do with these people? Thanks, John
  8. Go-137 Compressor Problems

    AZVendor Machine is sitting in the middle of my garage floor. Both fans are working with plenty of air flow. I have cleaned both condenser and evaporator. I adjusted the thermostat all the way to warmest setting and it will not shut off the compressor. I pulled the complete unit out of the machine to check for frozen evaporator, all was clear. Compressor temp running about 145 degrees. No air leaks around door or delivery port. I used a laser temp gun to check evaporator, it's about 47 degrees. High side line is very hot to the touch.
  9. I have a Genesis GO-137 with a HUAYI Compressor Model AE1350Y. Inside temp 45 degrees and it runs continuely The sticker on the door says low side 88psi, high side 245psi, 8.6 oz. of 134r freon. I installed a line tap on low side and checked pressure, the gauge reads 20psi. There are no leaks in the system. The 88psi low side pressure seems awful high. Should I add more freon to bring it up to the 88psi? Yes I know these machines are a POS. Thanks, John
  10. Gaines Combo VM750

    I had the same problem, there was an over loaded 110 volt line. There was a micro wave, ref. water cooler, toaster and who else knows that else on the same line. Try unpluging the machine for about 30 seconds and retry the all motors test before you replace the logic board. John
  11. securing accounts

    Hi Guys and Gals Could either Andersonvending or Poplady1 send me a copy of thier flyer. Thanks, O2btanner@verizon.net
  12. Leased route

    Thanks Guys I thought I might be missing something. What price would be fair for this route?
  13. Leased route

    Hi All Looking to purchase a all drink route with 17 Pepsi 3rd party machines and 2 owned machines for a total of 19 machines. Asking price is $25,000 owner saids that's one years income. It sounds way over priced. Any help would be apprieated. Thanks
  14. Soda Machine Lighting Question

    Thanks Moondog We found a local supplier in the Tampa Bay area. I also have a Gaines VM750 soda and snack machine that the a1, b1, c1, motors do not turn, Do you have any sugesstions?
  15. I'm a newbie to vending, and have four machines with display lights not working or missing. I'm having a hard time finding replacment parts. Can anyone help?